Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler (Video Original Version)

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Check out more great videos from the 90's here: Click to follow on Spotify: Click to Buy ‘Freestyler’: Taken from the album ‘In Stereo’ click here to buy: Subscribe to on VEVO: ------------------------------------------ More from Bomfunk MC’s: ‘Crack It (Something Going On)’ - ‘Uprocking Beats’ - ------------------------------------------ Music video by Bomfunk MC's performing Freestyler. (C) 1999 Sony Music Entertainment (Finland) Oy

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Justin Smith
Justin Smith Prije 7 sati
This song must have done very well overseas because I'm 33 and I don't remember it ever being on MTV, MTV 2, BET, VH1 or any radio stations.
Павел Назаров
Павел Назаров Prije 7 sati
Хит супер,спасибо!!!
Massimo Iannello
Massimo Iannello Prije 8 sati
Benvenuto Padre Rugolo.
Alte Geschichten neu erzählt
Alte Geschichten neu erzählt Prije 8 sati
1998 xesh shshshshs
Klaus Gabriel
Klaus Gabriel Prije 9 sati
so geil...
dadca66 çamsaraylı
dadca66 çamsaraylı Prije 12 sati
Sınıfında 1 numara
dadca66 çamsaraylı
dadca66 çamsaraylı Prije 12 sati
Bu müziğin ilk giristeki enstrüman olan gitar mükemmel bu parçayı dinliyoruz
Вячеслав Ганихин
Вячеслав Ганихин Prije 12 sati
Хит школьных дискотек начала нулевых
Clay Wheeler
Clay Wheeler Prije 13 sati
I think the hardest part of creating this Music Video, is the Idea from the Director. If you really think about it, this is just random Rap Music. But what makes it so Catchy is the Video nuances. It looks visually timeless, it looks Futuristic, and 2021 feels like not a Future when we look at this video. Especially when this aired on MTV, straight fire.
Ivan Jalanoca Ticona
Ivan Jalanoca Ticona Prije 16 sati
Los gamers de hace 20 años 3:54
F.C. Prije 16 sati
You can see Neo from Matrix making his moves to this music Catched in the area
James Vickery
James Vickery Prije 18 sati
i'm so glad my year 11 dt teacher told me about this song.
Ruelia Prije 20 sati
My nostalgic rakamatafon childhood)!
Алексей Поляков
Алексей Поляков Prije 20 sati
Слезы настольгии
Александр Чеплаков
Александр Чеплаков Prije 23 sati
Срака мака фон.
SamsAdiece yuriebord
SamsAdiece yuriebord Prije 23 sati
+1? o +100?
Il diario di Samy
Il diario di Samy Prije 23 sati
Grohtezk Prije dan
Just enjoy! I love it!
mirA Prije dan
Adomas Janulevicius
Adomas Janulevicius Prije dan
Abdulavval Hidirov
Abdulavval Hidirov Prije dan
1000 Like
Milosz Kuzniar
Milosz Kuzniar Prije dan
Łaka maka fą
Apatheticheart Prije dan
is this a jojo reference?
NATURE Prije dan
This is not a song, this is a childhood core memory.
7b9 Prije dan
*Fristajla łaka maka fą*
Настройщик Prije dan
Зубы чищу и пою.
Dexp Dexp
Dexp Dexp Prije dan
извени брат клип устарел но клас
Elton Azevedo
Elton Azevedo Prije dan
use to put this playing in my cassete player, running down the street listening to it and touching every door ring bell and keep running hahahah Bad ass!
Aviram Iancovici
Aviram Iancovici Prije dan
This track was so revolutionary - I still remember the days when it was just out on MTV :D shoutout 90's kiddos
Bill Buckeyes
Bill Buckeyes Prije dan
Now is October 2021. I first listened to this when it just dropped. Now I’m 40 years old and still listening to this masterpiece
CAKE Prije 4 sati
what a journey !
Lleyton Leonard
Lleyton Leonard Prije dan
Some random flash game i used to play back in the early 2010s called Powerball brought me here. I've been looking for this song for years and I finally found it💀💀💀
Batirbek Tursinbaev
Batirbek Tursinbaev Prije dan
Я слышу эту песню в 2021 году
Luoz Prije dan
03:11 name?
DEejAY sKiZo
DEejAY sKiZo Prije dan
Saimn Savaii
Saimn Savaii Prije dan
Shinycotton Prije dan
Legends say that he is still stunned 4:06
illuminatipyro king
illuminatipyro king Prije dan
I love this song but tell me that ain't seth rogan with a throw on the train
Fonk Freectueel
Fonk Freectueel Prije dan
Rakamakafon Drestallerb Wsrej ryaka moklop zawqedekkopllopplollou😃😃😃
Decora Generr
Decora Generr Prije dan
Alger Algérie kho
Ильнур Алеев
Ильнур Алеев Prije 2 dana
SUPER!!! 🌲🌲🌲
Динара Гайнуллина
Динара Гайнуллина Prije 2 dana
October 2021
Mind Reaper
Mind Reaper Prije 2 dana
😂🤣😂They should’ve been locked up for impersonating American “black culture”😂🤣😂
Mamu Dante
Mamu Dante Prije 2 dana
aomyo Prije 2 dana
Stanisław Kostka
Stanisław Kostka Prije 2 dana
HIT wszechczasów !
David Thorpe
David Thorpe Prije 2 dana
The most 1999 video ever
Bagiusz T
Bagiusz T Prije 2 dana
fristajla, łakamajkrofon!
Hüseyin Yıldız
Hüseyin Yıldız Prije 2 dana
Nice Song Bro
TheApana Prije 2 dana
Miss these days
Aissa Aissa
Aissa Aissa Prije 2 dana
الامبراطورية فى الاحكم تدريس
It's raining
It's raining Prije 2 dana
BLEO Prije 2 dana
3:43 love this final boss fight
Eugene Prije 2 dana
Бессмертная вещь.
MMerced Raz
MMerced Raz Prije 2 dana
de puta madre .españñññññññññña
Tina Ban
Tina Ban Prije 2 dana
BeamNG Show
BeamNG Show Prije 2 dana
this song stuck in my head
DanSa Dilek
DanSa Dilek Prije 2 dana
Gençliğimin şarkılarından birisi daha çok iyiydiya
Tina Ban
Tina Ban Prije 2 dana
tia tonge
tia tonge Prije 2 dana
Still here in 2021
Артём Дащинский
Артём Дащинский Prije 2 dana
Децл ты ли это??
James Watson
James Watson Prije 2 dana
Thank-you but it is October 2021.
J ts1t
J ts1t Prije 2 dana
The kids don”t know how legendary is that song
Travsticles Prije 2 dana
20 odd years later the kids remembers the people who he forgot to unfreeze and have been suspended in their previous place all these years lol
Kien Trinh
Kien Trinh Prije 3 dana
don't trust king versierders i do not exist ik never let you goud
combat patterns
combat patterns Prije 3 dana
Ракамафон..и неипёт!!
Джо Винчестер
Джо Винчестер Prije 3 dana
Это топ!
bigger Ben
bigger Ben Prije 3 dana
Clothing was a cool thing back than.
Walter Leikam
Walter Leikam Prije 3 dana
Долбанный HRpost, ваш хозян собирает уже всех в космос, а вы до сих пор не научились работать, так чем -же закончится эта космо гонка?
xXkiller_02Xx Prije 3 dana
Tom Kaulitz :)
Schinsky Prije 3 dana
This reminds me of the time when we start to steal cigarettes from my older brother and smoke them behind our school. This song was on all the time. Best times.
Петр Сергеев
Петр Сергеев Prije 3 dana
Оригинал лучше. А это шняга.
Michaela Mittermeier
Michaela Mittermeier Prije 3 dana
Unglaublich, dass dieser Song schon 22 Jahre alt ist. Er klingt brandneu und ist noch immer MEGA!
Kevin Klingbeil
Kevin Klingbeil Prije dan
Dachte ich mir auch... einfach krass
Kathy Keeley
Kathy Keeley Prije 3 dana
Great video
Artem Kuper
Artem Kuper Prije 3 dana
2021 October
Козлов Николай
Козлов Николай Prije 3 dana
Девять пальцев
de backere rene
de backere rene Prije 3 dana
alex rus
alex rus Prije 3 dana
блин , молодость вернись
helga Schachner
helga Schachner Prije 3 dana
Yes sir
Simon Stax
Simon Stax Prije 3 dana
Still better than most music these days!
_ SERGEEVICH_ Prije 3 dana
DelWIN Prije 3 dana
2021 here
Vladimir PAVLOV
Vladimir PAVLOV Prije 3 dana
Every day you think about what to do how to live and hear this song, you forget about everything, like another world.
vu duong
vu duong Prije 3 dana
Who in 2021 here 👍
Михалы4 6ухалы4
Михалы4 6ухалы4 Prije 3 dana
№1 fuck cool!!!
Kieran Grant
Kieran Grant Prije 3 dana
2021 still listening to this classic beat. Rock the 🎤 🎙
Орландо философ
Орландо философ Prije 3 dana
Я в армии служил, когда эта песня гремела на весь мир. Привет всем из России! Русские за мир! I served in the army when this song thundered all over the world. Hello everyone from Russia! Russians for peace!
Исик хакер _
Исик хакер _ Prije 3 dana
if you listen this song in 2021, then you are a legend
Veronika 15
Veronika 15 Prije 3 dana
X_Natan_ X
X_Natan_ X Prije 3 dana
Legend 2021
Davud Aliev
Davud Aliev Prije 4 dana
А Я не умел брэк танцеват зато под любой движение подходил круто было весело.мне.38😪😪😪😪🤣🤣
Josh Silvester
Josh Silvester Prije 4 dana
Let go bois this one goes out to the lads 1999 Tezza 21 and still going
Saglionis Prije 4 dana
guillaume loones
guillaume loones Prije 4 dana
Sorry not from Belguim
guillaume loones
guillaume loones Prije 4 dana
it S 100% Belguim Best song
Rivas Prije 4 dana
Especially the beginning is the best....this part is even kind of it
Roman Kononov
Roman Kononov Prije 17 sati
Sauron Prije 4 dana
TasAq Prije 4 dana
Игорь Гришин
Игорь Гришин Prije 4 dana
я помню шапки были для брек данс
MunzuR Prije 4 dana
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