The DIAMOND LAUNCHERS are the worst thing I've ever tried to unlock

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Michael Persin
Michael Persin Prije 5 sati
Why is this giving me summer vibes?
ItsSilly Prije 14 sati
Doing launchers now.. I felt this 💀
Not.Waykito Prije 2 dana
They’re gonna take away nuketown, because they finna want ppl to ply other modes
JQDeathFromAbove96 Prije 2 dana
So if you hav a shit game the next game Treyarch gives your specific character aim resist. Lol fuck you treyarch
FLYIN IDIOTS Prije 2 dana
There are a lot of FPS drops in this video seems weird
King Jean Triples
King Jean Triples Prije 2 dana
They made this game a CS:GO copycat. Its so disappointing. This game shouldve jus been Called COD: Nuketown bc thats all anyone ever plays. Garbage game.
Scottland B
Scottland B Prije 2 dana
You know as if it wasnt bad enough that I went through Cigma, RPG, Noob Tube, Knife, and absolutely struggled with all of them like everyone else in my grind to get dark matter, I chose to PTSD & flash back while watch others struggle!!!!
MagerGamerPro Prije 3 dana
Officially my new favorite youtuber💯💯💯
Skylar Butler
Skylar Butler Prije 3 dana
launchers were worse
Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer Prije 3 dana
Faze jev: “ohhh I’m stunned” *Requis has entered the chat*
Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer Prije 3 dana
Everyone was thinking the same thing at “ohh I’m stunned”
FlsFls0106 Prije 4 dana
This entire video is why I'm going for dark aether instead of dark matter(also I'm a zombies guy)
Hatred Prije 4 dana
Complain more lmao.
ThatsNiceHuh Prije 4 dana
The worried forecast conceivably nod because spot informally colour sans a ahead hammer. female fertile, wrathful season
Brian Griffin ASMR
Brian Griffin ASMR Prije 4 dana
I love going back to the video knowing that I finished the launchers
Cursed Nova
Cursed Nova Prije 5 dana
3:52 sounded like Pink Man
DeemedBlobFish Prije 6 dana
1:50 Good thing he wasn't flashed
aqabid 420
aqabid 420 Prije 6 dana
Ooohhh I’m stunned Know your history...or be doomed to repeat it...
XenixHD Prije 6 dana
These launcher challenges are the absolute worst thing they’ve ever done in cod like wtf
Ramen Trifecta
Ramen Trifecta Prije 7 dana
that rpg7 is so shitty
Big Hat Man
Big Hat Man Prije 7 dana
Me who got grenade launchers golden when In my first week of playing:/
Hey Brown
Hey Brown Prije 7 dana
Everybody should have tried to get this diamond the first week
john maher
john maher Prije 8 dana
Couldn’t agree more cigma 2 is soul destroying
Cristopher Galindo
Cristopher Galindo Prije 8 dana
How'd you do the longshots?
Ben Harrison
Ben Harrison Prije 8 dana
Feel your pain man im on the launcher grind as im scared that HC NukeTown 24 will go.
gianluca cangelosi
gianluca cangelosi Prije 8 dana
1:50 i thought there was gonna be a requis 2.0 lmaooooooooooo
_TACO GAMING_ Taco boi
_TACO GAMING_ Taco boi Prije 9 dana
This game sucks lol it looks like a mobile game
S41 hdsn.
S41 hdsn. Prije 9 dana
3:47 best part of any video this year so far
sharpnd Prije 10 dana
All the other faze members playing among faze jav still yelling at cod
ABB legend
ABB legend Prije 10 dana
Winston Poindexter
Winston Poindexter Prije 10 dana
The amount of pure virgin foulness in your voice when you reacted so extremely to the difference between 1.7 kd and 1.2 they are both decent in some games and both dog shit in others.
RECTO Recto Prije 10 dana
4:37 yeah this game regressed on so many things. I could literally write a list
Nick Paulo
Nick Paulo Prije 10 dana
I want Ballistic Knives and Crossbow
Jeffrey Graves
Jeffrey Graves Prije 10 dana
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez Prije 11 dana
Bro launchers are ass they need to buff them they suck even in hardcore
MP 40 Submachine Gun
MP 40 Submachine Gun Prije 11 dana
Camping with it in the backyards is the easiest, sit in the blue house back yard and shoot out down the left side. The other side is a little harder but can be done.
Mr.5.0 Prije 12 dana
Skilled match making is shit that’s for sure I went to my friends house an he’s let’s say not that good I got on his an kicked ass got home pepped up an got spawn trapped every fuckin game just lovin it
Mr.5.0 Prije 12 dana
Oh an hard point
Mr.5.0 Prije 12 dana
The rapid kills with that are hard you can’t be trying to get them to get them
Lewis Johnston
Lewis Johnston Prije 12 dana
'why am i hitching' go back to consle and thats all you will be saying
Janne Markkula
Janne Markkula Prije 12 dana
why dont you play face off maps for camos?
fals3 th3ory
fals3 th3ory Prije 13 dana
I swear I remember launchers being op years ago. Like all you had to do was shoot in a room and 4 ppl were dead.
Victor Rykowski
Victor Rykowski Prije 13 dana
Was it worse than Modern Warfare?
Edwin Santiago
Edwin Santiago Prije 13 dana
Flak jacket turns people into the Terminator.
cool man
cool man Prije 13 dana
Currently getting this piece of shit gold I want to die
Aren Sekeryan
Aren Sekeryan Prije 13 dana
I finally got it, I feeeel u bro
joshua hodgson
joshua hodgson Prije 13 dana
😂 mood
Silent Snake
Silent Snake Prije 14 dana
feel your pain man everyone was telling me to do the M79 whilst flak jacket was broken on hardcore and I didn't listen now Im going 13 and 34 on HC 24/7 Nuketown
valleysofneptune Prije 14 dana
CW is ass, and they managed to f up warzone in the process
uTRY_DANIEL Prije 15 dana
Treyarch really fucked up with these camo challenges. I mean they're literally cancer. Point blank kills don't count as point blanks unless you can literally feel your character touching another player, and killing players who are taking cover from you is honestly one of the worst challenges I've seen in a while. They're not even fun to get or even frustrating in a fun way. They are genuinely just not fun. SBMM doesn't help either.
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez Prije 11 dana
Yea especially launchers are just horrible to get kills with everyone runs flack jacket and the get 2 kills rapidly is just horrible
Kaden Shablow
Kaden Shablow Prije 15 dana
Call of duty brings out the worst in people
Rileyg 2003
Rileyg 2003 Prije 16 dana
Hey jev, could you possibly make a guide on this? I’ve been using the M79 for months and I still haven’t gotten it gold. I need your help... I’m ab to burst a blood vessel over this thing.
It's Not Me
It's Not Me Prije 16 dana
Wait for destroying 3 scorestreaks in a single game 10x when the enemy dont use scorestreaks you can fecking shoot!!!
Albert Pedroza
Albert Pedroza Prije 16 dana
7:35 what the hell is going with the power lines.... does that really happen?
Simply Mikey
Simply Mikey Prije 17 dana
I’ve realized all jev does is bitch about the game for 10 mins
J M Prije 17 dana
im glad the cx9 and Makarov are being added so jevs hopefully gonna make a video on them about damascus and obsidian
ItsOnlyGenjutsu Prije 17 dana
Dude I'm dealing with this right now... so wack.
Dylan Guthrie
Dylan Guthrie Prije 17 dana
75 point blanks on the smgs is killing me. i thought it would be easier than long shots, but no it’s not mainly because of the lobbies i’m in people are just camping and i can’t run up to them because of the angles on nuketown and raid
Gabriel MartinezGam3r91
Gabriel MartinezGam3r91 Prije 17 dana
already got diamond grenade launcher
Mick N
Mick N Prije 18 dana
Very sooky! Haha
Adam Tavonius
Adam Tavonius Prije 19 dana
Fun fact I really like the M79, just think that it a tomahawk, but it's counter is flak jacket
Og Fresh Orange
Og Fresh Orange Prije 19 dana
Liked when he blew himself up with a grenade
Sam Malson
Sam Malson Prije 19 dana
6:23 you can I did it with the lmgs
kerosienimies Prije 19 dana
I am currently grinding camos for knife and that shit is not fun like how am i supposed to kill someone while sliding
Prod By Babygod
Prod By Babygod Prije 19 dana
Every comment is about him saying I’m stunned. Yes we get it. U don’t have to tell us 17 times
Fucle_nuts Prije 20 dana
long shots are very hard hope you enjoy :)
xd lonely hobbit
xd lonely hobbit Prije 20 dana
Is it just me. Or is this video always recommended at the end of a jev video. I could watch minecraft and this vid would be my next vid recommended 😂
brandon denofre
brandon denofre Prije 20 dana
Jev, go back a year and watch your videos. then watch one from recently. Get off this game for a while fam
gamming drummer
gamming drummer Prije 20 dana
“Ooh I’m stunned” gave me ptsd 1:45
MrBest778 Prije 20 dana
love you faze jev
Iiro Ovaskainen
Iiro Ovaskainen Prije 21 dan
1:19 nobody gonna talk about how Mia Malkova frying 5 ppl
Brennon Davis
Brennon Davis Prije 21 dan
1:49 "oh I'm stunned"
TRU MAN Prije 22 dana
This game is Ass. I only bought it because my son wanted it for Xmas. I only play it when he wants to play together. Modern Warefare makes cold war look like Cod mobile.
Brian Griffin ASMR
Brian Griffin ASMR Prije 22 dana
There’s no way his win loss isn’t negative with all of these rage quits
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Prije 23 dana
The long shot metals on the thumper are painful I’ve been trying for 2 hours and have 5
Leon Blease
Leon Blease Prije 2 dana
I don’t know if it helps but I got mine on nuke town shooting across the map especially on Dom soon as round starts it’s painful but keep sitting at back of the map and just start shouting and hope to get lucky as also people will try getting long shots or just play standard hardcore and shoot randomly😂 I seeker to get most of mine when I shout “yeet”😂 not a strategy I had just sat at back trying to get them it’s pretty much luck based😭
The Abraham HD
The Abraham HD Prije 23 dana
It sucks so much when they put up trophy systems on this map... auto-leave
Pro Slayer
Pro Slayer Prije 23 dana
I love to watch jevs videos JUST to see him rage at himself
KingJames Prije 23 dana
Yea same when I heard I'm flashed i thought requis mas back
KingJames Prije 23 dana
Oh no requis is mad 😂😂😂😂😂
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez Prije 24 dana
*needs longshots* •plays nuketown*
Leon Blease
Leon Blease Prije 2 dana
It’s completely doable but you literally have to cross map them😂
Vibe Central
Vibe Central Prije 24 dana
why does jev look like he does meth
Jacob Hatem
Jacob Hatem Prije 24 dana
uhhhhh powerlines? 7:37
jakexX123321 Prije 25 dana
The doubles on the cigma 😩😩😩
Lil_ boy_5247
Lil_ boy_5247 Prije 26 dana
challenge excepted: try to get top of the leader board on FFA only with a cigma and a launcher
Dusty Prije 26 dana
Yoooooo out of 20 games of hc nuketown I GOT 20 TDM’s WTF lmao I knew you talked about this in some of your videos and been referencing ever since like WTF MAN
Greg Baker
Greg Baker Prije 27 dana
The loving tuna neuroanatomically wash because laborer secondly bump upon a weary eight. grubby gruesome, amuck badge
Kermiez Prije 27 dana
Jev do be looking like a skinny Seth Rogan nowadays
MrRotiniNoodle Prije 28 dana
Who’s gonna tell jev he should use tactical mask
VatO Clan
VatO Clan Prije 29 dana
I was crying about the m79 and rpg grind but after I finished those and started on the cigma, well.... let's just say I know true pain now
Monkey Bandit
Monkey Bandit Prije mjesec
Jev You can’t force the situation just grind other weapons and use the launcher on the side
[MP795]-ToxicGamer Prije mjesec
Jev how did you get the m82 goldd
Danyaal Barron
Danyaal Barron Prije mjesec
See what I did was... step 1: make your first friend step 2: ask said friend to give up his life for the next day step 3: kill friend in Warzone: Plunder with the marshmallow shooter step 4: finish step 5: ask yourself why you grind camos for weapons you’re not gonna use
Meme God1423
Meme God1423 Prije mjesec
8:27 had me dead
Jxhn Blvze
Jxhn Blvze Prije mjesec
That’s crazy that you mention it because I get like 90% domination when I play nuke town. Must be another of many glitches man.
Lem Aus
Lem Aus Prije mjesec
the best map for cover kills is probably crossroads coz the enemies are always sitting on the other side of the bridge
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Prije mjesec
The textures can’t even load 😂
OG Tony
OG Tony Prije mjesec
1:54 “who through a gernade at me” blows up
iamvloner Prije mjesec
Jev: "who threw a grenade at me" Nobody: Yoshikage Kira: "Killa Queen has already touched the ground" *BOOM*
Yoshi Prije mjesec
8:23 i like that satisfying kill achievement sound.
SimTMX Prije mjesec
lol this is my life
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