CAREER-HIGH 62 PTS For Stephen Curry‼

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Stephen Curry scores a CAREER-HIGH 62 POINTS to lead the Warriors past Portland!
62 PTS, 18-31 FGM, 8 3PM, 18-19 FTM
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Ethan Irwin
Ethan Irwin Prije 5 sati
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saksham arora
saksham arora Prije 8 sati
I started watching basketball because of this guy.... Something special.💯
Magnolia888 Prije 8 sati
curry n klay finna take turns surpassing each others career high once he back lmao
Hatsuo Prije 11 sati
after this game hes been getting double teamed game after game, that means he's having the respect he deserves
Roey golan
Roey golan Prije 11 sati
Nice game
norman watson
norman watson Prije 13 sati
Curry ilove this game because of you very confident team play skills are great 👍 you need to respect by other you are the best you are all a farmer bless up .
Fares Abudayyeh
Fares Abudayyeh Prije 17 sati
I love Stephen Curry
Task Kitchen
Task Kitchen Prije dan
The best an Sharpest shooter in the NBA. #1
Memer Fisics -_-
Memer Fisics -_- Prije dan
I’ve never liked gsw but Steph has always been an inspiration and I like the way he plays and now I play a bit like him I shoot longer now and better at it
Patrick Stephens
Patrick Stephens Prije dan
It would all flow together if he would sign to nike
NorCal 420
NorCal 420 Prije dan
Call him Optimus prime
NorCal 420
NorCal 420 Prije dan
Looking like PRIME
Reino Realm
Reino Realm Prije dan
Good game, Neymar Jr!
WheatThinGames Prije dan
The orange step-daughter complimentarily tow because father-in-law really try underneath a unequal lute. disagreeable, delirious caterpillar
Fire New Love
Fire New Love Prije dan
SeniorKE Got DaStrap
SeniorKE Got DaStrap Prije dan
Bro can you make a mo bamba face creation
Emily An
Emily An Prije 2 dana
The thing I like about this performance is it wasn’t just a “shoot the lights out” game. He was fiercely attacking the paint too. That itself takes not just skill, but strength.
JHaz Prije dan
Way to just copy and paste that other comment
Snow Lion
Snow Lion Prije 2 dana
Jeremy eventually shut him up.
Snow Lion
Snow Lion Prije 2 dana
Turning to kobe fail.
Sophia D
Sophia D Prije 2 dana
Y’all were underestimating him sm....there’s the Steph Curry we love to see💙😤
Naman Saxena
Naman Saxena Prije 2 dana
Is stephen curry basketball's Christiano Ronaldo ? 🤔
Emily An
Emily An Prije 2 dana
Chicken+curry=chicken curry
鳩鳩 Prije 2 dana
1:52 Is it really pass?
Urbain Delva
Urbain Delva Prije 3 dana
It's moments like this that make you feel you bad for the times that you hated on Steph. I know that I do. Steph vs. Dame is always a draw
YaBoii Cardell
YaBoii Cardell Prije 3 dana
Dropped 60 and actin nonchalant in the post interview 😂😂😂
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods Prije 3 dana
I love Stephen Curry
Saint Deezy
Saint Deezy Prije 3 dana
Lee a lil sus ngl.
N O N T H A K O R N Prije 3 dana
Abdellatif LOUIZ
Abdellatif LOUIZ Prije 3 dana
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molly haggan
molly haggan Prije 4 dana
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hen ko
hen ko Prije 4 dana
Dame Lillard “ steph looks mortal” Steph Curry “hold my beer”
Muhammed Emirin Dünyası
Muhammed Emirin Dünyası Prije 4 dana
Curry king
Flora Madrid
Flora Madrid Prije 4 dana
I'm an old woman but so impressed how Steph curry play it's so amazing and l can't believe he could do it🙏🙏
Jaren Dealca
Jaren Dealca Prije 4 dana
I'm not a fan of GS. but bruh! let's appreciate the greatness of this man. ✌️
Jayar Meneses
Jayar Meneses Prije 5 dana
Chicken+curry=chicken curry
hen ko
hen ko Prije 4 dana
Durant leaves the best PG in the league for the man who can't shot clutches
Billy Blah
Billy Blah Prije 5 dana
I swear all the threes this man has made. I would’ve thought he’s scored this much good shit
JHaz Prije dan
It's because he's been taken out of the game so many times when they're dominating...which happened a lot
powerfullforce Prije 5 dana
portland is ass, all offense no defense lol
Noah Brabec
Noah Brabec Prije 5 dana
“IM ON ONE!!!!!” Whats with that commentator?
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Prije 5 dana
Oh, you look cool though.
Ken Whitman
Ken Whitman Prije 5 dana
James has been calling whites racist , never watching the nba again
julius dogta
julius dogta Prije 5 dana
No one will beat kobe 81 pt game
No Thu
No Thu Prije 5 dana
Liam Adamopoulos
Liam Adamopoulos Prije 5 dana
Steph Curry with the shot boy
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Prije 5 dana
One day he will drop 70
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Prije 5 dana
Maurel Koukidy
Maurel Koukidy Prije 5 dana
Steph Curry i love this Guy . He ils m'y favorite player
2021 Rose
2021 Rose Prije 5 dana
I was watching this live!!
Noah Ili
Noah Ili Prije 5 dana
King 👑 of basketball 🏀 right here!!
Hitch Prije 6 dana
he makes it look EASY
3D Waffles
3D Waffles Prije 6 dana
Durant leaves the best PG in the league for the man who can't shot clutches
Coach Carie
Coach Carie Prije 6 dana
Such a quick release!
Shawn Prije 6 dana
curry or LeBron who is better?
Tommyblueee Prije 6 dana
Better than KD he made him quit in 2016. And then Bron Destroyed the warriors that year Bron boutta win his 5th ring and 5th FMVP and lets see if Bron or steph wins MVP this season.
Reptile Guy
Reptile Guy Prije 6 dana
Steph Curry has my vote for BEST SHOOTER OF ALL TIME. He just is.
Tet Dota 2
Tet Dota 2 Prije 6 dana
1:36 man that's nasty!
Talismanic Prije 6 dana
If a crowd was there, then the entire arena would explode.
Kayo Prije 6 dana
Damn Dame STEPH Owns You!!! FACTS!!
Job N.
Job N. Prije 6 dana
One day he will drop 70
Jhean Pascual
Jhean Pascual Prije 6 dana
I love steph😍
BETMEN Prije 6 dana
Kralın dönüşü
Janshar Ali
Janshar Ali Prije 6 dana
Reminds me of nba street back in the day where u get that game breaker
Hazzel Prije 6 dana
i did that in preschool, but i just didn't have the camera on
Controller VORTEX
Controller VORTEX Prije 6 dana
Nico Barcelona
Nico Barcelona Prije 6 dana
Yunho An
Yunho An Prije 7 dana
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Snow Lion
Snow Lion Prije 7 dana
Dude is disrespecting everone in nba when kyrie gonna pissed
oAntithesis Prije 7 dana
Wallensteinwojtek Prije 7 dana
Hmm, where was defence?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Prije 7 dana
The thing I like about this performance is it wasn’t just a “shoot the lights out” game. He was fiercely attacking the paint too. That itself takes not just skill, but strength.
JHaz Prije dan
Stolen comment
long meng
long meng Prije 7 dana
Twitter stock
Din Djarin
Din Djarin Prije 7 dana
Esteban Mayorga
Esteban Mayorga Prije 7 dana
What is this nba that you speak of?
Hoody Bboy
Hoody Bboy Prije 7 dana
some people may think he's a ball hug but he's just on fire and is get the ball and open shots this is my hero I haven't might never get to meet him but some people have the opertonity but still hate cuz they can't be greatful enough.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Prije 7 dana
00:59 I was expecting to hear "PERFECT RELEASE" in a Chris Smoove voice lol
Ase Amunra
Ase Amunra Prije 7 dana
Steph Curry the most overrated superstar in NBA history
R C Prije 7 dana
Moronic troll.
Abdi Musa
Abdi Musa Prije 7 dana
Draymond goes for a three SHOOOOOOOOORT
Jacob Meis
Jacob Meis Prije 7 dana
Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist that thought blacks were unfit to breed and they have been reducing the black population for 100 years with cleaver marketing. She spoke at KKK rallies. That was the only way abortion was made legal, to reduce the black population. Real Black Men are waking up!!! The democrats sold the blacks out and are laughing at you. Real Black Women are waking up too, we are all waking up!
Julia Bernard
Julia Bernard Prije 7 dana
The charming canada occasionally list because scraper unexpectedly delight mid a fascinated gong. unknown, incredible maid
Nikka Panta
Nikka Panta Prije 7 dana
Thetequilashooter1 Prije 7 dana
He’s the best shooter, ever. I love how he is not a big guy, but he still manages to get rebounds, plays down low, and of course can drill a 3 from way downtown.
JHaz Prije 2 dana
No question he's the best shooter of all time. The fact he makes such a high percentage of his threes and like more than half the threes he takes are off the dribble to shake free of the defender enough space to get off a shot. Then on top of that, he takes more deep threes than anyone in NBA history and is often shooting awkward shots such as:shooting without being squared up because he needs to get the shot off quick and having shots where he's drifting sideways or leaning in because it's the only way to get a shot off, then his quick release shots after taking the the ball up the floor on a new possession. It's unreal. Spot up shooters have a huge advantage to be able to hit a higher percentage because they're squared up already it's the same shot over and over, only variable being distance from the hoop as opposed to curry having to compensate for varying momentum and different speeds of shot release. It's insane. For anyone else these shots would be ill advised but to curry they're still high percentage shots. It's insane. I think if he was a catch and shoot player like klay he'd shoot over 50% on threes
Sielyn Ramos
Sielyn Ramos Prije 7 dana
Curry in the mood🥰
miko Prije 7 dana
Adonay Eschini
Adonay Eschini Prije 7 dana
0:03 „and steph for the deep 2“
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar Prije 7 dana
First comes: Professional NBA players Then comes: Legendary players And then finally comes our Stephen curry 🏀
black Samoan
black Samoan Prije 7 dana
Stephen curry is going to die
husnun nasir
husnun nasir Prije 7 dana
Vs toronto no 3 poin......😭😭😭😭😭
husnun nasir
husnun nasir Prije 7 dana
Udah habis masa curry......
Oscar salazar
Oscar salazar Prije 8 dana
00:59 I was expecting to hear "PERFECT RELEASE" in a Chris Smoove voice lol
Mathieu Laforest
Mathieu Laforest Prije 8 dana
Curry is the GOAT. He puts MJ to shame. PERIOD
minij hooi
minij hooi Prije 8 dana
S/O to everyone who said he is “oVerRAteD”
Tyler Cheung
Tyler Cheung Prije 8 dana
The highfalutin south africa fittingly decorate because fragrance annually expand mid a sincere finger. rigid, capricious dashboard
a very polite person
a very polite person Prije 8 dana
he is pretty good he should be an all star
laurent djimy
laurent djimy Prije 8 dana
Some people forget he is steph curry !!!!
Dannysmokes Prije 8 dana
Lebron in trouble this yr 😳
minij hooi
minij hooi Prije 8 dana
if curry get right.... he can buss down 100
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Prije 8 dana
Damn he outscored his whole team
Abdi Prije 8 dana
Wow if the warriors build are him, this kid can win a ring one day!!
S P Prije 8 dana
My friend here Steph he’s craaaaacked at basketball🤫
Michael Friedland
Michael Friedland Prije 8 dana
Hard not to love this guy.
Social Network Snapigram
Social Network Snapigram Prije 8 dana
Рафаил Карамзин
Рафаил Карамзин Prije 8 dana
Biały Wilk
Biały Wilk Prije 8 dana
What a shame that his team is shit
jay prophet
jay prophet Prije 8 dana
I’ve been saying forever curry is better then Durant , Durant came to curry after losing the super star battle , and has yet to beat curry IMO curry is probable the second or third best player in the nba 🤷🏾‍♂️
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