Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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Never before in human history have we been richer, more advanced or powerful. And yet we feel overwhelmed in the face of rapid climate change. It seems simple on the surface. Greenhouse gases trap energy from the Sun and transfer it to our atmosphere. This leads to warmer winters, harsher summers. Dry places become drier and wet places wetter. Countless ecosystems will die while the rising oceans swallow coasts and the cities we build on them.

So why don’t we just like… prevent all of that? Well, it’s complicated.

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Prije 27 dana
This video was supported by Gates Notes: If you want to learn more about how we handle Sponsorships like this one, we also have a medium article describing how we do it: And here is the sources doc for the vid:
Some gamer
Some gamer Prije 3 dana
Fatih Taha Baykal
Fatih Taha Baykal Prije 4 dana
@kurzgesagt-In a Nutshel pls Turkish CC plsss
Daniel Prije 7 dana
off course it is...
Bart Roberts
Bart Roberts Prije 12 dana
@Chishio Chishio 1. Add 5%/year of today’s level to energy efficiency to +40% total by 2030. 2. Taper 1% of today’s level per month fossil emission, down to zero by 2030. 3. Plant 4 new trees/person/year or equal direct air drawdown down to 300 ppmv. 4. Stabilize, fix and grow ecosystems down to 300 ppmv. (But why ever stop?) 5. Cut 100% of avoidable emissions of methane-or-worse CO2e gases right now. There's nothing political in that.
Minh Tuệ Hoàng
Minh Tuệ Hoàng Prije 12 dana
Thank you
lm_2swavyyy Prije 4 minuta
mabye covid was man made and was created to forcefully stop the production of co2 etc. but since we saw the out come of it (massive amounts of death) it had to also be slowed down or seem suspicious because the government did nothing about it because they were already trying to stop climate change it's like it was going to be one sided if you tried to do both
Solaris Sasso
Solaris Sasso Prije 6 minuta
time travel with a reverse black hole?
hybrydaludzkichlosow Prije 11 minuta
Ja już oglądam 2 raz żeby zrozumieć i zapamiętać całą lekcję
Rodion Shevchenko
Rodion Shevchenko Prije 34 minuta
I agree with most of the topics about how to prevent climate change, including more reasonable meat consumption, but I disagree about one thing. You've said, that we could use the land, that is used for meat production, in another way, but most of the farmlands are situated in places full of rocks, where trees don't grow that often, and if sheep or cows are not going to be fed there, that won't change the situation there. But I'm not talking about mass production and unreasonable consumption, just about middle-sized farms. Nevertheless, thank you for a wonderful work
TheSeptu Prije 59 minuta
Human nature is if you aren't around to feel the consequences of your actions, they aren't consequences to you. We will, unfortunately, not change until it's too late. The question is, how to convince people alive now it's too late.
Jared Cook
Jared Cook Prije 2 sati
This video was incredible as always, but for the message to really spread, the video must spread first. Everyone, share this with whoever you can, climate change is a big problem and we are all responsible for this planet we live on. We must do our best to save it before the sand in the hourglass runs out.
Alexander Vowles
Alexander Vowles Prije 2 sati
Just kill off the developing nations...
Kegklaus Prije 2 sati
new character unlocked; Cylinder head bird
Travis Messer
Travis Messer Prije 4 sati
What I think will happen is the world goes to crap and a little while later humans will rebuild
Dumbass Prije 5 sati
Can you fix climate change? NO* *End*
J K Prije 5 sati
Going cannibal seems most effective. Every person you eat is one less super polluter. Just dont be mad if someone eats you
Lofts Sympatico
Lofts Sympatico Prije 5 sati
Bravo. Reduce, reuse, recycle but the most important is REDUCE. Brag about your lower standard of living. SERIOUSLY. This needs to become a fad.
waketfup Prije 7 sati
You're funded by kill Gates. What You say has no validity, and I pity the millions who are mindless to the adoctrination
Raymond Christopher Tanto
Raymond Christopher Tanto Prije 2 sati
dear random person on the internet , would you give us any proof about your claim? thank you
XPhoenix 18 Eternal flame
XPhoenix 18 Eternal flame Prije 3 sati
Would ya like to give proof to that claim or?
Anti-Chaos legion
Anti-Chaos legion Prije 7 sati
Can we fix climate change? Title: N O Me: oh ok
ALen Prije 7 sati
Gates lo peor
TheMagnificentZoltar Prije 8 sati
Would it been better if Kurzgesagt mentioned the Bill Gates sponsorship at the beginning of the video or would you have clicked away if they had done so?
starscreen85 Prije 8 sati
Changing laws and fines to force or bankrupt a company is a sure fire way to get kicked out of office and do damage to your political party. Don't forget, there are people dependent on those jobs for their immediate needs. You could also eliminate employee's pension, investor's investments, etc. Not to mention all of the legal challenges that would be filed.
Istvan Ordog
Istvan Ordog Prije 9 sati
At this point I feel I have a front row seat and watching how earth is being destroyed by ego
Ullmastaren Openings
Ullmastaren Openings Prije 9 sati
Love me some good ol` Froop Poop!
Gunther Zielke
Gunther Zielke Prije 9 sati
Synchronize currencies to inflate at a regular consistent rate and use the inflated money to fund carbon capture and sustainability measures. Hyper inflation, excessive deficit spending, and environmental collapse averted.
Mark Gilmour
Mark Gilmour Prije 10 sati
It would have been better if the presentation addressed the possibility that anthropogenic climate change is not the issue. After all, the "experts" predicted an ice age, then global warming, then large swathes of the earth (eg Florida) under water by 2016 plus the complete disappearance of the north polar ice cap in summer (there are millions of tons of new ice since that prediction). In the last 40 years EVERY prediction has been wrong by a country mile, the climate models are in error by 400% and cannot even predict the regular seasonal weather changes!
Bluesbr0ther Prije 8 sati
But did anyone actually predict all those things? Because i hear people like you say it quite often but i have never seen any of you back up your claims. So who said those things?
Dezmeeno Prije 12 sati
11:10 anybody else read this is marvin the martians voice?
Dirty Silver
Dirty Silver Prije 12 sati
There is one part of this video that needs to break down and be explained. For developing places to "consume" the local forest isn't just consuming the forest. It's extremely well planned out, using rotations to make sure the supply can always maintain regrowth. Typically most are done in tree farms which are given 10 years to regrow. While working around wild life and working hard to reestablish that part of the forest. As well, the land is given extreme care because, well that's the fuel supply. Run out and no more supply. In turn these 10 year regrowth have captured tons of carbon because trees grab more carbon during their growth period than when they reach the "elder" years. Also to add, most forest is a competition for new trees to grow. Adult trees kill off sprouts by way of shade. A tree farm offers trees more land and sunlight to regrow, get this neat turn of events, more trees. It's rather cool imo.
Toasty Muffin
Toasty Muffin Prije 12 sati
Always knew the Narrator was a sentient AI duck
ROGUE OTAKU ••JOLLY•• Prije 12 sati
9:29 " *Let's take a deep breath* " in short , *you can't*
dingviet Prije 12 sati
Richer countries don't produce more CO2. You totally ignored the findings represented by the Kuznets curve.
hooplehead101 Prije 47 minuta
The Kuznet´s curve simply doesnt seem to be valid: Data from reality SHOWS richer countries produce more CO2. So if youre a rational human, you would discard an interesting, but falsified hypothesis. Rather than denying facts. Do you? :)
Cherry Soda
Cherry Soda Prije 13 sati
Fun fact: crickets are a more sustainable food than cows
Yeye Balam
Yeye Balam Prije 13 sati
Actually the only real thing that we can do is stop having children. Population must decrease, everything else simply will not be enough.
Alessandro Prije 13 sati
Just perfect! It should played in every school and every house on the planet
Jelly Fam401
Jelly Fam401 Prije 14 sati
Climate change just another scam by the elites
Paul Dodo
Paul Dodo Prije 8 sati
@Bluesbr0ther Scams on top of scams. Sounds like Inception.
Bluesbr0ther Prije 8 sati
Saying that climate change is just another scam is another scam from the fossil fuel industry.
Paul Dodo
Paul Dodo Prije 8 sati
ONNIE TALONE Prije 14 sati
how can anyone give up on the environment, it has not felt right here for a long time, they wish to destroy the land by making water move? yes the gradient on top soil is like a catipiliar pase so u can have 100 percent absorbtion, but our greed will have us do things we should not, the grade is the holy grail, it should not be modified as every property is attached , that is why the lots property lines are paper thin, it is the water that will help stop climate change, leafs on a tree never get hot? you can tell the health of a city by its green space? the code is there, as u all know the corner lots have more land for rain and snow absorbtion into air and ground at the same time, yes even in winter the soil takes water melted, yet man shadows it on purpose so he caused the issue to begin with? we I feel have failed ourselves, when the environment is for sale then, I say how? do you not think the reason they left that land was for our good health, please do not get upset with me, no one in life is perfect, long as we try and do our best, I am sure we want whats best for the planet? but I feel we are being polayed, called out the pope, its Okay he does not have to answer, poor guy, why stress him out, does he have a youtube page? hope he is doing well, must be hard on his staff? I am sure they do not wish to expose him to covid,, and another thing is the way we live the reason aswell why we did put up such a poor defense with it? so many issues, but thats life, we do pour best! yes water does cool earth down, it needs to cycle>3 back into atmasphire, so heavey yet its up in the clouds, we need to start treating our planet better, when one goes with a condo structure iis it wise? when the infrastructure breaks then what, in a heat wave that shuts down elevators then what, are we thinking? this is why we have the internet so we can express with out fear or Identty, >3 if I were speaking out in China u no what would happen to me>3 if I was expressing and they do not like it, poof ur invisible, so sad, and A,merica is still being played by the great distractor, lol, America get back together, we need to move on, our Free world needs eyes on our environmengt! God Bless and stay safe,
Nelyrion s
Nelyrion s Prije 14 sati
TL:DR: Lets raise taxes for everyone, ban meat and plastic straws! Lets ban every way of innovation for the transport and food industry! At least, that's how i imagine most politicians have reacted thus far. Really. Innovation, not banning or taxing people to death, will get us out of this. It's the companies that need to find better ways. Meat is fine, just make it more sustainable. There's a technical solution to everything.
Sangi St
Sangi St Prije 14 sati
We're bound for extinction, our indulgence and boredom ego's overwhelm everything.
Thiago M. C.
Thiago M. C. Prije 15 sati
Greenhouse gases emissions are only the tip of the iceberg that is all the problems we are causing to our environment. We're going to need to choose, in the near future, if we want to keep growing in resource consumption or if we are going to stop growing. The first option is possible only if we start to explore the resources of our solar system.
Kai Sakharine
Kai Sakharine Prije 15 sati
A couple things that weren't mentioned in the video. Just a reminder that battery-powered electric cars only present a lower impact than traditional thermal cars if we ONLY base our claim on CO2 emissions, AND if we keep the car long enough such that the CO2 savings from driving it counteract the emissions from its manufacturing (AKA not really that much better). What CAN have more impact than the purchase and use of an electrical car is to purchase a 2nd hand car (even gas-powered), such that you do not affect demand and so do not trigger the manufacturing of a new car. Not buying a tank (like an SUV) or a frikin aircraft carrier (like a pickup truck) but getting something of a normal size also helps. Rent a truck on specific days instead if you really need one. These precautions will save you significant money as well as lower your emissions if you really have to drive.
Twilleh Prije 16 sati
You really think that people will go along with a decline in their standard of living? Good luck with that.
Erik Prije 16 sati
Sounds like communism with extra steps..
Paul Dodo
Paul Dodo Prije 8 sati
Sounds very dangerous. Communism sucks.
Joseph Jenott
Joseph Jenott Prije 17 sati
Hey Kurzgesagt, has any of your videos addressed bee extinction?
かかし Prije 17 sati
We also need to fulfill our responsibilities as consumers.
Jammily Prije 17 sati
Alexander Villanueva Perez
Alexander Villanueva Perez Prije 17 sati
One person to change this is 0.0000000000001%
Odysseas Sierepeklis
Odysseas Sierepeklis Prije 18 sati
Hands down the best HRpost channel out there. Great video!
Kimmy Cassie
Kimmy Cassie Prije 18 sati
Ironically, some people in the comments section are arguing about who they are blaming when it was literally just discussed in the vid
kinderkram1 Prije 20 sati
For a first step we must get our legislators to ban destructive, senseless and utterly stupidous activities that dont enhance anyone’s live but emit more than whole countries -such as bitcoin mining!
Mark dove
Mark dove Prije 20 sati
Yes stop MANOVERING CLIMATE. o you really want to save the planet ??? THEN WE MUST CLOSE THE maneuvering climate FOREVER dozens of plane that always fly to cover the sun day and night leaving tons of carbon in the stratosphere .. BECAUSE OF BIG FHARMA WHO DOES NOT WANT THE SUN TO DESTROY ITS VIRUSES .. NOW WE HAVE MORE CARBON IN THE STRATOSPHERE IT'S LIKE CHINA.. ALL BECAUSE OF CARBON FROM PLANE FROM MANOVERING CLIMATE .. WHO HAS THE COURAGE TO GOING AGAINST BIG FHARMA..THEY DO NOT NEED PARLAMENT OR GOVERNMENT THEM DO EVERYTHING THEY LIKE OR WHAT. we pay not a penny for two plastic nets with apples when you are the disaster of this planet ... with your climate maneuver planes with tons of carbon in the stratosphere
D B Prije 21 sat
I want solutions to landfills and recycling to be widespread.
Bound Music
Bound Music Prije 21 sat
lmao the thumbnail
CyberSonicRipperTripper Prije 23 sati
I can’t believe how many people disliked!!!!
Rusty Millar
Rusty Millar Prije 23 sati
We need to be ONE society one government then all country’s will be equal
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prije 23 sati
this made me feel like the damage has already been done and there's really no way to reverse it unless EVERYONE contributes, which is very unlikely
Diza K
Diza K Prije 23 sati
Capitalism is toxic. More than you ever realized.
Paul Dodo
Paul Dodo Prije 8 sati
Capitalism is sooooo GOOD!!! 1. What you ate was made by capitalism. 2. Your clothes by capitalism 3.Your house again by capitalism 4. Your computer on which you wrote this comment 5 ... 6. You see you look stuipid now.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prije 23 sati
If only we could invent an injection that destroyed people's immune systems to the point where the population collapsed. But how would we trick them into taking it?
The Guy
The Guy Prije dan
Mellie Prije dan
Ok here is something else that is not mentioned but electric cars are hugely environmentally costly due to the metals necessary for the batteries and the gas emissions emitted to create them is huge too. So if you already have a thermic car that works fine and will for years to come but you throw it away to get an electric car you've just undone any gas emissions savings you would have had added to the emissions. This really is not talked about enough. Greenhouse gas wise, you are better off driving your gas car until it can't go anymore before buying an electric. We really need nuanced discussions in this. Not to mention those who must rely on cars are usually those in the lowest income brackets and therefore unable to afford an electric car!
hooplehead101 Prije 21 sat
"This really is not talked about enough." Actually, in every f video that mentions electric cars even only as an aside for half a second, dozens of people like you come along and claim that "it isnt talked about enough". And when doing so, often argumenting - like you - against strawmen and not assessing the latest scientific facts. So, strawman: "So if you already have a thermic car that works fine" then scientists WONT SAY you always, immediately, need an electric car. So, assessing latest facts: However, this "Greenhouse gas wise, you are better off driving your gas car until it can't go anymore before buying an electric." is also not universally true, but depends on various factors: How long would you drive the combustion car? How much emissions will be generated by producing above all the battery of the alectric car (this depends on the size and production method)? How much do both cars consume, in l/100km or kWh/100km? And how green is the electricity you use for charging your car? All these factors decide, when it will be better to change to an electric car. Two give two extremes: If you would buy a huge battery car, produced in China with coaly electricity, and drive it in Poland, with coaly electricity, and your current car is a very economical one that will only last four more years - youd be better off continuing to drive it for those four years. Otoh, if you drive a wasting 9l/100km car, but would change to a medium to small battery, produced by a sizable portion of green electricity, and charge it via a green-heavy electricity or even own PV panels on your roof or at your employer - then, greenhouse gas wise, it is better to change asap.
Mellie Prije dan
Ok you all, i really don't like it when you are not honest. Yes meat is only 37 percent of food calories. But you are ignoring important data which changes the analysis to be the opposite. Humans must have protein to live. 1, 3oz piece of beef gives 22 to 25 grams of protein depending on the source (google calculator usda and the beef council). To equal this you would have to eat 5.81, so basically, 6 cups of rice to get this same amount of protein! Yet rice equals the same output of greenhouse gasses as all the air traffic in the world according to your video. And that is at current consumption. If the world went vegan it would take so much land, water and greenhouse gasses to feed them, that our emissions would probably triple or quadruple. Not to mention other things that must be consumed in addition to the rice since it lacks vitamins and is not a complete protein. So you say, ok let's eat a different grain like quinoia, it's higher in protein. It still takes 3 cups to get the same protien as a 3oz piece of beef, so you are still going to have to at least double emissions to feed the world with it. In addition it also is not a complete protien so it will require vitamin pills and other foods to sustain humans. The amount of water needed to create the protein in 3oz of beef vs that need to get the same in a grain sources of protein such as rice or quinoia is minimal comparatively speaking and the same applies for the amount of land necessary to produce enough grains to feed the world. So beef would save on clearing away forests to grow grains. Beef saves on water consumption too since the water oer acre spent on beef is dramatically less than that spent on rice or other grains. And one aspect never talked about is that raising beef provides us with a way to trap greenhouse gasses since the fields of grass that the cows eat scrubs gasses, traps it in thier leaves then the cows eat it and it is trapped in thier muscles. In fact grass fed beef is methane negative as more is scrubbed out than what is burped out. So i must say i find your video disingenuous and i really dislike that you are refusing to present all the data in order to push your agenda. You said in the video we need more nuanced discussions and you didn't even do it yourself. The video has so many other good points it is a shame to ruin it by hiding data that does not fit your ideal.
hooplehead101 Prije 17 sati
To cut it short: Scientists have calculated all of the topics you as a layman have written about. And theve come to the conclusion that even when considering or comparing protein, plant protein trumps animal protein in greenhouse gases reduction manifold. For example: Per 100g protein, tofu emits 1.6kg CO2 eq. Beef in dairy herds 10, in free beef herds 25. So 6 to 15 times more! This topic has even made it into wikipedia articles, so you wouldnt have needed to do "original research" aka simply claiming something based on completely nonsensical comparisons (who would want to get protein via rice, and why didnt you use acutal numbers from beef emissions - instead claiming one would have to eat quadruple the rice as today???). "ourworldindata" has it nicely illustrated by charts, too.
NtoV1995 Prije dan
What exactly makes this new technology so expensive?
Paul Dodo
Paul Dodo Prije 8 sati
My best guess: It has no use in the private sector.
Hahtaan Daetori
Hahtaan Daetori Prije dan
(Irony) yes, billionaires are just regular people, who do regular human activities, like: ✔Mass dumping perfectly good products to create artificial scarcity🤗, (lol, idc if we have enough food to feed 10 billion people, that doesn't make me money 😉) ✔blasting of into space😍, (umm, it's a green space ship, do what I say, not what I do, lol 🤣) ✔travelling via private jet every day, ☺ (lol, I literally own all of the coal plants in the world and enforce the oil trade and military industrial complex, but no, you are the one to blame because you need to used air-conditioning 😘) ✔ owning 242,000 acres of private farmland in America 🤗, (yes we exist, modern day colonisers exist!) ✔uses modern, prision and wage slave labour, (but Elon works 956,732 billion times harder, lol, stop eating avocado toast! 🤩) ✔owning companies that would steal other countries natural resources, imperialism!🥰 (what do you think the brown people would do with those minerals, no i-phone) ✔benefiting and enforcing slavery and the slave trade, 😘 (but it had a rainbow logo for pride month! Yes we have values, yes everyone falls for it)
Stiffu san
Stiffu san Prije dan
Big companies are the ones at fault.
Paul Dodo
Paul Dodo Prije 8 sati
How? If they make a climate neutral product it will be more expensive. They have 2 options: 1 Dont make it climate neutral or 2 find a cheaper way to make it climate neutral. Over time the second path will succed, because if you can make a product climate neutral or not at the same price you will make it better for the environment. Because why not?
BaSr Prije dan
Again a high quality and really important educational video. Especially love your opinion section and how you set it up, BUT i dont personally think its gonna be changable that way. Ik its nihilistic but I just dont see people at power that dont live 60+ years or more caring about the earth. Kinda to be seen in germanies election this year..
David Prije dan
See ABC Australia documentary, starts tonight on free to air(or on IView) "BIG DEAL"
Herkko Koskinen
Herkko Koskinen Prije dan
I now understand why the 7 deadly sins are called 7 DEADLY sins. Our vanity, gluttony and greed especially screwed us. We probably deserve it.
Kiyoshi Mejía
Kiyoshi Mejía Prije dan
All we have to do is stop overpopulation!
Paul Dodo
Paul Dodo Prije 8 sati
We stop overpopulation by harming the climate.(getting weathy)The richer you are the less children you get. For example in germany the birth rate is lower than the death rate, because its a wealthy country.
hooplehead101 Prije 21 sat
No, how will this reduce CO2 emissions by 90% till 2060?
gaston imai
gaston imai Prije dan
Now go watch the dyson sphere episode.
Tntchuck Prije dan
There's no hope for climate change solutions.
Kiwi the awesome Literally
Kiwi the awesome Literally Prije dan
Kiwi the awesome Literally
Kiwi the awesome Literally Prije 4 sati
Paul Dodo
Paul Dodo Prije 8 sati
Verum Similis
Verum Similis Prije dan
Its your responsibility! The consumer, you the viewer must take responsbility! - BP 2005 AD campaign - Popularization of individual carbon footprint. Did it succeed? Is the so-called green economy revolution payed by consumer taxes and consumption? Or by industrial and socio-economic changes of innovation and policy changes that will evidently hurt the bottom line politically and stock wise for companies and politicians alike. That viewer, is probably a better question to ponder, than one's individual responsbility.
Show Me What You Got
Show Me What You Got Prije dan
If only we could invent an injection that destroyed people's immune systems to the point where the population collapsed. But how would we trick them into taking it?
Show Me What You Got
Show Me What You Got Prije 11 sati
@Map Editor Jon You know.
Map Editor Jon
Map Editor Jon Prije dan
Show Me What You Got
Show Me What You Got Prije dan
So what is the right amount of CO2? It used to be 16 times higher than it is now. No sane person would look at a historical graph of CO2 levels and conclude they are anything but catastrophically low.
Bluesbr0ther Prije 15 sati
@Show Me What You Got We are not headed into an ice, we are in an ice age. It is called the Quaternary ice age and it has lasted 2.6 million years so far. And the biggest mass extinctions on Earth has been because of high temperatures. The biggest mass extinction was 250 million years ago when the Permian-Triassic extinction killed 90% of all life on the planet due to high temperatures which lowered the Oxygen saturation of our oceans and wiped out 96% of all marine life.
Show Me What You Got
Show Me What You Got Prije 17 sati
@Bluesbr0ther "Supposed to be lower in an Ice Age" Do you understand how ridiculous that statement is? It is not "supposed" to be anything. The correlation between low CO2 and ice ages is that the Ice Ages run out of control and lead to extinction events called "snowball earths" which last for millions of years when CO2 is low. Low CO2 and Ice Age mean mass extinction. Care to rethink your ideas yet? WHAT PRECISELY is the correct CO2 level to maintain a habitable biosphere? Not "whatever blah blah I hate people". You understand it is not just humans at stake here right? It is not just an exercise in hating people. The land surface of the earth is already 33% complete desert. The CO2 is clearly dangerously low. And you are right, we are headed into an ice age. Now think about how low CO2 and an ice age together cause massive extinction events.
Bluesbr0ther Prije 18 sati
@Show Me What You Got The reason CO2 is supposed to be lower during an ice age is because cold water can absorb more CO2 than warm water. And 71% of Earth's surface is covered in water so it actually makes quite a big difference. And the correct CO2 level is whatever level it would be without human influence.
Show Me What You Got
Show Me What You Got Prije 18 sati
@Dundoril A whole 3% huh? This is vs CO2 levels that were 14x higher. So what is the correct CO2 level? Should the CO2 levels, required to sustain all life on this planet, be allowed to continually drop as they have been, or should they be higher? Tell me what your educators told you. Surely they told you what the correct levels of CO2 "should " be based on science.
Show Me What You Got
Show Me What You Got Prije 18 sati
@Bluesbr0ther Answer the question. What is the right CO2 level? Sane people actually do compare historical data. "CO2 levels are supposed to be low because we are in an Ice Age". LOL! That comment makes no scientific sense. They are not "supposed" to be anything. CO2 was literally 14x higher 400 million years ago and life existed on earth. What was it supposed to be 400 million years ago based on your generalizations of the past? You are confused and angry because you cannot answer a simple question: What is the correct CO2 level? It has always been higher in the past. What changed in earth's life requirements that you think it should not be higher than now?
killerarticfoxcool killercool
killerarticfoxcool killercool Prije dan
This is a very good video Kurzgesagt! and you are right
Balendula Prije dan
Western countries have a shrinking birth rate which is great for our planet. But they keep bringing in immigrants from countries with an endless supply of people such as India to prop up the economy. That means building more roads, more houses, etc; more pollution. All for the sake of the economy. There is nothing wrong with a shrinking birth rate. It's the right thing. But when it comes to saving the planet, politicians just give lip service.
beeankha Prije dan
climate change needs to be a union issue. climate strikes need to be industrial general strikes. voting once every four years isn't going to help much. but an international union movement could change things much more rapidly and with the majority of people involved who will actually be affected by the impacts of climate change the most.
Neryla Louvel
Neryla Louvel Prije dan
Another solution is education, I suspect. Loaded subject, but if we make the next gen be capable and content with low-emition technologies then perhaps it'll be easier to even care to be green.
Tristan Allain
Tristan Allain Prije dan
Don't show the UN this video
Show Me What You Got
Show Me What You Got Prije dan
This video was literally promoted by Bill Gates.
BoomZ Prije dan
no, it wasn't.
Suzanne Richards
Suzanne Richards Prije dan
Load of cods wallop. Who will be screaming when the solar and windmills are not enough to power the world . Going backwards
Show Me What You Got
Show Me What You Got Prije dan
So what is the right CO2 level? Too high is not an answer. CO2 levels are historically extremely low, not high. They used to be 14x higher.
Show Me What You Got
Show Me What You Got Prije 8 sati
@Dundoril Sorry. Wrong again. Searching for both optimal and truth on sciencedirect give tens of thousands of hits for each. I guess that kinda makes them scientific terms, huh? "Dr. Vincent Gray on historical carbon dioxide levels" is what you want to locate to get the graph I am looking at. Dude, just admit it. You were brainwashed and now you are learning the truth. Not a single simple question can be answered by the dogma. How much CO2 is the right amount? You are being lied to for money and control.
Dundoril Prije 10 sati
@Show Me What You Got I have no idea what graph you are looking at. Can you give a paper anime and a author ? Sorry but optimal and truth are not really scientific terms at all. You just make up a metric which is impossible to fullfill
Show Me What You Got
Show Me What You Got Prije 11 sati
@Dundoril Dude I am literally looking at a chart of CO2 levels during that time frame. Please stop making stuff up. Other than that fabrication all you did was circle talk without refuting a point I made. You know I am right. Until you can provide factual data on what the optimal CO2 level is to support earth's biosphere happens to be, go back from whence you came. And the thing, is, if there is any rational bone in your body, I have already converted you to the actual truth. And you are going to be angry when you figure out they are only lying to you for money and power.
Dundoril Prije 12 sati
@Show Me What You Got " CO2 levels spiked on the break up of Pangea. Its existence "as a desert", in your words, coincided with low CO2 levels of 200ppm." Thats just not true. Pangea existed between 300 million and 150 million years ago. Even looking at the rather laughable C.R. Scotese, who just put together from two sources which both stated that CO2 causes cliamte change, its clear that CO2 levels were above 2500 ppm for most of this time period. "Again, CO2 was literally 14x higher in the past." Yes do you think that repeating this will turn it in an argument? "o now we have your own statements indicating low CO2 causes a desert" No i said not such thing. Logic is not you thing is it? "The Holocene era is literally only 11,000 years. " Yes and yet all of modern human civilisaion developed there " That is your baseline for 4 billion years of earth's often inhabited history? " No its my baseline for the kind of climate in which human thrived "You ask why should deserts be considered bad?" I do not ask something like that. "You are repeating slogans" No i make argument which you ignore "You never bothered to ask what the right numbers should be. " I already gave you an answer. You did not like it
Show Me What You Got
Show Me What You Got Prije 13 sati
@Dundoril Your invented facts are utterly absurd. Naturally, you are wrong again. CO2 levels spiked on the break up of Pangea. Its existence "as a desert", in your words, coincided with low CO2 levels of 200ppm. Again, CO2 was literally 14x higher in the past. So now we have your own statements indicating low CO2 causes a desert. And of course you statement that CO2 levels have ever been stable is utterly ignorant. The Holocene era is literally only 11,000 years. LOL. That is your baseline for 4 billion years of earth's often inhabited history? Now answer the question, what are the scientifically correct CO2 levels? You ask why should deserts be considered bad? You mean why should we look at giant GROWING dead zones as a problem? Is that a serious question? What about lifeless rocks says "fantastic biosphere to you". You are repeating slogans, and now making stuff up because your position is not supportable. You never bothered to ask what the right numbers should be. And I get it. You have been lied to so people can control you. So why don;t you go ask them what the right CO2 level is. Then as they stutter and stammer, and make nonsense up, you can laugh in their faces like I am laughing in yours.
J KyRei Slaughter
J KyRei Slaughter Prije dan
Eat the rich
BCY Prije dan
"Vote in people who respect science" That comment alone shows how antiscience this channel is
Oog Prije 5 sati
@Jennifer Smith i know, but you said its junk science, not its a junk theory
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Prije 6 sati
@Oog Sure. When you make a prediction based on a theory, i think you call it "AGW theory" & that prediction doesn't happen, then the theory is junk. It could be that the "scientist" making the prediction is incompetent but there are so many, it's like a prediction industry!! i'll call them 'guys in lab coats' making erroneous predictions that, i mean at least a few have to be competent, right? & they have been making erroneous predictions for decades, this is undeniable. So, the theory is junk. So, like a famous prediction was the north pole ice free by 2013. WRONG!! It only takes ONE wrong prediction to invalidate a theory.
Oog Prije 11 sati
@Jennifer Smith but can you explain why its junk
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Prije 17 sati
@Oog Just know that climate science is junk science.
Oog Prije dan
Alk! Prije dan
The industrial society and his consequences have been a disaster for the human race
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Prije 17 sati
@Alk! Dude, that's why they are third world countries. Think of it this way ------ If they weren't getting paid for making clothes what would they be doing?
Alk! Prije dan
@Jennifer Smith The amount of suffering in third world countries that is required to have this commodities is not worth it. The fashion industry, for example, base his business in a slave workforce in countries like Bangladesh
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Prije dan
seriously? I like having a car A/C. & TV & electricity, & airplanes, indoor plumbing, fashion malls, etc.
MOC Prije dan
So we need to stop doing what we like and do the minimum for survival Or just create some massive vacuum that takes a decent amount of the co2 away Yea I like the second option better...
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Prije dan
Plant some trees.
MOC Prije dan
As a individual i’ll do everything else expect for stopping meat consumption
Droidix Bacon
Droidix Bacon Prije dan
big brain
big brain Prije dan
No, and without the asterisk. We physically can't.
Anthony Burton
Anthony Burton Prije dan
It's complex, but doable. The real problem is that we are not even close to doable and changes in climate are going to get much worse, faster, until we hit the tipping points and move forward into a hot house earth. it's not going wait while we dither over what we need to do! In the last thirty years we have not even peaked the emissions, they are still rising! If the hockey stick rise is the best we can do in thirty years then we have to face the end game or leadership truly take it seriously as the most dia crisis mankind has ever faced, which it is, or they can carry on kicking the can down the road as has happened until now! Now we may still have a chance to make the right choices. But the window of choices is closing and if it closes, we will lose the choice to do what is needed and the hot house earth will occur whatever we do! No scientists can tell us when the window will close but why do we want to gamble with mankind's very existence? XR maybe the only sane people in an insane world!!🌎! We have to stop paying lipservice to it and really tackle it or go the way of the dinosaurs 🦕. The difference being with us is it will be self inflicted and the age of intelligent/stupid will be over! The planet will regenerate to a new phase and a blip in mankind's existence on this planet will be history. If we end up a blip in the billions of years of the life of this world then what's the chances of meeting another blip of intelligent life light years away?
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Prije dan
WOW --- you really believe all the climate BS.
spiderlime Prije dan
there is a huge difference between actual solutions and the eco-cult: solutions are based on the belief that human and civil rights should be defended, as wele as the preservation of the world's intellectual and cultural legacies. the eco-cult on the other hand believes that humanity is the enemy that deserves to die. our very lives depend on food, travel, commerce, and electricity, to the extent that disrupting them may result in loss of life. bill gates is the last person on earth who has a moral right to preach to "lesser mortals:"about the environment, or anything else.
NatureXwars Prije dan
Life is too short for many individuals to focus much on the long term effects of climate change. We are just inherently selfish & cheap to a degree for our lifestyles and that's very hard to change if you don't have a passion for such subject.
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Prije dan
The climate where i live hasn't changed in 1000s of years.....& neither has yours. lighten up, it's all BS.
MrHubs Prije dan
By the time we manage to achieve "the change", we will already be past the point of no-return. We are way too late.
TheAdvertisement Prije dan
I absolutely love the message of this video. Yes, one's carbon footprint builds up over the billions of people in the world, and you can do your small part to help. However, the blame and guilt shouldn't be on you. It should be on everyone. It should be on corporations, on the governments keeping the world like this. _Everyone,_ needs to work to make the world better. You can't do it alone.
Yuan Q
Yuan Q Prije dan
Rufeil Rahtieh
Rufeil Rahtieh Prije dan
Mankind has no limit. Mankind is pulling the Sun near to Earth. This is no McDonald syndrome.
Hatan Kimro
Hatan Kimro Prije dan
Great as usual
seamoose Prije dan
this made me feel like the damage has already been done and there's really no way to reverse it unless EVERYONE contributes, which is very unlikely
Anuj Mehta
Anuj Mehta Prije dan
We cannot revert climate change, because not everyones cares, and not everyone is us! .. ... .... We are riding on a tiking time bomb which will blow, if we're luck 2 centuries later.
TheAdvertisement Prije dan
I just realized how much the music at the start sounds like the track that plays in Humphrey in Omori-
leonardo the meme gamer
leonardo the meme gamer Prije dan
This is perfect for a shitpost meme.
Sigma Man
Sigma Man Prije dan
I love climate change
Paul Dodo
Paul Dodo Prije 8 sati
@Sigma Man Yes its cold in my country. I need climate change so I can keep my cost for heating down.
Sigma Man
Sigma Man Prije dan
@Map Editor Jon because climate change will destroy the world can't wait to see the world get destroyed
Map Editor Jon
Map Editor Jon Prije dan
endfite Prije dan
Voting as a solution to anything is pure insanity!
iibuprofene Prije dan
Kill the rich
iibuprofene Prije dan
@Aboly yes
Aboly Prije dan
Seems like you didn’t understand the video…
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