Who Can Hold Their Breath The Longest? - FaZe Olympics Challenge

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FaZe Jarvis

Prije godine

Who is the ultimate strongest FaZe Olympian? Today we do intense sports strength challenges in 2020 featuring @FaZe Kay @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Temperrr @Cizzorz @FaZe Clan

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Cynix Prije godine
Jarvis’s content has improved so much since moving to the new faze house I really love the content recently
EXXANEL [ sussy roblox]
EXXANEL [ sussy roblox] Prije 2 dana
Ur 🥜
Primlz FN
Primlz FN Prije 2 dana
Your right cynix
Rahet the Yeeter Randhawa
Rahet the Yeeter Randhawa Prije 19 dana
Jennifer Medina
Jennifer Medina Prije mjesec
Tommy looks like neymar jr right from socker
Henry Hernandez
Henry Hernandez Prije mjesec
Hahah. He band from fronite
Crazy gamer
Crazy gamer Prije 13 sati
I’m fast too
BeAsTwolf Prije dan
Wheres rug
EXXANEL [ sussy roblox]
EXXANEL [ sussy roblox] Prije 2 dana
EXXANEL [ sussy roblox]
EXXANEL [ sussy roblox] Prije 2 dana
EXXANEL [ sussy roblox]
EXXANEL [ sussy roblox] Prije 2 dana
😍 I love u
Neuron !
Neuron ! Prije 2 dana
jarvis shottin form do be on point
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini Prije 3 dana
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini Prije 3 dana
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini Prije 3 dana
SlipperyFish Prije 3 dana
Frazher is so much more slower at swimming then me.
Naqeeb Khan
Naqeeb Khan Prije 3 dana
No I bet it so badddd
Benjamin FRASER
Benjamin FRASER Prije 3 dana
My friend which is a girl got One minute and 30 seconds
Ben Barnes
Ben Barnes Prije 5 dana
I could hold my breath as long as tommy
Rew 22
Rew 22 Prije 6 dana
The naruto music when they are running makes it better😂
Wr damon
Wr damon Prije 7 dana
The canera man shoudve won the breath holding and the running
Space_ Contact
Space_ Contact Prije 8 dana
Lol holding breath isn’t that hard
Lauren Kaeseberg
Lauren Kaeseberg Prije 9 dana
At 9:43 what happened to dis mans thumb
Lord Eddy
Lord Eddy Prije 10 dana
Hawaiian adventures
Hawaiian adventures Prije 11 dana
I held my breath for 2:50 minutes
SlayterV2 Prije 11 dana
why does alex run like octane
Jaimon Lukose
Jaimon Lukose Prije 13 dana
I am very bad at basketball Then made 8 shots lol
30kshotz Prije 16 dana
That push up dude is the same one we use in school
I love Glitch king
I love Glitch king Prije 16 dana
4 addison: and shows charle
Drew Kotick
Drew Kotick Prije 17 dana
were is my guy rug?
24k_City Prije 17 dana
Ben stoled this video
Lizziamma Sebastian
Lizziamma Sebastian Prije 19 dana
Is that Alex that choosed the Oreo in a faze rug video
DeAngelo Simpson
DeAngelo Simpson Prije 20 dana
Yo Jarvis am very big fan and I’m not to be creepy or anything but I would like to me all the face members in real life even though I’m watching a HRpost video
YumRum28 Prije 20 dana
The most I ever held my breath for was 51 seconds
Ahmad Waleed
Ahmad Waleed Prije 21 dan
Where is rug
Kyle Playz
Kyle Playz Prije 22 dana
0:38 it sounded like zombies were invading or something lol
Yasiir Walker
Yasiir Walker Prije 26 dana
4:37 I can’t 😂😂😂😂😂😂7:51😂😂
Hamsa Nuur
Hamsa Nuur Prije 26 dana
Edgar S
Edgar S Prije 27 dana
They put Naruto music in the backround while they were running
david Sanchez
david Sanchez Prije 27 dana
Literally no one Me: Holds my breath with them while they compete
david Sanchez
david Sanchez Prije 27 dana
✍I ✍can ✍hold✍my✍breath ✍longer ✍than✍all✍of✍them ✍
Browns_99k Prije 27 dana
Are we not gunna talk about them saying Addison rea, n then showing a picture of charli
sasuke Prije 27 dana
Nays video
Isaac Castro
Isaac Castro Prije 28 dana
I had to like the video after 7:51😂😂😂😂😂
Isaac Castro
Isaac Castro Prije 28 dana
7:51 was the best part of the video😂🤣
black and white nightmares
black and white nightmares Prije mjesec
7:13 what
Melo Carlos
Melo Carlos Prije mjesec
Look at Jarvis hair befor water then look at it with water lmao
Trace Boyd
Trace Boyd Prije mjesec
4:27 look at Kay face
The Iron Panther
The Iron Panther Prije mjesec
Oh The Who can hold on the longest challenge Tommy cheated cus he let go then quickly grabbed it back
Ema reyes
Ema reyes Prije mjesec
Amir Hajomar
Amir Hajomar Prije mjesec
sub faze clan
Amir Hajomar
Amir Hajomar Prije mjesec
epic un band jarvis
sport tac
sport tac Prije mjesec
10:01 what happend to teawaps nail🤮
Matthew Dodd
Matthew Dodd Prije mjesec
ジCLAPPZ Prije mjesec
Yummy Food Secrets
Yummy Food Secrets Prije mjesec
noah is crackedツ
noah is crackedツ Prije mjesec
The most push-ups I did with a good form and without stopping is 61 and I’m only 11🤣
Harry Bright
Harry Bright Prije mjesec
I win the breath hold
Yunus Ozcan
Yunus Ozcan Prije mjesec
Actually the champion needed to be the cameraman😂😂
Mr Orange
Mr Orange Prije mjesec
0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24
Superly Prije mjesec
“Addison Rae” *Charli Damelio picture pops up
Liberace DaVinci
Liberace DaVinci Prije mjesec
i would of won the swimming they wasnt using feet
Carter Rice
Carter Rice Prije mjesec
Frazier: holy bruva
Ethan Cady
Ethan Cady Prije mjesec
I can beat frazier easily he slow
Dung Pham
Dung Pham Prije mjesec
How was that admission rae
Ben Lovett
Ben Lovett Prije mjesec
Teawap:for Addison Rae Picture at that exact moment was Charlie D’amelio
Jazlyn Leilani
Jazlyn Leilani Prije mjesec
when they did the pacer test
Harjas dhaliwal
Harjas dhaliwal Prije mjesec
My shots were maybe even better then tommy but then I got fat😂😂😂😂😂
Nuah Lozare
Nuah Lozare Prije mjesec
Bro I can hold my breath for 1:48, these dudes are weak
Alex Shelton
Alex Shelton Prije mjesec
I think we all knew tommy was gonna win
Mateo Stillwagon
Mateo Stillwagon Prije mjesec
Temper would be a basket ball player. He good height, jump, shooting touch he would be goat
nacho 。
nacho 。 Prije mjesec
“For Addison Rae” *proceeds to put a picture of charli damelio*
Papa_cris Prije mjesec
Where faze rug
Dixie Stephens
Dixie Stephens Prije mjesec
AmeytheAvenger Prije mjesec
13:56 the cameraman actually won
Diamonds when i walk
Diamonds when i walk Prije 2 mjeseci
Why did he say Addison but he pulled up Charlie
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia Prije 2 mjeseci
Imao look at kay he didn’t do push-ups right
Ayex_yt67 Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvis’s content has improved so much since moving to the new faze house I really love the content recently
T0X THE GOAT Prije 2 mjeseci
Bro Kay does not know how to do a pushup
T0X THE GOAT Prije 2 mjeseci
Bro teawap should be paid double because he was filming and beating Jarvis at the same time
S.E.M_Evolved Prije 2 mjeseci
7:46 had me laughing for a good 30 mins
bes bo17
bes bo17 Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvviz is 3
Jack Bradford
Jack Bradford Prije 2 mjeseci
Faze 1000 Dana soon if you shout me out Faze up
Cameron Gibson Hernández
Cameron Gibson Hernández Prije 2 mjeseci
I was the 2 last in the no breathing competition i did it aswell
Yt Shadows
Yt Shadows Prije 2 mjeseci
When Alex was racing I was dieing laughing
Ezzedine Almaoui
Ezzedine Almaoui Prije 2 mjeseci
I like tommy
Joey Morales
Joey Morales Prije 2 mjeseci
tommmy vs curry tommy takea the dub
Lakesha Thompson
Lakesha Thompson Prije 2 mjeseci
Where is FaZe rug
Keylin Kiles
Keylin Kiles Prije 2 mjeseci
Where is Tommy in the NBA
Vision_aimbots Prije 2 mjeseci
adapt loving it
Ethan Gilreath
Ethan Gilreath Prije 2 mjeseci
Xironx o9
Xironx o9 Prije 2 mjeseci
Can we all respect how twap said “3,2,1, run”
Anna’ shell
Anna’ shell Prije 2 mjeseci
Prank your little brother aka Jarvis
David YT
David YT Prije 2 mjeseci
Only if they knew they are doing this while us sitting 🧎🏽‍♂️
Taha Fluxer
Taha Fluxer Prije 3 mjeseci
but I am the winner as I held my breath for 50 seconds
Sana Ali
Sana Ali Prije 3 mjeseci
Teawap: Keep this man away from your girl he’s too athleTHICC Temperrr: athleTHICC
TikTok 1
TikTok 1 Prije 3 mjeseci
I can beat that 3:26 minutes
NathanBott Prije 3 mjeseci
7:12 HOLD UP
AcidBTW Prije 3 mjeseci
Teewap is so funnee
Rangi Kira
Rangi Kira Prije 3 mjeseci
WOW impreseve tommy got 7 in a row.
BERKAN. JR Prije 3 mjeseci
Unban in the jarvis f**k you epic games
VortexPROYT Prije 3 mjeseci
endgamemk gaming & Real Life
endgamemk gaming & Real Life Prije 3 mjeseci
7:50 ow 🤕
999 damien
999 damien Prije 3 mjeseci
0:31 cameraman is 3rd gg
Doris Edwardsus
Doris Edwardsus Prije 3 mjeseci
J Riveraa_04
J Riveraa_04 Prije 3 mjeseci
Yo didn’t Teawap technically also win who could hold your breathe longest
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