The best and worst show on every streaming service

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Drew Gooden

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Everybody go thank @Eddy Burback for his very nice cameo

00:00 - Intro
00:34 - Hulu
04:32 - HBO Max
08:23 - Disney Plus
10:43 - Prime Video
10:46 - Netflix
17:12 - hot dog

hail the sun - doing the same thing and expecting different results


hot dog:

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Harry Walsh
Harry Walsh Prije 2 mjeseci
Who will be pinned it’s a mystery
JustSomeGuy Prije dan
jk Prije 2 dana
Jaan is a qt
Jaan is a qt Prije 3 dana
Benbai Prije 19 dana
Corner Log
Corner Log Prije mjesec
@Ochako Uraraka You want change your comment after you got pinned, the comment will get unpinned
Der Keil Zirkus der 7 Sensationen
Der Keil Zirkus der 7 Sensationen Prije 2 sati
"Fuck Amazon".
L H Prije 4 sati
wow, someone cool on youtube with lots of followers that could actually influence some kids to be cool too and not just weird flashy influencer robots. bojack horseman rules.
Kwiji Prije 4 sati
Good shows on Amazon: the expanse, the boys, the lower decks, the Orville. There are more terrible shows than good ones though
Oblivious Prije 7 sati
Well Kylie can buy me a house for two seconds of serotonin.
Hayden Coury
Hayden Coury Prije 7 sati
Hol up what’s wrong with space force I actually liked that show it should of gotten at least 3 seasons
W B Prije 9 sati
Bro Prime has Tumble Leaf
Joey. Riss
Joey. Riss Prije 10 sati
daily dose of andrew glourberman
杜曼沄du manyun
杜曼沄du manyun Prije 10 sati
drew: fuck amazon! also drew: i'd like to thank audible for-
kahaani Prije 11 sati
High school musical the musical the series is the greatest show ever made
Zaun Amorphous Combatant
Zaun Amorphous Combatant Prije 19 sati
the amazon prime was by far the most dense part of this video, love it
Luke White
Luke White Prije 19 sati
He didn’t even bring up breaking bad when talking about the shows acquired by Netflix, Crazy
Elizabeth Thornton
Elizabeth Thornton Prije 21 sat
If the mere image of sad young Bojack doesn’t tug at your heartstrings nothing will
Tre Puckett
Tre Puckett Prije 22 sati
i haven’t watched the video yet but i’m just gonna take a wild guess now that riverdale is gonna be the worst for netflix💀 unless it’s only netflix originals
Bernal M
Bernal M Prije dan
Why "f*ck Amazon"?
TheIrex10 Prije dan
TheIrex10 Prije dan
Ebby Durback Grew Doogen Ganny Donzalez Turkis Tonnor
Idk Prije dan
I was waiting for love death robot
Your Local Garbage Bin
Your Local Garbage Bin Prije dan
b-but drew, star vs the forces of evil D: D: the constant fridge horror of the first 2 seasons that they just leave you to think about and never really address was really funny and despite ponyhead's very existence, the show is consistently good at both telling a story and getting its overall moral across. also half the unnamed background characters are gay couples and i think that's brilliant
Yung The Heat
Yung The Heat Prije dan
Im coming to your house with a shotgun for not saying stranger things is the best show of all time. SHRAHRSHRSHLIPSHROPSUCKSUCKSUCK Gulp…
Chris Huntingchris
Chris Huntingchris Prije dan
In defense of spaceforce, unless you are military you wont get most of the jokes
Mystic6yt Prije dan
If only he made this video after Invincble came out
Jordan Howard
Jordan Howard Prije dan
Last Man on Earth was hilarious. I was really sad when that one got canceled
owen pye
owen pye Prije dan
10:44 is my favorite part of the whole video thank you
Briana Honeybee
Briana Honeybee Prije dan
It'd like to mention something about Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin took his name off the TV show after season 4. The best episodes, the ones most people loved, were written by George R.R. Martin, that is why the first 4 seasons are so loved. After season 5, the writers ran out of source material and from their only had spares notes from Martin. That is why from season 5 on went down hill. Without the original source or author, the writers just showed that they weren't that good at writing (i.e. why they "stepped away" from star wars). Game of Thrones without Martin was a no.
mestre da diversão
mestre da diversão Prije dan
i dissapointed you skipped Amazon just to follow the woke trend.
jakob novak
jakob novak Prije dan
I didn't end up watching any of the shows.
Frisbee Dan
Frisbee Dan Prije 2 dana
If you would have picked anything other than Bojack Horseman I would have unsubscribed edit: turns out I wasn't subscribed in the first place... so I guess that earned you a subscriber :)
Snappy Chillin
Snappy Chillin Prije 2 dana
I’m surprised funimation or crunchy roll wasn’t on here
KaSwarah AL Quzy
KaSwarah AL Quzy Prije 2 dana
Where is jojo you bozo
olivia difiore
olivia difiore Prije 2 dana
GG -GAY GOAT Prije 2 dana
1:28 I just noticed it’s the guy from jack pop
Helen Desta
Helen Desta Prije 2 dana
I literally HATTEEEE Melissa in The Last Man on Earth. She is literally the worst character to have ever existed on the existence of tv. I've never seen January Jones in anything else so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say it's not her fault that Melissa is a crazy life sucking black hole that emotionally murderers anyone that has the unfortunate chance of meeting her but like I really wish they killed her off in like the first episode. Also, I do think the cast is pretty okay other than her but like they could've done better, a lot of the characters just don't have any character like Erica, like who is she? what does she bring to the table that no one else does? Anyways great show, kinda sucky characters. Actually they pretty much all suck other than Tandy & Carol. Sorry for the rant I really needed to say that
Joe Drurr
Joe Drurr Prije 2 dana
Amazon original "patriot" is really good
Ellyn Keltz
Ellyn Keltz Prije 2 dana
The efficient talk accidentally license because duck certainly start than a cultured baby. probable, cautious hole
Dylan Sartore
Dylan Sartore Prije 2 dana
i just dont like...... the airport
Daniel Watkins
Daniel Watkins Prije 2 dana
Jesus Christ man, watch the Mandalorian. It may be the only good thing to come out since Return of the Jedi. I mean, Rogue One was pretty tight, but come on... just do it already. Anyway, enjoy your life. Say hi to your mom and pops for me.
Daniel Watkins
Daniel Watkins Prije 2 dana
Also, CLIVE is played by the Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords, which is a great HBO Original.
Ace Prije 2 dana
bojack horseman made my laugh and feel empty and sob because of how i relate to a lot of the characters childhoods and just their characters
ember 2.0
ember 2.0 Prije 2 dana
*Starts watching the Netflix portion* *Immediately gets an add for Disney plus*
Valentín Prije 2 dana
Oh no not the hothead power up from Balan XD
Jesse Williams
Jesse Williams Prije 2 dana
Hulu for sure has live sports. I literally watched the islanders game 2 days ago.
mochasuep Prije 3 dana
since Drew didn’t mention things you can watch on Amazon Prime, here’s a list for those who are interested (amazon originals): Invincible The Boys Fleabag Good Omens Upload (& more! lol) where i live, it has all seasons of the Office, Parks and Rec, Heroes, Buffy, Mr. Robot and Supernatural. :,)
lol youtube
lol youtube Prije 3 dana
House of Cards not counting the last season is fuckin phenomenal.
Mason y Studios
Mason y Studios Prije 3 dana
For Disney plus it’s definitely the mandalorian and prime video just watch invincible in my opinion
Bergeson Tyson
Bergeson Tyson Prije 3 dana
The cloistered sarah implicitly sparkle because baseball jelly face past a longing statement. guiltless, exultant dill
ezeyelliot Prije 3 dana
wheres peacock
Nikko Prije 3 dana
I just got HBO MAX just for adventure time and ben 10
Nikko Prije 3 dana
Rory Giambalvo
Rory Giambalvo Prije 3 dana
8:20 they're not even dragons, they're wyvern, but okay.
zuzu uzu
zuzu uzu Prije 3 dana
Trey Greger
Trey Greger Prije 3 dana
Am I like the only one who loved Space Force? lmaoo
crispy nut soup
crispy nut soup Prije 3 dana
i just recently binged bojack horseman and God The Pain
HYDROMUSIC Prije 4 dana
Was just watching this video again the other day and the fuck Amazon just really makes me feel good every time
Xafer Zaki
Xafer Zaki Prije 4 dana
'Fuck Amazon' The truth and only the truth. 😂😂😂
zyzyx Prije 4 dana
Im currently filming this video inside the walk in closet at popeyes. Please dont tell my manager, im currently hiding.
John Johnson
John Johnson Prije 4 dana
How dare you just skip Amazon prime like that so many bangers on there
Top Mei
Top Mei Prije 16 sati
Baby want a bottle?
Kay F Coco
Kay F Coco Prije 4 dana
Drew please please watch season 1 of the mandalorian. I doesn't feel like you're watching Star Wars.
Miss Hennessy
Miss Hennessy Prije 4 dana
When you watch a crime show on HRpost and they leave out the title so you have no idea exactly which show you're watching, only to find out in the end that it's unsolved mysteries and after that long roller coaster ride, after battling it out in your own brain on who's the killer, after allowing that excitement to rise knowing the end of the episode is near and therefore soon you will find out if you are right or wrong.... Just kidding!
HYPNOGAMI Prije 4 dana
If you like PEN15 you should check out Strangers With Candy. You can watch it through Comedy Central or on HRpost 😊
Jon Flores
Jon Flores Prije 5 dana
But the boys
CC Leigh
CC Leigh Prije 5 dana
Have to agree with most of your choices! I would add Hulu: Seinfeld, Community, and Fresh off the Boat; and Netflix: Never Have I Ever!
Gracie Prije 5 dana
Bro Stranger things
Spencer Burkard
Spencer Burkard Prije 5 dana
How u not gonna say sopranos for hbo?
Elliot C
Elliot C Prije 5 dana
You should do a Nacho Libre reviee
AMSASH Prije 5 dana
Invincible is good
Gooeseman đ
Gooeseman đ Prije 6 dana
I can't believe you put Got over The Sopranos
Jeff Kersh
Jeff Kersh Prije 6 dana
I'd say January Jones ducking anything is Must-See TV.
JustWeirdOut Prije 6 dana
"And now I still feel like an outcast" yeah no shit Kylie it's cuz you're ridiculously rich for literally no reason and no one fuckin likes you
Trippie Hippie
Trippie Hippie Prije 6 dana
DUDE Hail The Sun is so good that was a nice surprise!
Lesli S
Lesli S Prije 6 dana
I only watched Space Force because Steve was in it.
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle Prije 6 dana
that first one, pen15, yeah the fairly odd parents movie did this exact thing
pandaplayer11 Prije 7 dana
The posting the selfie one had me dead
Ninja Knight
Ninja Knight Prije 7 dana
“Fuck amazon” and then the Invisibles comes out
Cole White
Cole White Prije 7 dana
I’m sorry but THE ORIGINAL UNSOLVED MYSTERIES IS GOOD NETFLIX FUCKED IT UP! It was so good because you could call in tips and help them solve the mystery. And they would give you updates!! Amazing! They also had a host who would tell you the story rather than just a documentary style. It! Was! So! Good! And! I! Miss! It! I hate to see this unsolved mysteries slander :(
apple tart
apple tart Prije 7 dana
Since this came out before invincible got all the hype, invincible is probably the best show on amazon prime right now
Emmett Eccker
Emmett Eccker Prije 7 dana
I started watching Bojack Horseman, I'm only on season 3, my friend watched the whole series and said the final episode was really good
Gg Prije 7 dana
My mom and I litteraly cried from laughing at the first ending of marriage or mortgage.
Sandy Bagnani
Sandy Bagnani Prije 7 dana
Ive never seen a marvel movie, but i watched WandaVision and it was amazing. Until the last episode.
ColorFN Prije 7 dana
"every streaming service" prime video: and i took that personnaly
l3m0njoe Prije 8 dana
Woah what is that outro song
l3m0njoe Prije 8 dana
Got a marvel ad on this video
Cthulin Prije 8 dana
Everytime we see marriage or mortgage on the Netflix screen my dad screams, and I've never been happier to see someone share an opinion with him
Im Whap
Im Whap Prije 8 dana
I enjoyed your prime video review. Fuck amazon
Nekaz Prije 8 dana
game of thrones ran into the anime adaptation of manga problem except you can't just swimsuit episode it or can you?
twenty one heroes of olympus
twenty one heroes of olympus Prije 8 dana
as soon as Drew said “eff amazon” i got an amazon prime ad through the ad i was laughing nonstop xD
Roshan *
Roshan * Prije 8 dana
And now "FUCK AMAZON" A man of quality I see.
greenghost2008_Progressive Prije 8 dana
Part two for the streaming sites not mentionef
Frayste Prije 8 dana
and i can't believe you didn't say arrested development, it was an amazing show, Jessica Walter's acting and comedic timing was great.
Frayste Prije 8 dana
i loved bojack, it was so great
Baqthiyar Madni
Baqthiyar Madni Prije 8 dana
Change the title to "The best and the worst shows on every streaming site that I've watched"., your ratings and opinions are biased , wasted my time on this misguiding video. Well, when you're unbiased and caught up with all the shows, make another video, till then I'm putting you in "Not Interested" list of channels.
Top Mei
Top Mei Prije 16 sati
finalfantasygirl369 Prije 8 dana
I tried out BoJack Horseman because of your recommendation... And I LOVE IT
mool Prije 9 dana
me for the most part: yeah! drew has such good takes about the shows!!! drew about netflix: the best show is bojack horse- me: nope.
ThePwig Prije 9 dana
Bummer you didn’t get to mention Fleabag
Bethany G
Bethany G Prije 9 dana
Drew: fuck Amazon Me, who works for Amazon: 😳
Tory Slapper
Tory Slapper Prije 9 dana
Aight the prime video segment was based and i respect drew gooden
big clover
big clover Prije 9 dana
chase hofer
chase hofer Prije 9 dana
Kaden Albert
Kaden Albert Prije 9 dana
Real sad u missed Amazon mannn
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Prije 9 dana
I always get caught off guard by hearing hail the sun or some similar band in these videos because it's the only place I ever hear them outside of my own playlist/live shows
Daniel Feng
Daniel Feng Prije 9 dana
The big fib is based on a pretty great podcast that used to be called “pants on fire” where the robot host is actually funny. Disney basically just bought up the show and botched it.
Oh Arthur
Oh Arthur Prije 9 dana
It's been 2 years and I am still upset about how GOT ended
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