split Prije 16 sati
mester ninja 132
mester ninja 132 Prije 16 sati
I hate this music
Leslie Chow
Leslie Chow Prije 16 sati
I’ve never been so happy to be flipped off for 3 minutes straight
Shania Dirstein
Shania Dirstein Prije 16 sati
I like the song but the video sucks and is weird
Andy Maclure
Andy Maclure Prije 16 sati
The acoustic is wayyy better he should release this audio
Zero Infinite
Zero Infinite Prije 16 sati
5.3B 😱😱😱 and I a made a remix ❤️
fortnite gold contest
fortnite gold contest Prije 16 sati
The  Weeknd
The Weeknd Prije 16 sati
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt Prije 16 sati
Ed Weeknd
Devo Prije 16 sati
i keep coming back the this song
fortnite gold contest
fortnite gold contest Prije 16 sati
This is the best
Alexandru Niculae
Alexandru Niculae Prije 16 sati
2021 ?
Vasquez Bello Luisa Valentina
Vasquez Bello Luisa Valentina Prije 16 sati
July 25/07/2021 listen the song Perfect
Leah Ingram
Leah Ingram Prije 16 sati
July 25th 2021:kets see how many people are listening to this amazing song
Yasmina Prije 16 sati
My cat ..... 🥺
Sica Oliveira
Sica Oliveira Prije 16 sati
O my god my god I want this cat❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙈🙈🙈🙈❤️❤️im neeed
Erika Barragan
Erika Barragan Prije 16 sati
This song and video has a dark meaning, i can't believe no one can see it! Wake up! Pay attention to the lyrics and to the video.
jackoboy09 Prije 17 sati
one word ''BANGER''
Samy Heath
Samy Heath Prije 17 sati
😎 👍 👍
Gabriela Gonzalez Davalos
Gabriela Gonzalez Davalos Prije 17 sati
Wow me encanta 💖😍💕
ZybaTube Prije 17 sati
Какой же крутой!
Kermit Prije 17 sati
CGI Ed: yes
dorela 2020
dorela 2020 Prije 17 sati
Vivian y David Gonzalez Rosales
Vivian y David Gonzalez Rosales Prije 17 sati
Love Ed Sheeran
Abdu Videos
Abdu Videos Prije 17 sati
Classy Dance❤️❤️
Alex Prije 17 sati
On paper it doesn't make sense, but in the studio it just does
Basit Ali Kazmi
Basit Ali Kazmi Prije 17 sati
26 July 2021. Let's see how many people are listening to this masterpiece. Hmu!!
Mickael clx
Mickael clx Prije 17 sati
Awesome 👍👍
Flamin Mongrel
Flamin Mongrel Prije 17 sati
strong 2011 vibes
Omnia Prije 17 sati
This is Lamb, King of Las Vegas
Xᴇʀʏᴄɪᴀ༒ Prije 17 sati
The backbeat of this song is in another song but I can’t remember plz help it is a woman with short blonde hair singing
Mutiba Mashkoor Qureshi
Mutiba Mashkoor Qureshi Prije 17 sati
Who is listening in July 2021 Masterpiece ❤️🥀
AlexxCardenas Prije 17 sati
Simplemente perfecto, Ed Sheeran 💝.
Jessica Pilz
Jessica Pilz Prije 17 sati
Totally love the vibe of the recording place 🤍 It seems like nowadays it doesn't matter anymore how fancy the studio is... just find a place that works with your character and makes you feel save 🙏🏻
menel z podziemia
menel z podziemia Prije 17 sati
11 lat
Jun!0r Prije 17 sati
Techno Viking ❤️
Tarun Gangadhar
Tarun Gangadhar Prije 17 sati
Listening to our favorite song Me: Prefect only in list ♥️♥️♥️
An Ja
An Ja Prije 17 sati
I fell in love with the song soooooooo cool ... thanks for that !!
allan 9b
allan 9b Prije 17 sati
Every Year Ed Sheeran on the TOP #1
A Mothman on a hikers phone
A Mothman on a hikers phone Prije 17 sati
He was jealous that he never got to be in twilight
Жанна Ляхова
Жанна Ляхова Prije 17 sati
Как же мне нравится этот рыжий. Талантище!!!!
damani timer
damani timer Prije 17 sati
Future listeners where are you at?
serushi wileka
serushi wileka Prije 17 sati
Nothing replaces the space in my heart for this song.. 💛 definitely a masterpiece 🔥
Tarun Gangadhar
Tarun Gangadhar Prije 17 sati
This song lyrics is insane ♥️♥️
Dayanara josefina
Dayanara josefina Prije 17 sati
Omg what the hell 😱 because of this bye bye Eddy!
Panxae3 Prije 17 sati
I love watching how songs were made!!! Anyone else? 😁
Rufaida Omer
Rufaida Omer Prije 17 sati
Me watching it after 3 years and see the views 2.9B 🙂🔨
𝐋𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐚 Prije 17 sati
Enes Batur'un parodisi...
Malc Stone
Malc Stone Prije 17 sati
Does anyone else hear the ‘Smalltown Boy’ sample? I hope they’re getting a cut from this. It’s also so nice of The Weeknd to star in this video for Ed.
Daniel Nelroy Barreto
Daniel Nelroy Barreto Prije 17 sati
I heard this song on radio at my work place felt it so soothing and relaxing ..... Didn't knew it was Ed Sheeran 😍😍❤️ in love with this song
Keenan Mitchell
Keenan Mitchell Prije 17 sati
This is a song for mischief, getting drunk, a boys night out, your grandad's birthday, and a handful of comedy
Pavan Goyal
Pavan Goyal Prije 17 sati
July 26, 2021: let's see how many people are listening to this masterpiece!
Ida Koka
Ida Koka Prije 17 sati
His eyes are so lovely😍😍😍😍
In the bush Deep
In the bush Deep Prije 17 sati
What is that girl name
Aneta Vodrážková
Aneta Vodrážková Prije 17 sati
Wtf is this
HarshuXD Prije 17 sati
It reminded me of demon slayer lol I'm waiting for season 2 XD
Baracat N
Baracat N Prije 17 sati
25 de julio 2021 Mirando este video hermoso😍🤩🤩👍
Nao Bolliger
Nao Bolliger Prije 17 sati
Ed's talent is limitless... Fantastic!
francisca juscilene cacau
francisca juscilene cacau Prije 17 sati
Beautiful song!
aleksandra isabella
aleksandra isabella Prije 17 sati
I'm currently walking by one of the pubs they shot this in Galway :) visiting this beautiful county from Kilkenny!
Elisee_ Prije 17 sati
Pk du ketchup dans une glace ? Faut arrêter la drogue dans ce clip 🤔
Sue's Barbie Love
Sue's Barbie Love Prije 17 sati
What a talented guy!!
Katy Tyner
Katy Tyner Prije 17 sati
Ed is literally amazing.
Farycloss Prije 17 sati
ed sheeran is a master of the music;)
Winterhelm Games
Winterhelm Games Prije 17 sati
Love this ^^
Roger  Sambista
Roger Sambista Prije 17 sati
isaac alvarez
isaac alvarez Prije 17 sati
I’m the boring comment
Natalia Abello
Natalia Abello Prije 17 sati
He is awesome :) ily Ed. Love this song :D
Mukesh Awasthi
Mukesh Awasthi Prije 17 sati
These chutiyas cant even dream winning a meddle in Olympic..not even in local city games.
BISKUT JAGUNG Prije 17 sati
/// For our countries 💪.
andrea d
andrea d Prije 17 sati
hrpost.info/history/qax0f6i1n6-re6w/video .
Gerhard Meyer
Gerhard Meyer Prije 17 sati
Alexander wickets studios
Alexander wickets studios Prije 17 sati
3:28 ed sheeran moving his feet
irailton vlogs
irailton vlogs Prije 17 sati
INVOKER Prije 17 sati
Thanks for visiting my channel🙏❤️
INVOKER Prije 17 sati
Thanks for visiting my channel🙏❤️