Charli D'amelio CRYING after Losing 1 Million Followers! #DramaAlert Logan Paul vs Austin Mcbroom!

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Prije 12 dana

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DramaAlert Prije 11 dana
Sorry about the editing errors! Was really rushing to get this out and forgot to close the gab in between those two clips at the end!
CA murder guy2.2
CA murder guy2.2 Prije 2 sati
No worries, its ait
Brian Linkins
Brian Linkins Prije 22 sati
No problem
Naruto Uzumaki!
Naruto Uzumaki! Prije 2 dana
Guillermo games and vlogs animation studio
Guillermo games and vlogs animation studio Prije 2 dana
It's okay I kinda like it haha
rasha salha
rasha salha Prije 3 dana
Atrillix Prije 43 minuta
Did logan say the n word?
Flipping Waffles
Flipping Waffles Prije sat
I make great call of duty content, please check it out!
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez Prije sat
What up keemstar why are u not responding
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez Prije sat
Also how is justice doing
Mohammed R.
Mohammed R. Prije sat
She really cried for losing followers 😂
DALLAS Estrada
DALLAS Estrada Prije sat
Can’t believe she threw up @dallas88404746
Dr. Fox
Dr. Fox Prije 2 sati
I’m so glad the D’amelios got canceled
Dino Meucci
Dino Meucci Prije 2 sati
thats sad☹️
GPC -GAMER Prije 2 sati
Love the videos, if logan couldnt beat KSI, then there is no way is going to beat Mayweather... @lil.reap3r
Ge orgi
Ge orgi Prije 3 sati
I'm subed and put the bell on
Oswald Prije 3 sati
Charlie demilio cancelled cuz of a family dinner😂 @BR4G3
Javier Catus
Javier Catus Prije 3 sati
Man this little girl 16. Y’all weird
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Prije 3 sati
Joyfu Prije 4 sati
OK, this is out of topic but, he said that he is in Rewind 2020 when HRpost said they are cancelling it. Was there a sudden change of plans or was this said by mistake? Please tell me what's going on (Edit: I think they announced it after this video was released but I'm still not sure).
Luan Perez
Luan Perez Prije 4 sati
Honestly they deserved being canceled
Ottoraee Carlye
Ottoraee Carlye Prije 5 sati
Trisha be going ham! Ahhh love your vids Twitter @CarlyeNiva
TDude The Train
TDude The Train Prije 5 sati
Ngl she should lose a lot more then just a mil. I think a lot of people agree with me. Actually how about we take Charli’s 99 mil and just add that to PewDiePie’s total. Boom so charli has about idk 0 followers again and PewDiePie has 207 million
hma s
hma s Prije 6 sati
kieranplayz169 Prije 6 sati
Where you bleeped Logan Paul saying fucker I thought he said the n word
IssaBoyEli Prije 6 sati
The storys are crazy wow
DJ Ghostly
DJ Ghostly Prije 7 sati
WHere can u get mask that logan paul had when he was talk shiet about Floyd its pretty fire haha
Mc Paintcraft
Mc Paintcraft Prije 7 sati
She didn't even pick her nose with the same finger...
SingingMango 003
SingingMango 003 Prije 7 sati
Omg she went from 99 mill followers to 98 million.i would definitely cry and kill myself too, of coarse
Shen Bapiro
Shen Bapiro Prije 8 sati
I refuse to believe that anyone would pay money to look at Tana Mojo
King Tsar
King Tsar Prije 9 sati
Daniel Clarke
Daniel Clarke Prije 10 sati
Would’ve like seen how Jake would fight against a taller and bigger man. So much more different in comparison to fighting someone who you already have an advantage over.
Konichiwa Jazzi
Konichiwa Jazzi Prije 11 sati
ItsZentic Prije 15 sati
This is the best news ever
Solomon Gorringe
Solomon Gorringe Prije 15 sati
She crying because she knows her whole life depends on TikTok views, young famous people become dependant on fame.
Aniketh Rao
Aniketh Rao Prije 15 sati
2/10 lol
Alex Prije 15 sati
When he said roll it about logan paul and hollywood it put a ad
Patience Abuh
Patience Abuh Prije 16 sati
Pls I don't have a Twitter account
Chicken Tendee
Chicken Tendee Prije 17 sati
Good lol
KNG_MUSA Prije 17 sati
I swear Charli is such a baby
n dungeon
n dungeon Prije 18 sati
Charlie damelio should really not be famous if she can't take hate
Mister Wiakers
Mister Wiakers Prije 18 sati
Can trisha like just grow up and be here age, she can still be a bitch but just a mature one.
Zeekify Prije 18 sati
Somebody grab me some clippers his frickin beards weird
I STILL LIKE DBGT Prije 18 sati
😎😎love the vid
Emperror IV
Emperror IV Prije 19 sati
Charlie Damelio crying brings me actual joy and warms my heart
Yng rgr
Yng rgr Prije 19 sati
NGL the damileos deserved to be canceled
Jeffrey Rivas
Jeffrey Rivas Prije 20 sati
Surgezzz Prije 21 sat
Let's get 100, 000, 000 followers Pewdiepie: first time
Miss B.
Miss B. Prije 21 sat
Can't we all just get along? 🙂
ZinrCFW Prije 22 sati
I mean if she don’t like the food she doesn’t like it
Matthew Oak
Matthew Oak Prije 22 sati
This is so cool
LFC_Ajax_Aguilla Prije 23 sati
Yeah floyd beat an *mma fighter* in a *boxing* match
ItsMackie Prije dan
7:14 ig this is why belle delphine is making her only fans serious
Louie Broadhead
Louie Broadhead Prije dan
It’s fake because she’s ok 101 million now so you all think she’s gone up by 20 million in just under a week that’s a new world record
Loot Family
Loot Family Prije dan
dixie spitted out the snail
Echo nanzor
Echo nanzor Prije dan
Bru why the fuck is she crying, she still has 99 million followers, that’s a lot of followers, she be makin so much money and she still crying, they be makin hella money from doing stupid tiktok dances, what generation do we live in
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije dan
No one: Not even this unoriginal meme: Charli fans: gUyS jUSt lEavE if u DoNT agREe
Sterben Prije dan
Wow charli treats her followings line numbers instead of human beings then cries when she gets the same
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije dan
Sad how it took pewdiepie 10 years to get 100 million subs but it took One year for Charlie when she did a dance that took 0 effort
Spxce RB
Spxce RB Prije dan
is it me or is keemstars editing scuffed lmao?
Snooper Snooping
Snooper Snooping Prije dan
Speak feel the shuffle
Rat_in_a_Xbox Prije dan
Charlie, this is the internet, everyone tells eachother to kill themselves.
Jetboy Prije dan
look how encouraging her mum is when she says I want to hit 100 mil like she may as well say dance bitch or we will ground u and take ur money
Collin Monical
Collin Monical Prije dan
I have loved everything these girls have done so far. Having an adverse reaction to food is not often a malicious act. You guys need to get over yourselves and stop judging these girls' lives when they do things that everyone else likely does! Fricken relax!
Mr - Revenant
Mr - Revenant Prije dan
No, if they make their life public. You don't get "personal space" you don't get what you want, you be grateful you have a career out of dancing on an app. And no, if you do throw up someone's food, no matter what, the person who cooked that piece of food would be destroyed, and humiliated to cook someone something to make them throw up. And relaxation won't happen, comfort doesn't exist as a celebrity. I'm sorry, but get in line with reality
Ride The Gamer
Ride The Gamer Prije dan
Ride The Gamer
Ride The Gamer Prije dan
Brandon Keeling
Brandon Keeling Prije dan
What is wrong with these sensitive bastards unfollowed over a commit and a supposed goal what will this society come to?
Chase Seymour
Chase Seymour Prije dan
Brodie Stott
Brodie Stott Prije dan
Bro I get your trying to give your fans prizes to your fans but people like me are looking for that kinda stuff and also I had my fingers Crost this hole time
DARKCAVE Prije dan
Snail isnt that good. It is hard tough and bland also chewy so you can barf pretty easy.
Kirkk Prije dan
rip nate
FitTyKillaz11 Prije dan
am i the only one who doest use tiktok?
Mr.RedNinja Prije dan
The bomber 63
The bomber 63 Prije dan
Sad how it took pewdiepie 10 years to get 100 million subs but it took One year for Charlie when she did a dance that took 0 effort
chris conlin
chris conlin Prije dan
She throws up a lot, totally not wrong
Swooshy2k Prije dan
oof she got exposed
Lion Gaming19
Lion Gaming19 Prije dan
"Was 95 Not Enough For you" - James Charles
Justkaffe Prije dan
Skadoosh Films
Skadoosh Films Prije dan
5:08 dude your city shield is up, go play.
Joanna Prije dan
Its about time she faces reality. As Thanos said "Reality is often disappointing"
Freye Guy
Freye Guy Prije dan
Bruh. I kinda feel bad for charli. Such a little girl getting so much hate. Jeez. Its kind of insane that a kid who just wanted Dino nuggets instead of SNAILS is getting harrased and bullied. Look i know she was disrespectful but she's a teenager. Thats normal behavior. But not for an adult. Like come on people. Don't witchunt someone that is below the age of 18. Sure if your an adult and you screw up. Than its different. People are so toxic.
Joanna Prije dan
hi hi
BIgBoPiN 1234
BIgBoPiN 1234 Prije dan
Your a king
Ali Ridho
Ali Ridho Prije dan
Lmao get rekt lady
CosmoFusion Prije dan
It’s good Tik tok got banned in India.
DoucheCam Prije dan
This is Fun Guy
Milton Perez
Milton Perez Prije dan
Me that has no friends:oh I’m sorry
No Elo
No Elo Prije dan
who gives af if a tik tok softie loses followers
sandxel Prije 2 dana
5:15 Cry all you want, but your treating your fans like they are not humans either. That's why you get alot of hate. (I can't talk much on it cause I'm not a charli fan.)
Kwan Yong
Kwan Yong Prije 2 dana
Bahaa Ous
Bahaa Ous Prije 2 dana
basically logan is signing a contract to his death btw my twitter is @bahaaous
Will Schmidt
Will Schmidt Prije 2 dana
Charlie just fake crying Like get over it Lol 😂😂😂
Lop3z Prije 2 dana
bot Prije 2 dana
Celine V
Celine V Prije 2 dana
Damn Logan you need a haircut 💇‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️ am I the only one thinking this?
not_aneditor Prije 2 dana
nice, now cancel tiktok👁👁
kelly wuorio
kelly wuorio Prije 2 dana
She literally put it out in the universe to happen. She fucked up even talking about the amount of followers she had. People like to see a reaction out of youtubers/ ticktockers that’s why people unfollowed, just because people knew it would piss her off. It is weird that she has so many followers in the first place.
عيسى بتور
عيسى بتور Prije 2 dana
hi hi
Elijah McKeown Holland
Elijah McKeown Holland Prije 2 dana
May I pls have a console 🥺 @2008Emkh
SSBSS X20 Alex Farias
SSBSS X20 Alex Farias Prije 2 dana
Damn bro started watching you again and realized my love for drama again you the goat @Alex86254280
Carrye Sweeney
Carrye Sweeney Prije 2 dana
Dear Mary
Jonny_ the_best
Jonny_ the_best Prije 2 dana
:@ sauzjonathan
Solomon Vladimir
Solomon Vladimir Prije 2 dana
brandon_____ Prije 2 dana
This old ass dude is making videos about teenagers. Not creepy at all 😬
Nick Rodriquez
Nick Rodriquez Prije 2 dana
I created a Twitter for the giveaway!!! Last time I commented I left my Instagram handle but back at ya with a Twitter I made just for this big dawg!!!! @das02014225
Chucho exists
Chucho exists Prije 2 dana
thats what u get for being greedy
Nitron Prije 2 dana
She deserves to get unfollowed like is 95 Million not enough for you?
James Darawi
James Darawi Prije 2 dana
Remember when 2 million people unfollowed her on april fools day lmao
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