I Paid Fortnite Pro's $50,000 to 1v1 - Challenge

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FaZe Kay

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Who Is the Best Fortnite Player In the World with @FaZe Sway @FaZe H1ghSky1 @FaZe Megga @FaZe Dubs
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Jarvis & Kay Gaming
Jarvis & Kay Gaming Prije 9 dana
I'm the best ok
Vanessa Prije 2 sati
Itachi Prije 4 sati
I’m better than you
Majeda Begum
Majeda Begum Prije dan
A bit late
ColdGamer_12 Prije dan
Who Jarvis of kay
Crayons 2
Crayons 2 Prije dan
Who Jarvis or Kay?
Fowzia Yousif
Fowzia Yousif Prije 24 minuta
I want to triawt
Fowzia Yousif
Fowzia Yousif Prije 25 minuta
Add me on the farst sarvr Iced_116
Fowzia Yousif
Fowzia Yousif Prije 26 minuta
They gast hit hit shots
Craig Hall
Craig Hall Prije sat
Karson Rutter
Karson Rutter Prije 3 sati
I love how kay says maggard is such a pro after pick axeing a bot
Itz Gibbzy
Itz Gibbzy Prije 3 sati
We all know Jarvis plays Fortnite off camera but we ain’t gonna call him out on it 👊🏻
Ashley Masters
Ashley Masters Prije 3 sati
I like how he says megger🤣🥶
Carolyn Nealy
Carolyn Nealy Prije 5 sati
I'm a pc player kay
Zippy Shah
Zippy Shah Prije 6 sati
I wwnt highsky to win he’s cracked bruvher
Zippy Shah
Zippy Shah Prije 6 sati
My name is Z4IK1R-562
Zippy Shah
Zippy Shah Prije 6 sati
Highsky add me
Zippy Shah
Zippy Shah Prije 6 sati
Jarvis i want u unbanned
Zippy Shah
Zippy Shah Prije 6 sati
I watch u every day
Zippy Shah
Zippy Shah Prije 6 sati
Chase Norris
Chase Norris Prije 7 sati
I’m controller
ITSMECOLIN 9 Prije 7 sati
Can Mongraal compete in one of these?
Enough Prije 10 sati
Kay be like the are pros oh mega just pic a bot
Tanya Chopra
Tanya Chopra Prije 13 sati
They are good but the best
Cosmic Blue Volt
Cosmic Blue Volt Prije 14 sati
I think sway was tired when recording this (poor sway)
delazarbeast Malcotsis
delazarbeast Malcotsis Prije 15 sati
Kai sus wiz busted head
Flaidz Prije 20 sati
Kay:He literally pickaxe that kid this is how pro he is Me:Bruh that's a bot
tubepelicano Prije 21 sat
Highsky theeth are yellow
F A Prije 22 sati
FaZe jarvis Jk
FaZe jarvis Jk Prije 23 sati
I'm keyboard
Misho on 60hz
Misho on 60hz Prije 23 sati
Isaac: Boy
Isaac: Boy Prije 23 sati
I’m on yt
Isaac: Boy
Isaac: Boy Prije 23 sati
I’m controller on Xbox series x and ps5 and PS4
Win Galore2
Win Galore2 Prije dan
I’m keyboard
kttoddy88 Prije dan
04:12 it was a bot
Max Hansson
Max Hansson Prije dan
Savage boy
Savage boy Prije dan
Nuno Rodrigues
Nuno Rodrigues Prije dan
You ain't the best lol
Nicole Gutierrez
Nicole Gutierrez Prije dan
then how come this video isnt an hour
Max Carroll
Max Carroll Prije dan
can i 1v1 faze kay
Shaan Momin
Shaan Momin Prije dan
nah man......... me best on mobile
Crayons 2
Crayons 2 Prije dan
Dubbs and megga r THE BEST no Jarvis is the best
Seals _YT
Seals _YT Prije dan
Sway pooped on me
American Hacker
American Hacker Prije dan
i love how faze kay hug megga at end
Matyas Kraskowski
Matyas Kraskowski Prije dan
Fortnite is the best
Cameron Summers
Cameron Summers Prije dan
Where’s bugha
Rainbow Prije dan
5:25 Wait Jarvis plays pc?
Xavier 73
Xavier 73 Prije dan
Make 1 were if you get the most Arena points wins
DexaLot _
DexaLot _ Prije 2 dana
YoCazy Prije 2 dana
4:04 I have lost brain cells listening to him
Maulik Jain
Maulik Jain Prije 2 dana
Best commentary in the world done by none other than Faze Kay
Amir Prije 2 dana
Dubs: Sway how many you on Sway: ...
Ethan Alaniz
Ethan Alaniz Prije 2 dana
Damn he had to do Jarvis like that
Bpzae G
Bpzae G Prije 2 dana
Sway leaves the game so fadt
Bpzae G
Bpzae G Prije 2 dana
Where is jarvis
Mohammad Xx gaming
Mohammad Xx gaming Prije 2 dana
Me too I am the best okay
Gaming with Me
Gaming with Me Prije 2 dana
Hi kay
Midori Dunn
Midori Dunn Prije 2 dana
Sway will win mate and hisky
Braedyn Murray
Braedyn Murray Prije 2 dana
Jarvis is my favorite
darknightwolfy Pokey
darknightwolfy Pokey Prije 2 dana
Im mobile bro but its banned
Braedyn Murray
Braedyn Murray Prije 2 dana
I am team fishy
Braedyn Murray
Braedyn Murray Prije 2 dana
I hate highsky1
Braedyn Murray
Braedyn Murray Prije 2 dana
I get high sky1
Xande van der Oord
Xande van der Oord Prije 2 dana
faze sway is the best
Isicpaog Prije 2 dana
In the thumbnail it says they got 128 kills in fortnite?
Deep Beep Deep Beep
Deep Beep Deep Beep Prije 2 dana
highsky you're romanian and im romanian too
ljubica stanojev
ljubica stanojev Prije 2 dana
do season 5 uploads or 2 vids a week
TINTIN HU Prije 2 dana
If faze highly is one of the best players in the world then I'm Neil Armstrong
Nanci Jackson
Nanci Jackson Prije 2 dana
Free jivis
Ronnie Carr
Ronnie Carr Prije 3 dana
Someone 1v1 me my name is chalky-cause2
Lucxs Taylzs
Lucxs Taylzs Prije 3 dana
Just go in team rumble
Kaeden Carmack
Kaeden Carmack Prije 3 dana
1v1 faze kay
Lil_JERRY CUZ Prije 3 dana
I’m ps4 player and I’m cracked at fortnite my guy
Will the Goat
Will the Goat Prije 3 dana
What place where the others in
Bhit Balaga
Bhit Balaga Prije 3 dana
“Have you every seen so many eliminations before by 4 people” 🥺🥺 Thinks of when tfue and the old faze fortnite players dropped 56
Cutie Not found
Cutie Not found Prije 3 dana
I killed sway
Cutie Not found
Cutie Not found Prije 3 dana
The white skin
Jenice Ambroos
Jenice Ambroos Prije 3 dana
And where is ninja????
Luke’s Space
Luke’s Space Prije 3 dana
Yo you should really do a duo one
Emelin Hernandez
Emelin Hernandez Prije 3 dana
Face sway don’t know how to lose
Maria Umair
Maria Umair Prije 3 dana
ILX Prije 3 dana
Ohh you think faze sway is the best controler player uh you wrong its fe4rless
Angus Rankin
Angus Rankin Prije 3 dana
They are no the best in the world
Brock Noy
Brock Noy Prije 3 dana
Can I join your clan plis I’m craft at fortnite I play on keyboard and Moses mi crart
giorgia kevill
giorgia kevill Prije 3 dana
Jamie Squires
Jamie Squires Prije 3 dana
Controller/ Xbox
Pixal Fn
Pixal Fn Prije 3 dana
0:57 I’d say get the fuck out of my house
Milk Gary E
Milk Gary E Prije 3 dana
Jarvis is keyboard? I thought he controller faze Kay better on keyboard on fornite
Skeletonarmy14 Slim
Skeletonarmy14 Slim Prije 3 dana
U should of bought bugha
Buddy Prije 3 dana
Huh wonder why Jarvis wasn’t here
Patrycja Laszewicz Bartnik
Patrycja Laszewicz Bartnik Prije 3 dana
1:16 it feels like megga's jumper is big
Landy Man
Landy Man Prije 3 dana
My friend Justin it’s cracked at fortnight my guy
Jurnei Whitfield
Jurnei Whitfield Prije 3 dana
But highsky was going crazy at the beginning
Bruchify Prije 3 dana
6:14 Frazier says where do you like to drop Jarvis says tony stark Jarvis was banned over a year ago And said he won’t touch play fortnite ever again even on a alt account Jarvis secretly plays without us knowing And then Frazier At this point I feel like you don’t care and it cuts out on him saying like your just gonna tell them that you play fort and then it cuts out
Syncitrix Prije 3 dana
I only need 2,000 of those 50,000 dollars and I could pay for my gaming setup
Frostyy1 Prije 3 dana
I got 5 of the best fortnite players a chance to compete for 50,000 *the day of reckoning has come*
Jahmuari Stephens
Jahmuari Stephens Prije 3 dana
Ok FaZe Jarvis
TTV KingBeji
TTV KingBeji Prije 3 dana
I saw thumbnail thought sway got 80 then gets 6
Brandon peters
Brandon peters Prije 4 dana
I’m as good as ninja
Ali Aldafaai
Ali Aldafaai Prije 4 dana
Kay Jarvis is keyboard obviously: Jarvis😡😡😡😡😡😢😢
Lil_JERRY CUZ Prije 3 dana
My dude he plays Xbox if u didn’t know just.......... ur not a og wit faze or faze Kay but if Jarvis was not banned he would have won dis whole thing
Hamza Patel
Hamza Patel Prije 4 dana
Kay better than jarvis
Rak234 Prije 4 dana
I really wanna meet sway and highsky there my idles
Kobi Brown
Kobi Brown Prije 4 dana
They should of played arena
Parker Cauley
Parker Cauley Prije 4 dana
Sway is as cracked as Justin
GamingWithAustin Prije 4 dana
Sway only is getting kill is his aim assist
Konnah Bradshaw
Konnah Bradshaw Prije 4 dana
Sway killed a renagade rader
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