Most Destructive Weapon Wins $10,000

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JustDustin Prije 23 dana
Did you watch last weeks video? 🧐
Reptile Gaming
Reptile Gaming Prije 12 sati
Bernardo Osorio
Bernardo Osorio Prije 16 sati
the assassin
the assassin Prije 7 dana
I need a shout-out ori well cry
Char Chu
Char Chu Prije 9 dana
The swinging axe was actually surprisingly strong XD I love it
shreky boi
shreky boi Prije 11 dana
@ducc 0
Debreczeni Árpád
Debreczeni Árpád Prije 10 minuta
That was a portable ram
Liz Anderson
Liz Anderson Prije 35 minuta
another good name for trenches weapon "the battering ram"
Kaiden McGowan
Kaiden McGowan Prije sat
trent: i am going to use only wood i am to strong for wepons
Diego Benhumea
Diego Benhumea Prije 3 sati
mariano colsin
mariano colsin Prije 4 sati
Once more, the beaver has proveen to be the most destructive weapon of all
Something I have no Idea
Something I have no Idea Prije 4 sati
I say Dustin didn’t win the first challenge because he knew egsactly where the ball was
The lego looks like the TF2 power jack
Cpm Chad
Cpm Chad Prije 9 sati
Bro i love your vids.🤤🤤❤️❤️❤️
MG42 Prije 9 sati
Trent be like: We have technology
mr. രാക്ഷസൻ gaming yt
mr. രാക്ഷസൻ gaming yt Prije 13 sati
മലയാളം പറയെടാ കഴുതേ
Quincy Russman
Quincy Russman Prije 15 sati
Trent makes these videos awesome
Jacoby Werner
Jacoby Werner Prije 18 sati
That 3rd weapon looks like a gorn weapon that one vr game
Vac00m Prije 18 sati
Karen’s: Your not wearing any masks
Tristan Koehler
Tristan Koehler Prije 19 sati
Jeremys axe looks straight outta dark souls
Bobby's Adventures
Bobby's Adventures Prije dan
You should get merch
Taylor Not Tyler
Taylor Not Tyler Prije dan
This is too easy **pulls out ak 47**
RIØT Prije dan
Because daaamn🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lj Bue
Lj Bue Prije dan
War hammer titan
josh mcdowell
josh mcdowell Prije dan
they gave Dustin way more time than others
Ya boi XxtrippyxX
Ya boi XxtrippyxX Prije dan
justin is cracked my guy
Da Gamabuta
Da Gamabuta Prije dan
Who else remembers when this guy was drinking pop through a giant straw
Kaki فترمتط Holiit
Kaki فترمتط Holiit Prije dan
100 000 layer looks good
marlo best
marlo best Prije dan
Where is zack Justin
Fabian Prije 2 dana
The true is, that the cameraman stinks. I was dizzy the first 2 minutes 🤢
Sports4u Prije 2 dana
No such thing as luck, it’s God’s plan
Samuel Davis
Samuel Davis Prije 2 dana
Mr beast should do this
Cody macaroni
Cody macaroni Prije 2 dana
They give Dustin more time
Liam Tranka
Liam Tranka Prije 2 dana
The beaver is a weapon of mass destruction
Liam Tranka
Liam Tranka Prije 2 dana
All these weapons I probably like the beaver the most
ThatLittleKid Prije 2 dana
6:02 Scuffed reinhardt on the loose
Lop Mop
Lop Mop Prije 2 dana
Steel rods are not Trent proof
Jamie Smyth
Jamie Smyth Prije 3 dana
blind folded Eric is a bad idea lolllllll
AL Obidi
AL Obidi Prije 3 dana
لااله الاالله محمد رسول الله
Mike van der Ploeg
Mike van der Ploeg Prije 3 dana
trent is a beast
ADHEEN YT GAMER Prije 3 dana
Trent ❤️❤️
Slugged Sumo
Slugged Sumo Prije 3 dana
At the start Trent literally died 😂
Furi Prije 3 dana
Every time I watch these videos ,I get tired and then sleep,I'm the only one?
faizh affandi.
faizh affandi. Prije 3 dana
NOKIA are best
GoldNinja2000 Prije 3 dana
0:14 wait that my name Dennis..
sempak keren j
sempak keren j Prije 3 dana
Hai my indonesia
Gavin Provencher
Gavin Provencher Prije 3 dana
Lol O_o
albertas vinciauskas
albertas vinciauskas Prije 4 dana
the beaver beacuse dayum
WHIRTY YT Prije 4 dana
QUEM for br da like
Luigi 7777
Luigi 7777 Prije 4 dana
Well, I found my new favorite channel. 😅
Majin Buu
Majin Buu Prije 4 dana
I feel like the 5 of them you'd see as absolute best friends not just for the videos but doing everything together and they would be together in the pub hanging
Boris Horvath
Boris Horvath Prije 4 dana
MrBeast bought on Wish
Austin Weston
Austin Weston Prije 4 dana
I say the best weapon is yours
Alexander Ham
Alexander Ham Prije 5 dana
2438th comment
Yarelisse Goyco
Yarelisse Goyco Prije 5 dana
Wen you trie so hard you louse
The best channel you’ll ever see E V E R
The best channel you’ll ever see E V E R Prije 5 dana
Everyone: uses a fun cool weapon Trent: L O G
Mitchell Prije 5 dana
Trent is a Viking to me
Trixpyx Green
Trixpyx Green Prije 5 dana
Trent body is the most powerful
Unknow 777
Unknow 777 Prije 5 dana
Stronk lego
Iizuka Midoriya
Iizuka Midoriya Prije 5 dana
Trent my dad has exact same T-shirt
CommonComments Prije 5 dana
Roses are red The wall had steel rods imagine losing to a guy with a log.
Diego Martin Rossi
Diego Martin Rossi Prije 5 dana
I want a Lego house
john wilkerson
john wilkerson Prije 5 dana
Eric had no swing at all 😂
Elijah Motyka
Elijah Motyka Prije 6 dana
Imagine being a grown ass man struggling struggling to break a Lego wall
Evelone FUN
Evelone FUN Prije 6 dana
A4 lox
Im In Shadows
Im In Shadows Prije 6 dana
My only annoyance is that the camera man can’t keep the damn camera still looks like he’s trying to record a high school fight
Allie Bortles
Allie Bortles Prije 6 dana
This video is so funny especially when Trent said, "That is what happens when you make HRpost videos instead of working out." 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Juice wrld
Juice wrld Prije 6 dana
He should do this outside because the whole warehouse is broken basicly
EGC Prije 6 dana
Trent was gonna win before it even started
Zach Donovan
Zach Donovan Prije 6 dana
They should see the dangie bros and se how to make a real weapon
Matthew Brazzell
Matthew Brazzell Prije 7 dana
Yo is Trent good??
Roope Kokkala
Roope Kokkala Prije 7 dana
Me being scared something gonna fly on the screen
kyle style21
kyle style21 Prije 7 dana
3:46 weapon was made to break gates and walls in medival times
The best channel you’ll ever see E V E R
The best channel you’ll ever see E V E R Prije 7 dana
12:39 Trent exe and his full power
BoReD - -
BoReD - - Prije 7 dana
Warhammer titan
Joey Catubigan
Joey Catubigan Prije 7 dana
He looks like the punisher but a buff version
this guy dave
this guy dave Prije 7 dana
This video should be named prepping for the events of fallout four and raider weopons
Adrian Picazo
Adrian Picazo Prije 7 dana
The beaver will always be a legend
Nikolaus Dean
Nikolaus Dean Prije 7 dana
Next thing to get destroyed is the roof
Cullen Shrieve
Cullen Shrieve Prije 7 dana
Dustin: aww it’s sticky Me: that’s what she said
Yoru Kage
Yoru Kage Prije 7 dana
In the second challenge Dustin cheated. Take note of the timer and pay attention
TmZz-Ghost —
TmZz-Ghost — Prije 7 dana
Same shirt,pants and shoes okay
PewDiePie not really
PewDiePie not really Prije 7 dana
Trent could literately won with a normal hammer
Jo Cannon
Jo Cannon Prije 7 dana
I would have been the most destructive
Kazukiyo Meyer
Kazukiyo Meyer Prije 8 dana
I know that some dudes are wanting to do “This is Sparta” to the wall
_Bread Prije 8 dana
Log is op
Magui Alderete
Magui Alderete Prije 8 dana
Power hiber
Sudana Satria
Sudana Satria Prije 8 dana
Hmmm... Cocok gak ya buat tawuran
alexzander blough
alexzander blough Prije 8 dana
This is why we have the ER 👍
J.C. Kk
J.C. Kk Prije 8 dana
Cassia Prior
Cassia Prior Prije 8 dana
8:20 he is pulling a Thanos vs Thor technique
Josh Joshuita
Josh Joshuita Prije 8 dana
4:40 piñara ✨
Phoenix Wretch
Phoenix Wretch Prije 8 dana
New For Honor looks dope af.
Izzy Wood
Izzy Wood Prije 8 dana
Moral of the story, oversized flails are unwieldy beyond use and siege weapons are absolutely right for the job
Quentin Bouttier
Quentin Bouttier Prije 8 dana
That's fun to watch but there obviously gonna die one the spot one of those days....
Jonas Magoto
Jonas Magoto Prije 8 dana
Because dam
Legio X Equestris
Legio X Equestris Prije 8 dana
Great video lol. The beaver was my favorite weapon of choice then the hammer. The other 2 were just straight dangerous.
yolomaster plays big games
yolomaster plays big games Prije 8 dana
"the wall the curtin the turf what wha" lemme finsh that whats next not the balls
Bun bun girl hater lekiashvili
Bun bun girl hater lekiashvili Prije 8 dana
Not let go more like let’s go baby
alex minecrafter
alex minecrafter Prije 9 dana
Everyone else brings a weapon what does trent do he brings wood
Boys world😎😎
Boys world😎😎 Prije 9 dana
Ram Prije 9 dana
Будем ждать это видео у Влада А4
Cucci Waivez
Cucci Waivez Prije 9 dana
Clash of clans troops will break that wall
Eheint Chue Wai Min
Eheint Chue Wai Min Prije 9 dana
Long axe rope 3D
Eheint Chue Wai Min
Eheint Chue Wai Min Prije 9 dana
Is so bad the destroys
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