SoCalDualSport2 2
SoCalDualSport2 2 Prije 21 sat
And while he builds this awesome dwelling he's dressed like he is going to the country club for brunch. This guy is rico suave.
Jorge Banderas
Jorge Banderas Prije 21 sat
Tu viendo esto y nisiquiera de la casa de tus papas te has ido
Jorge Banderas
Jorge Banderas Prije 21 sat
Jorge Banderas
Jorge Banderas Prije 21 sat
Tu tampoco verdad
Debbie Comeau
Debbie Comeau Prije 21 sat
Layla Rodrigues
Layla Rodrigues Prije 21 sat
Abençoados por Deus com o dom da inteligência e disposição. 👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏
Jack Harris
Jack Harris Prije 21 sat
Hopefully it will last longer than most other Chinese made products
J J Prije 21 sat
쉽게 하는것 같아도 다 힘든 작업들인데 능숙한거보면 노가다 오래한 장인인듯
Mendreng 86
Mendreng 86 Prije 21 sat
Dunia ini makin rusak
Vasanth Raj
Vasanth Raj Prije 21 sat
Send link for buy this product
Serg Zuk
Serg Zuk Prije 21 sat
Как же это круто, приятно смотреть на огонь, воду и это
Marco Rozo
Marco Rozo Prije 21 sat
I'm tired only watching this
Mahmudin Manggis
Mahmudin Manggis Prije 21 sat
Bagus sekali mas..
emanuel serrano
emanuel serrano Prije 21 sat
The man makes all the work. The woman of the man come in the final to inspect.
purnawan wawan
purnawan wawan Prije 22 sati
High perfomance
trek60 Prije 22 sati
This man is amazing
Born Wild
Born Wild Prije 22 sati
You’ll need to keep the tools hanging in the hallway just in case of getting trapped inside
Zach Prije 22 sati
8:48 was just amazing
Imran Chaudhary
Imran Chaudhary Prije 22 sati
Creative person
Руслан Ершов
Руслан Ершов Prije 22 sati
После дождя там будет каша.
Imthebestdmnthing Prije 22 sati
We bare bears. First thing that comes to my mind upon seeing the thumbnail 😂
Coskar Prije 22 sati
This man is making my Minecraft base in real life.
Phương Nguyễn
Phương Nguyễn Prije 22 sati
🇻🇳⛳🌎🌠🔥💥🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️các cháu giỏi quá tuyệt vời chúc mừng các cháu 🙋🥰☘️🌾☘️🌾☘️☘️🌺🍀🌺🍀🌺
MJ Be Prije 22 sati
@4:34 I need one!!
무기매기 Prije 22 sati
8:20 oh my god
lufie56 Prije 22 sati
At 3:11 what kind of underwear is he wearing? 😧
Sophia Joyce Ferry
Sophia Joyce Ferry Prije 22 sati
The Damm music keeps going up & down..So Annoying!
Parker Essential
Parker Essential Prije 22 sati
The lively romanian disconcertingly last because bubble methodically walk without a unequal sandwich. pathetic, gullible gusty dorothy
Bea Smith
Bea Smith Prije 22 sati
Ohhhh....the pressure washing gets me every time. Perfect satisfaction. Whipper snipper a close second 👌
Путешествие к наслаждению
Путешествие к наслаждению Prije 22 sati
Применен мини бур,а стены вечны и не продуваемы и из пола не дует,когда нет средств и места для постройки,можно вот так выйти умно из положения,много слышали ,что в Китае ,строят дома в горах.
WatahMoro Prije 22 sati
They Are the Decendant of "People of Thamud" The Aad People😁
EDY CAKRA Prije 22 sati
Butuh waktu berapa tahun untuk pengerjaan itu semua?
Ouiza Minoucha
Ouiza Minoucha Prije 22 sati
Bravo intelligencia
미남 Prije 22 sati
MR.THẮNG LÀ TÔI Prije 22 sati
Hủy hoại tự nhiên . Sẽ gặp quả báo !
Daniel Lozza
Daniel Lozza Prije 22 sati
And he died of black lung disease 1 week after moving in...😏
Арслан Атапкелов
Арслан Атапкелов Prije 22 sati
У него суперспособность - не пачкаться?!
skeets Prije 22 sati
All it takes it time and money
Phil Waters
Phil Waters Prije 22 sati
Nice work Mr Tiger... xxx ;-)
Мойша Шнеерзон
Мойша Шнеерзон Prije 22 sati
Мы в детстве с пацанами в глине и получше делали
ЧеловекМира Prije 22 sati
Сколько труда вложил, из кирпича дом построить быстрее бы получилось))
Shane Jones
Shane Jones Prije 22 sati
Check out CONSTRUCTION KNAWLEDGE!! Y’all like it
Петр Захаров
Петр Захаров Prije 22 sati
Что нам стоит дом построить,наштробили будем жить
odz chanel
odz chanel Prije 22 sati
Uih salut dan kagum perjuangan nya
Paul Last
Paul Last Prije 22 sati
it would seem like he should consider drilling long drainage holes along the sides and top of the cave, sealing the inside (waterproofing) will leave the water trapped against the outside and the water will find a place to get in, I would suggest angling the drainage holes so water flows down and out
Конрад Михельсон
Конрад Михельсон Prije 22 sati
Наверное скоро с такой ипотекой будем себе холмы покупать и хаты строить...
Viky -aveti dreptate
Viky -aveti dreptate Prije 22 sati
Vrednici, priceputi , , muncitor, talentati bravo lor.
KimchiSoHot Prije 22 sati
썸넬보고 승우아빠인줄 알고 들어왔다
Shakil Shaikh
Shakil Shaikh Prije 22 sati
Everything is made in China!
Любовь Уарова
Любовь Уарова Prije 22 sati
Reghardt Jordaan
Reghardt Jordaan Prije 22 sati
Wow.. Minecraft's graphics are so realistic now!
Shakil Shaikh
Shakil Shaikh Prije 22 sati
House prices are going down as people after watching this video will build their home in nearest mountains.
Наталья Владимировна
Наталья Владимировна Prije 22 sati
Здорово! Уважение мужчине!
NevyShillNew Prije 22 sati
Very Nice!
Adam Prije 22 sati
This guy playing Minecraft in real life😅
Дмитрий Огиенко
Дмитрий Огиенко Prije 22 sati
Лишь бы Российские политики не увидели данное решение💪😄👌
Phương Võ
Phương Võ Prije 22 sati
Len nui ma co day du cac cong cu dien dom may moc hien dai nhu vay thi ai cung muon len nui ne phuc nha...
red blight
red blight Prije 22 sati
Could you ever see western Instagram models/influencers doing proper work like this? lol
SinceNightmoon Prije 22 sati
What's that for stone?? Limestone or sandstone or claystone ?!?
Planet Iscandar
Planet Iscandar Prije 23 sati
15 minutes ago, i still had the illusion "we are all equal".
smail karim
smail karim Prije 23 sati
أحد الأساتذة الجامعيين كتب لطلابه في مرحلة الدكتوراة والماجستير والبكالوريوس رسالة معبرة..وضعها على مدخل الكلية في الجامعة بجنوب إفريقيا هذا نصها : _تدمير أي أمة لا يحتاج إلى قنابل نووية أو صواريخ بعيدة المدى . ولكن يحتاج إلى تخفيض نوعية التعليم ..والسماح للطلبة بالغش!!! _ يموت المريض..على يد طبيب نجح بالغش ! _ وتنهار البيوت..على يد مهندس نجح بالغش ! _ ونخسر الاموال..على يد محاسب نجح بالغش ! _ ويموت الدين..على يد شيخ نجح بالغش ! _ ويضيع العدل..على يد قاضي نجح بالغش ! _ ويتفشى الجهل في عقول الابناء..على يد معلم نجح بالغش !!! إنهيار التعليم =إنهيار الأمة.
Crazyuncle Prije 23 sati
Now, that’s a ‘man cave’.
Mo Prije 23 sati
I also planned a similar cave project when I was younger. Didnt get to carry it out as I'm older now.
Balpreet Singh
Balpreet Singh Prije 23 sati
People like them are creating havocs in hilly area
Joe Jamata
Joe Jamata Prije 23 sati
Try the best carpenters and woodworkers plans. Woodglut.
TELE VISION TV Prije 23 sati
What a beautiful 😍 works I really like this video thank you for sharing 😊❤
Octavio Madueno
Octavio Madueno Prije 23 sati
Amazing..but who sponcered this man?
jack bobfaster
jack bobfaster Prije 23 sati
Where are the lights for nights 😏
TELE VISION TV Prije 23 sati
Wow amazing 😮👏🏿
Max Jacoby
Max Jacoby Prije 23 sati
Expectations: I will build my own house in a mountain; Reality: government confiscates it as an illegal construction.
X X Prije 23 sati
He is Living his Dream and i whould live in such a Hosue too its remarkeble BEOUTIFULL! ❤ Tho i whould first do all the sanding and stuff and then do the tiles floor becouse of scratces and maybe damage. A concrete wall is SO HEAVY and just wood who can decompose over the years will not hold the concrete roof for long!!! Nooo... And it's not eco-living life though, it's a eco-friendly house!
Gibbon Good
Gibbon Good Prije 23 sati
His children will be Falmer
Владислав Курилов
Владислав Курилов Prije 23 sati
Мастера, но зачем так спешить? Жизнь так коротка, а капиталистам надо все быстрей, чтоб меньше платить, а самим наживаться.
TOP Ten Cool Things
TOP Ten Cool Things Prije 23 sati
I never knew you could carve out mountains like that, Imma go remove everst
Abhijeet Raghuvanshi
Abhijeet Raghuvanshi Prije 23 sati
Title- man ""DIGS A HOLE"" in mountain.
Otaku Nation
Otaku Nation Prije 23 sati
This guy really know how to use his tools to full potential.
E- Dogg
E- Dogg Prije 23 sati
When I first saw him doing this , I thought,……. Now this is a real “bad-%ss , a real man !! Strong , ……capable , ……powerful !! He’s unstoppable. ………..AND THEN I SAW HIM BEND OVER AND SEE THAT HE IS WEARING “ WIMENS RED LACEY UNDERWEAR “ !!! And I said , ……WHAT THE H%ll ?????? !!! 🤷‍♂️. Check it out. 👉🏼 3:11
蘇怡光 Prije 23 sati
where are you ?
Aswad Rahim
Aswad Rahim Prije 23 sati
Amazing!! Good job boss