H3h3 lies
Prije 6 mjeseci
I FOUND GOLD!!!! #DramaAlert
Pandas Trash
Pandas Trash Prije 6 sati
I wonder if Poki would make a statement about it? anyways good luck everyone: @Pandas_Trash777
Rickfiregames PT
Rickfiregames PT Prije 6 sati
I would like some headphones since i broke mine tt:@rickfiregames
Just Seiya
Just Seiya Prije 6 sati
Is there really nothing we can do against these people that get special treatment? She's been in stuff that would fucked anyone else's career, and people do know it happens, it just, nothing ever happens, she fucks up(or anyone else that HRpost/twitch favors) people bring it up and make videos on it, but all they get is a slap on the wrist, people have lost their livelihood, and it upsets me that she and other people can get away with it for no apparent reason, great video though keem, keep up the good work! All notis are on, liked the video and here's my Twitter: @Itsyaboiomai
Blaze Prije 6 sati
i hate how the Paul brothers exaggerate their stuff, BIGGEST PODCAST in the world, biggest event in history (Fight between Jake and Logan) etc, it's just really annoying
Aqua Prije 6 sati
A mean a ps5 wouldn’t be wrong😑
B R O K E N ¿
B R O K E N ¿ Prije 6 sati
Rip Shane’s cat sorry to hear that🙏💔 @naswerts506
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson Prije 6 sati
HRpost is doing better for creators at last Twitter:VenaticGnat or VenaticGnat7305 I don’t remember
TheCHShowOffical Prije 6 sati
How come you Don’t have 10 Million ur the Best HRpostr Ever Comment on my vid if I won witch Probly Not
Denzel Nyamai
Denzel Nyamai Prije 6 sati
When will Jake stop running his mouth also rip Nate Robinson he gonna get the same treatment as Gib 😂. @DNzekele
Connor Kramp
Connor Kramp Prije 6 sati
Jake vs Nate is just a money maker!! But Jake is a 🤡🤡 Jake vs Logan would be a Logan knockout in 10 seconds😭
Christelyn Carkin
Christelyn Carkin Prije 6 sati
There’s an imposter Among Us🤭 @christelynbae
Jacob Santos
Jacob Santos Prije 6 sati
Damn thats crazy Hbk_jacob
Aaron Santa Cruz
Aaron Santa Cruz Prije 6 sati
Jake only focus on him and things everything is a hoax and wants beef with everyone Twitter: @mr_hollycross
Yassy the elf
Yassy the elf Prije 6 sati
Damn jake Paul is full stanching lol 😂 Twitter: @ELFYassy good luck everyone
Revo au
Revo au Prije 6 sati
it's funny how jake paul calls himself a rapper. that's the funniest thing i've heard all day lol
hussam hassan
hussam hassan Prije 6 sati
Love music
Love music Prije 6 sati
Jake Paul talks too much. Keem always bringing us the spiciest gists @isaaconi56
TMG Prije 6 sati
poki fine as fuck. twitter is @sneezinnn
Gianni Giammona
Gianni Giammona Prije 6 sati
Jake Paul needs to just get muted already Twitter: @ggiammona_
_ chessyab _
_ chessyab _ Prije 6 sati
Haven’t been a fan for long, but I’m really enjoying the content. I’m kinda glad that Fed got his name cleared up a little because I used to be a big fan. BTW my twitter is @Chessyabyss and yes it’s the cat pfp.
Aye Wsg
Aye Wsg Prije 6 sati
Pokimane guilty asf Twitter: AyeAnthony167
Squirrel Gaming
Squirrel Gaming Prije 6 sati
COVID is real but it’s all political now so the governors now are just during all of the restrictions because they want to be the best of the best
Vishnu Venkat
Vishnu Venkat Prije 6 sati
I think Nate is going to surprise a lot of peoplw
kentrell gaulden
kentrell gaulden Prije 6 sati
I feel for Shane even though he’s weird but jakes a clown as always. @kentrellgau1den
pp large
pp large Prije 6 sati
poor kitty @KaizenTheFed
Johnny Kaddissi
Johnny Kaddissi Prije 6 sati
I really wish jake was more like logan Life would be much better @JohnnyKaddissi
Ketan Choudhary
Ketan Choudhary Prije 6 sati
Imagine KSI’s Reddit after beating tf out of Jake. My Twitter is @KetanC03
juannsb Prije 6 sati
McGregor would smoke Jake paul tbh LMAOOOOO GGs😭😭😭 Mad respect to him for trying to get all these fights to happen though twitter: @Consinsual
KennyPV Prije 6 sati
Pokemane has completely changed in my eyes after watching this lol @KennyPV_
TruckIt Prije 6 sati
If Jake Paul really believes half the shit he says he just might be the “best” boxer out there!!!!!!!
POLR Max Prije 6 sati
pokimane simps i cant LOL - @_MaxKing
Cindygr8ce Prije 6 sati
Omg not sure I could dislike someone as much as I do Jake Paul. How can that "person" have a platform of children and tell them Covid is a hoax. Ergh!! @cindygr8ce
Joe_ 2k18
Joe_ 2k18 Prije 6 sati
“Shane Dawson and his cat don’t be laughing” lmaooo Twitter @Joe13752583
grapevine Prije 6 sati
Would love to see a fight between Jake and KSI. @MondoDorian
Harsh Prije 6 sati
Keem 2020 ~ 6:50 Keens scared lmao
Adan Castaneda
Adan Castaneda Prije 6 sati
At this point i think jake paul is really not a smart guy or he doesn’t have a brain and all he thinks about is boxing other celebritys but crazy news keemstar brings to us Twitter @llshxpzll
GhostFire Prije 6 sati
Leafy is celebrating rn aha. Twitter: @ghostfireonyt
DragonPickelMan Prije 6 sati
Hopefully Charlie spits in Susan's face and fixes HRpost. Also I bet if Jake Paul wins the fight he is going to through another house party lmao @DragonPickelMan
Pintexx Prije 6 sati
HRpost simps for pokimane
Yung Gravy Jr.
Yung Gravy Jr. Prije 6 sati
leafy comeback on the horizon would be pretty lit @ youraveragegenz
David Doran
David Doran Prije 6 sati
@daviddoran123 hello from Ireland wassup
Safe Skater
Safe Skater Prije 6 sati
I personally think Pokimane is guilty... @MarkusLatvija
Juan _
Juan _ Prije 6 sati
I can’t believe people are actually like that: @Jmorales310
Samurai Jerry
Samurai Jerry Prije 7 sati
R.A original Vids
R.A original Vids Prije 7 sati
"i cant believe ppl are making memes of shane dawsons cat this is truely sad" i subbed liked twitter:Richard61822739
kid stummpy
kid stummpy Prije 7 sati
Twitter: Madcloutt Great story jake paul is #1 revenue for this channel.
Mikol Prije 7 sati
We need to see what your dogs look like. @thatiscrazybro
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Prije 7 sati
✌? More like ✊ LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Blackburn
Michael Blackburn Prije 7 sati
Call me old fashioned, but I have never found ✊ ING to be romantic. That's stretching the euphemism to breaking point, along with more sensitive areas 😜 @xrayman2k4
The JOEWISH BEAR Prije 7 sati
I want the ps5 @m00kle
Sswifty Prije 7 sati
Tbh I have never really liked pokimane on a computer because her streams consist of her eating and reacting to crappy videos So yeh SHE BELONGS TO THE STREETSS!!!
chaotic turtle
chaotic turtle Prije 7 sati
Definitely a big week for drama channels Twitter is @a_badjuju
Blal Ahmed
Blal Ahmed Prije 7 sati
Subscribe to Keem! @blalatron
Mia Medina
Mia Medina Prije 7 sati
kinda funny how this all came out on pokimane, now her and her simps don't know what to do smh. @mia_xos
Romeo Saucedo
Romeo Saucedo Prije 7 sati
✌️? More like✊ I’m dead😂😂 btw bro love ur beard wish I had one like urs it just looks so majestic and my Twitter is saucedough3 or my ig is romeo.saucedo just Incase I win😅
realpirahna Prije 7 sati
Keemstar is like a human God, I always agree with everything he says lol. Twitter: realpirahna
Brian Armenta
Brian Armenta Prije 7 sati
that Xbox looking good...my Twitter @uhhitsbrian
Alken Dimacale
Alken Dimacale Prije 7 sati
@adisco__ Take care keem hehe
Nashaun Thomas
Nashaun Thomas Prije 7 sati
still wanna see the receipts from jake paul bruh @Jaquan002
David Doran
David Doran Prije 7 sati
@daviddoran123 hello from Ireland love the video
Faceless Prije 7 sati
Pokimake is GUILTY and anyone who thinks otherwise is a SIMP. @faceless_memes
Peanut Prije 7 sati
I predict Jake Paul is going to be canceled, and the safest thing is that COVID-19 is going to cancel his dumbass! Lmao!!! My handle is @Peanut129
Cagents Prije 7 sati
Only thing I agree with Jake Paul is the news is fake, except Dramaalret is the only reliable news source I trust. @fathers_memes is my Twitter handle.
StarLord Gaming
StarLord Gaming Prije 7 sati
Shane’s cat and his controversy with him was such a good time clowning on him Twitter starbabypluto
Tephaster23 Prije 7 sati
Keem pronouncing moist critical, most critical @tephaster23
AJ Calderon Squire
AJ Calderon Squire Prije 7 sati
I really hope poke gets canceled But that’s my personal opinion. Lol My Twitter is @barcodethegay really dumb I know
Luke Chang
Luke Chang Prije 7 sati
jake paul on a thin piece of line rn
tstryker03 Prije 7 sati
If Shane gets Cat Scratch Fever we will know what was up. @chiefsfanatic3
Oskuro Prije 7 sati
I really wanna win a console @sythex5
Some random person
Some random person Prije 7 sati
-as soon as I get the scoop I’ll keep you in da loop -keemstar
Frogy_Fresh-Boy Prije 7 sati
How did I not know that fedmister is weird like that. @fresh_frogy this is my Twitter
Rambo John J
Rambo John J Prije 7 sati
I agree with Jake on that COVID shit tho
Bryan .
Bryan . Prije 7 sati
In my opinion I wish DramaAlert was 2 episodes a day cuz when I’m bored this is all I watch even when I’m playing on the game I usually listen to Moms basement anyone that doesn’t listen to it you guys are missing out 😂😂 I don’t have a Twitter but hmu on insta @br71874
CornKing Prije 7 sati
TO THE STREETS! Twitter: @BigStinkySmelly
Samuel Lai
Samuel Lai Prije 7 sati
Guilty it issssss No point running an eye for an eye yo u tried to shit about someone u getting double of that Twitter: @Blasterchang13
Gmoney Vaz
Gmoney Vaz Prije 7 sati
I find it so funny when Jake thinks he’s all this and that 😂
Yasin Khan
Yasin Khan Prije 7 sati
Jake would get whooped by Connor Twitter: @yasinn_khann
angel.m_02 Prije 7 sati
bruh at this point jake paul is gonna say the n-word @AngelMelchor16
Banderbin Prije 7 sati
i bet you not actually giving away ps5s bc i have never in my life won any giveaway
Big Camz
Big Camz Prije 7 sati
I felt Shane. Losing a pet is not easy :( Twitter: Big_Camz