Visiting soup Timmy The Rubik's cube Artist

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Dylan Ayres

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Tik Tok: Dylandoestiktok1

Instagram: dylanayrest...

Mpendulo Nhlapo
Mpendulo Nhlapo Prije 3 dana
Wow That's legendary 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I couldn't find a clapping emoji
Dream Prije 6 dana
I love Rubix cube
Golden Pilot
Golden Pilot Prije 12 dana
Please try to make homer simpsong
barbara diaz
barbara diaz Prije 13 dana
Do Luna loud from the loud house
Numba_18- Prije 14 dana
My friend Hayden can finish one in 45 seconds
Lone Headhunter
Lone Headhunter Prije 18 dana
Can you make 😂
DayFlounder1832 Prije 20 dana
lokz404 Prije 21 dan
Shrek looks ugly
Revolution Racing
Revolution Racing Prije 25 dana
Alaina Jordan
Alaina Jordan Prije 27 dana
fachra ayudia putri
fachra ayudia putri Prije mjesec
Plisss mikey
Anthony Tennis
Anthony Tennis Prije mjesec
Wow I
Kayla Register
Kayla Register Prije mjesec
Mabel Nazareth
Mabel Nazareth Prije mjesec
Defently worth it!
Sugantha A
Sugantha A Prije mjesec
I love how the art is goku at 0:01
BRA1N_3AT3R 001
BRA1N_3AT3R 001 Prije mjesec
Hey bro what are u doing in his swamp ?
Critical boi
Critical boi Prije mjesec
I like super saiyan god goku in the background
Adry Runako
Adry Runako Prije mjesec
Hey 100x100 you
Krish Prije mjesec
I bet you can not make prime minister of India
mr froggy playz 2
mr froggy playz 2 Prije mjesec
I own a fidget spinner
Kenneth Searancke
Kenneth Searancke Prije mjesec
I can do it in4
Austin Moorhead
Austin Moorhead Prije mjesec
There's a person that can do it in two seconds
Squirrel ! Was taken :/
Squirrel ! Was taken :/ Prije mjesec
I have the same fidget spinners lol and it’s kinda hard if u don’t u use half twists
BoomingKaBoom Prije mjesec
Adry Runako
Adry Runako Prije mjesec
Hey 19x19 you
Norway wolf
Norway wolf Prije mjesec
I love that goku rubix cube art
The legend
The legend Prije mjesec
I know about dragon ball z
pzCALLUMBTW8982 Prije mjesec
I have one of those rubix cube fidget spinners
Mylo van den Brand
Mylo van den Brand Prije mjesec
me: how do people do this
Sweeto Merian Glitter bean
Sweeto Merian Glitter bean Prije mjesec
The feeling when you get greeted by someone your a fan of
Irene Hernandez
Irene Hernandez Prije mjesec
Your soo cool
Mr. disappointment
Mr. disappointment Prije mjesec
When you enter creative mode
frost foxy
frost foxy Prije mjesec
Laurice Libed
Laurice Libed Prije mjesec
Wow that was cool
WeWontGiveUp Prije mjesec
Junerza Leogan
Junerza Leogan Prije mjesec
And good cool
Junerza Leogan
Junerza Leogan Prije mjesec
Ken Cashman (CEO/Inavator)
Ken Cashman (CEO/Inavator) Prije mjesec
Good job kid if you can you may need it
Ang Gray
Ang Gray Prije mjesec
Some people may think maybe that your videos are dumb but me I love um can you make a naruto character though character not none of the girls though and send it to forward of the refund fonwood cove in Jackson Tennessee I will be glad Kelton somebody idasomebody I know loves naruto
Daniel Mcleod
Daniel Mcleod Prije mjesec
Guinness Book of World Records is not the authority on any records at all.
Hannah Eavey
Hannah Eavey Prije mjesec
My old friend he could do it in 1 second
Mira Tadros
Mira Tadros Prije mjesec
Do Draco for me plz
Mallory gaming Channel
Mallory gaming Channel Prije mjesec
my sis scrambled the family rubix cube and now we cant solve it and its the original we need help
Malakai Valdez
Malakai Valdez Prije mjesec
MAXX Prije mjesec
I have the fidget one
MAXX Prije mjesec
It's easy
evil z
evil z Prije mjesec
I wish I can solve rubix cube that fast
Amie Silva
Amie Silva Prije mjesec
That art its so amazing 👏 your awsome!!×100000000000
Vicki Sullivan
Vicki Sullivan Prije mjesec
I love your videos
Gordo Sony
Gordo Sony Prije mjesec
He's not that good my brother can solve a Big Cube in 1 second
MAXX Prije mjesec
Liar liar
MAXX Prije mjesec
Cap cap Cap cap cap
Sloth Prije mjesec
I have 3 9s... he is good
Allison McKittrick
Allison McKittrick Prije mjesec
Aiden a
Aiden a Prije mjesec
Winner Kai Games
Winner Kai Games Prije mjesec
How do you solve a rubix cube
Aishah Hasbullah
Aishah Hasbullah Prije mjesec
Can you make nezuko chan
The Joker
The Joker Prije mjesec
Yae😱😱😱😱 Roomate Zong OMG😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Oski_polak Prije mjesec
Oh sheeeeesh
Rivii Cubing
Rivii Cubing Prije mjesec
Too easy
Rodney Marshall
Rodney Marshall Prije mjesec
Ok. I'm Jelis
Menacing_Crimson Prije mjesec
Too easy
Blagorodna Koceva Simjanov
Blagorodna Koceva Simjanov Prije mjesec
My friend from my class can solve rubic's cube in 2,3 secounds
OP Sayu Main!
OP Sayu Main! Prije mjesec
There's a boy at my school, he's 11 and he won the school talent show by solving 3 hard mixed up rubix cubes in under 2 minutes note he's 11!
JJ Ade
JJ Ade Prije mjesec
Miguel Cirilo
Miguel Cirilo Prije mjesec
I t a c h i
I t a c h i Prije mjesec
Was that kid goku or goten
Dimpels 11
Dimpels 11 Prije mjesec
Dragana Veršić
Dragana Veršić Prije mjesec
Try to make art under a second
Aryan Rizqi
Aryan Rizqi Prije mjesec
Aryan Rizqi
Aryan Rizqi Prije mjesec
😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cecille Pacon
Cecille Pacon Prije mjesec
Loki your Keio you leave the union very old
Rachell Wrong
Rachell Wrong Prije mjesec
I counted 8 secs
Jayme Cross
Jayme Cross Prije mjesec
I got that spinner
Abbigail Ruhland
Abbigail Ruhland Prije mjesec
I was just in Shrek the musical 😂
rockonig Prije mjesec
He probably gets energy from goku in his background
Paul Cochrane
Paul Cochrane Prije mjesec
You’ve got a lot of skil you are amazingly good
Tyresse Teixeira
Tyresse Teixeira Prije mjesec
He is so cool 😎
Dbz Animations
Dbz Animations Prije mjesec
Nice pixel goku bro
Alexis Nichols
Alexis Nichols Prije mjesec
I mean not that guy Timmy I meant to say to Timmy
Alexis Nichols
Alexis Nichols Prije mjesec
😳🤩 it’s so cool how that guy can solve a Rubiks cube that fast
Curtis Wilson
Curtis Wilson Prije mjesec
Oops 😅 it wasn’t the one that had the one I got from the one ☝️ and the other day and he was like
ramstered bob
ramstered bob Prije mjesec
My mind is blown on how satisfying this is
You’re mind In a nutshell
You’re mind In a nutshell Prije mjesec
Shrek is love, Shrek is life
Whitney Prije mjesec
Can you make me
Cliic Clac
Cliic Clac Prije mjesec
Only True Fans Remember The Shrek
Gladys Pruna
Gladys Pruna Prije mjesec
That's so cool
kong moua
kong moua Prije mjesec
Carter playz
Carter playz Prije mjesec
celabisthisguy Prije mjesec
Props to soul timmy it took me 5 years to solve a rubix cube
its david!
its david! Prije mjesec
sierra ramesar
sierra ramesar Prije mjesec
Super Vegeta
Super Vegeta Prije mjesec
Wow they made Son Goku
Aerial Hudspeth
Aerial Hudspeth Prije mjesec
When I get back I’m just see it👍🏿
Leeya Holder
Leeya Holder Prije mjesec
I'll just go back to my 2×2
JOSUA AUNG Prije mjesec
I like the goku ssjg art work
Steve Prije mjesec
I'm 6 years old irl
Lucia Pickel
Lucia Pickel Prije mjesec
Do link from zelda
sans' humor house.
sans' humor house. Prije mjesec
Jimmy is a fidget pro
Cindy Burnett
Cindy Burnett Prije mjesec
I can do it on day five seconds so I can do it in Waze seconds and I am not lying because I’ll never lie
Bekim Dedusaj
Bekim Dedusaj Prije mjesec
Yo you’re his fan because I am his fan
Pamela Wiggs
Pamela Wiggs Prije mjesec
Can you do todoroki
faze preston
faze preston Prije mjesec
Can you do me plz
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