Would You Rather | Matt Targett

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Stephen Huskins
Stephen Huskins Prije 3 mjeseci
He needs to go does my headin never knows where is on the pitch wingers well wide he stands 20 ft away they get the ball he's in no man's land give them to much time to cross the ball costs us everytime needs to tighten up defend first stay tight
Emir Arnas
Emir Arnas Prije 3 mjeseci
please make a really good proven transfer deal for this chance. we do need a proper decent center back along with tyrone mings. also we need proper decent striker/central forward, I'd say tammy abraham for example
Emir Arnas
Emir Arnas Prije 3 mjeseci
@ZP thanks for your opinion mate
ZP Prije 3 mjeseci
Have to disagree mate. I think Konsa looks the real deal. Going to be a top player.
funny guy
funny guy Prije 3 mjeseci
Can you please look at what wolves are doing and really up your game, whatever team is behind this HRpost channel really needs to improve tbh
Saran Somnuek
Saran Somnuek Prije 3 mjeseci
Playing in PL, you need to be stronger.
Villa_pride1874 Prije 3 mjeseci
Bring Unclassic Commentary back!!
Jet Li
Jet Li Prije 3 mjeseci
He’s cute!
Sam Maling 123
Sam Maling 123 Prije 3 mjeseci
Stop doing would you rather jeez, post good content plz
Sitting duck
Sitting duck Prije 3 mjeseci
This guy cost Villa 15 pts a season. sry dude
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs Prije 3 mjeseci
He's not set the world alight but jeez he's not been that bad. Last minute goal against Brighton and generally got some good link up play with grealish going forward.
Please enter a name.
Please enter a name. Prije 3 mjeseci
Sitting duck dont hate on targett, his goal against Brighton kept us up
george hicks
george hicks Prije 3 mjeseci
Announce Lionel messi
Kieran Walker
Kieran Walker Prije 3 mjeseci
The comments now we’re not going down are such a contrast 😂
Adam ABC
Adam ABC Prije 3 mjeseci
So true😂😂😂
Emre Ilgaz
Emre Ilgaz Prije 3 mjeseci
aricketts108 Prije 3 mjeseci
@Bayezid II now my comment looks wrong lmaooo. all good though ;)
Bayezid II
Bayezid II Prije 3 mjeseci
@aricketts108 Sorry , meant to say Bournemouth , still it's the same thing , both positions lead to relegation , now I edited the comment
aricketts108 Prije 3 mjeseci
Bayezid II that’s not true...
skate2497 Prije 3 mjeseci
Bayezid II
Bayezid II Prije 3 mjeseci
Yeah , that was the position Bournemouth ended the season
Nuclear Nadal
Nuclear Nadal Prije 3 mjeseci
Good player. Has a lot to learn and a big future.
hasaandoo Prije 3 mjeseci
We need some announcement 👀
-xXmarhidXx -
-xXmarhidXx - Prije 3 mjeseci
I liked targett
Jamzie White
Jamzie White Prije 3 mjeseci
He needs to go. Our worst defender this season.
ZP Prije 3 mjeseci
He’s technically a good player and going forward some of his link up with Grealish and Hourihane was good. Think he needs to improve defensively but that will come under the right guidance
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs Prije 3 mjeseci
@Thomas Lumley I don't get the hate for him. He's not been brilliant but he's not been bad. He's a young player and he will only improve. Last minute goal against Brighton early in the season was crucial as well. Needs to improve his positioning but I've noticed he's got a really good, accurate last ditch tackle
Morten Panduro
Morten Panduro Prije 3 mjeseci
Tom Nice reading comments like this. Totally agree, if Matt can improve Even more on his defensive qualities, and why shouldnt he we have a really proper full back on our hands.
Gazza M
Gazza M Prije 3 mjeseci
@Jamzie White defenders always get stick only 2nd to goalies ,of course they going to be last chance to stop the attack but the prem has some class attackers against them, its too easy to knock em and unhelpful. i love target
Thomas Lumley
Thomas Lumley Prije 3 mjeseci
Jamzie White he’s a good player he gets up and back puts in tackles as dean smith said we are making premier league players matty has always had the attacking ability and his defence has massively improved stop being so entitled and instead get behind ur club and understand getting villa back as a solid prem club takes time
세훈 Prije 3 mjeseci
looks so happy.. happy day
bizcochito 14
bizcochito 14 Prije 3 mjeseci
Boooo pone los vídeos en subtitulado español también hay hinchas de los villanos en Uruguay y sudamérica!!
Calum Douglas
Calum Douglas Prije 3 mjeseci
stop making these videos and just stay up
Goat Nostrils
Goat Nostrils Prije 3 mjeseci
@cheef ur reply has more likes than his comments 😂
Toby Johnson 123
Toby Johnson 123 Prije 3 mjeseci
they need to make 'Keep Jack' propaganda on this channel
cheef Prije 3 mjeseci
Ok, who's going to tell him?
Sean Holloway
Sean Holloway Prije 3 mjeseci
Everyone says that every video lol
D. gamer
D. gamer Prije 3 mjeseci
Michael Stelios
Michael Stelios Prije 3 mjeseci
Up the villa well played and first
bizcochito 14
bizcochito 14 Prije 3 mjeseci
En español por favor
D. gamer
D. gamer Prije 3 mjeseci
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