Deadpool and Korg React
Epic Offer
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Mint Condition
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Ryan Reynolds' Vasectomy
Welcome to Wrexham
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Don't Aviation and Mint
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New Aviation Spokesperson
Highkey Craving
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Dream Job
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HighKey Adorable
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Bitcoin DocuMintary
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Highkey Romantic
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Sugar Panda
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Mixing with Diddy and Beckham
I Don't Know
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Betty Birthday Throwback
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Deadpool 2 Monologue
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Mint Cameo
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Last Minute Gin
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When Satan Met 2020
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Match Made in Hell
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A $500 ad
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Ton Alfon
Ton Alfon Prije 21 sat
nightridr 56
nightridr 56 Prije 21 sat
I can't wait to watch this movie, gives me Truman vibes
Frances Bernard
Frances Bernard Prije 21 sat
I am not into sentiment that seeks to glorify what happens to us human beings after being forced underground anymore. I left that kind of thing behind at around age 16 or so. Like leaving behind me all of those trashy comics being targeted to all of the dance hall enthusiasts too. Or trashy comics being targeted to all those who are 'up' to imagining what animal icon to use best for a start up. I don't have time for that sort of thing beyond the advertising firm advice on how to catch the eye of possible new customers. Would be fun to show up at an advertised ahead of time costume party in a costume that looks like one of those only a cartoon character to make things clear to everyone there that no one there better not invade my privacy. Like the time I dressed up for that lame costume party dance that one teacher in only junior high school announced that were all being 'invited' to. With my mom's blessing to do so I showed up as a male villainy now only a cartoon villain to stop all the rude only acting like little boys every time they thought they could get away with it in effect looking for a bottle that were making my life miserable at school in their tracks without having to do anything but sit there 'waiting' for someone to ask me to dance when not asking those childish immature boys their who were often harassing me to dance. Good thing I don't take myself serious when having fun instead of trying way too hard all the time to be adulting.
kindinti udaykiran
kindinti udaykiran Prije 22 sati
australian accent lol....
Rene Yap
Rene Yap Prije 22 sati
Im gonna catch a pokemon__sinnon
Saintケストレル Prije 22 sati
Was I the only one who enjoyed 2020, watching seemingly sane people suffering from cabin fever, and becoming slightly loony as time rolled on?
GIORNOSAFAKE Prije 22 sati
Boo hugh
L̲a̲t̲e̲ H̲a̲t̲e̲ ̲i̲s̲ ̲M̲e̲
L̲a̲t̲e̲ H̲a̲t̲e̲ ̲i̲s̲ ̲M̲e̲ Prije 22 sati
Where’s the sugar panda r34
Padrick Prije 22 sati
You look old
الحمد لله الله اكبر
الحمد لله الله اكبر Prije 22 sati
funny actor
Rhiannon L
Rhiannon L Prije 22 sati
Christopher Sherlock
Christopher Sherlock Prije 23 sati
We are all just background characters in Ryan Reynolds's cinematic universe
Jerry DeThomas
Jerry DeThomas Prije 23 sati
Ryan, what kind of toilet paper do you use?...the world wants to know...
Mad Titan
Mad Titan Prije dan
I like how that dude moves his beard out of the way to beat the shit out of the berries lol
DryBoneJones Prije dan
“Now that I have my coffee im ready to watch radar...where is it?”
Aza Prije dan
It's amazing how this has more views then the actual trailer
Gamzat Gimbatov
Gamzat Gimbatov Prije dan
Definiteely will watch it
F3rr3ll RAF
F3rr3ll RAF Prije dan
How did Korg and Miek get to earth from that exploded space ship? #marvel
Juan Salinas
Juan Salinas Prije dan
its gonna be interesting to go to a bar and ask for one....I can only imagine the laughs that will come of it...
Anim K.
Anim K. Prije dan
So much love Hugh
numbereightyseven Prije dan
Reaction vids are the height of arrogance.
RagZy Prije dan
Joe Van Seguido
Joe Van Seguido Prije dan
An underdog version of Deadpool
Heather Phillips
Heather Phillips Prije dan
I think this Ryan Reynolds kid, could be an actor. Something like a smartass, wisecracking, healing ability having, sword wielding, badass. Idk👍
Tr³a¹v⁴e¹l⁶er Prije dan
Might as well throw a nudge to SHIB coins while you're at it. Doge is dead, after all. Trust me, Im from the future..
SpockBorg5 Prije dan
If I was big wolverine collector I would be torn about whether or not to disinfect the chair
WeAre Harbinger
WeAre Harbinger Prije dan
Seems legit
WeAre Harbinger
WeAre Harbinger Prije dan
So a movie basically about being a gta 5 npc? I can get behind that. Also jesus korg, what was with that depression at the end my dude?
Indian trues
Indian trues Prije dan
Bring Tom ellis
Michael Kelsey
Michael Kelsey Prije dan
2:16 Hey Arnold! DS yeah you caught me.... I found the power button....
Michael Kelsey
Michael Kelsey Prije dan
OMG iiii hope you get your face fixed... i stopped smoking thc9 for that... III'm on thc8 now..... Cough COUGH cough... I never coughed so much in my life.....
Aeron Hale
Aeron Hale Prije dan
I honestly preferred the PG-13 version because of all the Princess Bride references.
nasty muppet
nasty muppet Prije dan
then they break up and Satan turns gay and gets a lap dance from nas
billy mac
billy mac Prije dan
So basically just a bunch of nonsense words
Wheatley Prije dan
I was expecting him to break the glass
Adrian Bodonea
Adrian Bodonea Prije dan
Man this Reynolds is a special dude , love this movie , love the reality he describes in his movies
I watch your movie just now😁 my fav in UTV action😉
Nocturnal Prije dan
In the DC universe Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi characters are best friends in the Green Lantern film lol
why Prije dan
Shadley Bam
Shadley Bam Prije dan
This movie was perfect
Sylvie Hathaway
Sylvie Hathaway Prije dan
this is wholesome but also not at the exact same time
Yoda got that drip
Yoda got that drip Prije dan
This is what the 4th dimension looks like
KageNoTenshi Prije dan
And in an alternate timeline these two are watching tv together on a crouch as Hal Jordan and his best friend
Some HomlessMan
Some HomlessMan Prije dan
If you pause the movie right here, you can see Ryan Reynolds making this video lol
Gustavo Prije dan
Deadpool please create a youtube channel
meow🐣 Prije dan
that guy look like groot but big version
Terry Caron
Terry Caron Prije dan
With the exception of penises, alcohol makes everything harder....although not true. If your talking to someone you find boring, it definately makes that conversation more interesting. So there are holes in this joke.
Chris Bomicino
Chris Bomicino Prije dan
Aviation American Gin, smooth like a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris
sheentheexplorer Prije dan
Hahahha daaang I love this
digitaljanus Prije dan
Wow, the algorithm really served me this with impeccable timing.
Rivir Parr
Rivir Parr Prije dan
Boomers be like
Nos Rin
Nos Rin Prije dan
predictable as all heck but still hilarious nonetheless.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Prije dan
When will we get a Deadpool 3?
Colton Ava
Colton Ava Prije dan
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THE META Prije dan
Ryan Reynolds:how about adinception?
Angoose Prije dan
It’s Bryan Reynolds
westbthorn Prije dan
A reverse Isekai?!
Indri yani
Indri yani Prije dan
John Keller
John Keller Prije dan
Oh look, it's a Matrix/Idiocracy mashup. Cool!
Laurel Silberman
Laurel Silberman Prije dan
Blake is my favorite part 😂
Bee Well
Bee Well Prije dan
he hasnt aged a day damn him
Terry Corkum
Terry Corkum Prije dan
A GD Canadian icon. Little shop of horrors anyone? Not to mention his work with John Candy. Brilliant.
X X Prije dan
Forgiveness is not given to those who committed treason, or those who spoke on behalf of the democrats
AsianGamer308 Prije dan
wtf it deadpool
kristinaF54 Prije dan
Oh dear, looks like a cgi-heavy reiteration of the Truman Show. Or offspring of The Thirteenth Floor with They Live.
Derek Holst
Derek Holst Prije dan
His face 😬
Vasco Costa
Vasco Costa Prije dan
Cmon I thought we would already be on 6G
Charlie York
Charlie York Prije dan
Nice to see Hugh
PeytonPickles Productions
PeytonPickles Productions Prije dan
You should be Ryan, you should be sorry LOL
Ariel Nedehf
Ariel Nedehf Prije dan
I think comedy should be an interesting field for u man
Ariel Nedehf
Ariel Nedehf Prije dan
Gordon is salty 😂
Donna Barr
Donna Barr Prije dan
Oh, Kristy’s, that’s my birthday.
Ms Treveler
Ms Treveler Prije dan
Oh man why you also?! So disappointed.... Here U just lost one more fan. 🤐
Svilen Konac
Svilen Konac Prije dan
No more Deadpool for me 👎
clocz Prije dan
Check your emails!
Faigornx Prije dan
Maximum Milking
Norman Potts
Norman Potts Prije dan
I just want my 4g but cheaper
Lil Born
Lil Born Prije dan
No God Know