lopez jameson
lopez jameson Prije 14 sati
Stocks are good but I swapped and invested in forex and cryptocurrency I've been earning much from it Crypto is the future🏅
Henry Rogers
Henry Rogers Prije 13 sati
I have Been investing in the crypto world for 2yrs now I can say its really profitable No doubt the crypto market has earned me alot you just gotta understand the market
Welfeniya Prije 14 sati
VAMOS @Ilaix 💙❤️
Jahid Tech Bangla
Jahid Tech Bangla Prije 14 sati
The smile on leo's face when his children's appears is priceless
Emad Salah
Emad Salah Prije 14 sati
haya1512 Prije 14 sati
I'm gonna see what you predict for psg vs barca
JustAKHype11 Prije 14 sati
not gonna lie, I'm glad we've had football this quiet. I mean it's certainly an experience tbh, like this could literally just be a training game, couldn't it? We never would've dreamt of having a crowd-less football season (almost)
jose banegas
jose banegas Prije 14 sati
Equipo español en español porfavor porque los de la premier no andan hablando español la redes sociales de el barça en inglés que pedos aqui pue🙄😒
Arai Junya
Arai Junya Prije 14 sati
Moriba staying on the pitch at piques Goal. Love the guy
lion l
lion l Prije 14 sati
when we 3-0 crush Seville go through
Nina Rusnia
Nina Rusnia Prije 14 sati
What a comeback ?! 💯💯💯
Itohan Uyi
Itohan Uyi Prije 14 sati
Wait what the hell
Md Nishad Khan
Md Nishad Khan Prije 14 sati
I love you Messi
Md Nishad Khan
Md Nishad Khan Prije 14 sati
I love you
Md Nishad Khan
Md Nishad Khan Prije 14 sati
I love you Messi
Md Nishad Khan
Md Nishad Khan Prije 14 sati
I love you Messi
Md Nishad Khan
Md Nishad Khan Prije 14 sati
I love you Messi
Md Nishad Khan
Md Nishad Khan Prije 14 sati
I love you Messi
Md Nishad Khan
Md Nishad Khan Prije 14 sati
I love you Messi
Md Nishad Khan
Md Nishad Khan Prije 14 sati
I love you Messi
Asma el
Asma el Prije 14 sati
Dembele's goal🙌
G-IM Prije 14 sati
Remember 8-2
lion l
lion l Prije 14 sati
Barcelona goal no stop Barce's is fire🔥
Vaibhav Nair
Vaibhav Nair Prije 14 sati
Lets go barca!!
soulaiman Bhd
soulaiman Bhd Prije 14 sati
Tienes que agradecer al árbitro Y no estés muy contento, porque la Copa del Rey no cambiará nada si la ganas. ;)
Alaska Suareh
Alaska Suareh Prije 14 sati
I'm happy for you guys Thank you!
Basubirayo Rugaba Emmanuel Joseph Nagujja 2018z
Basubirayo Rugaba Emmanuel Joseph Nagujja 2018z Prije 14 sati
Brathwaite >>>>>>>>> Suarez
M O Prije 15 sati
just a moment of reflection before the election results tomorrow...... Visca Barca
Kho Justin
Kho Justin Prije 15 sati
African Diaspora welcome DSquare
African Diaspora welcome DSquare Prije 15 sati
Who had come here after his stupendous display against Osasuna?
Jos Abe
Jos Abe Prije 15 sati
Ya parecen franceses, puro negros.
Robbery Robot
Robbery Robot Prije 15 sati
Make Messi do the 90 second challenge
Nguseel Prije 15 sati
Jebreett √
intro helmaya
intro helmaya Prije 15 sati
The steady policeman focally correct because ex-wife realistically mate despite a yielding half-brother. disgusting, wacky answer
A 1992
A 1992 Prije 15 sati
Only Laporta can bring Barca back to its glorious days
Itz_zyro x
Itz_zyro x Prije 15 sati
whos here from talkfcb lol
مهداوي مهداوي
مهداوي مهداوي Prije 15 sati
Deni Lopez h
Deni Lopez h Prije 15 sati
gue gobolaprofe sional
ganja Morgan
ganja Morgan Prije 15 sati
dest is not better than semedo or wague he is just like a lamasia player who need time to develop but barca fans was acting like he was a fully developed dani alves. barca fan base went from praising legends to now praising any overrated young player that plays for another team
Winnie Pooh
Winnie Pooh Prije 14 sati
Dest is still young and very far away from Dani Alves, debatably the best RB, but he has a lot of potential and his performances recently are brilliant as well. Hope he can reach the level if Dani Alves in the future
Jon Ander Rodríguez
Jon Ander Rodríguez Prije 15 sati
Barça is back!! Aleluya!!
lamasia leaf Shinobi
lamasia leaf Shinobi Prije 15 sati
Braithwaite scored a goal 2 months later after scoring on december 22 and now this justify why braitgreat gets more playing time than konrad. its the same story again the coach using la liga to make average players look good so that they can flop in the ucl again
RLK 93
RLK 93 Prije 15 sati
Jose Dayan
Jose Dayan Prije 15 sati
Nos ganaron😢😢
Mati BS
Mati BS Prije 15 sati
Mi top: Portería: Víctor Valdés Defensa: Paolo Maldini Mediocampo: Xavi Hernández/ Andrés Iniesta Delantero: Lionel Messi/Van Basten
melvin Prije 15 sati
Ronie Iebach
Ronie Iebach Prije 15 sati
For all BARCELONA players, in order to consistently win and be able to win, the method is to = have to play very aggressively, have high enthusiasm to win, be confident to win, never give up, until the end of the game you want to score goals continuously, have strength, must have a strong physique , pressing on all lines, high presing on all lines, quickly seizing the ball from the opponent, flowing the ball quickly, making lots of chances with accurate and good hull and cross passes, aggressive defense, compact and strong, attacking quickly, sharply, and must have a good finish, it can all be realized, from the quality, experience, intelligence and mentality of the coach's champion
game Whatcher
game Whatcher Prije 15 sati
If they play like this shtttt.. they woul never win over the PSG
game Whatcher
game Whatcher Prije 14 sati
Lmao of course! I wouldnnever make a goal even a pass cause I would never play with them. I was just talking about their chance to win over psg if they playing like they did last night.
Straight Edge
Straight Edge Prije 15 sati
@EBO won't be even able to pass
EBO Prije 15 sati
If you play there you cant even score
Rikho Pane
Rikho Pane Prije 15 sati
Ilaix (18) better than Puig (21)
Hussein alenezi
Hussein alenezi Prije 15 sati
the best
محمود وسالم
محمود وسالم Prije 15 sati
Juanma Bernal
Juanma Bernal Prije 15 sati
Michelle Anderson
Michelle Anderson Prije 16 sati
2:00:56 OMG Sarah picked my comment, that made my day!🙂
M7MD Prije 14 sati