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Bhuvan Reddy

Prije 3 godina

ĐẸP TRAI NHẤT VIỆT NAM Prije 30 minuta
He made the Crowd wowed because he shares the same name with Brazil Ronaldo, which at that time was the biggest football star in the world. We never expected that he becames an even bigger success that the original Ronaldo
ĐẸP TRAI NHẤT VIỆT NAM Prije 31 minute
I ưatched this match live on TV
Mu Prije sat
These HRpost thing is like a time machine. Amazing how we can go back and see what connoisseurs in their fields were like when they were just getting started.
Jacek S
Jacek S Prije 3 sati
Whatever happened to this kid
Saket Jha
Saket Jha Prije 3 sati
I bet you he will be great flop for United
Iron Bird
Iron Bird Prije 6 sati
Mbappe and Halland is the good player at 19yo, but Ronaldo and Messi is a monster at that age
Ramduhawmi fanai
Ramduhawmi fanai Prije 6 sati
Awiiiii ka bialpa😍😍
Rizky Akbar Pratama
Rizky Akbar Pratama Prije 7 sati
quakecon2009 Prije 13 sati
Guy was different league good even back then, ball looks like it stuck to him on a string and he looked 20% quicker than any other player. What a career.
Oh!SONE Prije 13 sati
Ronaldo is born to be a soccer player
Oh!SONE Prije 13 sati
Mbappe is definitely not on his level. Ronaldo was only 18 though.
Shaun Weston
Shaun Weston Prije 15 sati
I watched this game. I have to say I love the way Ronaldo played when he was a teenager - I remember Lineker saying he was going to be a star on Match of the Day that night.
dave ripshot
dave ripshot Prije 18 sati
'you can see the players now looking for Ronaldo…'🔥🔥👌 yet it's his debut as a SUB…G.O.A.T
RDX cristo
RDX cristo Prije 19 sati
He is good in past not now
Haru Krentz
Haru Krentz Prije 23 sati
Meh, Le Tallec is better....
Nabeel Mirza
Nabeel Mirza Prije dan
This kid so promising. I think coca cola should make him their brand ambassador.
Nathan D
Nathan D Prije dan
This Kid looks promising.
alper çimen
alper çimen Prije dan
Watched this live when i was 16
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez Prije dan
This kid has a bright future ahead of him.
Daniel Prije dan
Damn I love this camera viewing angle you could feel the energy of the players 😀
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Prije dan
Blonde strips or spiked haircut CR7 , M.United own the game and didn;t even start :)
Abhijay Kumar
Abhijay Kumar Prije dan
Cristiano is so good that he can break his own ankles
Brian White
Brian White Prije 2 dana
I thought his first match was using number 17
little Devil JG
little Devil JG Prije 2 dana
who is this guy? he really a good player..hope he can play in next match on 12 oct 1980
pawan nitwal
pawan nitwal Prije 2 dana
And the rest is history ❤
phamvamgam nguyengangam
phamvamgam nguyengangam Prije 2 dana
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Hamz Bana
Hamz Bana Prije 2 dana
Sensational 👌
Backwayonly Prije 2 dana
1:28 Me whenever watching Ronaldo´s passes. :D
Magical Gamer Girl
Magical Gamer Girl Prije 2 dana
MGA Prije 2 dana
It took Ronaldo to make Van Nistelrooy miss a penalty.
Mohammed Ayaz
Mohammed Ayaz Prije 2 dana
Him and theres another player Messi i think these both gona dominate football for the next 10yrs
D M Prije 3 dana
Sunil KC
Sunil KC Prije 3 dana
He was a hungry beast.. Delivered insane performance on his very 1st match for Man UTD.. Result of hard work and determination
LIGADOS NO REI Prije 4 dana
The Dude
The Dude Prije 4 dana
For me he's the best player there's ever been and I'm a Liverpool supporter but credit where credits due....he's pure class from day dot
Mr R to the B
Mr R to the B Prije 4 dana
He was class from the one. Crazy.
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen Prije 4 dana
I was watching this game in 2003
RamiTube Prije 5 dana
sadly it was his only good match, i've expected him to get the ballon'dor one day.
Jared San999
Jared San999 Prije dan
Bruh what? Lmao
Equipment nazo
Equipment nazo Prije dan
sadly it was his only good match, I've expected him to get the ballon'dor one day.
Ehasun Rahman
Ehasun Rahman Prije 5 dana
Future of football.he will be g.o.a.t one day
ChallengeGuys Prije 5 dana
He is coming back to Manchester what a Legend
JMR Prije 5 dana
My best player period
Pro Man
Pro Man Prije 6 dana
He looks like he does not know what he is doing.
AbsoluteXXIV Prije 6 dana
and they hype up Mbappe's speed.... He's like a Ford transit compared to Ronaldo's insane how even now at 36 Ronaldo has some insane acceleration
Haru Krentz
Haru Krentz Prije 23 sati
CR7 was insanely fast and was so good at dribbling and step over that they nicknamed him "sultan of step over". Ofc hes changed so much today, but still people who says ronaldo cant dribble mustve started watching football in 2013.
90V 9V
90V 9V Prije 6 dana
Orthodoxy is the true faith pray for orphans amen
vrvi xzz
vrvi xzz Prije 7 dana
Ah the golden days of football
vrvi xzz
vrvi xzz Prije 7 dana
Ah, when football was actually FOOTBALL💔
Lloyd Brobbey
Lloyd Brobbey Prije 7 dana
Dude couldn't even dribble two players, Messi at this age dribbled six 😳
Bayu Pamungkas
Bayu Pamungkas Prije 7 dana
Greatness is not measured by how much you dribble. If greatness is measured in one side. Ronaldo is now the top scorer in the Euro event in history. Both of these players have their own strengths and abilities.
Josef Rajhi
Josef Rajhi Prije 8 dana
If you saw okocha... gather here
Ajay Srivatsa
Ajay Srivatsa Prije 8 dana
And the rest as they say was history
barry kingz
barry kingz Prije 8 dana
2:37 Don't trust people so easily
rene macao
rene macao Prije 8 dana
That hunger.. i feel this player will win q balon d or someday
Michael Fellner
Michael Fellner Prije 8 dana
Just look at Ronaldo at his first game for United. The power, the skill, the will .. different class. The United players were looking for him, a group of experienced world class players .. all this tells you enough about how good this guy already was at a young age. All the talents from today / the past years are not comporable, neither to him or to Messi. Im so happy that i grew up with the old generation and was able to watch these two freaks throughout their career.
Sreenish Sreedharan
Sreenish Sreedharan Prije 8 dana
George Vaughan
George Vaughan Prije 8 dana
And the rest is history
SamuraI Prije 9 dana
the rest is history
1sick88lx1 Prije 10 dana
Holy Crap was that Jay Jay Okocha at 2:24-2:25 😳😳
1sick88lx1 Prije 10 dana
This player is good, I hope Juventus will sign him.
zewe Ralsun
zewe Ralsun Prije 11 dana
Wow, i can predict his future, he will play for Real madrid and then Juventus help them to reached top 4 in the league table
De havits forever
De havits forever Prije 12 dana
Drive apaapa
Drive apaapa Prije 12 dana
wow.. good player.. i hope someday he will get FIFA best player
Jamie Vardy
Jamie Vardy Prije 12 dana
Oooooo Danish friends
eddyvideostar Prije 12 dana
CR7: Great; However, the missed penalty tended to dampen the spirit somewhat.
Kyan-Gamer 29
Kyan-Gamer 29 Prije 11 dana
Well Cristiano Ronaldo proved that no matter how great you are, you can still make mistakes. And that's an excellent player right there!
Manab Jyoti Barman
Manab Jyoti Barman Prije 13 dana
iwan sunaga
iwan sunaga Prije 13 dana
I watched this match, at first I thought there was no substitute for Beckham, after seeing Ronaldo's style, I'm sure he far exceeds Beckham
Md Asif Imam
Md Asif Imam Prije 13 dana
he played like Ronaldinho in his early career
salomon sanchez
salomon sanchez Prije 3 dana
Ronaldinho was the role model back then
Soft Korner
Soft Korner Prije 13 dana
Who knows a 19 years old guy will ruine the world after 15 years 😘😘🌍🌍
HRlyrics Prije 13 dana
The rest is history
F M Prije 13 dana
you can see he has always been stubborn, and that is very noticeable for viewers and also welcomed
Victurius Music
Victurius Music Prije 13 dana
First match, first dive, first penalty the Almighty Penaldo
The Great Kiki
The Great Kiki Prije 13 dana
Trust me, he will became the goat
Brenda B Johnson
Brenda B Johnson Prije 14 dana
This Ronaldo kid is good. Looks like a guy who might score a bicycle kick against Juventus one day.
Kyan-Gamer 29
Kyan-Gamer 29 Prije 11 dana
He will score a bicycle kick, one day!
F3lps Prije 14 dana
*Ronaldo touches the ball Crowd: OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU😂😂😂
Agnel V Joy
Agnel V Joy Prije 14 dana
Rest is History🙌🏼
Louwiz Prije 15 dana
This Ronaldo lad looks really good, could be a superstar in seasons to come
mohd nabil
mohd nabil Prije 15 dana
after him,hazard show his class
Yamaç Gönen
Yamaç Gönen Prije 16 dana
im so glad this was in my recommended
Seir Prije 17 dana
Cr7 is beast .. he trained so hard .. 2006 or 2007 play ps2 take M.U because of him 🔥
riak marol
riak marol Prije 17 dana
Hes good i hope juventus sighns him
nyape dini
nyape dini Prije 17 dana
You know you are onto something... When senior players start looking for you to pass the ball in your debut...
Miguel Rosado
Miguel Rosado Prije 17 dana
People keep talking about these new players in their 18s and 21's as the next big thing. Ronaldo was already a big thing since his first game with United at 18 years old. That's a big difference.
Peter Rocc
Peter Rocc Prije 17 dana
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27) The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30)
Eldhose Prije 17 dana
This ronaldo is 100000000times greater than Juventus ronaldo😖😫😩😟
B U S H Prije 18 dana
Most underrated player
Dominic Msanje
Dominic Msanje Prije 18 dana
He used to be on messi's level
B5 GAMING Prije 13 dana
Still is
Gresen Seri
Gresen Seri Prije 18 dana
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The a bros
The a bros Prije 19 dana
They should have let Ronaldo take the penalty
Kelsang Norbu
Kelsang Norbu Prije 19 dana
Commentary was like " there is ronaldo again" other one like "hahaha" they know he is goat from that moment
Sule Cuber
Sule Cuber Prije 19 dana
I can't wait when that kid replace CR7 in future.
Hendrik Son
Hendrik Son Prije 19 dana
Come to Besiktas!
Suryansh Banerjee
Suryansh Banerjee Prije 19 dana
All 300+ dislikes coming from toxic fanboys
Rajbar Khadka
Rajbar Khadka Prije 19 dana
Anybody here in 2021
Adam AL-SAADI Prije 20 dana
he was soo swift and fast
Saurabh Mahra
Saurabh Mahra Prije 22 dana
ManU was counter attacking heaven back then.
Haru Krentz
Haru Krentz Prije 23 sati
SAF teams were chameleon, they can play possesion and counter attacking football.
Artiz ay
Artiz ay Prije 22 dana
Maybe one day he will sign for Real Madrid or even Juventus and win 5 Ballon D'ors
Mohi 58
Mohi 58 Prije 23 dana
2:00 everyone laugh at you at the beginning, even if you are CR7. So never care about them
AzzurriBlue Prije 5 dana
They laughed in admiration of the skill and confidence of a youngster on his debut, I'm sure they could tell there was something special about him right there and then.
Kyan-Gamer 29
Kyan-Gamer 29 Prije 11 dana
They laughed not because they were mocking him, they laughed because he does those crossovers really fast that the opponent don't know what to do to tackle the ball.
hamid lamfaddel
hamid lamfaddel Prije 24 dana
Şahin Başkan
Şahin Başkan Prije 24 dana
This boy is very talented. İ think he will be better in the future.
Gugun Prije 24 dana
So fast so good
david benjamin
david benjamin Prije 25 dana
But Ronaldhino was peak in that times
Peter Prije 27 dana
Best debut ever i was suprised a player like Him came to man utd and to stay as long as He did was Amazing real Madrid could have bought Him anytime and waited long time God Bless Him Amazing Talent come back Home and finish His Career at utd
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