Miniminter Nearly Hits A Kid

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TkSharma Prije 14 dana
Zain Akram
Zain Akram Prije 16 dana
miniminter nearly has a kid
Seb Henderson
Seb Henderson Prije 17 dana
And that so called kid was Jake Paul
Phxyco Prije 18 dana
jasfx _
jasfx _ Prije 18 dana
Plot Twist : He tried to hit the kid in purpose
BIG Aundrey
BIG Aundrey Prije 18 dana
He'll get him next time
apple juice
apple juice Prije 18 dana
lol u got clickbaited
Dana88 Prije 18 dana
I feel clicked baited
Jaren Seth
Jaren Seth Prije 18 dana
I thought vik would be in the frame
D-Marksman Prije 18 dana
Simon nearly hit the kid Harry: you made me proud
TobiSTOMP Prije 18 dana
Giving me inbetweener vibes when they boomerang hits the disabled person
Aryan Chitnis
Aryan Chitnis Prije 18 dana
Not the first time
Green apple
Green apple Prije 19 dana
Love how joe weller was throwing shade lmfao
Blaze Cannon xd
Blaze Cannon xd Prije 19 dana
Look at joe weller calling his shots shit mate he literally shits on you
Simon Saw Yong Ping
Simon Saw Yong Ping Prije 19 dana
Yea Tommy’s winning the first to 10 million subs
Jonathan Fielding
Jonathan Fielding Prije 19 dana
Better title would’ve been: Miniminter nearly commits mass murder on fans
Defeatatron Prije 19 dana
Anyone else expecting a harrys mum edit
Nation Bants
Nation Bants Prije 19 dana
plot twist: it was harry's mum
Nintense Prije 19 dana
Not that hard when 90% of the crowd are under ten years old.
Drapes Prije 19 dana
Meanwhile Harry’s mum sitting in the crowd... 🤕
Youcef Ghechim
Youcef Ghechim Prije 19 dana
Were is the kid???😐
Chidubem Duruibe
Chidubem Duruibe Prije 19 dana
Anybody wanna get saved? To go to Heaven you must confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, and you must believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected three days later, forgiving us for our sins if we repent.
Ted Dan
Ted Dan Prije 19 dana
nice clickbait fellas
NotZync_ Prije 19 dana
They were acting like 10 year olds when their crush was wathcing them😂
Brent McCallum
Brent McCallum Prije 19 dana
Aw he missed :(
James Rayner
James Rayner Prije 19 dana
For some reason, I read this as “Simon nearly eats a kid” I thought I’d been click baited until I read it again 😂
MMΨ Prije 19 dana
the kid should sue
Vilho Mikkola
Vilho Mikkola Prije 19 dana
Unlucky You will hit it next time
MIKE TYTHON Prije 19 dana
This the worst click bait going you would of thought the sidemen had rinsed there fans enough
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Prije 19 dana
Wombat Wammy
Wombat Wammy Prije 19 dana
Steven tries saved the kid
emit Clapped u ツ
emit Clapped u ツ Prije 19 dana
That was at charlton I live 10 mins away
Rinnegan 44
Rinnegan 44 Prije 19 dana
Absolute violent behaviour that, he should be stripped of his channel and fined for attempted murder really, such a shame to see what this world has come to, fans being attacked by their idols 😐
Rinnegan 44
Rinnegan 44 Prije 19 dana
@SteDra he nearly did it, that’s why I said attempted 🗿
SteDra Prije 19 dana
but really, im saying lifetime tbh, you cant just murder a child for no reason...
Itz Bronel ツ
Itz Bronel ツ Prije 19 dana
Jesus Christ loves you
Adi Selva
Adi Selva Prije 19 dana
He should ask Steven tries for sum advice when it comes to kids
Hamani Alali
Hamani Alali Prije 19 dana
You would get more views if you put MM7 games honestly
Martial Prije 19 dana
Tbf this video did better than every other KSI, W2S video in the last 4 days.
Xawad Prije 19 dana
yasin esmaeili
yasin esmaeili Prije 19 dana
call martin Tyler and alan smith for the next one
MHMD Prije 19 dana
Totally unrelated but number 7 fits him so much for some reason kinda reminds me of Di maria
MHMD Prije 19 dana
@JMN But his skinny body with number 7 on his back looks like Di maria when he used to wear number 7
JMN Prije 19 dana
But Simon's nickname is Lewandowski tho
Yung Mogli
Yung Mogli Prije 19 dana
The titles are amazing
Марина Занько
Марина Занько Prije 19 dana
Omfg hahaha
Aryan Kapoor
Aryan Kapoor Prije 19 dana
I think Simon got Tommyinnit
Nobody Prije 19 dana
Plot twist he was aiming for the kid
Vidit Saxena
Vidit Saxena Prije 19 dana
more apt title would be 'miniminter hits on a kid'
Frazix •
Frazix • Prije 19 dana
A skinny guy with such amazing power
Ivan Golobok
Ivan Golobok Prije 19 dana
@Old KSI Videos K bro if you say so
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos Prije 19 dana
@JMN I'm 68
JMN Prije 19 dana
He's not that skinny guys. Man's literally 79kg, that's a pretty decent weight
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos Prije 19 dana
I went as a reserve though , didn't play. But that's not the point. If you play football, you should know kicking the ball that high ain't hard
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos Prije 19 dana
@Ivan Golobok I play for my school team and went to nationals for U-18
Kevin Seabright
Kevin Seabright Prije 19 dana
Now if that was Harry kicking we'd know he'd actually hit his mom instead.
Leg Hair
Leg Hair Prije 16 dana
Walter Clements
Walter Clements Prije 18 dana
BANGTAN 7 Prije 19 dana
This was Simon's best haircut, mans was in ultra instinct mode ❄️
khaled aldoraee
khaled aldoraee Prije 19 dana
Beast Of helheim
Beast Of helheim Prije 19 dana
I think Harry runs this channel
TKM Prije 20 dana
ahahah opps
RAMIC Prije 20 dana
legend has it that the kid unsubscribed when he got home >.
Dat Fortnite kid Dude
Dat Fortnite kid Dude Prije 20 dana
New title Simon minter in court for potential murder
FalloutPlays Prije 20 dana
Simon endangers a child with a strike, KSI watches a child in danger gets a strike, but Vik ......nothing?
Denny Men
Denny Men Prije 20 dana
wouldn’t be suprised if vik hit the kid
Sriram Vijaykumar
Sriram Vijaykumar Prije 20 dana
Simon is clickbaiting the shit Outta HRpost. Can start a paid class on skillshare . Only about clickbaiting shithousery.
Aryan Kapoor
Aryan Kapoor Prije 20 dana
The kids grew up and went on to become tommyinnit. Now you know why he hates the sidemen.(except vik)
Lil Cumquief
Lil Cumquief Prije 20 dana
They should do a sidemen vs HRpost rugby match
Axhan Prije 20 dana
What the Is his name Milimeter fr? 💀 Nvm its a youtuber lol
Ant Contos
Ant Contos Prije 20 dana
He loves kids 🙈🐒
SombraLixo Prije 20 dana
Sidemen vs the TikTokTekkers
Ebando Prije 20 dana
Imagine Susan or HRpost striking this channel for child endangerment
Cyoobic Prije 20 dana
I think it was Tobi who somehow laid it off perfectly lol
Shameel Ahamed
Shameel Ahamed Prije 20 dana
take that out of context, and he's getting canceled, incoming the twitter idiots
SlowMoSam Prije 20 dana
I didn’t realise there were baby goats in the crowd
RisingLegend Prije 20 dana
Harry is so creative he created the concept of the clips channels, mashallah.
JMN Prije 19 dana
@Proskilzz Josh was the first one to do the shorts channel lmao not harry
Martial Prije 20 dana
@Proskilzz Josh was the first one to do it. Harry hopped on the trend later.
Proskilzz Prije 20 dana
he didn’t actually create the idea. He was the first of the sidemen to do it but the clips channel rose in popularity when people like MrBeast started doing it.
Leafar 12
Leafar 12 Prije 20 dana
*Who else didn't look at the thumbnail and thought he was about to slap a kid*
meep beep
meep beep Prije 20 dana
whats next the video where josh pushes over the fan
shaker mahdi
shaker mahdi Prije 20 dana
Who ever encharge on this channel is a goat
Brandeeno28 Prije 20 dana
That's such a fucking screech. Glad I have an ad block on lol
JJ Olatunji
JJ Olatunji Prije 20 dana
Kid almost died rah
Fat Tony
Fat Tony Prije 8 dana
this is what happens when youtube unverifies you
WadraYT Prije 12 dana
Ayyyy babatunde
DrFishStick Prije 13 dana
get that fucking tick back fam
ol ela
ol ela Prije 14 dana
If your next song isn't country then you're a fraud.
Shauryaveer Rajkumar
Shauryaveer Rajkumar Prije 15 dana
That’s what happens when you’re not verified, you can have 12 million subs and only get 30 likes on a video.
Omega Gamer
Omega Gamer Prije 20 dana
At least he didn’t hit his own mother cough Harry kicking a ball in his mums face cough Ksi slapping his mom on Christmas Day Jk
Mark Lowe
Mark Lowe Prije 20 dana
Yes that kind of thing usually happen in football
instinct 123
instinct 123 Prije 20 dana
It was supposed to say mini minter almost hits on a kid then vik came in and did it for him
5bzhqq Prije 20 dana
BUT .. cmon
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky Prije 20 dana
Joel Ramdhan
Joel Ramdhan Prije 20 dana
Anyone like bread?
Rodrigo Herrera
Rodrigo Herrera Prije 20 dana
pEtITiOn tO get mInImInTeR cAnCeLeD for hItTiNg tHaT kId
Dram Onl
Dram Onl Prije 20 dana
Joe Weller did everything he possibly could to down play Sidemen during this match, such a pussyole.
William Moffat
William Moffat Prije 20 dana
9brutus08 Prije 20 dana
Wait when was there a HRpost soccer thing?
9brutus08 Prije 18 dana
@Skiward very true lol
Skiward Prije 19 dana
you're American so you probably don't need to know
Slahudeen Hussain
Slahudeen Hussain Prije 20 dana
There was 1 in 2016, 1 in 2017 and 1 in 2018, it was Sidemen Fc vs youtube allstars
Abdullah Prije 20 dana
ZerkaaHD hits A kid
izzy frame
izzy frame Prije 20 dana
So we are worried Simon nearly hit a kid but we ignoring the fact Josh threw one on the floor ...
Odeta Vaidilaite
Odeta Vaidilaite Prije 20 dana
Oh no
Nico Prije 20 dana
Again clickbait😂
Slahudeen Hussain
Slahudeen Hussain Prije 20 dana
wdym, it wasn't clickbait
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt Prije 20 dana
Upload Josh pushing a kid over lol
GoldSwaggamer 400
GoldSwaggamer 400 Prije 20 dana
Wish they could do another one of these.
Fana3x Prije 20 dana
He nearly hit the moon with how bad that shot was xD
RudolfMaster Prije 20 dana
they already run out of clips
Yvng Ricky
Yvng Ricky Prije 20 dana
Timo Werner 2.0
Lalit Singh
Lalit Singh Prije 20 dana
i did wonder why one unsub simons channel
Karatechampclo Prije 20 dana
Josh on the other hand...
hi F u
hi F u Prije 20 dana
Wouldn’t be suprised
Nathan Lewis
Nathan Lewis Prije 20 dana
Trilogy sidemen match maybe?
Asuna Yuuki
Asuna Yuuki Prije 20 dana
His haircut, height, playstyle, look exactly like Lewandowski back when they both have white hair...
Asuna Yuuki
Asuna Yuuki Prije 19 dana
wdym Jota looks nothing like him
James Robertson
James Robertson Prije 19 dana
Jota is clear of lewandowski..........
e.fraser Prije 20 dana
Father of the year goes to...
smurf_ official
smurf_ official Prije 20 dana
Legend has it he was targeting a kid that was making Ksimon memes
Chief Sosa almighty
Chief Sosa almighty Prije 15 dana
@FBI stfu
Fay Prije 18 dana
@BARS agreed
BARS Prije 19 dana
@JMN cringe
JMN Prije 19 dana
@FBI Ur mumma's lame
Silver Ren
Silver Ren Prije 19 dana
@FBI lame
NBA Dagger
NBA Dagger Prije 20 dana
10k In 15 minutes🥶
tan dess
tan dess Prije 20 dana
KP Prije 20 dana
Wow you can hit the crossbar, score from the half way line but you couldn’t hit the kid, I’m disappointed
Iakkel Prije 20 dana
This is a shithousery of a title
gremlin bastard
gremlin bastard Prije 20 dana
no hetero but simon looked fresh af at this game 🙅
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