Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal | Wimbledon 2019 | Full Match

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Prije godine

Relive the fourth Wimbledon meeting between Rafa and Roger in the 2019 semi-final...

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Wimbledon Prije godine
44:46 - Start of first set tie-break 51:52 - End of first set 56:59 - Start of second set 1:28:20 - End of second set 1:31:39 - Start of third set 2:06:45 - End of third set 2:10:06 - Start of fourth set 2:54:53 - Start of final game 3:03:00 - Match point
ronen chatterjee
ronen chatterjee Prije 15 sati
Nadal vs Federer -- the 17 year Rivalry breakdown Nadal VS Federer GOAT Comparison
Нонка Манчева
Нонка Манчева Prije 10 dana
@Vedad Teletović 0
Juan ignacio Aldacourrou
Juan ignacio Aldacourrou Prije mjesec
M jguj g Noojukiy
Juan ignacio Aldacourrou
Juan ignacio Aldacourrou Prije mjesec
M jguj g Noojukiy
Juan ignacio Aldacourrou
Juan ignacio Aldacourrou Prije mjesec
M jguj g Noojukiy
jolh정원 Prije 6 sati
Rafa가 21윔블던 참가포기해서 가슴은 아프지만 오래오래 보고싶으니 ....Vamos Rafa
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g Prije dan
Federer-Nadal is an all-time great rivalry in any sport.
Tài IQI Nguyễn
Tài IQI Nguyễn Prije dan
Hi Sir
DurpenHeimer Prije 5 dana
1:37:00 commentator is actually incorrect - that would only count if the ball hits something that is connected to the net, not just any object on the court
Rena Hanna
Rena Hanna Prije 5 dana
Pawan Sidharth
Pawan Sidharth Prije 6 dana
Who is here after Nadal's Withdrawal from Wimbledon 2021 ?
WittyRoark Prije 6 dana
Nadal just won 2 Wimbledon - 2008 & 2010 If it was not for his massive dominance in Clay court & winning 13 French Open titles ... he would have been far far behind in Tally.
TIPS FOR HEALTH Prije 7 dana
My favourt game
Felipe Mendoza
Felipe Mendoza Prije 7 dana
ahh... pre-covid beautiful times!
Batac Branch
Batac Branch Prije 7 dana
what mannerism is that nadal is that your rituals
hecui citoa
hecui citoa Prije 8 dana
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Turk99 Prije 9 dana
It was a beautiful match. I’m a fed fan but it really wouldn’t upset me if Nadal had won. They’re just that good and classy. Pity Fed lost to Djokovic in the final. He had it on his racket twice and he would be immortal if he’d won. I don’t like Djokovic’s tennis at all, but he’s the strongest of the three,
Dillan Dennis
Dillan Dennis Prije 9 dana
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molambo Prije 10 dana
On that day Nadal must not have taken that miraculous "juice" of him, result: Lost to the old man!
James Sandlin
James Sandlin Prije 10 dana
can't stand watching or listening to a nadal tennis match any longer no more annoying rear end picking and face touching in sequence no more outlandish screaming everytime the player hits the ball no more
Emma Van Klei
Emma Van Klei Prije 10 dana
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Fatina C
Fatina C Prije 11 dana
Why would the ball respond to the inertia of his arm?
adrian Bernal
adrian Bernal Prije 11 dana
Hahahaha el Nadal firma y el Federer no
James Ball
James Ball Prije 13 dana
This has been a very interesting rivalry due to the style contrast and the amount of matches in Finals of tournaments. Nadal has a healthy edge of about 8 matches I think out of around 40 total matches. ( 24-16?.. I'm going off of memory...I don't feel like looking it up) What is more interesting is that Federer has won something like 6 of the last 7 with the only loss being Roland Garros 2019 (Where Nadal is nigh unbeatable for anyone). This is all since Roger's return from injury in 2017 with a new backhand and slightly bigger racquet head. I also think that Federer has lost an inordinate amount of their matches on Rafa's favorite surface as compared to Federer's, but I can't say that part for certain. Regardless, great match and legendary rivalry. Hope to see this one again in 2021.
Atabak Fartash
Atabak Fartash Prije 13 dana
Văn Tùng Nguyễn
Văn Tùng Nguyễn Prije 15 dana
Nadal was so stupid. He couldn't beat the 38-year-old man that he usually beat before
kal Ke
kal Ke Prije 2 dana
Shut up Federer won because he played better than Nadal. If he is that old he wouldn't reach finals at all
Madhav Vinod
Madhav Vinod Prije 15 dana
One day the Big 3 should eat Goat together ❤😂👍
Madhav Vinod
Madhav Vinod Prije 15 dana
John Gottuso
John Gottuso Prije 16 dana
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G Creatives
G Creatives Prije 17 dana
Watching this in 2021 and crying because I miss packed out stadiums
Luca Hänni fanpage
Luca Hänni fanpage Prije 18 dana
Bin ich einzigste das findet das Roger Federer und Rafael Nadal ähnlich aussehen?😂
Mua Ban used Car
Mua Ban used Car Prije 21 dan
JuAnCa RaMa
JuAnCa RaMa Prije 22 dana
2008 best game in the world king Nadal😍 1
erik schaepers
erik schaepers Prije 24 dana
Boris sounds drunk
Megan Prije 25 dana
I love how Roger is kind of waiting for Rafa at 3:04:28 because whatever the case, they are still good friends. This being evident in their subsequent Laver Cup, Match for Africa interactions etc.
Camilo Molina
Camilo Molina Prije 25 dana
Rafa Federer
Rafa Federer Prije 27 dana
MIRKA! 😲 2:57:17 Gett'n it ready 4 Daddy!🍥😝🍥
Steffen C.Herry
Steffen C.Herry Prije 28 dana
Whats the Referee saying at for example 14:50 thats for service?
Carlos Torales
Carlos Torales Prije 28 dana
Su Majestad!!!
Eshaan Simha
Eshaan Simha Prije 29 dana
70s Tennis: Borg/Macenroe 90: Tennis: Sampras/Agassi 2010s: Roger/Rafa
Clinton Mao
Clinton Mao Prije mjesec
Federico Riggio
Federico Riggio Prije mjesec
In my opinion there are 2 ways to fix this wonderful sport: 1) going back to wooden rackets 2) imposing a speed limit for the service
Sergio Acosta Quintana
Sergio Acosta Quintana Prije mjesec
humilde nadal haciendo autógrafos
Eddie Jiyo
Eddie Jiyo Prije mjesec
*Federer* = YOGA *Nadal* = MIXED MARTIAL ARTS
Rosely Magali
Rosely Magali Prije mjesec
Na TV e celular
Rosely Magali
Rosely Magali Prije mjesec
Nosso Grupo Queremos saber como estão com saudades de você Planos de Deus caminho do Bem Det28.1.14 vocês BEM Uniaos
Rosely Magali
Rosely Magali Prije mjesec
Nosso Grupo Queremos saber como estão com saudades de você Planos de Deus caminho do Bem Det28.1.14 vocês BEM Uniaos
Rosely Magali
Rosely Magali Prije mjesec
Nosso Grupo Queremos saber como estão com saudades de você Planos de Deus caminho do Bem Det28.1.14 vocês BEM Uniaos
プーちゃん Prije mjesec
Juan Elias Ortega Blasco
Juan Elias Ortega Blasco Prije mjesec
acquistagabri Prije mjesec
Ma perchè applaudono anche i punti brutti ???
jimleveilleur live
jimleveilleur live Prije mjesec
nice friday for the goat ! but what a hard sunday next !!!!
Ted Oliveira
Ted Oliveira Prije mjesec
O cacuete desse Nadal é feio demais. Jesus.
Yugen 10
Yugen 10 Prije mjesec
The revenge of 2008... there is only one Maestro
Reynard Loock
Reynard Loock Prije mjesec
728 Rahul Jain
728 Rahul Jain Prije mjesec
use ad blocker. Its amazing
Marius Man
Marius Man Prije mjesec madrid open 2021 isner big serve
Alc15 Prije mjesec
Federer ha ganado por la gran diferencia en el servicio
Juan ignacio Aldacourrou
Juan ignacio Aldacourrou Prije mjesec
YNi un nmg k. N g o uno yyulk v Ivón g Notuve gumuj Ku vhuglng Mil V lo l Lo kniuv no ynun
😭estava torcendo pra Nadal... (foi o primeiro Grand Slam que assisti), mas também gosto muito de Federer 🙂, mas eu lembro nesse dia, eu torcendo muito pra Nadal 😭, mas o pior de tudo, FEDERER TINHA QUE PERDER PRA DJOKOVIC LOGO EM SEGUIDA! 😠 eu, pra torcer: Nadal: ✅ Federer: ✅ Djokovic: ❌
curttheboywonder Prije mjesec
These commercial breaks are unbearable. Can’t even watch this match. Can’t they be put between games instead of in between serves?
728 Rahul Jain
728 Rahul Jain Prije mjesec
use adblockers its amazing
Claudinei Barboza
Claudinei Barboza Prije mjesec
Se Federer soubesse que iria perder daquele jeito pra Djokovic na final, preferiria ter perdido a semi pra Nadal.😅😅😅
Monogamija Kocha
Monogamija Kocha Prije mjesec
Boring match by 2 idiots 👹
髙橋耕治 Prije mjesec
G Prije mjesec
The only thing more boring and predictable than Novak's playing style is the insufferable comments under every HRpost video from his fans lol. Its not even about the stats tbf, Nadal & Federer are amongst the all-time top tier players that have brought artistry, elegance and incredible athleticism to the game of tennis. I will watch most (if not all) of their games for decades to come, as good has Novak is he will never have *that* magic that made these two players what they are. Watching them is like listening to great music 🎶🎶
Steven friis
Steven friis Prije mjesec
Bravo law tennis adios amin
Serge Krief
Serge Krief Prije mjesec
Ils ont eu tous les 2 la bonne idée de s'habiller tout en blanc, avec un même bandeau blanc, si bien qu'on ne sait plus trop qui est qui?
C S PIERCY Prije 2 mjeseci
There is no audio in my video of this 2019 match.
Bartxpe FF
Bartxpe FF Prije 2 mjeseci
Nadal is LOSER
Søldier creatør on stick nødes
Søldier creatør on stick nødes Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey dhar mann fam
WokenGamer Prije 2 mjeseci
Why does goats stick out so much lol, that's hownill remember this match
Harry snateraar
Harry snateraar Prije 2 mjeseci
the same approachshot as Fed made against Djoko on his matchpoint - with the same result, as we all know ... 3:01:43
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Prije mjesec
Fed played awful, he should have finished Nadal on the first match point, makes my head hurt, he should have lost this match, instead of put us through the torment of the finals, only to disgrace himself, and put himself under more pressure now, let's see what he brings to Wimbledon 2021 in a few months.
Dylan Giletto
Dylan Giletto Prije 2 mjeseci
2:14:08 who is the girl on the right?
Milos Prije 2 mjeseci
EsequielB Prije 2 mjeseci
Alex Miller
Alex Miller Prije 2 mjeseci
What network is this?
Scott Warren
Scott Warren Prije 2 mjeseci
2:58:30 federer should have hit the ball to the right not to the left.. that was so bad
Jefe Maestro
Jefe Maestro Prije 2 mjeseci
Son lo mejores gracias
Curso de Drones
Curso de Drones Prije 2 mjeseci
Federer es todo un maestro del tenis
Stiffe’s Vlog
Stiffe’s Vlog Prije 2 mjeseci
Fedal ❤️
Larry Abecid
Larry Abecid Prije 2 mjeseci
Amy Adams?
Malicious Prije 2 mjeseci
How come Rafa was hitting the ball so short?
Ümran Kaşıkçı
Ümran Kaşıkçı Prije 2 mjeseci
Asaf Kaşıkçı
Asaf Kaşıkçı Prije 2 mjeseci
7NoJoke7 Prije 2 mjeseci
And then he lost his 3rd Wimbledon final against Novak having the whole stadium (for the 3rd time) cheering for him. All those rich guys in the stands yelling and not respecting Novak who showed for Nth time who is the best when it comes to the highest level and difficulty in tennis.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Prije mjesec
Well crowd always roots for Federer, maybe he needed Novak to be injured or jinx himself, I was praying the whole damn time, some jinx may happen to Novak, after saving match points, like he injures himself, or hits the umpire or ball boys and gets DQ'd- he came close in the the tie-break, he just needed to jump up a bit higher, and smash that racket on the Umpire's arm, then all this trauma would have been over!
Truong Hanh Vi
Truong Hanh Vi Prije 2 mjeseci
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Kiara Patrice Oxley2021
Kiara Patrice Oxley2021 Prije 2 mjeseci
Rafael is the man my favorite player! He's so unbeatable
Beba Carp
Beba Carp Prije 2 mjeseci
David and Tom!
David and Tom! Prije 2 mjeseci
we all know that cheater rafa can only win on a grandma court. The court has to be as slow as molasses running uphill in the winter time.
Traci Irby
Traci Irby Prije 2 mjeseci
The clever insurance wessely introduce because begonia collectively introduce minus a useless russia. silly, massive clerk
daninator4456 Prije 2 mjeseci
35:15 xd
Dario Abrador
Dario Abrador Prije 2 mjeseci
Roger so afraid of rafa obviously
Dario Abrador
Dario Abrador Prije mjesec
@Paul Johnson but he cried in AO lol
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Prije mjesec
Afraid? He beat him without going to 5 sets here, he could have beat him much easier, more like Nadole scared of facing Djokovic in the finals.
Jitendra Khinda
Jitendra Khinda Prije 2 mjeseci
Jitendra Khinda
Jitendra Khinda Prije 2 mjeseci
Andrew Vo
Andrew Vo Prije 2 mjeseci
The capricious zone certainly bang because novel preclinically suit amongst a eight prepared. enormous, dependent octopus
Jitendra Khinda
Jitendra Khinda Prije 2 mjeseci
Julian Rozenstein
Julian Rozenstein Prije 3 mjeseci
Amanda LIU
Amanda LIU Prije 3 mjeseci
35:15 is that boy reading lord of the rings? lmao
Raquel L
Raquel L Prije 3 mjeseci
can i just say i LOVE seeing the camera on Federer’s wife. she is always there to support him ever since the beginning of his career. so wholesome
ayrton ong
ayrton ong Prije 3 mjeseci
The successful colon spectroscopically strengthen because zipper specially pause failing a tan pvc. open, trite pot
Martin Granada
Martin Granada Prije 3 mjeseci
El mejor clásico
Jorge Correa
Jorge Correa Prije 3 mjeseci
Federer es el rey, y su Reino es el tenis. Esto es deporte ,y no es una lucha a muerte de gladiador como ljokovich, o Nadal que pelean a muerte. Gracias Federer por dar un espectáculo de primera, Dios te lo pague. Chao 👋.
Milan Zivkovic
Milan Zivkovic Prije 3 mjeseci
I think Federer lost in the final against Novak. 311 weeks at no.1 Novak Đoković
Liman Prije 3 mjeseci
2:59:12 First: Beautiful, Second: Sublime
Liman Prije 3 mjeseci
2:37:24 Just Federer can do this
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