UEFA Short Film | Incredible never-before-seen footage of Liverpool's Champions League triumph

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Liverpool FC

Prije godine

Watch UEFA's fantastic documentation the Reds' victory in the Spanish capital, as they beat Tottenham Hotspur at the Estadio Metropolitano to secure a sixth European Cup.

secret ninja
secret ninja Prije 4 sati
i just feel bad for tottenham
Vivy Chauhan
Vivy Chauhan Prije dan
Alli looks so cute in the end....YNWA!!!!
Mason Blogs 15
Mason Blogs 15 Prije 8 dana
Grow up Lucas you prick
Alexia Koryfidou
Alexia Koryfidou Prije 8 dana
I Remember That Day As Yesterday. Watching This Reminds Me The Passion And The Memories I Had That Year. I Have The Same Happiness And The Love For Liverpool As From Then. Love you Liverpool. You Are A Part Of My Heart!!!❤️❤️❤️
Hayley Hoover
Hayley Hoover Prije 9 dana
The chivalrous comparison grossly invent because share technically warm versus a ready feather. kindhearted, scared wheel
Big Boss
Big Boss Prije 11 dana
!!!??? Prije 13 dana
How come I’m only watching this now
Ольга Ковалева
Ольга Ковалева Prije 14 dana
есть перевод ?
UCL Arena
UCL Arena Prije 16 dana
The background was mind blowing. It seemed as if I was present their at that moment.
ลิเวอร์พูล ไทยแลนด์ แฟนคลับ
ลิเวอร์พูล ไทยแลนด์ แฟนคลับ Prije 18 dana
2021 ใครยังดูอยู่บ้าง !!
Jake Leigh
Jake Leigh Prije 18 dana
Beautifully put together. Excellent work.
عمر محمد
عمر محمد Prije 20 dana
الي عربي يحط لايك إذا فش حدا متحطوش
John boy
John boy Prije 23 dana
YNWA 🔥🔥🔥
Natalija Boljevic
Natalija Boljevic Prije 24 dana
I love you Liverpool i m from Podgorica capital city Montenegro. Andrija my name. YNWA
Bless Jordan Henderson kop captain ENGLAND legend
Marius Rockel
Marius Rockel Prije 25 dana
From Hamburg: We need Klopp as a national coach. Im thankful what Klopp has done for the English German friendship
Mohammed Heshamm
Mohammed Heshamm Prije 26 dana
Salah came liverpool to make history and take that team to the top I'm Egyptian but I like this team so much thanks salah you are the best ❤
BrlnSpezial Prije 26 dana
ياسين سالم الكلباني
ياسين سالم الكلباني Prije 27 dana
ياليفر ياكبير شو هاذا الدلال ماهذا يليفربول
ياسين سالم الكلباني
ياسين سالم الكلباني Prije 27 dana
ياليفر ياكبير شو هاذا الدلال ماهذا يليفربول
Syahrul Mubarokk
Syahrul Mubarokk Prije 27 dana
HAI ADMIN LIVERPOOL I am from Indonesia
Roman Shilmester
Roman Shilmester Prije 28 dana
Brings chills down my spine watching this 👍
Gav Prije 28 dana
Few things in life bring me more pure, unedited, unfiltered joy than watching the team I grew up obsessing over succeed. There is something intangible about the absolute pain our supporters have had to endure over the last 30 years that makes the feeling of winning the biggest trophies on the planet unique to us. Yes I'm biased. Yes I derive joy from the failures of Man United. But I still respect this beautiful game and the power it has over literally billions of people enough to know that these moments are special in all of our lives and should be cherished forever. I will never ever walk alone.
Rakha Achmad
Rakha Achmad Prije 29 dana
Ales Pramana
Ales Pramana Prije mjesec
I wish tottenham can win a tropy if not spurs fan will be upset includes me
Farid Manafli
Farid Manafli Prije mjesec
3:35 you lost in the final, I am not having a laugh but you were brilliant, well done spurs
Sungging M
Sungging M Prije mjesec
Why you put Henderson picture as the thumbnail? not Salah, Mane or Van Dijk? Henderson is only average player, because he is an English media always tell that he is the most important player in Liverpool.
LiverpoolFC658 Prije mjesec
Wonderful !! Thanks for sharing , C'MON YOU REDMEN!!
bub wang
bub wang Prije mjesec
The marked propane prognostically change because theater concordingly punish of a difficult cough. receptive, harmonious laborer
Mohamed Kmhawy
Mohamed Kmhawy Prije mjesec
kashattack Prije mjesec
Liverpool are just magic in Europe, always have been and always will be.
abraham pramana
abraham pramana Prije mjesec
hi im a spurs fan but its well made
Erick Freitas
Erick Freitas Prije mjesec
The cute accordion prominently post because home apparently fail on a undesirable calculator. noxious, equable channel
GoodNews4You Prije mjesec
Liverpool beat Spurs three times and were probably the best team in the league only beaten by 1 point to City. We beat Spurs in the final, not even playing at our best. We were far too defensive after the 1st goal because the team desperately wanted to win the game (after the previous year's heartache to Real). Spurs were very luck to reach the final and deservedly lost.
Kelvin Lim
Kelvin Lim Prije mjesec
Liverpool will be champion again in premier league 2020/2021
Ерлан Даубаев
Ерлан Даубаев Prije mjesec
просто ждать того момента, когда это случиться и пусть это случиться, я это пишу в 25/12/2020 года в 1-39 ночи, я ждал этого момента почти 25 лет, хотя в приоритете был кубок АПЛ, но мистер Клопп просто сделал своё дело а вся команда просто взорвала мир, спасибо Вам и я никогда не буду один, со мной Ливерпуль !!!
lotfy 01
lotfy 01 Prije mjesec
This is ABSOLUTELY a masterpiece even if you're not a Liverpool fan.... Well done lads
emory kayle
emory kayle Prije mjesec
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ARMLINK Prije mjesec
Subtitle at 3:05 : They speak spanish People: Yes we are idiots
Tien Dang Studio
Tien Dang Studio Prije mjesec
l love it . Good Editors and videographers
Kang Hisyam
Kang Hisyam Prije mjesec
big day~~~
Dylan Zach
Dylan Zach Prije mjesec
The icky mallet ultrastructually own because wren surgically form mid a round drill. nonstop, thoughtless bead
Matiwos Alemayehu
Matiwos Alemayehu Prije mjesec
ynwa, liverpool the best club in z holl world
Rifqi Makhasin
Rifqi Makhasin Prije mjesec
i love u liverpool
Kidomania Prije mjesec
That video gave me goosebumps 😲😲
ClumsyHero.com Prije mjesec
I'm a Liv fan for 30 years but when I see Lucas Moura cry, it breaks my heart.
Fayez Ouarghi
Fayez Ouarghi Prije mjesec
Brillant production
Tracy John
Tracy John Prije mjesec
The best referees
Kamil Kobierecki
Kamil Kobierecki Prije mjesec
ΗΑLA MADRID 3-1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Curius hahahahahahah🤣
southern rabel
southern rabel Prije mjesec
Now it the time for England club no more Spanish and the best thing it becoz of liverpool not man united 🤣🤣🤣
stu plant
stu plant Prije mjesec
Everything that day felt like destiny for Liverpool. Losing the year before, the team and manger we have, being against an English team so added pressure, the amount fans travelled and their prematch build up. It was ALWAYS OURS TO KEEP N
Uan Gay
Uan Gay Prije mjesec
Wanuri 1986
Wanuri 1986 Prije mjesec
Jos liverpol dr padangan indonesia
Bagas Firgiawan
Bagas Firgiawan Prije mjesec
Judulnya indo
C Gerie Rustandy
C Gerie Rustandy Prije mjesec
Who put onion in here :'))
Hery Hutabarat
Hery Hutabarat Prije mjesec
Rispan Taufik
Rispan Taufik Prije mjesec
Minimano team
jo4ka Prije mjesec
The players hugging/ calling their families ❤
Jimbo O3 DarkLane Radio
Jimbo O3 DarkLane Radio Prije mjesec
lil Preist
lil Preist Prije mjesec
Bayern is best!
haseef azlan
haseef azlan Prije mjesec
12:23 🤣
Man Nga
Man Nga Prije mjesec
ML L Prije mjesec
What a win! What a joy! What a hug! What a relief!
Pincang Mersinar
Pincang Mersinar Prije mjesec
Kayses Films
Kayses Films Prije mjesec
I'm a united fan and I can't hate liverpool.
تعلم وعلم
تعلم وعلم Prije mjesec
Encourage from Egypt, proud and enjoy Mo,Salah
Станислав Кернер
Станислав Кернер Prije mjesec
Very Cool!!!
Iman Santoso
Iman Santoso Prije mjesec
I love this
Fares Mohamed
Fares Mohamed Prije mjesec
happy memory 💓💓💓
Shanti shanti
Shanti shanti Prije mjesec
the music makes as exiteing as when the game was on, ALMOST
Shanti shanti
Shanti shanti Prije mjesec
There is a few BIG happenings where i always remember where i were, 9/11 Liverpool Champions leage winners etc
Bayu Aditya
Bayu Aditya Prije mjesec
Merinding bosss
adem ayem bird fram
adem ayem bird fram Prije mjesec
Cuma hoki doang
Kuberan Vishaiini
Kuberan Vishaiini Prije mjesec
And I like this video this is a wonderful memorable videos 🤩
Kuberan Vishaiini
Kuberan Vishaiini Prije mjesec
I feel like crying when watch this video coz many more years Liverpool never win the title❤️❤️❤️
lucas daan
lucas daan Prije mjesec
amazing refree
H Prije mjesec
Nicely done
Samantha wilson
Samantha wilson Prije mjesec
Its beautiful and its Red, all credit to spurs, but there's nothing in this world that compares to being a Liverpool fan, YNWA, J96, thats for you
W Leon
W Leon Prije mjesec
I can see us reaching yet another Champions League final this season...and winning it too. It's looking good. COME ON, LIVERPOOL!!
Tu Tuan
Tu Tuan Prije mjesec
Byron Prije mjesec
This years Spurs vs last years Liverpool would have made an interesting final.
9769-Mansor Majed M AlMutairi
9769-Mansor Majed M AlMutairi Prije mjesec
R2 R
R2 R Prije mjesec
Dejan lovren and lallana 😢😢
aniq mirza
aniq mirza Prije mjesec
im not crying.. you are (T.T)
G Master
G Master Prije mjesec
Klopp is such a great Persona! - devastated Gonner fan
SR10 Prije mjesec
Вие от къде знаете Български
Tu Nha
Tu Nha Prije mjesec
Ahmed Kilani
Ahmed Kilani Prije mjesec
This video is perfect
Ahmed Kilani
Ahmed Kilani Prije mjesec
This video is perfect
Tu Nha
Tu Nha Prije mjesec
Tum Ham
Tum Ham Prije mjesec
0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.
Work For Life
Work For Life Prije mjesec
Hi dad it is me Lallana
بدرسبورت Prije mjesec
اح اح. لطالماء حلمت ان. العب مع نا دي. ليفربول
SiyaM Ma
SiyaM Ma Prije mjesec
And from here Tottenham found it hard to land their feet on the ground again.. Until Maurinho.
Hridoy *
Hridoy * Prije mjesec
Ohh. I m almost crying
Can Tam
Can Tam Prije mjesec
Ingat.... Ada allah....
Thu Nhu
Thu Nhu Prije mjesec
0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.
Daole Bao
Daole Bao Prije mjesec
Robert Aleksander Nilsen
Robert Aleksander Nilsen Prije mjesec
Send Jordan til Danmark og Jord-banen og Hende og la han være, seg selv, trene opp de nye! Har du hørt rally-nå?
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