Who Can Hold Their Breath The Longest? - FaZe Olympics Challenge

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FaZe Jarvis

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Who is the ultimate strongest FaZe Olympian? Today we do intense sports strength challenges in 2020 featuring @FaZe Kay @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Temperrr @Cizzorz @FaZe Clan
🕺 TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@jarvis
📸 Instagram: fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: liljarviss

Cynix Prije 7 mjeseci
Jarvis’s content has improved so much since moving to the new faze house I really love the content recently
Paul Spagna
Paul Spagna Prije sat
Me to I used to not like javis but he chill now
Gc Ad
Gc Ad Prije 3 dana
But sometimes it is nasty then I. Can’t wach it
Samuel Martinez
Samuel Martinez Prije 4 dana
@Jeff WhatAreThose faze blaze chose to leave
Habtom Brhane
Habtom Brhane Prije 5 dana
@Omar Al Kaheel was my
Habtom Brhane
Habtom Brhane Prije 5 dana
Hi 👋
ALPHA Prije 13 sati
Naruto theme song in running I like it hats off for that 🎩🎩
Steven Andrews
Steven Andrews Prije 20 sati
That dont touch me bitch meme is a trinidadian meme it a meme from trinidad and tobago in the caribbean i feel soo good that one of our small memes made it on this big ass channel
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin Prije 22 sati
yall hear the flute too?
SpiderPK Prije dan
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Prije dan
It’s very though
Vasco Ortiz Acha
Vasco Ortiz Acha Prije dan
My respetcs for Thomas ;)
Cristian Ramirez
Cristian Ramirez Prije dan
Did anyone know that TeamSpeak has a wig
ΠKIAAN Prije 2 dana
Jay Banks
Jay Banks Prije 3 dana
Can I come to the faze house
Sherri Bowman
Sherri Bowman Prije 3 dana
You hit for mill
Ultimate rubberducky
Ultimate rubberducky Prije 3 dana
Teeqo is my favorite faze member
Pro Noob
Pro Noob Prije 3 dana
Who is here after 4 million subscribers? 😂🤣
Chris Ave
Chris Ave Prije 3 dana
1:29 you mean 2
123_ Caleb
123_ Caleb Prije 3 dana
Luke and SAVAGE BEast
Luke and SAVAGE BEast Prije 4 dana
Dang you guys good at this
Legend Abdullah
Legend Abdullah Prije 4 dana
Ronaldo would have done the jump challenge till the highest point
yokarma Prije 4 dana
We hit 4,000,000 let’s goooooooo insane content thanks jarvis for being the best youtuber in the world
mary 31
mary 31 Prije 4 dana
Btw dont keep your head underwater more than 3 minutes
dbLE AAG Prije 4 dana
1:41 where the aimbot 🤣🤣🤣
Habtom Brhane
Habtom Brhane Prije 5 dana
So funny
Habtom Brhane
Habtom Brhane Prije 5 dana
First time at the airport
don't eat fhilip Courtney
don't eat fhilip Courtney Prije 5 dana
Jr is you should do a who is more busted challenge adapt vs you
Vexel Prije 5 dana
Cizzorz:"im bad at basketball" gets 4 in a row lmaoooo
Abdelrahman Ismail
Abdelrahman Ismail Prije 5 dana
U also saw the vid late like me And that’s pretty bad
THE GOAT Prije 5 dana
What faze clan members are Adapt= The stupid one Jarvis= The kid who always cheats Teeqo= Trainer Temper= The nba #1 draft pick Kay= The person who loves to have fun Rain=Rapper Banks= The savage
eycxc khane
eycxc khane Prije 6 dana
Anyone else notice that when faze adapt jumped over the pole..it nocked over but the replay it stayed up?
Matthew Oak
Matthew Oak Prije 6 dana
In the beginning of this video when they were all riding in the street their neighbors from work watching outside the window be like what the fuck are they doing
Darious Haynes Jr.
Darious Haynes Jr. Prije 6 dana
I’m your 40000th sub
eycxc khane
eycxc khane Prije 7 dana
Jarvis’s content has improved so much since moving to the new faze house I really love the content recently
Larrence Cruz
Larrence Cruz Prije 7 dana
Jarvis really went for the jump
Life of Siah Flores
Life of Siah Flores Prije 7 dana
Are you banned from the alimpics
Nemo go crazy
Nemo go crazy Prije 8 dana
jarvis ar you un bant
Jibbs Torino
Jibbs Torino Prije 8 dana
When adapt jump in the replay it diddnt fall
Babynate7 Prije 9 dana
They are so slow at swimming I am a competitive swimmer
TG_ChickenLicken Prije 9 dana
I did not know Jarvis got aimbot in real life
Icyr FN ッ
Icyr FN ッ Prije 9 dana
You can always tell when Kay’s in the video cuz of his laugh.
Godspeed Prije 11 dana
when naruto opening plays u know they bout to be goin quick and teeqo is a exception
XSAYER 2510 Prije 11 dana
Dose anyone remember the music there using for the pushups
The coolest Bro
The coolest Bro Prije 11 dana
Zinc Bruh
Zinc Bruh Prije 12 dana
Jarvis got 3
Kobe Smith
Kobe Smith Prije 12 dana
I set a 2 minute timer to see how long I could hold my breath, and I felt like my lungs where going to explode when I made 2 minutes. Ya'll tell me what YOUR longest time is. NO CAP
Ronit Ramrakhiani
Ronit Ramrakhiani Prije 12 dana
Destroying brothers:- Undertaker and kane Best gaming bros:- Kay and jarvy
Ronit Ramrakhiani
Ronit Ramrakhiani Prije 12 dana
Tommy looks like Roman Reigns
ツghouly Prije 13 dana
i faster then yall
JonyGamerBoy Prije 13 dana
Nobody gonna talk about how teawap had a painted nail
Demer 90
Demer 90 Prije 13 dana
Were is that naruto run
Crippled Void
Crippled Void Prije 13 dana
TOMMY A LEGEND 🤪🙂 he is bananas 🍌
Drxpz Prije 14 dana
Yooo naruto
spazzmicah Prije 14 dana
My dude Temperr was the only one with a nice jumper lol
Noe Lopez
Noe Lopez Prije 14 dana
Can no one tell how teawap said Addison Rae and put a pic of Charlie
S Wahlang
S Wahlang Prije 15 dana
I like teeqo 👍👍
Toxic Playz
Toxic Playz Prije 16 dana
12:48 TeaWap: 3,2,1 RUN!
Pop crean clan
Pop crean clan Prije 16 dana
like den der comant hvis du en dansker
RoCkY- AnAs
RoCkY- AnAs Prije 16 dana
Bro I really think Jarvis should get unbanned will wish for ya jarvis
Critical Ryem99
Critical Ryem99 Prije 16 dana
Why Alex not get not after jumping and hitting the pole
Slapzy FN
Slapzy FN Prije 17 dana
Teeqo does not know how to swim
Master Cold
Master Cold Prije 17 dana
wtf was on 7:21 on one recording alex didnt make it but in replay he did wtf lol
Farrah Nansi
Farrah Nansi Prije 18 dana
Teawap is the ultimate faze olympian but ok
Susan Pettit
Susan Pettit Prije 18 dana
I beat all of them I The holding ur breath
aikokohana86 Prije 19 dana
That camara man is the one Who can hold their breath the longest
Gary Garcia
Gary Garcia Prije 19 dana
Stinel Johnson
Stinel Johnson Prije 21 dan
2:25 someone sign him right now lol
Stinel Johnson
Stinel Johnson Prije 21 dan
1:28 y’all can’t count lol that’s three
baybeegirlb_ Prije 22 dana
I literally love teawaps accent.
Yung savage
Yung savage Prije 23 dana
Tommy my boyyyy
Rashad Kassim
Rashad Kassim Prije 25 dana
The camra man is in faze? and he the fastest FAZE? member?????
Wavey original
Wavey original Prije mjesec
I done it with u and I beat Tommy so I won👑
TTV_fearless_gl Aalisartoq
TTV_fearless_gl Aalisartoq Prije mjesec
I beat all but not the winner
I play games
I play games Prije mjesec
No Tewap won the last challenge
Riley Strydom
Riley Strydom Prije mjesec
Ariff Fahmi Adi Husaini
Ariff Fahmi Adi Husaini Prije mjesec
frazier wearing yellow underwesr
H5X_Baker904 Prije mjesec
I put on look at this dude when cizzorz tried pole 9
Andrade Joya
Andrade Joya Prije mjesec
Wolfie Cindy and Temperr would go hard.
Goat Vibes
Goat Vibes Prije mjesec
Can you invite me to FaZe please
Sp0kes Gamer
Sp0kes Gamer Prije mjesec
7:17 wtf?
Dempsey Neal
Dempsey Neal Prije mjesec
What’s Jarvis’s form
FBI Prije mjesec
3:52 nah lmao
Cazry Prije mjesec
13:30 do Alex's shorts say f*ck😶😶😶😶
Cazry Prije mjesec
7:13 so did Alex make it or not 🤣😂😂😂
Iambat Prije mjesec
13:50 tommy hold his breath under water along Time but what about tewap
Among Prije mjesec
A hospital prank on kay or rug
Among Prije mjesec
Hey jarvis why dont you do a hospital prank
Prince Charming
Prince Charming Prije mjesec
I wish Jarvis got back on fortnite because there super hero and there are super hero powers
Thunderpolice 85
Thunderpolice 85 Prije mjesec
11:09 poor alex
Juan Prije mjesec
Basketball is pretty easy for me
Dagim Kiflu
Dagim Kiflu Prije mjesec
Teawap is the real winner
MR DRIFT Prije mjesec
Where was bank
fun time two2
fun time two2 Prije mjesec
The winner in holding there breath is teawap no one can compare
xRosaw Prije mjesec
omg its the *SAME* video that ben record brooo
Brent Aldridge
Brent Aldridge Prije mjesec
Teacquo is the fastest
pinkano11 Prije mjesec
I won the hold breth competition with a min and 24 sek
Xfiremrfnシ Prije mjesec
@teawap are u the flash guy recorder because ur so fast than everyone
Tai Murray
Tai Murray Prije mjesec
Jarvis got knock down by a fall (535262535255253544342325244242424342424)
Rachael Nauta
Rachael Nauta Prije mjesec
Temperrr did good
Grant Strout
Grant Strout Prije mjesec
The number of shots made on the basketball kept doubling.
Alex Prije mjesec
Those British kids looking at the American playing basketball @jarvis and @kay WTF
SiIenq Prije mjesec
Lol I did the gold your breath - I got 34s
Jad FAYAD Prije mjesec
That is not Addison Rae but Charlie Damelio
Sarey Trejo
Sarey Trejo Prije mjesec
What’s up busted head
Mirela Cobzaru.
Mirela Cobzaru. Prije mjesec
Ryan Fong
Ryan Fong Prije mjesec
(Naruto music is played) Me: COPYRIGHTED (Its actual naruto music tho
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