SoUtH MeMpHiS Prije 11 sati
I'd like to see Super Puzzle Fighter II in 3D like this where you actually fight. The roster of characters could be from deep within Street Fighter lore .🤔
Andres Torres
Andres Torres Prije 11 sati
que es esta mierda jaksjkas ?
javaman7 Prije 11 sati
Elias Prije 11 sati
Yes... We will
bonk Prije 11 sati
Game looks incredible but the main character's personality is horrendous
miojo queimadu
miojo queimadu Prije 11 sati
Roll Brand
Roll Brand Prije 11 sati
My only complaint about this trailer is Kratos doesn't say "BOY"
Garog Prije 11 sati
Nice way to innovate on a classic series, well done!
This is Thursday Gaming
This is Thursday Gaming Prije 11 sati
What a CROCK! AVOID! $Billions you’ve had out of us @rockstargames and you can’t even finish the Construction Tower! JOKERS!!!!!
Gelani_F Prije 11 sati
Imma buy my childhood
Twolilmilkers Prije 11 sati
Updated 18 wheels of steel?
Andal Targren
Andal Targren Prije 11 sati
Of course. Gotta add a different race that never lived there at that time to satisfy the masses
Sebas :/
Sebas :/ Prije 11 sati
Pero que culazo.. digo juegazoo
First name Last name
First name Last name Prije 11 sati
I hope they make it in a way you can enjoy the power you gain instead of having to start the last mission over n over N a game + would be the next best thing
Andrea Valsecchi
Andrea Valsecchi Prije 11 sati
Please free to play there is no more
superfurryfox Prije 11 sati
MADDAZZA 95 Prije 11 sati
One thing i didn't understand in the last game was, why does Kratos use the Blades of Chaos when in GOW 3 he is given the Blades of Exile and uses them all the way to the end?
SuperMarioWii2007 Prije 11 sati
1 more day left till 4 years later
Lomaz.K.O07 Prije 11 sati
Me: Yep Marvel's Spider-Man 2 HERE I COME!!! PlayStation: Not Until You Check Out The New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Coming On PS4!
Beelzebub 666
Beelzebub 666 Prije 11 sati
Are the 2 new levels free?
Googly - Eyes
Googly - Eyes Prije 11 sati
When is this coming Playstation I have been waiting for 12 years in Azkaban now please realise it PLEASE
Graham Trotter
Graham Trotter Prije 11 sati
Ayy this was a fun mode! Happy that brought it back
Phillip Lemmon
Phillip Lemmon Prije 11 sati
Trailer quality: ASTRONOMICAL game quality: low budget side scroller Watch what I say
cibee Prije 11 sati
Zain AH
Zain AH Prije 11 sati
They're a joke
GeoKat616™ Prije 11 sati
🤍 Playstation.
GeoKat616™ Prije 11 sati
Rev Jragon
Rev Jragon Prije 11 sati
Downvote. No.
Mike Baxter
Mike Baxter Prije 11 sati
Pick up that hammer and find out, tubby.
Naive Daysダニエル
Naive Daysダニエル Prije 11 sati
Who cares..
vergil cold
vergil cold Prije 11 sati
Imagine if these guys join smash bros
GeoKat616™ Prije 11 sati
JoostPTM Prije 11 sati
This is giving me Fable 2 vibes!
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard Prije 11 sati
I've had this game since launch "2019" so glad to see it finally getting its shine this game was slept on
Wii 312PR
Wii 312PR Prije 11 sati
sony please this game is beautiful I am sure the game will be a bestseller… please SONY BUY THE EMBERLAB COMPANY…
GeoKat616™ Prije 11 sati
🤍 Playstation.
Major Valentine
Major Valentine Prije 11 sati
I wish all games with photo mode looks real like this.
鈴木凛(girl RAWR!🐯)
鈴木凛(girl RAWR!🐯) Prije 11 sati
i'll be passing. rather play the sims 4.
serdar kaya
serdar kaya Prije 11 sati
Squidward the band...
marius claudiu
marius claudiu Prije 11 sati
w8 for " time savers" @9.99. to skip half of the main game because is too boring! :)
Fluminox5284 -
Fluminox5284 - Prije 11 sati
Defo gotta cop this game
schwubmexx Prije 11 sati
What Genre is this ?
Jerry Lorient
Jerry Lorient Prije 11 sati
Me: hey google…remind me Spider-Man 2 comes out in the year 2023 and schedule a reservation for a rehab facility mid 2023. Google: reminder & reservation set.
KitsuneMystic Animations
KitsuneMystic Animations Prije 11 sati
No matter what i do, no matter how long i quit from this game, this game keeps coming back to me. Its like a curse, no matter how much i stray, yharnam just keeps pulling me back in. Well, time to begin another hunt.
De Loller
De Loller Prije 11 sati
SpongeBob: Rift Apart
John Marco Mendoza
John Marco Mendoza Prije 11 sati
"Best game of the year" they said? I'll say its "the best game of the decade"
Scalding water
Scalding water Prije 11 sati
This game does not look or feel like a PS5 exclusive. It's still running on that outdated void engine with a new coat of paint.
MarfidudeGaming Prije 11 sati
Waited years for a sequel and platinumed the remaster last year. Can’t wait to get my hands on this 😁
Model Model
Model Model Prije 11 sati
Yung-Tu Wei
Yung-Tu Wei Prije 11 sati
Does this game still lock which characters you can play as on each level?
Revolutionary Dragon
Revolutionary Dragon Prije 11 sati
Can I just buy ssd or do I need a heatsink to?
Shubhash Kumar
Shubhash Kumar Prije 11 sati
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 man my favourite Prince of Persia two thrones
- G α σ -
- G α σ - Prije 11 sati
oh another shooter about killing hordes of zombies, that's fresh
Z Fighter
Z Fighter Prije 11 sati
Ew im burning all my balenciaga hoodies
Josh Collins
Josh Collins Prije 11 sati
Now that's how you make a trailer
Pure Sour
Pure Sour Prije 11 sati
Thor : “ are you a calm responsible person” Kratos: bish if you don’t get out of here looking like you fnna do a high noon with that spoon for hammer , and while you’re at it go and get ya self some gym memberships “
Daniel García Rojas Espinosa
Daniel García Rojas Espinosa Prije 11 sati
This is how we want a Custom Firmware xD
JD B Prije 11 sati
I miss this game lowkey
Kieran J. Weir
Kieran J. Weir Prije 11 sati
What are you on about it hasn't gone anywhere
Rajkamal Angiras
Rajkamal Angiras Prije 11 sati
Not for ps4.......sad
Imcallingout Prije 11 sati
Ahh it’s today!!! :D
Dawn Climax
Dawn Climax Prije 11 sati
*Improved graphics* 1) Lester sitting on 2 chairs 2) no reflection in mirror Can't wait for expanded, enhanced, and eternal on the ps420
Jeffou Prije 11 sati
The same bad event 🥱🥱🥱BORING
DARK NES - - - _:
DARK NES - - - _: Prije 11 sati
Ps3 new game plse (:
Tomas Langevin-côté
Tomas Langevin-côté Prije 11 sati
I never knew I wanted to play a Dream work movie so bad before.
DEATH GUN Prije 11 sati
Bob l éponge carré 😭😭😭
Hưng Nguyễn
Hưng Nguyễn Prije 11 sati
Year 1
Help me reach 1k Subscribers with No Video
Help me reach 1k Subscribers with No Video Prije 11 sati
I will leave this comment here so when anyone like this comment I will be reminded of this masterpiece.
Help me reach 1k Subscribers with No Video
Help me reach 1k Subscribers with No Video Prije 11 sati
I will leave this comment here so when anyone like this comment I will be reminded of this masterpiece.
Help me reach 1k Subscribers with No Video
Help me reach 1k Subscribers with No Video Prije 11 sati
I will leave this comment here so when anyone like this comment I will be reminded of this masterpiece.
Ba a estar para ps4 y ps5
lucid_jxck Prije 11 sati
Ill be in yr 9
Goster 18
Goster 18 Prije 11 sati
hello Playstation why? No news on Fnaf Security Breach