Medieval Weapons Tier List

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The Liquid Ladder is a zany new measurement system that you can use to safely rank things that many people deem too dangerous to rank. Our patented system goes all the way from S to F, so you can be rest assured that you're getting the most precise information possible. In this episode of Liquid Ladder, Charlie and Matt use medieval weapons.
Meatier Productions

Jaxic Cimatic
Jaxic Cimatic Prije 58 minuta
That handling of the bow sent all of my bones into fight or flight mode. The stance... of the gods.
Tohru Prije sat
16:52 the punch that nearly shattered the universe
Abdulmajeed Abdullah
Abdulmajeed Abdullah Prije 2 sati
My guy forgot about the Indian war club. The things a beast
Meme Boi
Meme Boi Prije 2 sati
He reminds me of a child
ASDf ZXCV Prije 8 sati
15:00 thought he was gonna say start taking out some children
Microwave Prije 22 sati
16:50 the absolute pain you can hear in his voice in hurting my fists too.
SansTheMan Prije dan
I’m just imagining a commercial saying shit like “I always have a cutlass in my kitchen.” And it just cuts to a clip of Charlie slicing a pumpkin
Plague Doctor Seth
Plague Doctor Seth Prije dan
I wonder what Shadiversity, Skallagrim and Metatron all think about the Fleshlight Cutlass.
Rick K
Rick K Prije dan
Why are they using a child's bow lol
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Prije dan
Someone needs to send this to shadiversity
Isaiah Avant
Isaiah Avant Prije dan
it really takes like 5 weeks to master a bow
DQNFCHIDORI The Sage Prije dan
Hey you’re not John Wick wtf
Adrien Thompson
Adrien Thompson Prije 2 dana
watching charlie so miserably use the bow and arrow was amazing
Kemas Rahman
Kemas Rahman Prije 2 dana
Now Matt!
Yasashii Iiko
Yasashii Iiko Prije 2 dana
i' never noticed, that this man is smol O v O
WestMindGaminG Prije 2 dana
Videos ending feels rushed idk
Major Frozen
Major Frozen Prije 3 dana
as a guy who has punched pumpkins, yea that shit hurts.
Alexander Tsynkov
Alexander Tsynkov Prije 3 dana
So Charlie’s magic summons a powerful creature known as a “Matt” which assaults the enemies in his stead? I accept this.
Zelda-ish Prije 3 dana
Spear is the best medieval weapon
SadSeal Prije 3 dana
Jiff Bombastic
Jiff Bombastic Prije 3 dana
Charlies looks like a soccer girl.
PURPLEFLAME Prije 3 dana
Demon level threat? Nah, you a god level threat
fishbutt907 Prije 3 dana
How is a bow a medieval weapon?
I Don’t Know
I Don’t Know Prije 4 dana
Seeing Charlie totally ass blast a pumpkin with a baseball bat, made me laugh uncontrollably.
Barnaby Winwood
Barnaby Winwood Prije 4 dana
Imagine what damage thy fleshlight would bring udon the hardened shell of thy pumpkin
Shade Prije 4 dana
that was some heavy tap titans shilling ey. its cool tho we can skip
Tai the Rogue
Tai the Rogue Prije 4 dana
Charlie: You see that footwork tho? *immediately puts his feet right next to each other* jk we love you
whtwolfgames Prije 4 dana
Bowling ball hits, top tier Rust gameplay right there
Abraham Thick-lats
Abraham Thick-lats Prije 5 dana
I don't know much about compound bows but why is the draw length so damn short. Its like the bow was made for little kids.
The commenting Guy?
The commenting Guy? Prije 5 dana
Probably is for kids
mustangx218 Prije 5 dana
S tier fists. ROFLMAO
Yolanda Shikers
Yolanda Shikers Prije 5 dana
The doubtful june focally preach because pancake potentially dislike onto a many engineer. massive, aromatic yam
Rafael Bordoni
Rafael Bordoni Prije 5 dana
Those pumpkins have high resistance to crushing damage.
I Hate The Fact That I Look Like Kratos
I Hate The Fact That I Look Like Kratos Prije 5 dana
Back in my hayday during World War II I got 10 kills with a bowling ball. Knocked over some conveniently aligned soldiers.
Moxikit Prije 5 dana
Charlie is classified as: A Medieval god Jesus rockstar dumpster picker upper
Jackson Harty
Jackson Harty Prije 6 dana
you were shooting a child's bow haha
Ramon Garcia
Ramon Garcia Prije 6 dana
i like how the base ball bat just smacks the pumpkin 13:46
Jake Wolfenstein
Jake Wolfenstein Prije 6 dana
Dwarves can’t do magic lol
Tubagoo 13
Tubagoo 13 Prije 6 dana
Watching a shrunken John wick get familiar with the weaponry of the medieval era is just what I needed today, thank you.
Jason Sell
Jason Sell Prije 6 dana
14:04:Jesus beats knight with a metal bat
ITrickshot Prije 6 dana
If jesus was a ninja
Twisted Tentacles
Twisted Tentacles Prije 6 dana
only demon? pathetic im a dragon class threat my monster name "big incel"
KEANU MCGUIRE Prije 6 dana
the bowling ball
Mr. NUNYA Prije 6 dana
The "magic" staff made me think a hilarious medical comedy idea, where a "wizard" in medieval times thinks he has magical powers but is actually just a wealthy aristocrat heir that has henchmen that jump out and beat the shit out of whatever he just used his "magical spell" on, of course, while he isn't looking.
Gabo Derflinger
Gabo Derflinger Prije 7 dana
Am I the only one really worried about his hand being too close to the slashing end?
Matthew Beattie
Matthew Beattie Prije 7 dana
By the way, you can buy an actual, fully working double headed morning star for just €38 in France. Yes, I have one.
Ne Ro
Ne Ro Prije 7 dana
Abusing Pumpkins WeirdChamp
Coldsyn Prije 7 dana
I can’t get over the fact that the bow is upside down that entire time... lmao
Big Peen Whistler
Big Peen Whistler Prije 7 dana
That pirate sword(4th weapon) is pretty damn sharp to just chop that pumpkin like that with Charlie's half ass swing lol
jude thedude
jude thedude Prije 7 dana
Baseball bat wouldn’t draw blood, but probably have some blunt trauma concussion type damage. Still a solid a teir i think
Peter Jung
Peter Jung Prije 8 dana
hes playing rust with the bowling ball
Herum Prije 8 dana
That bow is pathetic, the bows I used for my 5th grade bow practice would shoot at like 30mph and also that was way off target
M E Prije 8 dana
This looks like a scene from his time in the hunger games
Jace Kremer
Jace Kremer Prije 8 dana
on camera he looks like hes tall asf but when you see him out of a chair its suprising
The Donn
The Donn Prije 8 dana
I just watched 2 men lose a fight to a pumpkin and I'm not complaining
garrett ferguson
garrett ferguson Prije 8 dana
I sneezed a lot today, now I'm addicted to sneezing, if I feel one, I try to sneeze a bunch. This is not a joke.
xXBEASTONXx Prije 9 dana
15:54 perfectly sums up rust
Yeet is Goated
Yeet is Goated Prije 9 dana
this has to be in Florida
Macallan Martin-Graham
Macallan Martin-Graham Prije 9 dana
Breaking News: Pumpkin Destroys Man's Strongest Weapon.
Earnitindustrys Prije 9 dana
"oh I'm right on the money" *Misses by 20 million kilos*
TheWrathoFTerrowin Prije 9 dana
First 20 seconds: Wake the fuck up, Samurai.
Dan Ellis
Dan Ellis Prije 9 dana
Use a wooden bat like a man!!!!!
AnRoVAi Prije 9 dana
show us the mobi huge vs pumpkins
blonde tsundere
blonde tsundere Prije 9 dana
Imagine some weirdo waving a stick around with a wolf head and then just being clubbed over the head by someone else
Joseph Lear
Joseph Lear Prije 10 dana
But can he beat goku?
rat king
rat king Prije 10 dana
the chaddiest nerd out there
Joystick Prije 10 dana
Will it keeell?
Aven Stormbrand
Aven Stormbrand Prije 10 dana
I need shadiversity to react to this xD
Mad Man
Mad Man Prije 10 dana
14:13 imagine the bat fucking breaks in half LUL
BlakeKevin Gaming
BlakeKevin Gaming Prije 10 dana
the fleshlight sword was funny
Blessed Cleaning
Blessed Cleaning Prije 10 dana
This was fun to watch
W for Wavy
W for Wavy Prije 10 dana
this mans terminology is great
Hyper_Foxxcoon Prije 10 dana
His fist are so powerful he hurts himself from punching a pumpkin
SpookySkyy Prije 10 dana
"fleshlight cutlas" the fleshlight penetrated you in medieval times.
Just a nice View
Just a nice View Prije 10 dana
pov: The quiet kid bought a sword and makes a youtube video
Cody Romrell
Cody Romrell Prije 11 dana
L L Prije 11 dana
Jesus reviews medieval weapons
g o o t
g o o t Prije 11 dana
The amount of different anime references in this one video is insane.
Jerome Erwin
Jerome Erwin Prije 11 dana
I counted 21 strikes with the baseball bat
IL_ VINX Prije 11 dana
16:46 "Strongest weapons of them all" 2 seconds later he's clenching his fist in pain XD
bluepyro68 Prije 11 dana
Why does Charlie seem like a little kid and Matt is like his dad just trying so hard to understand his game and play with him
Snazzy Acorn
Snazzy Acorn Prije 11 dana
What are Florida pumpkins made of
Arvid Johansson
Arvid Johansson Prije 11 dana
Hahaha! Man watching you guys smash that pumpkin with your fists made my day :D
Connor Latham Grayson
Connor Latham Grayson Prije 11 dana
also if your an archerer and in thier nuts then you grab one of your arrows and stab em!
Connor Latham Grayson
Connor Latham Grayson Prije 11 dana
hey!!!!! the staff was at least a E!
nimal nair
nimal nair Prije 11 dana
What episode of Forged in Fire is this?
ScullyVlogs Prije 11 dana
Nobody noticed the fleshlight until charlie pointed it out lol
MrSqueck Prije 11 dana
A bunch of 10 year old kids that got there hands on there dads game of thrones collection
Omar Asif
Omar Asif Prije 12 dana
Where is Bobby B's warhammer?
’YourBoiToxic ‘
’YourBoiToxic ‘ Prije 12 dana
Why does that look like the bow I used in 3rd grade when i shot my first turkey
Jason Prije 12 dana
The rest of the USA: A medieval tier list Floridians: Tuesday
Tyler Serrano
Tyler Serrano Prije 12 dana
this nigga small
Giovanni Egidio
Giovanni Egidio Prije 12 dana
I watched to the first minute and the sword already has a pocket puzzy as the hilt
G KingofTrees
G KingofTrees Prije 12 dana
Bruh if you got on sketcher slides I got the same pair
Ashton Cringe
Ashton Cringe Prije 12 dana
When he started hitting the pumpkin with a baseball bat I just lost it 😂
Imnoob Prije 12 dana
*penguinz0* You hit a pumpkin with a fist... *Imagine if you hit your fist into a durian.*
Edwin Masljukow
Edwin Masljukow Prije 12 dana
someone has to teach me those spells xD
MꓘFeddle Prije 12 dana
Okay, you didn't grip your fist. That's why it hurt so bad. Then again even at 15 I'm bigger than you. I say that in a respectful context-focused way. Also you punched a Pumpkin.
Lucky Lucky
Lucky Lucky Prije 13 dana
The staff was my favorite. Matt won my heart with this video. 😂
hustlinjustin Prije 13 dana
At 8:59 I feel like the weapon would've been better if it was crafted a bit better with better material or something.
Cringe alert
Cringe alert Prije 13 dana
17:23 to here minecraft grass sound
Von C
Von C Prije 13 dana
The one thing I was thinking during this video was just "Skyrim"
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