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We need to talk
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Coco Hermoso
Coco Hermoso Prije 40 sekundi
You need black seed oil and sea moss thank me later.
Ramzi D
Ramzi D Prije minute
Hey hun, great video. Try fasting and taking apple cider vinegar and black seed oil which is really good to decrease inflammation.
Bushra Shams
Bushra Shams Prije 2 minuta
please try KETO jaclyn!!! you will love it!!!
Kim S
Kim S Prije 2 minuta
Keep up the good work Jaclyn ! It's inspiring. Thank you 😊
Areli Prije 8 minuta
thank you jac. seriously. YOU GOT THIS!!!!
I love kale! Especially with sirracha ranch so fulfilling. Smoothie wise my favorite is bananas, blueberries and kale, lil bit of honey! Delish!
Kya Simons Life
Kya Simons Life Prije 9 minuta
Me too Am a snacker why did Auto spell put slacker at first well I just It was right don’t try to go to hard at once that what I’ve learned after my candy stash I can’t throw it away 😂 Am Innnnn Ittttttt with you! 😉💙
JMalinay Prije 9 minuta
I can totally relate,Jaclyn. You are motivating me to do the same! YOU GOT THIS!
Jen Bunny
Jen Bunny Prije 9 minuta
I choose sleep over everything too! BUT I also learned that it’s better to workout during the evening, at least for me! Girl put that treadmill on 10 incline and 2.5 speed for 20 to 30 min! You will sweat your Butt off! This is how I started and it’s been a month and I’m already seeing results! you got this! 👍🏼😀❤️
Loops209 Prije 10 minuta
lmbooooo too funny about your dream
braddyboy82 Prije 11 minuta
Is this real?
Tenifa Johnson
Tenifa Johnson Prije 14 minuta
I enjoyed this vlog so much! So motivating for people like me that's constantly trying. Keep up the good work! I hope you continue to vlog your progress no matter the outcome no pressure! Thank you so much for sharing and being so transparent!
PbsCris 4viewerslikeu
PbsCris 4viewerslikeu Prije 16 minuta
“We do not care”
Alexus Beni
Alexus Beni Prije 16 minuta
My grandma is vegan and she eats so healthy and the only time I eat health is eating whatever she makes. So for instance making a spring roll but instead of using the wrap, use lettuce omg so bomb. So basically it’s rice noodles, tofu or whatever you want to use and then add cilantro and mint omg so good.
Holly Wilson
Holly Wilson Prije 17 minuta
“Be nice, shut up !” Lol love you! Real one.
Maria💋 Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs
Maria💋 Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs Prije 17 minuta
I love how honest and open you’re being in this. It’s actually giving me 100% motivation to start this journey “with you” as I’ve been wanting to just work out and for sure eat healthy because I eat horribly. I wanna work out to feel good about myself and not literally lay around all day since I am currently not working. So thank you for being so candid and so motivational. You got this!!
MP Cat
MP Cat Prije 18 minuta
thank u for sharing
Tarah Eliza
Tarah Eliza Prije 18 minuta
JACLYN! This is so good. Thank you for being vulnerable and strong enough to post this. It’s going to help more people than you know. Like I said, I’m doing it with you! I’m so proud of you!
Caron Prije 22 minuta
More. We need more content like this. Love you so much. You got this. 💜
Stephanie Barker
Stephanie Barker Prije 25 minuta
I’m sorry to say this Jackie- and it may just be the way this video was put together but it seems that Jordan is not really on board with your plan and is not truly being a supportive partner. In the end he went the whole week without ever helping you meal prep like you repeatedly asked him to and when he made light of your struggle (“I’m sorry I didn’t make the chicken”) - that was NOT funny and it was actually low key passive-aggressive. I’m glad you called him on it. The question is why is he not on board? Is he afraid if you lose the weight and feel better about yourself that you’ll leave him? Is he resentful because he wants to cook more indulgent meals for you? Whatever it is, you guys need to face it and he needs to be 100% on board or get the eff out because you do not need him bringing you down, girl! You can do this and you need to be surrounded with positive, loving energy only!
Get it girl you got this!!!
The Magickal Mastermind
The Magickal Mastermind Prije 28 minuta
Thanks for the thinspo.
T Prije 31 minute
im crying but im also joining you love you so much lets change our lives together girls
Alyssa K
Alyssa K Prije 31 minute
For me it was cutting constant junk foods and just moderating. It made me just FEEL better, regardless of measurements and scales.
Krystal D
Krystal D Prije 33 minuta
There was some sort of blog entry I read.... our bodies trick us into eating if we have breakfast. Maybe try skip breakfast and eat later. Tells your brain you don't need to eat so much. I've been doing it and it helps
HeyitzAlyssa Prije 33 minuta
Wtf that scene with the lettuce scared me!
Yanizzle Prije 34 minuta
your skin looks bombbbb
Caron Prije 35 minuta
I'm a hundred pounds heavier than you and no lie I relate to every single feeling and thing you said in this video. Thank you for letting us come along with you on this journey Jaclyn. 💜 this is so inspirational to me.
Rachel G
Rachel G Prije 36 minuta
Good luck! Maybe try removing any fillers/ foreign material from your body. Inflammation is also the body's way of fighting unknown things and maybe its also contributing.... But I really hope you can have a healing journey and feel amazing!
Minnesota Maddness
Minnesota Maddness Prije 39 minuta
I think that this is incredible because so many of us can relate
Katie Sanchez
Katie Sanchez Prije 39 minuta
Feed me please! I need to be gain weight 🥺
caribbeanblond Prije 40 minuta
I think you are doing an amazing job. It can’t be easy to be totally vulnerable & put yourself out there but your doing it girl! Be proud of yourself because your viewers are proud of you! XOXO
Ms.kay Weis
Ms.kay Weis Prije 45 minuta
I just discovered your channel. You are beautiful. So real and down to earth. So refreshing.
Yanizzle Prije 51 minute
Hispanics looking at the salad bugs like "protein" xD
April G Queen-A
April G Queen-A Prije 52 minuta
Omg I cheat every day! Motivate me ! Can I just follow what you do to see if it works for me too ? I just might!
berryblistex Prije 56 minuta
Jaclyn I’m so invested in your journey! Stay strong girl! The beginning is always the hardest!
Tarah Eliza
Tarah Eliza Prije sat
SO EXCITED! I’m doing this with you!!!!
86manuchao Prije sat
Get a Peloton!!!! It’s good both for body and mental health! It’s my me time and I have lost 24lbs this year. I love it!
Alana Rollison
Alana Rollison Prije sat
I love this because it’s so incredibly relatable. I’m 2 weeks back into my journey to try to lose 50 lbs. I literally have started over more times than I can count. When food is your source of comfort, it can end up being a serious mind fuck. You’ve got this! One day at a time!!!’
Sara K.
Sara K. Prije sat
Weight twins 👯‍♂️
Paulina Jouvin
Paulina Jouvin Prije sat
You can do it 💪🏽✨
Bobba Coffee
Bobba Coffee Prije sat
Ugh I felt this so hard. Especially when you went to Jordan and asked him what you were gonna have for dinner that night, it’s almost like you knew you were feeling super vulnerable and you needed him to step in and make sure that you stay on track and it doesn’t happen for any reason and then boom you cave and it ruins your whole day. Then the guilt sets in! This is just the absolute reality of it all ♥️
Cookie Burgos
Cookie Burgos Prije sat
Girl u look great.
mtstar89 Prije sat
That breakfast is actually super healthy! I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy and it was my go to breakfast. I would toast a whole wheat English muffin, spread butter on it, 2 sunny side up eggs, a slice of cheddar cheese and it was my diy at home mc donalds breakfast. You are doing great, don’t listen to others.
jaquilin T
jaquilin T Prije sat
Water too
ashley Prije sat
Jaclyn has always been so beautiful, I’m still jealous of her looks and style! I’m glad you are doing this and making yourself feel better. You will rock this girl! Xo
Cafecito & Lipstick
Cafecito & Lipstick Prije sat
This is so real. Cheering you on! It’s helping me stay motivated too!❤️
Courtney Hamilton
Courtney Hamilton Prije sat
Love this! Thanks for being so raw and real with us! xxxx
jaquilin T
jaquilin T Prije sat
Wait 20 mins in between meals that’ll help it takes 20 usually for the messages to get to ur brain that ur full
itsKaraElizabeth Prije sat
Girlll your hand motions when you said “put something in my mouth” 😂 you kill me
Jennifer Raymus
Jennifer Raymus Prije sat
I want to know about the comfy home stuff! Do a video on each room of the house please!!💜
Sandy Gonzalezz
Sandy Gonzalezz Prije sat
Try lifting it helps feel so powerful. Try to get on a program.
April Thurn
April Thurn Prije sat
I lost 30 lbs, met my fiancé, gained 70 within a year and a half now I hate myself more than I ever have before. Thank you for posting this, it’s motivating to me. 🥺❤️
Joelle Chowaiki
Joelle Chowaiki Prije sat
so much respect for you and your journey! so appreciative you decided to share this with the rest of us who have been your followers for so long! we love you unconditionally !!
Kenya's Realm
Kenya's Realm Prije sat
Thanks for sharing your journey!!!
Esi Esi
Esi Esi Prije sat
Girl I could see a difference In your face from day 1 to day 6!!! KEEP IT GOING!! We see the progress!! Fuck the scale!!
thayla rabelo
thayla rabelo Prije sat
Love you! You got this!! Thanks for sharing your story ❤️❤️😭😭
YouTube Prije sat
Hang in there! You got this! ✨❣️
Olivia Brooke
Olivia Brooke Prije 7 minuta
give miss jaclyn a RAISE
Amber Tyszkowski
Amber Tyszkowski Prije sat
Awee I love this!
Cusper Gem
Cusper Gem Prije sat
Believe it or not but Landscaping/ Gardening is such a workout without being a workout. Kudos. You've just motivated several ladies to join your health journey.
M. Ferrari
M. Ferrari Prije sat
You are going to help a lot of people with this. Thank you for being vulnerable for us.
M-I-S Prije sat
Roisin Langan
Roisin Langan Prije sat
Hurts me to see her tear up. Empathy is everything, you shouldn’t ever become numb to peoples suffering.
Taylor Rednose
Taylor Rednose Prije sat
Let me say, I have never related to any of your videos more than this one. The kitchen scene with you crying and telling your boyfriend you just need his help, and you know that the food is adding to your emotions but it’s also the thing that you feel that you need. Thank you for being open and transparent about this.
Yvette Hampton
Yvette Hampton Prije sat
Atomic Habits you should read this book boo it helps so much!
Oh No dude
Oh No dude Prije sat
How tall are you?
Jen From New Bark Town
Jen From New Bark Town Prije sat
Eew the lettuce part freaked me out. I HATE spiders and I know they never do anything to me except scare me and maybe bite every now and then, BUT EW NOW I'M AFRAID OF RESTAURANT SALADS. Gotta start making my own and cleaning them right 😭😭😭
Sandy Gonzalezz
Sandy Gonzalezz Prije sat
I prep the green smoothie Monday. Cut all the veggies and place them individually in Ziplocs. Let's do this Jaclyn. 💪
Becky Jensen
Becky Jensen Prije sat
Wow. I respect you so much for putting out such vulnerable content. It was so refreshing to see someone I’ve been so jealous of, have some of the same issues as me. I’ve been in a total rut. I was in the best shape of life.. toned, 110 pounds, pretty. My mom was diagnosed with cancer last year and I just completely gave up. I gained it all back, plus 40 pounds. I would give anything to just be my STARTING weight again.. ugh. I’ve been really trying to just drag my ass back in the gym but it’s so discouraging because I have SO far to go. But like you said, but at least I’m doin it! This was really motivating for me. Thank you!
Sheila McDaniel
Sheila McDaniel Prije sat
Candace Sam
Candace Sam Prije sat
There were many funny moments in this which was great, but the realness of this video is my favorite. I never doubted your realness before, but this is extra real which is nice to see. In terms of your Journey - try walking outside, especially in sunny awesome Florida! It's a long journey so it's easy to get discouraged, but you got this!! Think of how many of us are behind you. You can do this!!
suneetbroca Prije sat
Call it The JacLean Series 😁 You are so honest and open and i can relate (have those issues you mentioned myself) Thank you for talking about change in a positive way!! ❤
BootsieDior74 Prije sat
YOU ARE AMAZING and SO Brave!!!!! I’m SO proud of you girlfriend!!!! 😘💋💋💋💋
AndreaHM MIAN Prije sat
You need a reality tv show 💖
Angie Prije sat
Katie Villa
Katie Villa Prije 2 sati
Me watching this while eating ice cream and feeling exactly like her…
Warda Mosed
Warda Mosed Prije 2 sati
Awwwwww i just love how this is real life. Dont give up babe!!!!!!! Just remember to take it one day at a time and dont beat urself. And snack more in between meals so u dont have that hangry meltdown. And meal prepping is the way to go! Look into crock pot recipes for chicken! You got this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kirsty Padella
Kirsty Padella Prije 2 sati
This video hit me in the feels. I’m so excited for you and to see where your journey goes, numbers don’t matter as long as you feel good. Absolutely best role model, a real influencer who shows the real things people/women go through in all aspects. So proud you for all the crazy life turn and you always being real and overcoming! You got this girl! 💕
QueenOfRampage Prije 2 sati
I appreciate what you are doing Jacklyn. I gained weight in the past two years and 180lbs is the heaviest I have ever been. My relationship with food is very similar to yours as well. I crave mac and cheese daily. My struggle with exercise is another issue as well. I'd rather be sitting on my butt watching Lucifer or gaming. I did a challenge where I would work out for 10 min a day- I was only able to do it for two days. So I get where you are coming from. I know it's hard to forget the hateful comments- but you gotta try and block them out hun. Everyone thinks they know what is right but it's your body. You are going to have ups and downs- it's normal. Just remember to enjoy the experience and take things day by day. You got this. <3
Shaheena Khan
Shaheena Khan Prije 2 sati
So do I