Is a Manual Transmission Swap Worth It?

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Glados Ai
Glados Ai Prije 7 sati
Considering I can rip apart an engine and put it back together without a manual... I’d honestly be a good person to have around due to my mechanical insanity
James will
James will Prije 15 sati
Randy Slater
Randy Slater Prije 16 sati
22:36 that's a sick fez
Dá Fallì
Dá Fallì Prije 18 sati
I picked up my e36 droptop 2 years ago for 400 been working on my e92 lately But now i wanna convert auto to manual So im grateful that u guys dropped an updated video
Colin Donoghue
Colin Donoghue Prije 21 sat
Just saw an article saying how you shouldn't manual swap your car because of all the fab work required. It made up a lot of bull about how ever part of the process is too hard and you shouldn't attempt. The dumbest part is they referenced this video at the end as proof. Even though this video pretty much negates every thing the article said. Granted it's not easy but its definitely not impossible
IamHeadShotNL Prije dan
Laughs in european...
Irontale Prije dan
if life doesn't kill me I AM certain Alzheimer's will ._.
ThePentosin Prije dan
Where is the new time on the track????
cminagil Prije dan
Manual swaps are ALWAYS worth it. Sadly you have a $hitty bimmer, but that's your problem and not mine
Tim Prije 2 dana
Lol at the dude popping out at 22:35 XD
Tim Prije 2 dana
He plays it down like its doable, but this shit looks so crazy fucking hard!!
The Littlest Walker
The Littlest Walker Prije 2 dana
I missing something, did he just stick a razor blade to his hand?
Dominic Beck
Dominic Beck Prije 2 dana
Just curious as to if you had to do any wiring or anything like that? Is it just put out the auto ecu brain and all set???
Imma Unicorn
Imma Unicorn Prije 2 dana
2:40 I think I saw the one African prince that went to queens or something in the background when he stopped at the stop sign.
firemonkey zodiac
firemonkey zodiac Prije 3 dana
The only reason I would choose automatic transmission would be if I lived in a city, A 5 speed manual transmission is much better on icy mountain roads.
Say Hi To My Chopper
Say Hi To My Chopper Prije 4 dana
18:05 what shift knob /shaft is that
If I paid yall to upgrade my truck would yall?
killercivic2001 Prije 4 dana
"traction control... what a loser" man... I felt that one hahaha
John Lumapas
John Lumapas Prije 4 dana
are you guys getting hydraulic lifts soon?
Leonardo Lovo
Leonardo Lovo Prije 4 dana
Almost 100% of the cars here in Brazil are manual transmission.
Greg Benwell
Greg Benwell Prije 4 dana
This is all well and good but what do you do if you want a stick shift in a car that never came with one???? For example I loved my 1999 Pontiac GTP Grand Prix two door.........BUT GM never built a stick shift/ manual transmission, for any of its front wheel drive V6 cars EVER!! In fact they only built a manual transmission for the 4 cylinder cars in the 1980s and 1990s but the bell housings are totally different on those!! So you can't even "retro fit" one!!! And lets be honest here not everybody has a BMW just laying around either......and I certainly DO NOT own a garage or my own property to just have a stack of parts cars kicking around also as well!! And GM did make a manual transmission that fit behind their "S" series pickup trucks in the 1980s and 1990s, but those are rear wheel drive and you can't put them in a front wheel drive car!! They just don't fit!!
The_Gamer_947 Prije 5 dana
Not all clutches like oil yeah
Lance Prije 5 dana
Up to Speed on Halo
Joseph Stofflet
Joseph Stofflet Prije 5 dana
Dripzz Prije 5 dana
in australia, manual cars are way cheaper then automatics, so we are lucky👍
monty walton
monty walton Prije 6 dana
Hes just bow listing stuff im calling it hes missing trans fluid
Zane Carson
Zane Carson Prije 6 dana
22:38 WTF
Matt Evans
Matt Evans Prije 6 dana
Is it worth it... NO, is it possible yes... Compromise... buy the maual in the first place.
William Traylor
William Traylor Prije 7 dana
22:35 The random guy in the background wtf is he wearing😂😂😂?
Tthomas Ssmith
Tthomas Ssmith Prije 7 dana
The hesitant plot electronmicroscopically continue because step-aunt regionally sigh across a overrated male. ahead, legal cord
Christian Lopez
Christian Lopez Prije 7 dana
Can u do a manual swap for a base lancer?
Zart Prije 8 dana
man really paid ebay prices for the manual swap lol
Thomas Byrne
Thomas Byrne Prije 8 dana
move to new york damnit
Kozi Prije 8 dana
That's a clean underside of the car, you guys are so lucky. You should see what cars look like after just a decade of road salt.
Jack Snyder
Jack Snyder Prije 9 dana
22:40 Aladdin????
CDsDontBurn Prije 9 dana
Question @Donut, @Zachjobe: Being in California, are there any issues relating a manual swap and emissions regulations? I'm at the point where I've finished parts gathering for my manual swap, but am concerned about possible CA emissions BS. I know the transmission doesn't have anything to do with emissions, but this being CA we're in, I wouldn't be surprised if they said something...
Tenebras Prije 9 dana
6:05 Heart attack moment.
Erik F
Erik F Prije 10 dana
I wish I could work for donut but I’m not a camera friendly looking person like most of your hosts. But I would love to work behind the scenes.
Goonfieldmafia Prije 10 dana
16:07 that pro razor catch
Pink Jay101
Pink Jay101 Prije 10 dana
Bo offense the the first season fans (I live the miata too don't worrh) but this is the coolest episode of money so far
John Williams
John Williams Prije 10 dana
not to ask a silly question, but that conversion to Manual Trans is great and all, but what is the impact to value? I mean, the VIN is pointing to an Automatic which would be invalid. I bought a used 2013 Camaro 2SS with a few minor mods and would LOVE to convert it to Manual, but don't want the hassle later (if I choose to sell it at some point) due to the VIN Lookups being different. Or is that even a concern?
Stewart Anderson
Stewart Anderson Prije 10 dana
My Volvo never came with a manual option 😔
Ryno’s Raceroom
Ryno’s Raceroom Prije 11 dana
I think this swap was awesome🤘🏻🏁
Wzrd Prije 11 dana
When all the manuals are beat up and abused so you buy an automatic but throw it around in the sand first so it becomes beat up and abused.
jere342 Prije 11 dana
Bro, you should have something to backup those jack stands, atleast keep the jacks underneath it. Always have a fail-safe:
YeOldeOgre Prije 11 dana
Love eBay motors! I can't imagine the thousands I would have spent on just a handful of parts for my Mercedes R170
YeOldeOgre Prije 11 dana
Worth it? Yes
Raab's Garage
Raab's Garage Prije 12 dana
What you can do if the old parts are nice is list them on eBay or Facebook. It will help offset some of the cost
Vynnx A
Vynnx A Prije 12 dana
Im pretty sure the current rim is actually lighter than the tire current tire.
Cary Zinke
Cary Zinke Prije 12 dana
Zach is my favorite. Hands down. He was the best investment Donut Media has made, imho. Huge thanks to everyone that has made all this possible so I (we) can enjoy awesome content like this.
Ivan Vega
Ivan Vega Prije 12 dana
I think it's worth the switch if you actually have the money and time, but hell yes it is cool
Kelsi Dysinger
Kelsi Dysinger Prije 12 dana
Just finished engine and manual swapping my v6 accord. best thing we have done for that car. its so much more fun to drive now
Soccer Fan FCA
Soccer Fan FCA Prije 12 dana
Doing the same project on my E36 M3
Adam Gray
Adam Gray Prije 12 dana
I’d have just bought a manual car…….
CosmoJ3ff Prije 12 dana
Just a little info on the whole ebay fitment thing, it's not always accurate I've bought countless things with eBay using part numbers and parts say they fit and don't when installed. Probably because I drive a saab though 😅
Steve Essig
Steve Essig Prije 13 dana
6 months ago I didn't even know what a throttle body was after watching a few of ur videos now full confident on tearing down and rebuilding my engine... Good stuff man 🙂
Oak Street
Oak Street Prije 13 dana
Wish i can manual swap my nissan Frontier 😔
Noah L
Noah L Prije 13 dana
wait a damn minute, does he have a magnet implanted in his hand lmaoo 16:05 for reference
AK-DAVE- 47 Prije 13 dana
um u didnt put the clutch in right.
GameNinja169 Prije 13 dana
Wait how come you were able to start it without the clutch in? (Never really watched it about swapping trans so I just don’t know)
Ner Ve
Ner Ve Prije 13 dana
Anyone wants a Manual E36 I got one for $5000.
Lunatic Springtrap
Lunatic Springtrap Prije 13 dana
The captions are delayed
tofuboye Prije 13 dana
Don't forget, that if you do this and the auto trans is still fine (and whatever else you pulled out) you could probably sell them to get some of that cash back too. Depending on the car that could be ez big bucks
Tony Guttuso
Tony Guttuso Prije 13 dana
Why did two people say”The poor miata in the background is like “how could you do this to me😭””?
Hanniel Jonathan I
Hanniel Jonathan I Prije 14 dana
What about a car that doesn’t have a manual counterpart like a new MK5 or GTR R35
Miguel Gomez
Miguel Gomez Prije 14 dana
I’m so happy I just got an ‘97 e36 with only 140k for only $5000. And it looks brand spanking new!
SugaryPhoenixxx Prije 14 dana
Call me a loser but I really enjoy automatic trans cars.
Cpt Link
Cpt Link Prije 14 dana
Isnt it as simple as putting a jumper wire on the ignition bloking konnektors? I thought It would be as easy as in A340 transmission where you just put a paperklip on 2 konnektors to start the kar.
cody hickman
cody hickman Prije 14 dana
viewers: His hands: smack smack smack smack
Anthony Conlon
Anthony Conlon Prije 14 dana
almost unwatchable because of stupid adverts
Thurman Weaver
Thurman Weaver Prije 14 dana
The red vans at 16:00 was a full feeling (we not gon talk abt the razor that sticked to his hand)
Chris Langstaff
Chris Langstaff Prije 14 dana
It's a fez, I wear a fez now, fezzes are cool
idk Prije 14 dana
The transmission dismounting and mounting process looks so scary with his torso right beside the whole thing lol
ronald lazar
ronald lazar Prije 15 dana
Great job!!!, and now I'm UP to Speed
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Prije 15 dana
The poor miata in the background is like “how could you do this to me😭
_Yahir_ Prije 10 dana
Nice pfp
MewShifter Prije 15 dana
wonder what is with the atuomatic transition hate
Yak Hunt
Yak Hunt Prije 15 dana
Are we ignoring the bloke in a fez?
Alexander Ponce
Alexander Ponce Prije 15 dana
This was mesmerizing
Tim C
Tim C Prije 16 dana
By my count thats over $3k in parts just to swap it over, seems like buying a manual off the bat might still just be the way to go. Sure you could sell off the automatic parts, but that's a whole other animal.
I.C.E. Prije 14 dana
But certain cars don’t originally come in a manual transmission
auto mech
auto mech Prije 16 dana
13:53 dad jokes
GeT_ReKt Prije 16 dana
11:29 face in the top left
Revelatus Prije 16 dana
Okay, time to manual swap my new 2021 mazda3 turbo
Revelatus Prije 16 dana
16:07 what was that sorcery?
Adrphzk Prije 16 dana
3:00 the what
Basket ball adigonzalez
Basket ball adigonzalez Prije 16 dana
Do you have to be 18+ to be a new host?
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Prije 16 dana
watch them just take the motor out in the next few episodes
CojakSilverBack Prije 16 dana
16:08 How does that razor blade stick to Jobes hand?
86 sushy
86 sushy Prije 16 dana
prop shaft
Preston Liberatore
Preston Liberatore Prije 16 dana
I want to know the weight savings this swap made
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Prije 17 dana
22:36 man's straight up rocking a fez in broad daylight. Respect.
As-if If-as
As-if If-as Prije 17 dana
6 adverts. Plus extra adverts they do. Don't pee in my mouth call me a freind apart of a community and keep trying to take my money. You not a sale man bro you sound like a money grabbing you know. Those cars whats the mark up because the way you just went on there is no mark up. Its just for the community but then that would be at cost not profit. I'm not your cash cow this is youtube not cable. Only actual morons pay people begging for their money. I'm here to watch your video. 6 ads is payment enough.
Welamar Prije 17 dana
22:37 man do be rocking that fez tho. mad respect
Dylan Rexrode
Dylan Rexrode Prije 17 dana
So the cost of all the transmission swap gear brought the car up to a $7,656.00 cost, not even accounting for time spent on removal/install. How was that cheaper than buying a manual in the first place?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Prije 17 dana
I need to do this to my e46 STAT☝️ Great Job guys✨
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Prije 17 dana
Flashback to every time you heard that kid at the car meet tell you how they’re going to “manual swap” their automatic daily. Good stuff guys 👍🏻
Big Steve
Big Steve Prije 18 dana
Don't put something in a car that you can buy a car WITH
flon Prije 18 dana
ah yes, the captions being out of sync.
Octane Street
Octane Street Prije 18 dana
Kiiiinda wanna manual swap my Mustang, good to know it's not TOOOO expensive to do either way. Thanks Donut :) I also had a crazy dream the other day about being a host on Donut lol, it's cool that you guys are always continuing to grow and looking to hire more talented and wondrous individuals! Can't wait to meet them on their own series once that comes to be 👊
Octane Street
Octane Street Prije 17 dana
@gioyu comi I think you meant to give that comment to Zach! Hah
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Prije 17 dana
you are way too good of a mechanic not to have a lift in your garage dude. Get one, if nothing else it will make your life infinitely easier.
Alexander Unknown
Alexander Unknown Prije 18 dana
manual is retro, classic hydro atm ftw!
Nate Ward
Nate Ward Prije 18 dana
This actually makes me want to go buy an auto 335i just so I can swap it out. Well done.
Wyatt Dunham
Wyatt Dunham Prije 18 dana
watch them just take the motor out in the next few episodes
tcoffin014 Prije 18 dana
So what's up with that magnetic blood?
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