Is this Infamous Supercar Real?

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The Devel Sixteen has drawn praise and skepticism ever since its reveal way back in 2013. The car has yet to be seen on the road, clouding the perception around this car even further. Will the Sixteen ever see the highway? Surprisingly, I think so.

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Donut Media
Donut Media Prije mjesec
Hey guys, I've wanted to talk about Devel for a long time, and I'm honestly pulling for them. I want the Sixteen to achieve the company's ambition. The road might have been longer than they were planning, but isn't that true for so many other things? Make sure you're subscribed, we'll be taking a close look at more *interesting* supercar brands here in the US and Europe, you don't want to miss those episodes. - Nolan
YAMAURIXT500 Prije 11 dana
There is literally nothing new in this video. The MAT guys have long bailed out of the project. And if you research well enough, you'll find what Steve Morris has to say about this whole undertaking. And it's not good.
Aaron Frisinger
Aaron Frisinger Prije 28 dana
but did you hear about the devel sixty
Enrique Esparza
Enrique Esparza Prije mjesec
I just remembered, about a quad turbo 12 cylinder chrysler had that never went to production but was really cool and was fun to drive in game The chrysler ME 4-12
Brendan Garvey
Brendan Garvey Prije mjesec
My guess is that this is a fake, like the Lycan. Emirates cars are for poseurs - they look, and are expensive, but it is just a fancy facade (much like the Emirates itself). They don't have what it takes to actually design and build anything bleeding edge like this. If anyone could, it would already be done. The hybrid Bulgatti will be the best, and ACTUALLY REAL hypercar before this thing even gets built (if ever).
Borna Basic
Borna Basic Prije mjesec
rimac episode?
Kim Son Luu GS åk8 Varagårdsskolan
Kim Son Luu GS åk8 Varagårdsskolan Prije 20 minuta
2:09 i guess im a robot now...
Nkululeko Msomi
Nkululeko Msomi Prije 44 minuta
By the time this car comes to production it'll be illegal because of the the all new car emission laws that are killing the industry
Nkululeko Msomi
Nkululeko Msomi Prije 45 minuta
By the time this car comes to production it'll be illegal because of the the all new car emission laws that are killing the industry
Nkululeko Msomi
Nkululeko Msomi Prije 46 minuta
By the time this car comes to production it'll be illegal because of the the all new car emission laws that are killing the industry
TurboManTom Prije 2 sati
If I never see video with James it'll be too soon
KommanderChopp'ard Prije 6 sati
Dubai in a nutshell: All swagger, no substance
Leviticus LT
Leviticus LT Prije 7 sati
too bad the tesla roadster will put this to shame in the quarter mile
Georg Helpenstein-Michels
Georg Helpenstein-Michels Prije 12 sati
as soon as the cw is under 0.1 all will be good. They just need some minor modifications and then you have it. Just a matter of time.
Philip R
Philip R Prije 14 sati
Tyres for 5000hp, sure
Asep Saepudin
Asep Saepudin Prije 18 sati
Train locomotives?
Maarof Mahbob
Maarof Mahbob Prije 20 sati
The name should be "DEVIL 666"...
Jule Rulez
Jule Rulez Prije 21 sat
So Paolo Garella is the real father of James ?
DownwindFish Prije dan
a DAY after this came out there was a vid on youcar's channel that tests it
Hf Tuh
Hf Tuh Prije dan
It's based in Dubai. Says it all.
K. R.
K. R. Prije dan
Even if this car has only 1000hp or less, its design and its sound truly make it a batman type of car. Such a beast.
Ian Edmonds
Ian Edmonds Prije dan
I disagree. Cyberpunk 2077 was amazing on the the PC at launch and it's still one of the most amazing looking games on sale. It didn't have quite the same length of story as the witcher 3 but the quality of the story was at least as good. CD Projekt Red have become a popular whipping boy and it is not in any way deserved. They were ambitious to bring it out on the old consoles and arguably should not have done that. The PC release was largely perfect. I saw a graphical glitch on some trees once. It didn't have any effect on my game. It broke immersion for a couple of seconds but then I got over it. On the PC at least with an nvidia 1050ti. Cyberpunk 2077 was almost flawless. Amazing game with next generation graphics and systems. Night city did feel like a live city. Maybe not quite as live as was promised but there were random encounters in the world that made it feel alive. I met a Buddhist monk that offered a quest out of the blue. It did feel like a live city in the same way the witcher 3 felt like a live feudalist society. The Witcher 3 did a better job but in an easier mileu. Anyway CD Projekt Red are still a top flight software house and I'll still seriously consider anything they make. Luv and Peace.
Matt McCaughen
Matt McCaughen Prije dan
Drake's got more money he can affprd the insurance on this car come on lol
Dillon Garza
Dillon Garza Prije dan
Man they should have just bought some tank engines
IFM Prije 2 dana
That taught me nothing
K L Prije 2 dana
It is a fake car.
Matt H
Matt H Prije 2 dana
14:36 Tractor pull engineers be like, Cute.
Matt H
Matt H Prije 2 dana
Marine engine Engineers: “Oh that’s cute”
Matt H
Matt H Prije 2 dana
I’ve been to Dubai and Abu Dabi. You realize quickly it’s all smoke and mirrors. Even the cab drivers will explain it to you.
Aroop Roelofs
Aroop Roelofs Prije 2 dana
5000hrsprs would be really impressive, especially not to have it melt within seconds. To put it into contrast, the Napier Sabre E.118 used in the Folland Fo.108 (never made it past prototyping) could "only" produce about 3000hrsprs... And that engine was *massive* H-24... So good luck keeping that at bay...
Prestige Prije 2 dana
12:35 the car would look much better if the back was the front
Markus Crause
Markus Crause Prije 2 dana
Designed by an Italian and engine built in Detroit, USA. MADE IN THE UAE
Alessandro Mazzini
Alessandro Mazzini Prije 2 dana
the biggest problem is also caused by the tyres.. no tyres could whitstand that forces
Alessandro Mazzini
Alessandro Mazzini Prije 2 dana
even if it was able to produce that HP it wouldn't have been able to use it
ReclusiveDuck Prije 2 dana
_"None of this is Supercar Blondie's fault"_ ....Really? I had the unfortunate experience to watch her video (the only one of hers I've seen) and it had more fake "ooohs" and "aaahs" than PornHub. The thing even arrived on the back of an old lorry and unloaded onto the pavement. She was obviously very well paid to advertise something she knew was fake.
Obnivious s
Obnivious s Prije 2 dana
Imagine designing the tyre for it
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister Prije 2 dana
Just like it's home nation dubai, this car is all headlines with no substance
Re:BOOT Prije 3 dana
Yeah it's real. It's called Devel Sixteen Prototype and they sell em on Asphalt 8.
Bear Drums
Bear Drums Prije 3 dana
I attempted to order a Devel 16, I never received a response from Devel. Make of that what you will.
Bad Batch
Bad Batch Prije 3 dana
Honestly if money is no issue, building the engine for this car is probably the easiest part. If you’ve ever seen top fuel drag racing you’ll know the drive train is by far the weakest link. They are swapping out transmissions every couple runs and tires every run. Good luck reengineering and developing a transmission, clutch, driveline, differential, wheels and tires just to name the first set of weak points to be able to handle that power. It’s never been done before for a reason. At 2.2 million they would have to sell around 2-3000 just to cover the R&D costs. Is it possible? Sure. Anything is possible. If you want to see true inspiration, just humiliate a sheik from the AE and he will be willing to loose everything to prove themselves right.
TXLorenzo Prije 3 dana
Drevel or Devel??
zelibober Prije 3 dana
In just an hour and a half I am fully charging my Tesla)))
KINGCHAOS Prije 3 dana
Nelson would’ve had a field day with that motor!!!
Happy Hands
Happy Hands Prije 3 dana
why drive on the ground at 300mph when its so much safer, practical and less expensive to fly in a small plane???
Efrain Sanchez
Efrain Sanchez Prije 3 dana
Wheelhouse is the name of my favorite channel and my favorite Dispensary hahaha.
pr33tzel Prije 3 dana
uhhh super car blondie did a vid on the devel
Feldwebel Prije 3 dana
dawg, the cars so low to the ground, even a small rock would cause death to the devel sixteens driver...
Rich Gowen
Rich Gowen Prije 3 dana
The poor dead microregionally end because spy internally prick till a super ukraine. vulgar, goofy february
eurosonly Prije 4 dana
It looks like a car from grand theft auto games or burn out.
Balonium Falcon
Balonium Falcon Prije 4 dana
SSC got their Tuatara to 316 MPH. All you have to do is lie by about 45 MPH.
Prije 4 dana
This should be faster then the Tesla plaid
Papa Grounds
Papa Grounds Prije 4 dana
You can talk shit for 15 minutes but you can't say what LS actually means? Stop copying nerds!
r c
r c Prije 4 dana
Well if you think this car is fake then you must think Steve Morris racing engines are fake.
J C Prije 4 dana
If you think this is real you're 15
Brian Heaton
Brian Heaton Prije 4 dana
This thing is ugly AF.
Sean Ortigoza
Sean Ortigoza Prije 5 dana
I hope you guys will do a video on Factor Aurelio, a Filipino company that's working on creating the first FIlipino budget supercar.
Salman Azam
Salman Azam Prije 5 dana
Suffice it to say, they have atleast another decade to arrange the transmission and tires etc. for the damn thing and iron out the kinks in the aero, and another decade after that to get tired and scrap the project because they won't find a stretch of asphalt in the world to do 350 mph on. Even Koenigsegg is having a tough time planning the top speed run for the Jesko Absolut (which by the way, I would take over the Devel any day of the week, because it is a much 'neater' idea and reality) because a good place to do so is the Ehra-Lessien, and that is not available to them. The famous Nevada stretch isn't smooth enough, they say.
I D K who knew?
I D K who knew? Prije 5 dana
I have no dough that this car is real. But will it run & preform as said it will?? I want to see this. 350MPH?
jdog942 Prije 5 dana
As far as thermodynamics is concerned, there just isn’t enough space for the plumbing to keep this car cool. Unless you want your tubes on the exterior.
hybriddyneguy Prije 5 dana
I think you meant super bald blondie
HıpzR Prije 5 dana
the design of this car somehow make me want to throw up
Stephen Marshall
Stephen Marshall Prije 5 dana
My question is once they figure out all the aero and transmission and multitude of other problems: where in gods name are they gonna find a tire that can put down 4500+ whp whiteout breaking loose at any speed that isn’t a top fuel dragster tire??
Ricardo Prije 5 dana
I have to say, as impressive as buying a 4000hp car is, building a 4000hp engine from another company's existing design is just hot rodding, not innovation. There are thousands of multi-thousand-horsepower LS builds out there, specially considering that it's a billet block. It's two drag-racing engines bolted together and that's just not what a hypercar deserves.
Skeng in my blazer
Skeng in my blazer Prije 5 dana
Gas powered cars will be banned by the time this thing is ready
Valerie Brentin
Valerie Brentin Prije 6 dana
He looks like he's not wearing a shirt lmao.
KOSMOS1701A Prije 6 dana
it only gets me excited if i can afford it :P
suka komentar
suka komentar Prije 7 dana
SSC Tuatara is laugh for this car hahahahaha
adrian hstan
adrian hstan Prije 7 dana
kinda boring gi me a john deere 9rx
TR Roland
TR Roland Prije 7 dana
The UAE is full of these kinds of jokers. Ever heard of Jennarelly? Very limited production and licensing.
Lukepuke 311
Lukepuke 311 Prije 7 dana
Lukepuke 311
Lukepuke 311 Prije 7 dana
JohnnyQuad Prije 7 dana
Can you guys send me some hurs purs in a can? I could use some more hurs purs for my 2005 350Z.
JohnnyQuad Prije 7 dana
5k hurs purs. Sounds like Bull chit to me.
Terence Kearns
Terence Kearns Prije 8 dana
uses greenscreen. replaces it with solid blue background.
skaltura Prije 8 dana
devel sixty is bad ass! I hope the sixteen makes it into production. If they make that happen and can get atleast hundreds out, the whole team is going to the hall of fame, legends all of them. .... and they will def push back the EV adoption too as other companies start chasing crazy multi thousand HP numbers!
skaltura Prije 8 dana
04:30 Toyota was making this power level for pikes peak use way earlier from the 3S-GTE based racing engine in 2.0l 4banger. Super rare engine but it does exist, i've seen several pallets of blown blocks at friends garage :D .... He was pushing them "slightly" harder than Toyota's Pikes Peak efforts, hence all the blocks with "inspection holes" :)
skaltura Prije 8 dana
With that James' segment, now i want to see you guys produce high quality full length episodes a'la top gear ... That could be mad. Or complete disaster :D
Mr Autospec
Mr Autospec Prije 8 dana
Aerodynamics is total bs. Power is nothing if you want to turn.
LunarEclipse. Prije 9 dana
Damn this sponsir is sometin i should but
felix Marseille
felix Marseille Prije 9 dana
Okay, anyone remember the terrible speed Racer next generation show, there was a special with a race through the desert, the evil guy, I think his name was zazic or something, had a car that looks a lot like the Devel sixty from what I remember.
plopper2001 Prije 9 dana
2 mins after they will release this car, porsche is breaking their record on nürgurgring
Dilen Patel
Dilen Patel Prije 10 dana
Has anyone noticed a tie between Dubai and unrealistic expectations
Brummie Deano
Brummie Deano Prije 10 dana
When you have billions yet your own people are starving. Hate dubai just place for the the rich to go when there own people live in a 3rd world country. Why not spend money on fresh water supplies or food for kids but na
Modal Soul
Modal Soul Prije 10 dana
Dubai isn't as it seems look harder.
Chaitrali Joshi
Chaitrali Joshi Prije 11 dana
Like w mortars lynkan hypersport
justsomeguy Prije 11 dana
This car is a fake as Schmee's hairline will be in 5 years.
Ingólfur Arnar
Ingólfur Arnar Prije 11 dana
You lost me at Dubai based carmaker. Pfff Dubai is shit and there's no way anything awesome will ever come from there. Just a city full of morons.
Caellum Revolta
Caellum Revolta Prije 11 dana
If it has 5000 total horsepower, then you would need 2 2500 horsepower v8's or about 312 horsepower per cylinder.
lifebeginsat190 Prije 11 dana
great video
lifebeginsat190 Prije 11 dana
that's when I unsubscribed to supercars blonde...cause she was just a pawn selling something that wasnt even a thing...
Mehedi Hassan Shrabon
Mehedi Hassan Shrabon Prije 11 dana
Mother fucking fake car
BTIch HEYY Prije 12 dana
drakon1300 Prije 12 dana
from what I have seen the engine was really built. ...Steve Morris Engines.. I don't think they ever put it in the car and the devel company was a scam....
Richard August
Richard August Prije 12 dana
Paint it gloss black and call it the new Batmobile.
Gentleman Of Moisture
Gentleman Of Moisture Prije 12 dana
The most pointless car ever.
Matthew Reise
Matthew Reise Prije 12 dana
I wonder if it will be made by slaves, like the rest of Dubai
_1989_nissan_s13_ Prije 12 dana
Plz make a video on the Mazda furai
Hybrid Prince.
Hybrid Prince. Prije 12 dana
Hybrid Prince.
Hybrid Prince. Prije 12 dana
Technically, when I merge with my suit I would be a robot :3
SUPRA sitting comfortably in the crowd.😌 Devel 16: is dat a supraaaaaaaaaaaa😱
Fan Jun rui javier (Westwoodss)
Fan Jun rui javier (Westwoodss) Prije 13 dana
Puts shame to Tesla roadster
FuturistiMan Prije 13 dana
here's how to fix the devel 16 and make it go up to 350 MPH 1. Bugatti Bolide's golf ball aero 2. Koenigsegg Regera's transmission maybe
One man and a jack
One man and a jack Prije 13 dana
What a waste of an episode. What did we learn. What was gained. Are we any bwtter off now?
Joe Prije 13 dana
Despite the middle east's "strict" religious enforcement (other than the elites which are turbo degenerate), they have a problem of little kid syndrome where they lie and pretend that they can do XYZ. They take themselves too seriously.
Trump took the vaccine
Trump took the vaccine Prije 13 dana
12:11 dude looks like Nolan’s grandpa
Is this $3,400,000 Hypercar a Scam?
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