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Roommates play a hilarious and revealing game of Fear Pong.
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Roommate vs. Roommate | Fear Pong | Cut
#fearpong #roommates #beerpong

Sher Chu
Sher Chu Prije 2 sati
they have such roommate energy because they're so different they wouldn't have ever met otherwise, but are good enough friends to be great roommates.
Not all cops are bad, you’re just stupid
Not all cops are bad, you’re just stupid Prije 6 sati
Are you guys stupid or something, if you are trying to prevent covid, they literally touch the same object every round. And having them put on masks when talking to eachother or doing a dare is pointless, they talk and see eachother everyday😐
ashm3an Prije dan
i swear the girl on the right could totally be related to princess nokia, the way that she talks and some of her facial features are soo similar
Kylie Rae
Kylie Rae Prije 4 dana
I love you
Emily E
Emily E Prije 7 dana
The girl with the naughty hat looks like Pharrell Williams lol
Different Name
Different Name Prije 9 dana
This channel brings out the worst in people. I've watched a few videos now and the first I watched maybe an hour ago was stranger voting for each other in elimination rounds to win a grand. I hope you don't pop up again in my recommendations.
Susie Little
Susie Little Prije 12 dana
Harry Bryant
Harry Bryant Prije 12 dana
The ad placement did not work out the way Chick fil a planned
Fashion & lifestyle
Fashion & lifestyle Prije 15 dana
Thank you for sharing!Hope everybody here becomes successful on HRpost 😊🥰🙏
Myst Prije 16 dana
kobe dead doe 😳
Sherly Van
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Mini Diva
Mini Diva Prije 18 dana
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Malik Kelly
Malik Kelly Prije 19 dana
Jasmine kinda looks like Aunjolie lol
Emma W.
Emma W. Prije 19 dana
Masks aren’t effective when only one person is wearing it
Yellow Prije 11 dana
they're roommates, they live together lol
We are D & V Orozco
We are D & V Orozco Prije 19 dana
Could not understand the wap, but that’s really hard so no judgement! But the crush might just watch this video.. she could of taken the hat off a while ago.
jadejacksonnn Prije 22 dana
2:56 me instinctively screaming "Curry"
Kimberly Pel
Kimberly Pel Prije 23 dana
If they’re room mates why were their masks
Girl in red
Girl in red Prije 24 dana
Why are they so Bad😍
Jesse Rider
Jesse Rider Prije 25 dana
Why wasn’t there a cash dump on them?? Is that not a thing anymore.....
Tone Prije 25 dana
thea moss
thea moss Prije 26 dana
this has to be one of the best fear pongs i've seen! They really never bitched out of any of the dares those girls were troopers! YOU GO GIRLS :P
IBunkie Prije 23 dana
Well... they didn’t get things like cut your hair off or call your parents and say you are pregnant with you ex lol
Hannah Bero
Hannah Bero Prije 26 dana
Wait why did only one wear a mask when she made the bikini
Preslee Carson
Preslee Carson Prije 27 dana
Y’all are awesome keep being you and gorgeous fr 💋💋💋
Luisa Gehm
Luisa Gehm Prije 27 dana
i would love if you wouldn't use plastic cups :)
Dexter D’s Last Braincell
Dexter D’s Last Braincell Prije 28 dana
These two got a HRpost channel✨
sezzy Prije 28 dana
why she got such good form lmao
meep. Prije 28 dana
Ok but how many of us eat chik in secrets though 🙄😂😫
Astral Flux
Astral Flux Prije 29 dana
You guys are literally throwing balls from your hands into each others drinks, and then DRINKING THEM!!!! I don’t think you need the PPE
Laytnight Prije 29 dana
tell me why they need masks when they live with each other?
Loki Prije 29 dana
Queenofwheels Prije 29 dana
Roommates having to wear masks is stupid. Also, where is the money?
Isabella Casanova
Isabella Casanova Prije 29 dana
I have a turkish friend and apperantly there olive juice or pickle juice its a hughe thing. They also have stores only of that
Sia Moala
Sia Moala Prije 29 dana
The calculating gear opportunely haunt because hub willy spare as a brown utensil. workable, automatic kilogram
Chut j'existe pas
Chut j'existe pas Prije 29 dana
... And they were roommates !
Padfoot Prije mjesec
Why are they wearing masks if they live together?
Moussa Moz
Moussa Moz Prije mjesec
i can tell deep down they hate each others lmao
Liv Prije mjesec
I couldn't stop smiling throughout this whole video. I would love to be friends with both of them.
Brittany VanHorn
Brittany VanHorn Prije mjesec
You guys legit look like sisters 🤣
Ashley moranto
Ashley moranto Prije mjesec
It's my birthday on Feb 3
Rohith P Nair
Rohith P Nair Prije mjesec
I wish you a belated super happy birthday❤️
1oak86 Prije mjesec
What's with them putting masks on??
Madison Michelle
Madison Michelle Prije mjesec
my girl Shantaé wearing SELENA the SELENA ughhh we have to be friends
John Drake
John Drake Prije mjesec
La Pl
La Pl Prije mjesec
Okay can somebody please explain why they only wearing one mask at a time? I don’t understand it. Why not both or why do they even have to wear one- they’re roommates!
Miriam H
Miriam H Prije mjesec
Adults applauding other adults for drinking olive juice
Sajan Matharu
Sajan Matharu Prije mjesec
@1:24 how the fuck she on a roll? It her first time getting a cup? 😂
Sam McNeill
Sam McNeill Prije mjesec
Why are you guys making them wear masks when they’re roommates? Literally just over the top for no reason.
Jasmine Kendrick
Jasmine Kendrick Prije 24 dana
Yeah, most people don’t think about the whole production crew and assistants... lol I wish we could’ve done this on our own
bananaxo Prije mjesec
Hm I guess because there's production that happens behind the scenes that's CUT.
David Payne
David Payne Prije mjesec
AYOOOOO! I recognize that voice! That’s one of my homies on the phone💀💀💀
Janiya Molina
Janiya Molina Prije mjesec
did anyone else get that Michael B. Jordan alexa ad?? that shit was hot
Haiden Torres
Haiden Torres Prije mjesec
I just watch the whole ad Of Alexis being in Michael B Jordan’s body he’s a sexy man
Ana-Maria Prije mjesec
Why are they wearing masks if they are roommates? Like they are from the same household?
barnabas shakespeare
barnabas shakespeare Prije mjesec
Why masks if their roommates?
SqOsX Prije mjesec
Maybe I can read lips, but she VERY clearly has a crush on Mohan, Thomas, and Drake.
B Prije 14 dana
That- that actually makes sense
Rafaela Prije mjesec
and they were roommates...
Stevie Adams
Stevie Adams Prije mjesec
This just proves that I will always hate women named Jasmine
Jasmine Kendrick
Jasmine Kendrick Prije 24 dana
This just proves that I will always hate men named Stevie.
franny pie.
franny pie. Prije mjesec
you goofy
geeljulu Prije mjesec
No more money showers? Why tho?
geeljulu Prije 22 dana
@Jasmine Kendrick ohh man too bad
Jasmine Kendrick
Jasmine Kendrick Prije 24 dana
CoVID 😞 the money was reused everytime lol
tiera naulls
tiera naulls Prije mjesec
C Prije mjesec
all we watching this in a dark room so white background is annoying.😒
Envy-Sensei Prije mjesec
Wish i said that comment that got so many likes
pantelos 09
pantelos 09 Prije mjesec
They did all the dares damn
Montrose Prije mjesec
Chick-fil-A is cooked with hate...
a. n.
a. n. Prije mjesec
Why are they having ROOMMATES wear make when they get close to each other though.... they live together...?!
bananaxo Prije mjesec
Why are you not even able to spell masks? Also do you know there are people behind the scenes who hand them things like the props, their phones, etc?
Eric Ryan
Eric Ryan Prije mjesec
They’re probably wearing masks so they don’t get in trouble
chy Prije mjesec
The Selena t-shirt tho 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lorenzo Paul
Lorenzo Paul Prije mjesec
Oooo cross dominance... Shoots left handed and probably is left handed but drinks right handed
E Gem
E Gem Prije mjesec
ok but Jazmine (Jasmin/Jasmine/Jazmin) looks like such a fun roommate 😫💝
Dexter D’s Last Braincell
Dexter D’s Last Braincell Prije 28 dana
Yeeesss so sweet
mariah_de_los_angeles Prije mjesec
First Clip: Mouth wash falls on Selena sweatshirt... Me. 'Nooooooo'
The Way with Jazz and Tae
The Way with Jazz and Tae Prije mjesec
I thought the same thing 🤣 I was like my sweatshirt has crusted listerine on it 🤣🤣 #TaeSays #ProtectSelenasAtAllCost
Carla Ramos
Carla Ramos Prije mjesec
why do they wear a mask when they get close to each other if they are roomates?
Irish Leprechaun
Irish Leprechaun Prije mjesec
why are they wearing masks when near each other. they live together
joneserik98 Prije mjesec
Ya lost me with the olive juice... 😂
Zach Beydoun
Zach Beydoun Prije mjesec
$200...nah.., let's give them a pin
bleep bloop
bleep bloop Prije mjesec
Yessss a Selena sweater🙌🏻🙌🏻💜
thesens8 Prije mjesec
Daniela Raffo
Daniela Raffo Prije mjesec
Those elboows
kegtv Prije mjesec
Close your eyes at 4:32 😂
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Prije mjesec
They're both super chill 👌🏿💯
issy leman
issy leman Prije mjesec
She’d rather drink a full jar of olive juice then a lil cup of beer omg😂
i’m sad lol
i’m sad lol Prije 20 dana
when you run out of cups you loose the game. it’s not that she’d rather drink the olive juice it’s just the whole point is you try your best not to drink the beer
limegreenrockingchair Prije mjesec
These dares are real vanilla.
Bravo-Sierra Gaming
Bravo-Sierra Gaming Prije mjesec
Woow, Panam is looking fine
Christian & Ziya
Christian & Ziya Prije mjesec
I just love Selena 💜💜💜💜
Kendell Bass
Kendell Bass Prije mjesec
They are so sexy!!! ❤️😍💋😍❤️
Mehul Verma
Mehul Verma Prije mjesec
thtomek28 Prije mjesec
God DAMN, Jasmine is so fine . . .
Tara Lynne
Tara Lynne Prije mjesec
putting on the mask when y’all literally live in the same house lol
Chardanay Muarry
Chardanay Muarry Prije mjesec
Damn Derrick answered on the first ring 👀
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia Prije mjesec
Wait. Why do they need to wear masks when they're close to each other? They're roommates
Don Thato
Don Thato Prije mjesec
What's their @
The Way with Jazz and Tae
The Way with Jazz and Tae Prije mjesec
@jazzymonet93 @sry_boutit
Gerardo Ramos
Gerardo Ramos Prije mjesec
Ummm arent they roomates????? Masks seem unnecessary 😂
Nitro Bomber
Nitro Bomber Prije mjesec
What happened with Chick-fl-a social media post?
Aleena Marie
Aleena Marie Prije mjesec
XxRubiexX Prije mjesec
Instead of beer you should fill the cups with gross things!! Example: Turnip Juice, raw fish water, idk lol
Arianna Manmadhan
Arianna Manmadhan Prije mjesec
4:31 don’t listen to the next two seconds of that with your eyes closed I’m warning you
Nitro Bomber
Nitro Bomber Prije mjesec
Why not
LD100 Prije mjesec
Why do they have to wear masks if they live together?
Nate Melton
Nate Melton Prije mjesec
They’re roommates why do they have their masks on..?
Adriana Ch
Adriana Ch Prije mjesec
I would gladly do the olive juice dare, i fucking looovee olives anddd the olive juice too🤪
SincerelySaraV Prije mjesec
They don’t get cash no more?
Metri Prije mjesec
just gave her a pin no 200$ ? damn
DrunkMaleProstitute Prije mjesec
Katharina G
Katharina G Prije mjesec
Why does only one of them have to wear a mask if they're roommates?
aikidoisthebombyeah Prije mjesec
The whitest black girls on HRpost, like OMG, totally...
igor igon
igor igon Prije mjesec
why are they wearing a mask? i mean they are roomates. and only one mask makes just sense for the one not wearing a mask..
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