Ignoring My CRUSH For 24 Hours

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FaZe Kay

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This Girl @Lexi C has a big crush on me so I Ignored Her for 24 Hours To See How She Would React
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M.Danish Iskandar
M.Danish Iskandar Prije dan
Mike Tha Balla
Mike Tha Balla Prije 3 dana
Send her to the streets
Ethan Tseng
Ethan Tseng Prije 3 dana
God damn you should've put head phone warning. my ears are killing me right now lmao
LandonOVlogs Prije 4 dana
That annoyingly girl is just jelly because she wants kay
Aaliyah AJ
Aaliyah AJ Prije 5 dana
Opp that is all I have to say
matthew amaya
matthew amaya Prije 5 dana
Javier Villatoro
Javier Villatoro Prije 5 dana
Aye im so glad she aint your crush anymore
Conor Reilly
Conor Reilly Prije 6 dana
Kay actually thinks one to two hours of working out is big like I'm 11 and I litterly do more than him
TTX_Controller Prije 7 dana
Lexi's rolls do be kinda thic ngl
Ahmed Fors
Ahmed Fors Prije 9 dana
Hate. U Exy
XystFX Prije 10 dana
XystFX Prije 10 dana
XystFX Prije 10 dana
Amin Jao
Amin Jao Prije 12 dana
Frazier: a new video INSANE
Korvel Taylor
Korvel Taylor Prije 12 dana
Yo yo u should do more of this
Sean Alabi
Sean Alabi Prije 12 dana
Why do you always end the video when the good part is cominggggg whyyy Faze
Plague_Focus_ YT
Plague_Focus_ YT Prije 15 dana
Amit Kumer Sarker
Amit Kumer Sarker Prije 16 dana
she is insane brake up with her hoow nose what she will do next
ben pickering
ben pickering Prije 16 dana
can you plz push her in the lake
Brady Ankawi
Brady Ankawi Prije 17 dana
Why is Noah in this
starship pain
starship pain Prije 18 dana
rip headphone users
over watch
over watch Prije 19 dana
Kay just the his camera man with her
Colton Engen
Colton Engen Prije 20 dana
3:20 tho
Marcela Navarrete
Marcela Navarrete Prije 20 dana
Bruh she’s your crush lol 😂
Emilee Hollins
Emilee Hollins Prije 20 dana
Never let her at your house again.she is crazy.
Lil Magicx
Lil Magicx Prije 21 dan
RIP his moniter I will see it in the after life
Tyler Picker
Tyler Picker Prije 21 dan
This is way over the top I think 🤣
Faarik Akhtar
Faarik Akhtar Prije 24 dana
I think she still is a simp off camera 😂
marcos uriel
marcos uriel Prije 27 dana
Sorry about ure monitor kay
Wilson Xu
Wilson Xu Prije 27 dana
Your crush is horibble
Legend Brooks
Legend Brooks Prije mjesec
Jarvis probably told her about the prank and told her to break ur monitor so it would seem that she’s mad
Legend Brooks
Legend Brooks Prije mjesec
She may be loud and annoying to u but that’s not a way to talk about a girl
Skilled_Vibez Prije mjesec
I would beat her up if I were you.
Skilled_Vibez Prije mjesec
Puleng Nzunga
Puleng Nzunga Prije mjesec
So annoying
Dramatic Clan
Dramatic Clan Prije mjesec
Yo is that my boy Noah sitting with Frazier. Where is Rug??
Mohammed Ali Al Madeh
Mohammed Ali Al Madeh Prije mjesec
She is so crazy
xd2eaze Prije mjesec
She's kicked
Latha P
Latha P Prije mjesec
She is a psychopath never talk to this Gurkha Frazier she will reining your life!
Adam Lane
Adam Lane Prije mjesec
Tell her to buy you a new one or sew her that's what I would do
Flomputor Prije mjesec
That had a tragic ending...
Kelly Elinam
Kelly Elinam Prije mjesec
Teawap is so funny
Anthony Orta
Anthony Orta Prije mjesec
she can go louder then those speakers tho
Guicho Rodriguez
Guicho Rodriguez Prije mjesec
Shes toxic
Samuel Garcia
Samuel Garcia Prije mjesec
Samuel Garcia TKO100$$$$$$$
Samuel Garcia
Samuel Garcia Prije mjesec
Samuel Garcia TKO 100$$
SAIF Playz
SAIF Playz Prije mjesec
if you guys like FaZe clan like
Nathan Halstead
Nathan Halstead Prije mjesec
Nathan Halstead
Nathan Halstead Prije mjesec
TR1X_Loots _-
TR1X_Loots _- Prije mjesec
I'm happy they broke up
Sam T
Sam T Prije mjesec
Wait.....was that “Noah Faze Rugs camera man?”
Assassin Xiro
Assassin Xiro Prije mjesec
jarvis in the bed with sommer (clap clap) :faze kay JARVIS YOUR INSANEE
Barrett Burch
Barrett Burch Prije mjesec
I meant shoes
Barrett Burch
Barrett Burch Prije mjesec
Do you realize that in the gym kay is not wearing socks
Barrett Burch
Barrett Burch Prije mjesec
I meant shoes
Madawi Alteeq
Madawi Alteeq Prije mjesec
lol why are you guys obsessed with addison
Speedy_ xyz
Speedy_ xyz Prije mjesec
8:14 "that's what she said"
Orshack Prije mjesec
I don’t understand why this girl keeps being in the videos. Lol. I feel like nobody in faze or faze fans like her! 😂
Grinds Youtube
Grinds Youtube Prije mjesec
this holiday less give our best
Grinds Youtube
Grinds Youtube Prije mjesec
sai the assassin
sai the assassin Prije mjesec
She crazy
Kimani Henry
Kimani Henry Prije mjesec
She knew she was being pranked cause she looked directly at cam
ajanan Prije mjesec
I am not joking at the end if I was there she would be going with the monitor
Grayson Endris
Grayson Endris Prije mjesec
Kick her ass out Kay
Connor Ohalloran
Connor Ohalloran Prije mjesec
# Yankee with no brrriiimmm
Erin O'Neil
Erin O'Neil Prije mjesec
Mean not you kay
Kombatzi Prije mjesec
It a good thing she left
king fenyx
king fenyx Prije mjesec
haha 8:12 like if this makes you laff
Daniela Mena
Daniela Mena Prije mjesec
Bruv this was funny af but the last part kinda got me mad tho
Alexis Mora
Alexis Mora Prije mjesec
Kick her from the house
Cesar Rivas
Cesar Rivas Prije mjesec
poor kay
Cesar Rivas
Cesar Rivas Prije mjesec
@Stoiomie xx For sure.
Stoiomie xx
Stoiomie xx Prije mjesec
He left her
Naruto Vibez
Naruto Vibez Prije mjesec
It’s not noddle hair it’s lil pump hair 🤣
Leonardo Ramirez
Leonardo Ramirez Prije mjesec
You’re showing off
The Gametick
The Gametick Prije mjesec
Sie is a Buch
Gemma Hale
Gemma Hale Prije mjesec
Wtf why have U not slept with her
Emmanuel Omari-anim
Emmanuel Omari-anim Prije mjesec
Bro I would have ended it at the food part. Food.......
Adre Land!
Adre Land! Prije mjesec
10:16 his face “ARE U KIDDDDDDING”😂😂😂🤣
Gabby Vasquez
Gabby Vasquez Prije mjesec
Now I know why he left her and just quit talking to her 😂
Terry Katene
Terry Katene Prije mjesec
She is such a simp
Nle Choppa
Nle Choppa Prije mjesec
Dump her
Ur mom
Ur mom Prije mjesec
She is loud but not mean this is 😂
Tony Ortega
Tony Ortega Prije mjesec
And this is why she is not in anymore vids hahahaha
Free Acc
Free Acc Prije mjesec
She is literally anoying but Kay isn’t she is crazy bro no hate
BladeEz Gamer 47
BladeEz Gamer 47 Prije mjesec
Shes a golder bro
Hamza Gassas
Hamza Gassas Prije mjesec
What is noah doing there
Jair Peralta
Jair Peralta Prije mjesec
His boyfriend lives there
Stoiomie xx
Stoiomie xx Prije mjesec
He records there to
lochner pt
lochner pt Prije mjesec
That girl iis just a mess gold digger
Dream rift Hmm
Dream rift Hmm Prije mjesec
Me:lol Other:she kinda loud😶🙄😅👋
Van Thawng
Van Thawng Prije mjesec
Good thing you’re not with the girl the ugliest one that annoying one
Van Thawng
Van Thawng Prije mjesec
Hey do you have a new one and a better one
jelter skelter
jelter skelter Prije mjesec
I hate leci
Zochhuanawma Zote
Zochhuanawma Zote Prije mjesec
Tea Uap😁😁😁😁
JRP gaming_
JRP gaming_ Prije mjesec
that was not the same moniter it was smaller
Jason Manuel Liao
Jason Manuel Liao Prije mjesec
AABrutal -_-
AABrutal -_- Prije mjesec
Ngl Lexi’s kinda a b****
NICQKAELA05 Prije mjesec
Thats why she never in her video’s
NotSkyRoblox Prije mjesec
Faze Kay is a Savage🤣
David Fale
David Fale Prije mjesec
David Fale
David Fale Prije mjesec
She's psycho
Goku Surxs
Goku Surxs Prije mjesec
I hate her
ItsMatrix2 Prije mjesec
Hi frazier
LB_JooB Prije mjesec
Noah was like "WTF"
Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark Prije mjesec
she mad
justez witika
justez witika Prije mjesec
break up with her shes crazy
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