STOP Buying this Tech Scam.

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The Geoclense and all associated products are a compete scam...This is why.
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Mrwhosetheboss Prije mjesec
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Rainbow The hedgehog
Rainbow The hedgehog Prije dan
@Doggo Boi bruh
Volcanic Ash
Volcanic Ash Prije 2 dana
Like, it could be dust, or it could be made out of radioactive material.
Volcanic Ash
Volcanic Ash Prije 2 dana
The sad thing about these products, are that they are radioactive.
Coatelli Prije 9 dana
Coatelli Prije 9 dana
Which phone do u have apple or Samsung also I subscribe and like can i have a shout out 😭
himanshu upadhyay
himanshu upadhyay Prije 42 minuta
Arun just revealed his GMAT score as IQ
Matelight IT
Matelight IT Prije sat
Fun fact one HRpostr make video about that. He checked some product like that and find out that those products was radioactive. Then 2 companies was closed because of that video. - Negative Ion Products Are Actually RADIOACTIVE - My Video Got 2 Companies Shut Down!
dreamPupledel4009 Prije 2 sati
Too bad i got 4G
Juro Prije 3 sati
Radio frequency specialist here. No worries, RF radiation is safe for the general public. Most buildings in urban/suburban areas have 4-8 foot radio panels and other antennas. These can emit thousands of watts of power. RF radiation doesn’t damage DNA like ionizing radiation; however, it can heat up and cook organs that lack cooling (like eye balls). Workers who access the rooftop can be in danger of RF radiation exposure, which can sterilize, blind, and cause sickness to the workers. However, no one inside the building or on the streets is is danger. Not even if a million panels were on the roof. This is because the waves are directional and are aimed away from the building/street. Even if they were aimed in these areas, you would only be in danger if you stood within 6 feet of them for several minutes. You could stand in front of them outside of this range indefinitely, even for the rest of your life, and be fine. In comparison, your phone/headphones are not outputting anything close to this wattage. They’re also subject to even more intense regulations than cell sites are. Basically, unless you’re cooking ramen with a open door 1000w portable microwave in your pocket, you’re 100% safe. Even then, you’re more in danger of burns than you are of RF sickness.
Fun fact: we human are evolving to become better but some human are evolving backward and becoming dumber
Yoriichi CODM
Yoriichi CODM Prije 5 sati
Flynn Time
Flynn Time Prije 5 sati
6:25 I love that the username is Rick Astley.
Crimson Y
Crimson Y Prije 5 sati
Inmagain if they go there
Dunnomyname Prije 6 sati
Did I see it’s form Australia? Must be garbage (like all of our products)
Stone Face
Stone Face Prije 6 sati
9:55 Where’s your body pillow at?
Albert Prije 7 sati
I firmly believe we need to kill off anyone who believes in products like geoclense. That would solve so many problems at once.
Exlixir's second channel
Exlixir's second channel Prije 8 sati
they had ads for this stuff on national tv in australia 😭
Charles Fasano
Charles Fasano Prije 8 sati
How about those $50 Cages that make your WiFi not work. LOL.
Evilemre Prije 9 sati
Do not show this video to my mother
Boxman_two Prije 9 sati
loosely related to this but there is a video talking about how "negative ion" products are radioactive, here is a link
yindyamarra Prije 9 sati
orgone, bits of plastic on a plug, q link , flat earthers, all the same shonky mobs
Frosty Prije 9 sati
It’s absolutely crazy how good of production quality goes into his videos
David Dymarczyk
David Dymarczyk Prije 11 sati
A lot of times these anti-radiation or health items are extremely radioactive themselves.
Yung Dream
Yung Dream Prije 12 sati
It actually went down dat koalaaaa
Colognius B.I.G.
Colognius B.I.G. Prije 13 sati
You should Team up with @electroboom for more of this kind of videos
tactical_snails Prije 13 sati
When he shows your country plug upside down
Manaka Junpei
Manaka Junpei Prije 14 sati
Placebo... when they're not radioactive. Yes, it can be the case.
Noodles XD
Noodles XD Prije 14 sati
7:15 Get him kitty!!!
herry cahyanto
herry cahyanto Prije 14 sati
Memu 2
Memu 2 Prije 15 sati
They're basically echo chambers of people thinking they work
Jura Mis
Jura Mis Prije 17 sati
HRpost posted an advert for "EMF protection device" under this video. LOL
Clipsarocks Prije 17 sati
I think ot has more of a psychological effect rather than a physical one, people think that it works so then they think it is working.
Nora Veselinov
Nora Veselinov Prije 18 sati
I love the faceplant sound "oof"
Matt A
Matt A Prije 19 sati
You can put poo in a bag advertise it dumb people will buy it.
ALONUCLEAR Prije 21 sat
I have to say something about the thumbnail. Google Translate exists now, why do scammers keep putting bullshit Hebrew on "mystical" things, if you want to scam people, at least do something Google translate won't discredit immediately...,
Ki0212 Prije 22 sati
A stack of fps
Derrick B
Derrick B Prije 22 sati
Lol herpes? I need a bar of soap ASAP
BlasterRockets Prije 22 sati
ikr how dumb are people.
Elad Himmel
Elad Himmel Prije 23 sati
i know Hebrew and the stuff 9n the satan thingy is just bs its just random Hebrew latters
blue mango
blue mango Prije 23 sati
Your friendly neighborhood friend phrutthiphong guy
Your friendly neighborhood friend phrutthiphong guy Prije 23 sati
Welp the karens are at it again
Green Geodude was very funny
Algot Skoog
Algot Skoog Prije dan
6:48 I like how it says hi rick 9:55 why does it says Rick astley body pillow
Tohru-chan Prije dan
Micorwave radiation Arun: don't think about throwing that
Redmiles Shark
Redmiles Shark Prije dan
Hmm. Would these things like the stickers are also laced with thorium. I wonder.
Sofia Marquez
Sofia Marquez Prije dan
Lukmon Ashiru
Lukmon Ashiru Prije dan
I got the A SUB TO THE CHANNEL WOULD BE ....... Magical ❤️😍😘☺️
DiamondDemon Prije dan
people should know that light does not use the electromagnetic force which means its neutral. there is no way to inject a positive or negative charge into it
Dr. Asaad Faisal
Dr. Asaad Faisal Prije dan
Great info 👏👏
MLG Joe Prije dan
Aaron, you forgot one thing, human dumbfuckery. That's why the reviews are high.
Imam Masrufi
Imam Masrufi Prije dan
Powerbalance : "welcome to the club!"
Bharadwaj Toleti
Bharadwaj Toleti Prije dan
Woah I have 420 iq
FuzzyFeirceCat10 Prije dan
The more legit it seems the more legit it feels. An example can be found i the medical world. pill
mel's vibe
mel's vibe Prije dan
I have a friend that believe in that 'orgone' thing, the thing is, he's a karen lmaooo
Marshal D 123 H
Marshal D 123 H Prije dan
yes, this science does work to an extent... It's called placebo lol
Shawn M
Shawn M Prije dan
1) Convince there is a problem 2) Establish themselves as an authority 3) Sell the "solution" Sounds exactly like religion.
Vipper Blaze
Vipper Blaze Prije dan
this stuff kinda feels like very early medicine (talking about like prehistoric and even ancient rome and beyond) but in some ways it's even worse because in prehistoric medicine, it was basically believed there was evil spirits in our bodies and that's what caused diseases things like colds and headaches what did they do? performed rituals or gave them a thing to wear around their neck about a week later they'd feel better (because that's usually how long these things last) and they believed the stuff they were given cured them
Dr. Joan Savage
Dr. Joan Savage Prije dan
Dude, you are awesome 👌
꓄ꀍꏂ ꅐꍏ꓄ꏳꀍꏂꋪ
꓄ꀍꏂ ꅐꍏ꓄ꏳꀍꏂꋪ Prije dan
9:55 Wtf-
園田 Prije dan
ah, yes. I love some "anti-radiation" rabbit hole
Jake McClenahan
Jake McClenahan Prije dan
Missed opportunity. A sub to the channel would be…… POSITIVELY RADIANT!
Majd Al-Deek
Majd Al-Deek Prije dan
It's 2021 and we still have people believing this type of scam? Wow
Jackster Prije dan
4:52 quick answer : placebo effect
TheWinner Prije dan
9:55 Wha-
AzaniDX- At 9001 IQ
AzaniDX- At 9001 IQ Prije dan
These people have an IQ of -690
SubmarineMagnet Prije dan
I have one of those products, its actually one of the rosary bracelets on the giftshop of the church we travelled to. I had it blessed and I wear it on big occasions like exams. It gives me confidence, boosts my happiness and overall focus and attitude! The weird part? Its all in my head. Because I believe that this tiny bracelet gives me magic powers, it actually does cuz the benefits I mentioned never failed me yet. Can you imagine trusting in an object just so you can trust yourself better and output better results? Yeah.
mahdi aqel
mahdi aqel Prije dan
scams: buy this to protect yourself for positive charge. me: hahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha no
Nökkvi Christiansen
Nökkvi Christiansen Prije dan
how the FUCK would you even program that (im a programmer) 4:05
Akash Abbigeri
Akash Abbigeri Prije dan
TVA was inspired by this scam 😂😂
Lord Shampy
Lord Shampy Prije dan
Why am i not selling this??
AT13 Prije 2 dana
I love the Mario kart music when he lists the products 😂😂, also since it's "microwave radiation" how much of that radiation would be enough to harm you even a little bit?
Lewis B
Lewis B Prije 2 dana
9:55 ayo what you searching
Leon Gabriel Brandt
Leon Gabriel Brandt Prije 2 dana
1921: in 2021 we will have flying cars! 2021: Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer
Tom Malea
Tom Malea Prije 2 dana
EBV is not really Herpes, but it kind of amazes me that they can tell you have it by seeing "your tent" 😂😂😂
Thedbzgamer Prije 2 dana
I heard that some of those sticker are actually radioactive and can be dangerous
Vacation Meggy Spletzer
Vacation Meggy Spletzer Prije 2 dana
7:12 cat be like let me sleep eh
Loco Squad
Loco Squad Prije 2 dana
1960: in 2021 we will have flying cars and people gonna be so smart People in 2021: *I'VE TEST YOUR MAGNETIC AURA, YOU HAVE HERPES*
John Thimakis
John Thimakis Prije 2 dana
You do realise religion has been around forever right?
xXBaconHair10Xx Prije 2 dana
So basically this is all the parents making different companies just to tell us its your phone and not anything else
The Pilgrim
The Pilgrim Prije 2 dana
The "Placebo" effect.
Whiqed Dik
Whiqed Dik Prije 2 dana
Awesome cat too
Whiqed Dik
Whiqed Dik Prije 2 dana
Snake oils sales have never been higher. Great work btw
flameonswitch Prije 2 dana
What even more bizarre was that rick astley body pillow you just searched😏
Cordell Johnson
Cordell Johnson Prije 2 dana
Okay so yes electronic devices emit electronic radiation, but that’s not harmful at all…. The dizziness, headaches, and such are caused by blue light not emr…… emr does nothing bad to you at all!!
Jay Pee
Jay Pee Prije 2 dana
Stop buying these products yet he buys it
Rachit Piwlatkar
Rachit Piwlatkar Prije 2 dana
To make us alert of these scams.
Tech Nerd
Tech Nerd Prije 2 dana
Honestly my cat would do the same thing
ilikecreepers why
ilikecreepers why Prije 2 dana
I couldn't believe ... Mario in a kart drinking to you from a distance
Jude The Destroyer
Jude The Destroyer Prije 2 dana
I saw that scrambled squeb cube
Tarik Husic
Tarik Husic Prije 2 dana
Is he hater to Samsung 🤣🤣🤣 I'm sorry
bioLarzen Prije 2 dana
"Orgone is the new phlogiston"
bioLarzen Prije 2 dana
There is a Hungarian (probably has local equivalents in every culture) saying "as long as there is manure there will be sparrows" meaning something like as long as there are gullible people ther will always be people who take avantage of them. Sadly, there are always gonna be people who can be fooled with this level of crap and so there will always be people who will do exactly that. It is like diseases: a hateful thign but part of life/society.
Phillip Karlisle
Phillip Karlisle Prije 2 dana
rick astley body pillow
Tyga Njue
Tyga Njue Prije 2 dana
did the doll just move itself 8:30
Messi Goh
Messi Goh Prije 3 dana
7:41 A vast majority of the adult population actually has EBV. Its extremely common a bit like the cold. It causes mono
Nitrox Prije 3 dana
WiFi has radiation so no Internet gadgets or anything tech to have 0 radiation.
Samuel Girma Girma
Samuel Girma Girma Prije 3 dana
Hey so i brought that soup thing when i told every body i know that it work none of agree but they laugh their pants off
Gracie Prije 3 dana
"dont even think about throwing that" I AM DYING
Gurinderjit Singh
Gurinderjit Singh Prije 3 dana
You are.... hmmmm....... WOW 👌
Not My Name
Not My Name Prije 3 dana
5:50 she looks so dead inside
Muaz Amin
Muaz Amin Prije 3 dana
Aww.. I like his cat 😻😻
Simply Animated
Simply Animated Prije 3 dana
So any of you who didn't understand what he said at the end I will explain, 1) This is basically a placebo but it works on a different principle 2) A placebo is generally a medicine that actually does not have any medical properties but cures them because they think that this is real medicine and because of this it tricks the brain. 3) This is such that it basically is the difference between causation and coincidence. Causation is when an act directly is related to an incident after whereas coincidence is when an act happens and after some time another incident takes place not related to the first one but people believe it to be an effect of the first act or in this case the bar of plastic with a plug attached.
David Langford
David Langford Prije 3 dana
Its funny....because I am watching this video, which I like this guy, he strikes me as intelligent, and just below it is an advert for "LIGHT LOUNGE" Which is supposed to protect you from all forms of EMF. Even better than a Faraday Cage. I was just noticing, maybe the EMF and all the other types of radiation blasting in your house is what caused your kitty to attack?
Xisor Shadow
Xisor Shadow Prije 3 dana
actually i think it is bots sending reviews, because those are getting more and more common
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