Chaaaos I
Chaaaos I Prije 13 sati
I am so happy they keep supporting this great game!
Iron Strikler
Iron Strikler Prije 13 sati
Make It a mobile game
Maffi Prije 13 sati
This is sad that they havnt done assassin creed rebellion (phillipines) and i hate the country games they all relly on mobile games which sucks
Euphoria Prije 13 sati
bruh this is stupid
Vladimir 13
Vladimir 13 Prije 14 sati
Add Mercedes g class
Goshawks Lamb
Goshawks Lamb Prije 14 sati
I’m broke rn fouge
Baianinho, o rei da Sinuquinha
Baianinho, o rei da Sinuquinha Prije 15 sati
0:24 Is this some reference to Doctor Strange?
Jan AnDriKzZ
Jan AnDriKzZ Prije 15 sati
I'll tell my kids that this game was inspired by the pandemic 😂
Erdi Görken
Erdi Görken Prije 15 sati
Best game trailer i've ever seen so far. Second one is the withcer 3 blood and wine.
Solaire Of Astora
Solaire Of Astora Prije 15 sati
Solaire Of Astora
Solaire Of Astora Prije 15 sati
Asd Kjh
Asd Kjh Prije 15 sati
Phucking garbage but NETFLIX kids will swollow it
Psycho. --}{::;;;;;;;;〉
Psycho. --}{::;;;;;;;;〉 Prije 15 sati
Shame they made it possible for everyone to just spam light attacks and nobody does the cool moves anymore
Jamtastrophe Prije 15 sati
Chicago Rain
Chicago Rain Prije 15 sati
They can’t ruin your plans if you don’t have any
JCosmic Productions
JCosmic Productions Prije 16 sati
This was a parody of love, death, and robots...and I loved every second of it
Crowd Control
Crowd Control Prije 16 sati
Can we get a Deathrow remaster?
Crowd Control
Crowd Control Prije 16 sati
Are you guys done with micro transactions?
kay meachem
kay meachem Prije 16 sati
So is no one wondering what tf they’re shooting at each other🤨
Everyone Prije 17 sati
Ahhh yes my 2 favorite charactrs WOMAN voice over 1 and WOMAN voice over 2
OGKendrickLamar Fuh
OGKendrickLamar Fuh Prije 17 sati
This is just a trailer guys, there will release the full cinematic sometime in the next few weeks
Junior Benedek
Junior Benedek Prije 17 sati
I love this map😍 The very very best map in r6
well garoa
well garoa Prije 17 sati
It was nice to hacl another players
SMOKEYoriginalHD Prije 17 sati
Make a remake of this game!
wonsungi’s music 원성이음악
wonsungi’s music 원성이음악 Prije 17 sati
How come they get emotes
Syndicate207 Prije 18 sati
I just like AC music
Andrew Sheidy
Andrew Sheidy Prije 18 sati
Don’t buy the wolf it’s a scam it looks terrible and belongs in ark survival, fix the graphics or give me my steel back
это какой-то Хорошая водка
это какой-то Хорошая водка Prije 18 sati
My favorite hero: warlord My favorite villain: black prior DAUBENY!!
Trevor Sivels
Trevor Sivels Prije 18 sati
Is the rabbit one a reference from a MK Fatalitie?
Landen Gracie
Landen Gracie Prije 18 sati
Finally we shall take back what was once ours
SpookySioux Prije 18 sati
This gave me chills
PC enthusiast
PC enthusiast Prije 18 sati
dear kasssandra <3
diggit67 Prije 19 sati
how about a training feature for new players like My Level 315 and I don't mind breaking in a couple of new players to try to help them like level 1 to 50 I like training them and getting them used to gameplay and trying to not be scared off like maybe the trainer can pause the time and make it Infinity I know that sounds it makes stupid and have a shooting gallery in house
Mr. Unfinished
Mr. Unfinished Prije 19 sati
0:06 oh look it's ding dong
Caleb Petersen
Caleb Petersen Prije 19 sati
this would be the perfect cast if they made far cry 5 a movie
O Geraldo
O Geraldo Prije 19 sati
This game is great, you can't change my mind
squishyt 01
squishyt 01 Prije 19 sati
And he ain't aiming for the knees.
Udit Vedant Mishra
Udit Vedant Mishra Prije 19 sati
whoever designed the deadly hare one is a psycho
Jardani Jovonovich
Jardani Jovonovich Prije 19 sati
This gonna be bad because they should allowed current operatives from story mode to be playable in online mode. Now good I gotta look back for my John Wick character again jeez🤦🏽‍♂️...
Zalleus Prije 19 sati
Анна Козырева
Анна Козырева Prije 20 sati
brave of you to stand ALONE against me two sec later TEMPLE GUARDS
Shawn McDaniel
Shawn McDaniel Prije 20 sati
Can you believe that at one point ACIII's creative director, Alex Hutchinson, called Ancient Egypt one of the "worst" settings for an AC game? Welp, he just got proved wrong!
Eidetik Prije 20 sati
These are better than anything the past year and half... But please, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back to giving us unique finishers.... These universal things suck in reality. I want to see some vicious kills. So frustrating
Jai B
Jai B Prije 20 sati
Cybercery Prije 20 sati
Skooma Prije 20 sati
why did the intro look like an sfm lmaoo
J. Benjamin
J. Benjamin Prije 21 sat
But what's the point in raiding when your settlement can't be upgraded any further??? Raw materials and supplies are useless unless you're going to add expansions to the settlement. Add a wall and defenses, make it up to level 10.
PCH Tommy
PCH Tommy Prije 21 sat
now if only rayman would also make a return
the dude
the dude Prije 21 sat
Wow I hate it.
graviti4free Prije 21 sat
Eido Saji
Eido Saji Prije 21 sat
That CGI looks good specially goyo like wtf
BIGM BEATZ Prije 21 sat
Gravity is a Myth, i like that!