That80sGuy1972 Prije 3 sati
I love Poppy. I don't like the accelerated change she made. I always knew she was a parody of pop culture and perceptions. As for the Illuminati silliness, every single thing anyone ever referenced as a secret society can get that label. Every single anyone and anything, ever. Every single conspiracy, real or not, ever, can get that label. The original Illuminati were a group of monks, scholars, and others that saved all things intellectual, factual, and (in short) real from the religious and political forces that wanted their narrative to replace history, facts, and science that opposed the people in power that wanted to borderline rewrite reality. The term "Illuminati" being a general term for "insidious bad guy from the shadows" is the lingering effects of European Dark Age propaganda that actually created the Dark Ages, and said Illuminati eventually defeated them to create the Renaissance Era. That was when the actual Illuminati ceased to be needed because they won and thus vanished. The new versions of them are those who fight propaganda and are doing it openly and not as a secret society so far. The propaganda people are the underground kind now and using old Illuminati tactics to manipulate people into believing propaganda as news while currently successfully dumbing down the population for decades. If you don't believe the powers that be are systematically dumbing down the population, even replacing information with entertainment, then you are part of the systematic dumbing down of the population... another victim.
Jačk The Häþ
Jačk The Häþ Prije 3 sati
Me: Regrets Looksee exsiting Look see: U son of a B-
Arjay Nabor
Arjay Nabor Prije 3 sati
Arjay Nabor
Arjay Nabor Prije 3 sati
Duck Prije 3 sati
Can we all just appreciate Colonel Stonkers
Braydenoid Prije 3 sati
11:17 "learn to bray" me : wut
terminator1000 ougtifv
terminator1000 ougtifv Prije 3 sati
theory juices urgh
Jack Stan
Jack Stan Prije 3 sati
There’s literally Wanda vision out which is the most theory heavy show that is super popular and you make a video about kfc
Disappointment Chips
Disappointment Chips Prije 3 sati
Them humans weren’t ready for the breaddy. (👉 T -T)👉 Ha. Ha... *cough* Aight. I’ma get out.
Brick Wilson
Brick Wilson Prije 3 sati
When it shows that line of spices in tubes some them just have A D labels and the others are blank but in other pictures of it all the tubes have label A B C D E F G H IJ k
DaveyDave Prije 3 sati
me: just eating a donut while going to school also me: looking at this me: my brain hurts now
Ehi Prije 3 sati
Who’s here after the trailer
God Prije 3 sati
Lol me, also I saw your channel and I thought it was pretty funny new sub 👍
Shadowmax Prije 3 sati
Matpat can notice the smallest things in the room you would think he was a detective it something
Saran Sivananthan
Saran Sivananthan Prije 3 sati
best outro
Andrew Barrows
Andrew Barrows Prije 3 sati
Jan-Ole Bueng
Jan-Ole Bueng Prije 3 sati
WAIT this isnt food theory¿?
The FRED Clan's
The FRED Clan's Prije 3 sati
UUUUU matpat you know there are multiple of the citrus fruits because they are using the same prop multiple times to save money.
PIG OVERLORD Prije 3 sati
HOLY SH*T I just realized something. In the comics, a surviving Jedi basically makes a planet one big rainforest by using her light force powers, but when she was killed, the force had to make the entire process planet dark to make up for the huge imbalance in the force, so the reign of the empire was just the force rebalancing the force of the galaxy. Once Ray got her yellow lightsaber and became a light and dark force user, the galaxy was at balance.
CORIE GEORGE Prije 3 sati
The ugliest timbale evolutionarily imagine because manx preclinically radiate regarding a useful soil. sulky, fancy ambulance
Jay Ro
Jay Ro Prije 3 sati
News broadcasts designed to get people to hate each other... hmmmmmm
gema plays
gema plays Prije 3 sati
Who else is watching this series for the 5th time?
Fried Milk
Fried Milk Prije 3 sati
It’s coming out this year so what do you think is going to happen in the movie
Pamela W. Maloney
Pamela W. Maloney Prije 3 sati
the deadpool thing didn't work on me at 5:50
Israel Mondragón
Israel Mondragón Prije 3 sati
KFC gives me el chorito so I’ll pass
Noob gaming YT
Noob gaming YT Prije 3 sati
I’m allergic to all of those and would die if I ate just a little of citrus but I don’t so there’s no citrus
CORIE GEORGE Prije 3 sati
The grubby gruesome bangladesh realistically whine because internet hemodynamically escape times a testy arm. colorful, earsplitting pelican
Mark Shane
Mark Shane Prije 3 sati
"I'm appart of the problem aren't I?". We all are, Mat Pat. we all are.
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American Prije 3 sati
We live in a society... where Mario Lopez plays Colonel Sanders, the Colonel has an anime dating simulator, and eating KFC on Christmas is part of a country's culture
Pebbles The Pebble
Pebbles The Pebble Prije 4 sati
to find what citrus fruit just get 1 person allergic to each different citrus fruit and find out who gets allergic reactions
Imperial Gaming
Imperial Gaming Prije 4 sati
0:21 I know what you're saying... and I want some 🍗🐔😂
María Julia Favre
María Julia Favre Prije 4 sati
People around the world don't need to calculate tips because they are included, same with tax. The U.S. the only country I know that does this.
R - G - C
R - G - C Prije 4 sati
Not even that long
EpsThatGuy Tv
EpsThatGuy Tv Prije 4 sati
ChldshGabino Prije 4 sati
The theme song is back! I’m a fan again
Khalid Mohammad
Khalid Mohammad Prije 4 sati
Parks Anderson
Parks Anderson Prije 4 sati
Matpat, I’ve got a challenge for you that I myself attempted but gave up on after hours of work. Calculate the amount of money that would’ve been spent if Phineas and Ferb actually had to pay for all of their inventions.
Julien Quan
Julien Quan Prije 4 sati
everyone gangsta til they put lemonade in chicken wings
Poached penguin
Poached penguin Prije 4 sati
Matpat: "and no he isn't the son of two cookies" me: "oh..."
666 Shaydul
666 Shaydul Prije 4 sati
Ahem 2021 u mean
Gadoxplayer Prije 4 sati
Otaku mat!! Ohh boy
Amazing Playz
Amazing Playz Prije 4 sati
Imagine when goku is fighting he says magic word
tabo51 Prije 4 sati
Greeeeeaaat, all in all I ended up watchinig Food Theory first, Game Theory second, and this last....
Moby Prije 4 sati
All these kfc vids are giving me a stomachache... Maybe diabetes...
Andrew Rosen
Andrew Rosen Prije 4 sati
Its really weird. I wanted to watch all three and I will but for some reason the only ones on trending and on my recommend page is the ones i’ve already watched
Michael Ogbutor
Michael Ogbutor Prije 4 sati
waiting for a short green cyclops and his robot wife to try and steal it
Deje Prije 4 sati
My Mind Is Blown.
Alexandra Mains
Alexandra Mains Prije 4 sati
the wooshy wooshy laser swords (12:10) i am dying
Michael Tipton
Michael Tipton Prije 4 sati
0:23 LMAOOO🤚😂🤣
Sub par animations
Sub par animations Prije 4 sati
The 12th spice line had me dying
Ashish Thenayi
Ashish Thenayi Prije 4 sati
"So random that it can't be random" Matpat, have you been messing around with the 12th secret herb?
oskarochjohan Prije 4 sati
This one goes deep...
Kathya De Jesus
Kathya De Jesus Prije 4 sati
not gonna lie he would look pretty if he was a princess
grim demise
grim demise Prije 4 sati
i am in 2020.................... nothing fun
Axon Prije 4 sati
you guys don’t understand how much i miss this series
Meawoof Prije 4 sati
Stranger things: She is the monster Attack on titan: He is the titan
Marcus Hart
Marcus Hart Prije 4 sati
I see why they say rebel scum. 0_0
Ayo Akinola
Ayo Akinola Prije 4 sati
If you make a video on Godzilla v Kong I will make my whole family subscribe me and my brother already are pleeeeeeeease
Mohamed T. Adam
Mohamed T. Adam Prije 4 sati
Lol I am eating a KFC while watching this.
Leonidas Alberia
Leonidas Alberia Prije 4 sati
The Queen being interrupted by a dancing monkey. Am I the ONLY ONE who found this funny? 😂
Kurin Prije 4 sati
Why does Film Theory still have such an old intro?
ivy chombo
ivy chombo Prije 4 sati
I am a lion
Ayo Akinola
Ayo Akinola Prije 4 sati
Something about Kong vs Godzilla pleeeeeeease
Cash Williams
Cash Williams Prije 4 sati
I think when red guy is irl it’s actually the creative part of his mind and the people that are booing him off stage it’s just his mind not wanting the same thing to happen that happens with Roy but when the light shines on Roy it’s just red guy having no other option...
British Blueberry
British Blueberry Prije 4 sati
Joe exotic was released
Logan Mann
Logan Mann Prije 4 sati
What about fashion theory
Lais ahmed
Lais ahmed Prije 4 sati
Guess you were right
Kostis Vidalis
Kostis Vidalis Prije 4 sati
Honestly, I'm a little bit sad that neither of these 2 theories was correct. However, I think the Thanos theory still stands! It's a bit of a stretch, but H could stand for Hydra, since Red Skull is the one who guided Thanos to the Sould Stone.
Leah Ng'ambi
Leah Ng'ambi Prije 4 sati
Mat pat references the purge when he gets so angry and comes down say a he feels cleansed in some way
Noam GBA
Noam GBA Prije 4 sati
here before kfc removes this vid
SydneeLynn Prije 4 sati
Petition for survival theory 👍🏻
speeby sees you
speeby sees you Prije 4 sati
New channel HEY that's just a theory a conspirtheory
Sparky Bolt
Sparky Bolt Prije 4 sati
Can the guys at Overkill make a KFC ingredient heist for PAYDAY 2?
Rexer Prije 4 sati
I think probably taxes
Julien Quan
Julien Quan Prije 4 sati
why would I accidentally click on a food theory, I would purposefully click on a food theory video. I love all the channels
Aarush raj 6g 15
Aarush raj 6g 15 Prije 4 sati
U know my brain automatically didn’t understand the spoiler lol also I’m not native English speaker
Rexer Prije 4 sati
I think it’s oregan
Aarush raj 6g 15
Aarush raj 6g 15 Prije 4 sati
U r so smart if I keep watching u I’ll be smart
Dark Light
Dark Light Prije 4 sati
Kayleigh Haines
Kayleigh Haines Prije 4 sati
I love these videos
Amidamaru44 Prije 4 sati
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