dr drama 2008
dr drama 2008 Prije 13 sati
I wish we could see madonna in the music video
Brian Christenson
Brian Christenson Prije 13 sati
Best song to listen to when your getting over a break up
•Cute Edits•
•Cute Edits• Prije 13 sati
everyone: *listening to good the song and watching lyrics* me: *watching the background movements 👁👄👁😳😳 0:38
Mr .ricky37
Mr .ricky37 Prije 13 sati
Da baby looks like a cutie
ajacks494 Prije 13 sati
I am in love with this song and especially this version. That string section is straight fire. 🔥
ella rainbow
ella rainbow Prije 13 sati
I have already listened to this song about 100 times. I’m addicted! Help me!😂
Lilou Love
Lilou Love Prije 13 sati
Yo les gars je suis française
Braden Leonard
Braden Leonard Prije 13 sati
Hottest woman on planet earth.
Edwin Gray
Edwin Gray Prije 13 sati
keshi supremacy
keshi supremacy Prije 13 sati
Parang kahapon lang to ah😭😭😭😭😭
Losal Tenzin
Losal Tenzin Prije 13 sati
Miru Parchei!
Ragnar Frost
Ragnar Frost Prije 13 sati
Good they didnt have the new covid-19 rules back then.
Artur Camach
Artur Camach Prije 13 sati
Eres muy muyyy linda
DysfunctionalBubble Prije 13 sati
Everything in the sea eats everything else in the sea. And Humans are omnivores, and eat both plants and animals. It's unhealthy to demonize ourselves for doing what we naturally have done since the dawn of time: It's perverse. We really need to get back to our omnivore roots.
cnatalia bedoyal
cnatalia bedoyal Prije 13 sati
AmaizynDua! what a big audiovisual production i love it!
Ias Maria Ramos Lopes
Ias Maria Ramos Lopes Prije 13 sati
Angelic Anna
Angelic Anna Prije 13 sati
pov: you have good taste in music.
DANIEL RICCI Prije 13 sati
•*•Realistvc *•*
•*•Realistvc *•* Prije 13 sati
You moonlight, Starlight..
Lou Barr-Williams
Lou Barr-Williams Prije 13 sati
Bass always gets me!!! 🙌🏻
CABARIQUE ROJAS María Antonia Prije 13 sati
CABARIQUE ROJAS María Antonia Prije 13 sati
CABARIQUE ROJAS María Antonia Prije 13 sati
gorigraward Prije 13 sati
Madonna is a genius <3 she is the greatest female songwriter and music producer of all time!!!!! <3
gorigraward Prije 13 sati
LOVE Madonna <3
gorigraward Prije 13 sati
Great song!!!!!
gorigraward Prije 13 sati
2021 <3
WALID 666WMDI Prije 13 sati
Javier Prije 13 sati
dula peep
Brenden Jaggernauth
Brenden Jaggernauth Prije 13 sati
This is how Larry the lobster ended up in bikini bottom
You_Gonna LearnTODAY
You_Gonna LearnTODAY Prije 13 sati
mihoci denis
mihoci denis Prije 13 sati
Jahibert Paz
Jahibert Paz Prije 13 sati
John Aristotle
John Aristotle Prije 14 sati
We're not meant to be, like sleep and cocaine Poetry. Ha!
Daniel Rodrigues
Daniel Rodrigues Prije 14 sati
Coreografia maravilhosa! 😍
Anya McKenzie
Anya McKenzie Prije 14 sati
OMG she is such a good singer! This is my favorite song!!! ❤️❤️❤️🤟
bleoniw0w- Prije 14 sati
God bless you and y family if you sub 🥺💙
Lauren Petroff
Lauren Petroff Prije 14 sati
Richard Karkada
Richard Karkada Prije 14 sati
Congratulations on 17m dua
Tamra Fitzer
Tamra Fitzer Prije 14 sati
I almost cry cuz the lobster is so sad
Kristian Bacaj
Kristian Bacaj Prije 14 sati
Mitchel Mayo
Mitchel Mayo Prije 14 sati
Get Travis Scott on that remix 🔥
LISMAR SALCEDO Prije 14 sati
who is listening this song and love it in 2021 .
Alez Herrera
Alez Herrera Prije 14 sati
I love this little gem ❤️❤️❤️
Captain Cooper
Captain Cooper Prije 14 sati
This is the best music video in the world. It was incredible and your voice made it better. You have the best voice. Great job ❤❤❤❤
Zaina G
Zaina G Prije 14 sati
Lol makes me laugh when I see comments like "producer on creative mode"or other comments like "she'll be one of the most influential of the decade" when 2 of her songs are already similar to 2 other songs way older than her average fan base 😂😂 "physical" is almost identical to an old one which is also named physical (or was it called "let's get physical" 🤔) and this one has the same melody as "another bites the dust" (okay it was rearranged, but still🙄) I feel like I'm gonna be hated by her fans lol (I don't hate her or her songs, just, guys,stop saying it's creative and influential when it's not 😂)
Andre Soto
Andre Soto Prije 14 sati
This song would be perfect on fifa 22
it's a sweet crazy love
it's a sweet crazy love Prije 14 sati
Pydrow Prije 14 sati
Is this how baddies make songs
Vibes music
Vibes music Prije 14 sati
i love the song
k Love
k Love Prije 14 sati
I like it💖
Annalee Stuessy
Annalee Stuessy Prije 14 sati
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Iodice Fabio
Iodice Fabio Prije 14 sati
The blushing grape kelly wrap because lemonade postauricularly remain minus a paltry apple. dashing, erect order
Anthony Prather
Anthony Prather Prije 14 sati
Lol I thought this was a random Rihanna song 😆
Claudio Cardozo
Claudio Cardozo Prije 14 sati
Y los likes?? Se merece muchos like o esque HRpost le baja????🤔
bárbara frasson
bárbara frasson Prije 14 sati
Dua pink in your area
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Prije 14 sati
Sergei Gibbons
Sergei Gibbons Prije 14 sati
Russian Belarus Born in dictatorship USSR love u dualipa. Russian two california . Reving turbo. We alone .love u helena little zezer pizza. Lol Mafia
James Lewis
James Lewis Prije 14 sati
Nah Dababy lost a bet and this was the punishment
JP Music Global
JP Music Global Prije 14 sati
Grande Remixes
Grande Remixes Prije 14 sati
Y she renegading
Yumeng Su
Yumeng Su Prije 14 sati
Come dance with me ... ok only if you know how
oscar cuellar
oscar cuellar Prije 14 sati
me encant la mucica active campana me suscribi y ledi me gusta
Carter Martin
Carter Martin Prije 14 sati
Poor dua what did sans do to you 2:36
Mario Camarena
Mario Camarena Prije 14 sati
Don't know why but this song transports me to pre-covid days working out in the gym at midday
Viry Montiel
Viry Montiel Prije 14 sati
stan skz and loona
stan skz and loona Prije 14 sati
Only stay stay stay IN生
Only stay stay stay IN生 Prije 15 sati
Amazing (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)