Diane Sheppard
Diane Sheppard Prije 18 sati
I got a good laugh out of it
Alyssa Baney
Alyssa Baney Prije 18 sati
Mark: “Miranda.... Luiza?” Me, and Until Dawn fan: “JESSICA.”
Bill Cypher
Bill Cypher Prije 18 sati
The best video on the internet!!
tridaggerx Prije 18 sati
18:54 markiplier.exe has stopped working
VECTO VEX Prije 18 sati
2:40 that's from Doraemon if you're wondering
Arthy CP Silva
Arthy CP Silva Prije 18 sati
Came here cuz Try Not to Laugh Challenge #3 was deleted... That is super bad...i'll miss the AAAAAAAAH moment.
Good Guys Chucky
Good Guys Chucky Prije 18 sati
derpZ_ULTIMATE roblox user
derpZ_ULTIMATE roblox user Prije 18 sati
TheJohnIGL Prije 18 sati
Anyone watching in 2021 that also misses 2019 TikTok?
Chantel N
Chantel N Prije 18 sati
they are not my family i got kidnapped too they are my servants. my grandma stabbed his mom thats why they thought it was revenge but it was from the chinese govt trying to prove koreans are intentionally hurting their chances of success or something. shawn is not my dad idk who he is but his mom knew my grandma, well they met before in passing.
Green The Color
Green The Color Prije 18 sati
The LEMI handgun you sold is actually better than the new gun you bought. The LEMI is upgradable unlike the other handgun. It is fine though.(Spoilers ahead) You get attachments for the LEMI later but also you get another pistol as well.
0uzuz0 Prije 18 sati
man i remember watching this as a kid time flies by fast :d
Master James
Master James Prije 18 sati
Greenly Squirrel
Greenly Squirrel Prije 18 sati
Kinda_Jake 06
Kinda_Jake 06 Prije 18 sati
Sai Prije 18 sati
Like ratio?
sleepy_clover Prije 18 sati
Ethan: What the hell are you doing with my daughter?! Chris: *Ethan. No.*
MooseJuice Prije 18 sati
mark please i need a part 2 of this please im bEGGING
Jonathan Zhou
Jonathan Zhou Prije 18 sati
I don’t think mark realizes he can choose to feed his family and keep heat on, and that he can choose a cheaper apartment lol
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Prije 18 sati
Mark : *got the truck key to start the engine and get out of this burning house* *Runs back to the burning room beside the garage* "what do I do, am I stupid ?" Everyone watching : "yes"
Chantel N
Chantel N Prije 18 sati
said david nagy the illegal was no amy's work or mark sanders helping her it was because of u... u talked to david and convinced him to live here it wasn't you but they said this before to you when you were younger you didn't realise but they were forcing you to go along with it and you thought you were not being held hostage you thought that they were telling u the truth that you just forgot
Or Nah2020
Or Nah2020 Prije 18 sati
I pulled some muscles in my stomache and back... This content is just too much for me to handle😂😭
Maruku Prije 18 sati
The last proof of humanity that existed
Megan Upham
Megan Upham Prije 18 sati
The Rise and Fall of Fall guys
Misting Wolf
Misting Wolf Prije 18 sati
Best double-think to date. No mistakes, none at all!
Chantel N
Chantel N Prije 18 sati
real kidnapping it involves holding people hostage and killing the victim they dont know wha t they are doing they never finished it so now u can live but dont believe them they lie to people all the time all of it is fake it is ur money not theirs you keep thinking they are your friends or know your family they are lying they don't they don't even know your name idk what it is they told me something they told u and u think it is real. idk what ur name is what town u r born in what ur bday is.
Something Idk
Something Idk Prije 18 sati
Got hard 600 times
Jonathan Pastrana
Jonathan Pastrana Prije 18 sati
Speedwagon left his hat
Rita S
Rita S Prije 18 sati
Uto isLife
Uto isLife Prije 18 sati
men that foreshadowing when mark said im all fungus at 46:22
SebSk Prije 18 sati
_"My name is Markiplier and welcome to RÚM Smash"_
SoupYT Prije 18 sati
*P I E M A T I O N S, Y E A H!*
Jojoschmoa Prije 18 sati
Mark has not made any mistakes.
Fun With Foxies
Fun With Foxies Prije 18 sati
Only haters will say this is cring 😂
Philippe Gratton
Philippe Gratton Prije 18 sati
Waiting for the next episode is like waiting for the next episode in a sitcom...... I freaking hate it but I keep coming back. Keep up the good work markiplier
Jake Omara
Jake Omara Prije 18 sati
The last 2-3 minutes had me rolling listening to mark simp hard lol
zez Prije 18 sati
jumpscare warnings! 6:26 6:39 6:54 7:42 8:06 8:20 8:37 8:41 9:07
God I love her daughters..... They can bite me all day.... but only if I can bite back.....mmm
Knuckle Sandwich
Knuckle Sandwich Prije 18 sati
Zoey M
Zoey M Prije 18 sati
Noah Hutchins
Noah Hutchins Prije 18 sati
He’s joking when he said it’s the end, right?...
OneSmolBoi08 Prije 18 sati
what kind of shovel is that mark? also, why do you have a bag a citric acid???
Noah McGrath
Noah McGrath Prije 18 sati
So can you play multiplayer but in vr? It would be cool to see mark bob jack and wade all do it in vr together!
CoOcHiE mAn
CoOcHiE mAn Prije 18 sati
Ah I haven't watched markaplier since 2019
Annabella Galeski
Annabella Galeski Prije 18 sati
Mark: “Who’s snufflin” *walks directly into the snuffler and gets attacked*
King Porter
King Porter Prije 18 sati
"HUGE tracts of land"😂😂 love the reference
Jaxson Corley
Jaxson Corley Prije 18 sati
Ask Sean to give you tips
DangerNoodle809 Prije 18 sati
Best intro ever
Eldrine Cortez
Eldrine Cortez Prije 18 sati
no goof juice?
Le Creeper
Le Creeper Prije 18 sati
S S Prije 18 sati
I'd like to start by saying I'm a gamer weirdo that someone allowed to procreate, so I'm sorry. But so, my five year old daughter (whose idols consist of Disney princess and...well, you now) became obsessed with my survival horror games and while I was busy one day, I pulled up some of your FNaF stuff and she's literally your biggest fan now. She won't watch any other gaming videos...only Markiplier. Thanks for the distraction whilst I'm cooking dinner. I'm going to try to weaponize your account to perform some sight behavioral modification. We can't have a Disney princess in this house. 😌
S S Prije 18 sati
Don't worry, it won't be too terribly Clockwork Orange. Much. I'll do my best. See that's just lazy parenting.
S S Prije 18 sati
Btw, I *am* the mom. So stop looking for the adult in this situation. 😂
Hannah Harbin
Hannah Harbin Prije 18 sati
Digging your friend a grave... Digging your friend a grave. 6:50
Flaminko Prije 18 sati
Jorji is a great dude!
OTydal Prije 18 sati
Climax of this lets play 19:36
Brittany Wynn
Brittany Wynn Prije 18 sati
So Aya is like her dad now a crazy
Sir Sly
Sir Sly Prije 18 sati
We will never forget this game
Luxai Prije 18 sati
14:12 He said, while buying an over 3000 square meter house in the Canadian mountains for 4 million dollars for two people and their dogs to live in. Hum hum.
the fuck is going on in the comment section
the fuck is going on in the comment section Prije 18 sati
wow i remember mark use to be so loud and passionate now he’s just... idk
Ebay Addicts
Ebay Addicts Prije 18 sati
Nice work ✨🎇🎇
Chantel N
Chantel N Prije 18 sati
u know they tried to get me to hate u, tried to screw me over, told me nasty things said i dont desevre to be near you, said that it was ur fault, said u were gonna hurt me... said if i help you realise and get you out of it i will be screwing people over
Mun B.
Mun B. Prije 18 sati
20:34 “may your blessings rain like milk from the heavens” I- that was clever💀
Ella Erickson
Ella Erickson Prije 18 sati
Mark when the family’s status says “ok” you don’t need to buy heat or food. It can save you like 30 credits a day
C Beary
C Beary Prije 18 sati
don't hang your kid's picture!
DevidraGaming Prije 18 sati
Why was the lady who hadnt seen her son wrong? the expiration date had 83 for the year but the current year was definitely 82
sorry. Prije 18 sati
*cue Deftones "Hole in the Earth"*
Sir Krow
Sir Krow Prije 18 sati
Your son has a bright future with the marines
KARMA Prije 18 sati
I- ok mark. My recommendation page is 4 years behind
Echo Gunny
Echo Gunny Prije 18 sati
*The duality of man* Growing up I was poor... 14:17 - 15:13 *The duality of man*
Distant Dubstep
Distant Dubstep Prije 18 sati
"Pick up the box, open 'er on up, whadya get? S O M E D I E" Ethan Nestor - 2018
KrypticViper Prije 18 sati
M.fadiodhan Ali
M.fadiodhan Ali Prije 18 sati
Crazy Hercules
Crazy Hercules Prije 18 sati
I hate that people say, “oh spooky stories put babies to sleep” Bruh. No. It’s not the story that put the little bastard to sleep, you’re just a boring reader😂🙄 Though... that story about the little girl in the woods, gives me an idea😏
AI Adam
AI Adam Prije 18 sati
Is this actually the end of the game?
GeekJokes Prije 18 sati
as i always say: _we've always been at war with eastasia_
Life sucks
Life sucks Prije 18 sati
Already beat the game. Ur going to love
face reveal at 1k ❤️
face reveal at 1k ❤️ Prije 18 sati
I cant believe it was 9 months ago🙁
Pedro Stormrage
Pedro Stormrage Prije 18 sati
14:21 "Draw with a rock, burn a piece of wood and use it for charcoal drawing " Mark could have been on the Extreme Cheapskates show 😂
Treylyn Waller
Treylyn Waller Prije 18 sati