Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)

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Lonely is out now: smarturl.it/imsolonely
Starring Jacob Tremblay and directed by Jake Schreier

If you're feeling Lonely or know someone who is struggling, you can find resources and more at activeminds.org/lonely

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Produced by Park Pictures
Executive Producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer Cody Ryder
DP - Jason McCormick
Steadicam - Dana Morris
Production Designer - Scott Falconer
VFX - Chris Buongiorno
Color Grading - Michael Rossiter @ The Mill

#Lonely #ImSoLonely #JustinBieber #bennyblanco
Music video by Justin Bieber, benny blanco performing Lonely. © 2020 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

Active Tik Toks
Active Tik Toks Prije 44 minuta
The emotion in this song! This is how he feels! Everybody cares about his voice but not about him... I feel bad for him! Justin is amazing he matters not just his voice but his self!
Cyriel_Cookie Prije 45 minuta
This reminds me of the Walmart yodeling kid lol
SamAhmadiVlogs Prije 47 minuta
Hang in there justin we all have tough battles
KE PO Prije 48 minuta
i love u justin bieber so fckin much
Aditya Lukman
Aditya Lukman Prije 50 minuta
Sini indo ngumpul ga usah rame😂
shivam julka
shivam julka Prije 55 minuta
tradersconsensus.blogspot.com/2020/10/todaycasepaper_25.html Diwali के दौरान फैल सकता है। Corona
Animestheticzz AMV
Animestheticzz AMV Prije 56 minuta
I don't really like Justin Bieber but this song is something different
My life My choice
My life My choice Prije 57 minuta
Many people wants to have a life like Justin biber and do on but deep down they are dying inside I think Lord can heal us like nobody else in
Nɪʀᴀᴊ Sɪɴɢʜ
Nɪʀᴀᴊ Sɪɴɢʜ Prije 57 minuta
This video shooted with one camera only ✔️
WANI SAIFULLAH Prije 58 minuta
What is happend with you where is that old smiling jb 😭😭😭😭😭😭blibers always love you
ひらっち Prije sat
Kris Rozz - Vinyl Records Poland
Kris Rozz - Vinyl Records Poland Prije sat
To żeś mi tu zaimponował teraz Justin
Reynaldo reyez
Reynaldo reyez Prije sat
Mis respetos Stark
Sem Os
Sem Os Prije sat
Justin im so sorry for everything that happened💔
Chhabi Rani Bar
Chhabi Rani Bar Prije sat
Love from India
Thitirat Rodrat
Thitirat Rodrat Prije sat
you will not be alone don't forget i'll always be there
sabita khanal
sabita khanal Prije sat
Aryan Acharya
sabita khanal
sabita khanal Prije sat
Angel Molit
Angel Molit Prije sat
You have been through a lot Justin and your fighting the storm inside you.I know you made a mistake but we are just humans,humans made mistakes but its up to us if we correct ourselves.Ive seen your videos and saw you smiling but I know deep down you are sad and wishing you have someone to talk to.Cheer up Justin you have no idea how many people are inspired by your songs.People whos also fighting thier storms inside them.You gave them comfort and a hope that we can get out of our own storms.That every problem has a solution.Cheer up🥰😊😊😊😊
Nᐃᐃyif Prije sat
I'm not a fan of Justin beiber but this song touched my heart
Agrisa CRL
Agrisa CRL Prije sat
If someone with a big name like yours Justin Bieber feeling nobody listen to you, how about us, wich is nobody, only ordinary people???
Fatimas Delicacies
Fatimas Delicacies Prije sat
This song touched my heart deeper coz I've srsly broke myself nd bcoz lonely in my lyf truly this is the best song I heard till now
esound ekla
esound ekla Prije sat
U r a gem❤
hering1073 Prije sat
Ich habe vor einem Jahr mein Sohn verloren 😔 seit dem fühle ich mich auch nur noch alleine 🖤
do la
do la Prije sat
I never liked him but ..this song feels so real ...i feel like he held that for too long in his heart and i like that he got it out
Rozario Dryden
Rozario Dryden Prije sat
This world is full of loneliness and pain
Md Areeq
Md Areeq Prije sat
A king isn't born. He is made...
Timothy Green
Timothy Green Prije sat
Rudrakshi Singh
Rudrakshi Singh Prije sat
Justin u r 🔥
Meagan Rohme
Meagan Rohme Prije sat
The way he stares at that little boy breaks my heart at the end. You can see the pain in his eyes.
Yogeshwar Singh 10c roll 20
Yogeshwar Singh 10c roll 20 Prije sat
Justin u dropped this👑
Yaqoub _Alk
Yaqoub _Alk Prije sat
منو هذا الحلو
Luuk van der Geest
Luuk van der Geest Prije sat
Hey guys, would you be so kind to check out my cover on this song? 🙂 First time uploading a song to youtube. Thanks a lot 🙏
Melisa T
Melisa T Prije sat
I always said : I wanna be Justin Bieber, he is so rich and he can sing... But I regret everything i said cause now i see how much he was going trough..
katie o'sullivan
katie o'sullivan Prije sat
Stephanie White
Stephanie White Prije sat
Justin Bieber is the best, I'd listen to this song all day if I could, I've liked jb all my life and I'm not going to stop no mater what my friends say #belieber
Heyitzgabe Prije sat
i remember hating on Justin Bieber but hearing his side on how he shouldn’t have started at an “early age”
Monica Aprilia
Monica Aprilia Prije sat
Justin!I like you!
hondenul Prije sat
I remember when everyone used to hate him for no apparent reason, that's so sad
Annie Suchet
Annie Suchet Prije sat
That man can yodel
Soraya Putri Kinanti
Soraya Putri Kinanti Prije sat
justin is my best friend glad to know him
I don't care Justin is good or bad But I know that song is best
Febriyanti Ervi
Febriyanti Ervi Prije sat
😢😢 beautiful song with sad story
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Prije sat
so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely I'm so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely
Intan Febri
Intan Febri Prije 2 sati
One perfect take
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh Prije 2 sati
Dude half of the world love you, what else you want. Remember u can get everything, so be happy with what u have. Stop this bullshit, you not kid no more.
Ftoomx .17
Ftoomx .17 Prije 2 sati
Keep stream
Julia Jay
Julia Jay Prije 2 sati
And people wonder why MJ became a recluse. so many times his lyrics begged for mercy, "i can't take it cos im lonely." rip MJ
Julia Jay
Julia Jay Prije sat
@bowen voowy huh dfuq?
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Prije sat
No One is talking about JACOB TREMBLAY..! 😶
Tejasree Pailla
Tejasree Pailla Prije 2 sati
Selena ?
_yui renjwoo
_yui renjwoo Prije 2 sati
We're here🥺💖💖
1k subscriber challenge Till november 15
1k subscriber challenge Till november 15 Prije 2 sati
He expressed his feeling...through this beautiful song💜 . Agree hit like...👇
Cherry Gaming
Cherry Gaming Prije 2 sati
This song let me cry. 😢😢
shamma bhagat
shamma bhagat Prije 2 sati
Alpha Harsh
Alpha Harsh Prije 2 sati
Justin was ,is and will be my favourite artist ever born . Hats off to you for making the best songs ❤️❤️🙏
Hello Kitti
Hello Kitti Prije 2 sati
I wonder why this has so less views
Trish Singh
Trish Singh Prije 2 sati
I am very related to this song .Even i don't have friends,everyone just keeps stoping and teasing me from what i do as a teenager .Everyone just keeps making use of me . But i m ok with it .I have talent in football and whenever i do some sort of skills my friends(not really) tease me a lot as joker .But ok i m ok with being who i am.i can feel your pain as a teenager.
Paola Aguilera
Paola Aguilera Prije 2 sati
I hope that Justin has found happiness now with his family
TheOfficialDavide Prije 2 sati
The world owes Justin an apology.
Jennifer Bay
Jennifer Bay Prije 2 sati
I remember when baby first came out and all the girls used to scream and cry out his name man I miss that time I was so innocent he was my first crush lol I stopped listening to him when I got into my teenage years now looking back danm...
Cupcakes Queen
Cupcakes Queen Prije 2 sati
1:00 every dog at night!😂🤣🤣
Mr.武論尊 Prije 2 sati
MissPia141 Prije 2 sati
Thank you Justin for that song ❤️ I feel the same way too. I've lost almost every friend I ever had because I married. My husband and I fight almost every day (thats my own fault) But I have no one to talk to feel better. Maybe that's the reason why we fight so lot. I know that no one cares my comment here but it feels good to write my worries down. Whatever... Thank you again Justin. Thank you for everything. ❤️
Ashabh Prije 2 sati
No One is talking about JACOB TREMBLAY..! 😶
Deamari Price
Deamari Price Prije 2 sati
This song really hits you 😔
elyte brown
elyte brown Prije 2 sati
No cap black boy from Toronto vibing with this shit, ... this right here 😎🔥
Sithari Patikirige
Sithari Patikirige Prije 2 sati
U can hear the pain in his voice🥺
Psyhaxe Prije 2 sati
Shitty meaning go listen psytrance
Dio Rin
Dio Rin Prije 2 sati
For god sake he spite on his fans -_-
Sarah Park
Sarah Park Prije 2 sati
this song describes my whole soul. and yes I'm fucking crying💔
K POP Prije 2 sati
Proud of you
rashmi r
rashmi r Prije 2 sati
We all love you however you are and will be. We always support you Justin
Cyrine Ahmad سيرين أحمد
Cyrine Ahmad سيرين أحمد Prije 2 sati
That lo-o-o-onely has so much pain !
Ines zzxxff
Ines zzxxff Prije 2 sati
Who’s here in 2030🤚
Lucid Dreamer
Lucid Dreamer Prije 2 sati
I'm imagining baby's song eraJustin ❤
Hassan Kabir
Hassan Kabir Prije 2 sati
Me: listening the song when my zoom class was running My teacher: hey! Why are you crying?
Zahra Hussain
Zahra Hussain Prije 2 sati
Justin Bieber is king 👑
alper erozer fan clap AEFC
alper erozer fan clap AEFC Prije 2 sati
Justinnn boyle kliplet cikardiginfa cok uzuluyorumm
alper erozer fan clap AEFC
alper erozer fan clap AEFC Prije 2 sati
Uma louca por Justin bieber
Uma louca por Justin bieber Prije 2 sati
Hey you are not alone justin you have god who loves you and i as your true fan i love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Zahra Hussain
Zahra Hussain Prije 2 sati
Noura Prije 2 sati
I am so sad for him 💔
Tayla Jane
Tayla Jane Prije 2 sati
Novesh Ramessur
Novesh Ramessur Prije 2 sati
it is sad when he describes his life in a song, some of the same people who used to criticised him before now feel sad for him just to show that they are a real fan
hendrina Prije 2 sati
It's very touching heart song. I was used to your fan getting know from the single 'Baby', I admired things you reached, you're just incredible boy in this millennium. But time passed I had my own dreams so rare to notice your journey but three years ago I had noticed your story, I felt so sorry cause you've the hard time. Hope you can face the future, forget about the past, it snot easy but it snot difficult if you make your mind up. Life must go on. Learn from the others who have faced hard time in their life, if they can pass, you can do it. Everyone has their own hard time in their life.
Kresensia Owa Ngole
Kresensia Owa Ngole Prije 2 sati
I love this song.. Love u and God bless u Justin 😍😍😘😘
Hassan Kabir
Hassan Kabir Prije 2 sati
Every human loves Justin Bieber Hates: we don’t Me: I said human 🙄
Żaneta Czaja
Żaneta Czaja Prije 2 sati
it is very sad because it is true. Take care Justin! 🌻
Hassan Kabir
Hassan Kabir Prije 2 sati
Everyone: 2020 sucks Beliebers: Aaaa Justin Bieber
Bentli Smith
Bentli Smith Prije 2 sati
Always be kind everyone is going through something you don't have a clue about. This song is one of many examples of this and not everyone is this brave to open up about it.
Pake Ko?
Pake Ko? Prije 2 sati
You should be thankful atleast now you can provide everything for your family unlike everyone, you shouldve know cause youve been there before you became famous. Also people had sacrifices too bigger than yours.
Robin Gillback
Robin Gillback Prije 2 sati
wow very sad song now i'm crying..
R tistu
R tistu Prije 3 sati
nv liked ur music but this some real shit man
Angel Peters
Angel Peters Prije 3 sati
Really liked this song! i can relate to this song not because i'm famous but because of the lonely aspect... somehow i've been lonely most of my life [had many girlfriends and a nice family] but i never feel the company of someone... i feel so alone and empty inside this universe [I had Schizophrenia and psychosis for 4 years and took a lot of medicines but they didn't work on me, almost comitted suicide and had extreme anxiety because i felt trapped inside this dimension/reality so i started running around my house like crazy with sweating hands and feet for hours] 1 year ago [I'm almost 26 right now] somehow i stopped giving a damn about my existance and just started to follow the flow of life. As i listen to this song i feel so dead inside, i can't tell if i'm dreaming or if i'm awake [FR] and i have seen and heard a lot of demons inside my head wich tell me to suicide, i had an excorsim as well because one night i started hearing a very deep unhuman voice and then my whole body started levitating... this is my crazy story, idk why i wrote it but i can say one thing for sure... there is something very wrong inside this world and the worst thing about it is that i'm the only aware of it [since everyone has their own mind and no one can prove neither what is death like/what is life or how it was created] this comment was completely pointless but i had to let it out.
Rach's edits
Rach's edits Prije 3 sati
Yukihira Prije 3 sati
Damm imagine if Michael Jackson listen this song...
Amazing Ajax Rana
Amazing Ajax Rana Prije 3 sati
Well that was a gas
M.A.D W.A.N.Z Prije 3 sati
Who didn't like Justin Bieber in popstar
Ismail Alom
Ismail Alom Prije 3 sati
This is so depressing
RCKLNS STARS Prije 3 sati
2010 : baby,baby,baby... 2015 : sorry,sorry,sorry... 2019 : yummy, yummy, yummy... 2020 : lonely lonely lonely
Lucy Mack
Lucy Mack Prije 3 sati
Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco Lonely Naruto AMV 🔥 hrpost.info/history/ZrmmnrrJh72SlXY/video
Tyler Waterson
Tyler Waterson Prije 3 sati
We all hated on him, but now all I want is for him to be okay. We all been through it.
Lucy Mack
Lucy Mack Prije 3 sati
Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco Lonely Naruto AMV 🔥🔥 hrpost.info/history/ZrmmnrrJh72SlXY/video
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