17 Tennis Points That Made Roger Federer Smile! 😊

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chrisroest Prije 8 dana
Mark Flajsner
Mark Flajsner Prije 19 dana
Agassi looked so pissed, regretting his lack of stature perhaps...?
unowen7591 Prije 24 dana
I love when he's smiling during the point. It's so contagious lol
Brandon Huang
Brandon Huang Prije 28 dana
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Axeeel_dt Prije mjesec
6:13 maybe the best point of the history
Vidya Sonavane
Vidya Sonavane Prije mjesec
2:11 that smile after losing the point.👍👍that pink color and aqua blue really suits him the most. Can somebody explain who wins the point @4:49?
Petar Petrovic
Petar Petrovic Prije mjesec
When Federer smiles a puppet dies
8acun Prije mjesec
Look at his face. Just effortless.
Ketan Jobalia
Ketan Jobalia Prije mjesec
Without doubt, Federer is the most talented, beautiful, vesatile player ever to play tennis. Variety of shots he has, is far more than combined of Nadal or Novak. His volley , stop volley, backend, forehand and dropshots are very pleasing to watch. To play for 20 over yrs with very high consistency is simply amazing. And above all, he is very humble, down to earth always easy going with his fans and media. We hardly read or hear ppl say bad things abt him. It is astonoshing to know that he has never retired half way in 1250 matches he has played. This shows how much he loves Tennis.. No other player has this effect on public past 50 yrs plus. No wonder he gets so much love, respect and attention from Reporters, players and public.. Even if Novak wins 25 Slams, he can never match talent, skill, charishma, elegance and popularity of Federer. Last but not the least, behavior on the court where RF gets 9.9 out of 10 and Novak may be 4....Novaks behaviour in tokyo olympics last wk is totally disgrace and unacceptable. He shd banned for few months. 👌🏻👌🏻..
Hassan KAKAista
Hassan KAKAista Prije mjesec
I watched this for his smiles not the tennis
Jimmy T.
Jimmy T. Prije mjesec
Seeing all the old SD stuff in 240p resolution makes me just be thankful for today's HD TV. Great compilation!
Akshaya Bhatia
Akshaya Bhatia Prije mjesec
Great video. I would've loved to have seen the shot at the Shanghai 2006 masters final against Blake, where Federer hit a crazy backhand pass and then smiled at how good he was hitting his backhand passes that day.
Ashwath Venkatraman
Ashwath Venkatraman Prije 2 mjeseci
This Legend smiles as he goes for the shots :-) GOAT
d efface
d efface Prije 2 mjeseci
That rally with Hewitt was incredible
R F Prije 2 mjeseci
Bharath Govinda
Bharath Govinda Prije 2 mjeseci
The gist of this video is ........ Federer has not smiled playing against Djokovic or Nadal.
Daily Options
Daily Options Prije 2 mjeseci
When novak is smiling, federer is crying inside
fdsjlaf Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't know why I'm watching this
Yaman Alghanem
Yaman Alghanem Prije 2 mjeseci
The perfect video doesn't exi.... oh 😍😍 never mind
Каролина & Алишер Муродова & Ахмадов
Каролина & Алишер Муродова & Ахмадов Prije 2 mjeseci
Genus Tinca
Genus Tinca Prije 2 mjeseci
That forehand by Gonzalez was absolutely brutal
philly d
philly d Prije 2 mjeseci
Andre's reaction was just priceless he knew what was coming lol
MS DhoniFan
MS DhoniFan Prije 2 mjeseci
The most graceful,stylist,elegant artist I have ever seen on the tennis court !!! Tennis will never see another Federer. Thanks for all the memories you gave us with your art !!! You are the greatest sporting icon of this decade who made the game popular. Everyone around the world including me started following tennis only because of you sir!!! Thanks for all those smashing forehands, down the line backhands,tweeners,sliced backhands,volleys and those net points. Would love to see win one more slam. Hope there is one final fairy tale comeback present in you. Expecting 2017 season one more time. Now...Then....Forever ROGER FEDERER
Cristian Micu
Cristian Micu Prije 2 mjeseci
such a pomp on you tube after djokovic win on wimblendon, for me there's no doubt federer is the best of the 3, above nadal and djokovic and people forget or straight dont know being too young about other ''goats'': jimmy connors, bjorn borg,andre agassi ,john McEnroe , such a pleasure to watch all of these champions , check your facts, some of you make videos about how great is djokovic but never seen a match ( i said a whole match not some isolated shots or points) of some other champions is a bit unfair towards them, even they made a name for themselves in tennis history
Beg Zayn
Beg Zayn Prije 2 mjeseci
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Karthick Iyer
Karthick Iyer Prije 2 mjeseci
Hansel Laurens
Hansel Laurens Prije 2 mjeseci
Tili. H
Tili. H Prije 2 mjeseci
Here after Roger Federer's Wimbledon QF defeat . Thanks for this! I was smiling the whole 9.29 mins..
Bernadetta Presta
Bernadetta Presta Prije 2 mjeseci
Kristina Carter
Kristina Carter Prije 2 mjeseci
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Khánh Nguyễn
Khánh Nguyễn Prije 2 mjeseci
federer always smiles.. till the end
Jeremy White
Jeremy White Prije 2 mjeseci
Would Federer SMILE while watching THIS video on online tennis coaching? Ha! Ha! hrpost.info/history/aNBpaNHVqdOKgII/video
Psych_ Truth
Psych_ Truth Prije 2 mjeseci
If you pause it at 1:43 its even more insane how good that shot is and how amazing federer is, he is not even looking at the ball, just at the opponent, because he knows it will go over the net just perfectly
farhan hasin
farhan hasin Prije 2 mjeseci
5:34 i dont understand how the ball changed it direction all of a sudden?
Gogi Gogi
Gogi Gogi Prije 2 mjeseci
Not much of smiling since Djokovic is playing
Ales Tundra
Ales Tundra Prije 2 mjeseci
you forgot the one with tommy haas :) the 'distraction'
Nisha Govil
Nisha Govil Prije 2 mjeseci
1:49 I think Federer smiled here when he saw del potro on at his side of court
Abhishek Singh56
Abhishek Singh56 Prije 2 mjeseci
4:05 muje nahi khelna iske saath, muje interest hi nahi hai yarrrr pagal hai ye.. hahahahaha (I DONT WANT TO PLAY WITH THIS MAN, I DONT HAVE ANY INTEREST, HE IS A MAD GUY.) LOL
Assel N
Assel N Prije 2 mjeseci
I am proud of myself for remembering almost all of those points when I watched those matches live on tv! (I did not watch the match with Agassi and some other old matches)
Gster V
Gster V Prije 2 mjeseci
Goran smashing his racquet to smithereens was hilarious 😂
Reality Check
Reality Check Prije 2 mjeseci
Actually, he didn’t smile on the 2nd shot (where he missed)
naila nabila
naila nabila Prije 2 mjeseci
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Joe Marshall
Joe Marshall Prije 2 mjeseci
The shot at 3:49 is the shot of the century....
acsoj Prije 3 mjeseci
Federer’s smile is so contagious.
Saransh Sharma
Saransh Sharma Prije 3 mjeseci
Damn, that forehand winner from Gonzalez is incredible 3:08
Julien Schöpfer
Julien Schöpfer Prije 3 mjeseci
05:30 who wins the point when it happens ?
Margaret Henderson
Margaret Henderson Prije 3 mjeseci
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Nashiran Boudie
Nashiran Boudie Prije 3 mjeseci
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Fritz Smith
Fritz Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
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Parth Kaul
Parth Kaul Prije 3 mjeseci
Was smiling through the entire clip. That's the magic of the maestro's aura. Witnessing him smile is an absolute bliss. #MadeMyDay.
AbOodi CorleoNe
AbOodi CorleoNe Prije 3 mjeseci
Agassi attitude was awful showing no sportsmanship against the Maestro!! He should of atleast bowed to him...
Banard Foster
Banard Foster Prije 3 mjeseci
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N. de las Heras
N. de las Heras Prije 3 mjeseci
Any point with Nadal?
Еркебулан Кабдулшарипов
Еркебулан Кабдулшарипов Prije 3 mjeseci
Kev Lucero
Kev Lucero Prije 3 mjeseci
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قاهر الجرذان
قاهر الجرذان Prije 3 mjeseci
time to retire federer enough
Nikolas Nikolaou
Nikolas Nikolaou Prije 3 mjeseci
The best ever
Jodiqw frigk
Jodiqw frigk Prije 3 mjeseci
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Angelo Sbardella
Angelo Sbardella Prije 3 mjeseci
How to easily get 1mi views on HRpost.
Armin Alijagic
Armin Alijagic Prije 3 mjeseci
Ivanišević 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
Jacob 95
Jacob 95 Prije 3 mjeseci
That Gonzalez forehand was 🔥
Vivek Kamani
Vivek Kamani Prije 3 mjeseci
makes me happy makes me smile nice
Stefan Prije 3 mjeseci
Where is a smile vs Novak?😈
Vidya Sonavane
Vidya Sonavane Prije mjesec
He may nit after losing but doesn’t act like rotten kid and smash rackets after losing. So pathetic display of unsportsmanship for a guy who claims to be the GOAT( Tokyo olympics, and he was defeated by a non slam winner).. ahmm.. talking about Novak.
Sharad H
Sharad H Prije 3 mjeseci
There have been many number 1s throughout tennis history. Djokovic is just another no 1. But Federer is the greatest player of all time, all things considered. Guile, class, speed, humility, art, attack, power, defence, genius, athleticism.
Vidya Sonavane
Vidya Sonavane Prije mjesec
Well said👍 and he keeps his head high after losing.. might cry but takes the loss with a heart.
Eddy Wong
Eddy Wong Prije 4 mjeseci
del potro where are you. please come back.
Harshit Chaudhary
Harshit Chaudhary Prije 4 mjeseci
When you see applause even after a player losing the point it's gotta be federer.
Ahmad omar
Ahmad omar Prije 4 mjeseci
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Ellipsis115 Prije 4 mjeseci
6:52 This is how you beat the best. You keep the presence of mind to keep switching your shots from polar opposite to opposite but somewhere they wont expect it. If you have to turn around from only just catching up to a ball, you are not in position to get a ball played short. And after that you are not prepared for a ball played the other side of the court. I can't describe the naunce and skill in this play but I sure want to emulate it.
Lance Guevara
Lance Guevara Prije 4 mjeseci
Good thing the commentator was cut-off on the last part. We don't want to hear your side comment on how Fed was able to do it. He did it, and it was amazing. End of story.
Antoine Samson
Antoine Samson Prije 4 mjeseci
It's so rare so see Federer smiling in court… my heart is melting acckkk🤧☺️❤️
MusicDreamSleep Prije 5 mjeseci
juan carlos sande
juan carlos sande Prije 5 mjeseci
MZ Highlights
MZ Highlights Prije 5 mjeseci
I have never seen a player like him, it doesn't matter if some player win more grand slam than him, no one, i mean no one could replace his legacy. For me he was, is and would be GOAT for ever.
-- Prije 5 mjeseci
9:17, the lines person knew it was something special and he's seen some shit...
적당맨TV  WhateverTV
적당맨TV WhateverTV Prije 5 mjeseci
So he doesn’t smile when playing nadal?
maestro h
maestro h Prije 5 mjeseci
Smiling during the point. He shows pure joy in playing, not just winning.
Dr Polash
Dr Polash Prije 5 mjeseci
Roger needs to retire he will not able to win against novak. He is finished
Vidya Sonavane
Vidya Sonavane Prije mjesec
If u don’t like Roger then u should quit watching this video and watch Novak’s. Just saying for your sanity.
Tripti Mongia
Tripti Mongia Prije 5 mjeseci
What's with this guy's smile?? Can't keep my eyes off him and on the game..
Tim Church
Tim Church Prije 6 mjeseci
I love that Federer lost quite a few of these points but still smiled. Back when the sport was fun and about entertainment, and not just pointless arguments about who is the GOAT.
Alexandre Sa
Alexandre Sa Prije 6 mjeseci
The legend
leoo olong
leoo olong Prije 6 mjeseci
1:57 was that Federer that shouted out lol
Mbarka Bahouchi
Mbarka Bahouchi Prije 6 mjeseci
Bravo Fédérer vous restez le meilleur joueur de tennis.
David Herrera
David Herrera Prije 6 mjeseci
Exchange with Lleyton Hewitt: 45 shots. You're welcome
Dan Prije 6 mjeseci
the guy is just a master. it is insane to watch and see just how good he is
Aymeric Vuillermoz
Aymeric Vuillermoz Prije 6 mjeseci
I can understand Goran Ivanesivic's reaction... It must be frustrating to play against the god of tennis !
El Galo Mejía
El Galo Mejía Prije 6 mjeseci
5:00 goat!!
Sameer Singh
Sameer Singh Prije 7 mjeseci
Felipe Vallejos Mellado
Felipe Vallejos Mellado Prije 7 mjeseci
Miss this guy.
Stefan Remes
Stefan Remes Prije 7 mjeseci
Altu ca el nu se naste
Arafat Emon
Arafat Emon Prije 7 mjeseci
3:50 - wow, wow, wow
YesSirPhil Prije 7 mjeseci
Almost more ads than points from Roger in this video... HRpost is getting ridiculous.
morita hadad
morita hadad Prije 7 mjeseci
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Dũng Trần
Dũng Trần Prije 7 mjeseci
there was a point when Federer played Haas at Wimbledon and Haas made a distraction that made Federer hit the ball out, that’s a very good example that you can add to this video
Eduardo Florian Antohe
Eduardo Florian Antohe Prije 7 mjeseci
Can we appreciate how calm and controlled he always looks?
Captain Kilo
Captain Kilo Prije 7 mjeseci
He’ll be 3rd in the all time GS list by the end of 2022.
Pete M
Pete M Prije 7 mjeseci
What I love most about Roger is his natural laziness. He has all the shots in the locker and as much power as any other player, but he just cruises along doing the least necessary to win . . . and when it really matters he raises his game in an instant to supernatural levels. This economy of style really is the mark of the very greatest sportsmen.
shubs Prije 2 mjeseci
@KAT Oh I think ND has to cop a lot of blame for the hate he gets. As for his game, it's an individual choice - for me he will never match up to the pleasure of watching Federer play. Long after both these guys have retired, there will be tennis lovers across generations who will watch and re-watch Federer's games. Novak's games? I really doubt that.
KAT Prije 3 mjeseci
Oh honestly you lot. I'm a die-hard federer fan, but djokovic is a masterful player, a good person, and a lover of fine tennis, even if he dislikes the player. He doesn't deserve the hate people give him.
Abbraccio Prije 3 mjeseci
@Ambikeya Mohapatra Djokovic has won 17 slams since 2010 where no one was good enough to challenge him consistently. Only guy that was is Nadal at the French Open, again just like Federer. It's the exact same situation as Federer before 2010.
Ambikeya Mohapatra
Ambikeya Mohapatra Prije 3 mjeseci
@Abbracciohe didn't win everything like Roger. Roger won 16 slams before 2010 and only 4 slams till 2020 becoz from 2011 , Novaks reign began. And don't say that federer was old and that kind of bullshit. He was only 29years in 2011. Whereas Novak has won 11 slams after 29 years of age.And there were many strong competitors in Novaks era like Nadal , federer , Murray ,wawrinka etc,: who were not present in federers time. It's not that federer s form decreased , it's just that after the arrival of Djokovic in 2011 , federer had no chance.
abcxyz Prije 3 mjeseci
@Ambikeya Mohapatra as if the OG comment deserved another one of the age old discussions about Fed Djok Nad 😂
Nish Prije 7 mjeseci
3.07 - That forehand from F. Gonzalez...!
ilmelangolo Prije 8 mjeseci
our Rog is such a nice fella
Emmanuel Abenu
Emmanuel Abenu Prije 8 mjeseci
Federer's smile is captivating
어찌끄나.테니스,노래,일상 Prije 8 mjeseci
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