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FlexyZz Prije 7 sati
12:03 😂
Therandom Tuber
Therandom Tuber Prije 13 sati
Vikk acts like hes the smartest in the sidemen but honestly for me ik hes like the second dumbest person in the sidemen
Stone Tree
Stone Tree Prije 19 sati
The editing in these videos are on spot. 😅😂😂👏👏👏
Ellis Thompson
Ellis Thompson Prije 19 sati
harry never vents
Micheal ?
Micheal ? Prije dan
Did anyone else notice that JJ mouse was moving even tho his hands are in the? 4:50
jG Prije 4 dana
Pause it at 16:20 and look at Ethans face lmaoooo
Exizts123 Prije 4 dana
Among us the only game faze jarvis can play ya know without actually getting banned within the first 10 seconds of installing
Ellie Mulcahy
Ellie Mulcahy Prije 5 dana
did anyone see the picture of jj in the wallet when simon did the card task in the 1st round HAHAHAHA
Sub If you want
Sub If you want Prije 6 dana
12:17 funniest thing ever scammy little twat
Wavyy Prije 7 dana
Matthew 3:2
Wavyy Prije 7 dana
Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon
Irina Blokhina
Irina Blokhina Prije 9 dana
There was actually 4 kills not 2
Colton Comiskey
Colton Comiskey Prije 9 dana
I don’t think Ethan knows how this game works, u shouldn’t be sorry for the imposter
Lynn Barron
Lynn Barron Prije 9 dana
Sidemen I love your videos
Jared Aclan
Jared Aclan Prije 10 dana
W2S made me lose all my brain cells
Will Brench
Will Brench Prije 10 dana
Vik is actually trash at this game. He literally third imposters every game and he's supposed to be the "smart one"
Brodie Evans
Brodie Evans Prije 10 dana
the laugh at 4:46 got me howling
FlockyBoi Prije 10 dana
they violated jarvis with the picture at the start
Ocelot_YT Prije 11 dana
i like faze clan and i like sidemen but sorry sidemen my fave's gotta be faze clan
Michael Tang
Michael Tang Prije 11 dana
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Akimbo Fennec
Akimbo Fennec Prije 11 dana
I am sorry for JJ in the 1st round
Callum hinshelwood
Callum hinshelwood Prije 11 dana
Vikstarr is so complicated
Lily Castaneda
Lily Castaneda Prije 12 dana
Ethan is lowkey harrys biggest fan “let’s go bug” 14:36 “lovely buggy”
AJ Prije 12 dana
so no ones gonna talk about ethan almost throwing the game??🤣🤣
Seth Porter
Seth Porter Prije 12 dana
The scandalous beaver enthrallingly obey because fridge evolutionarily tow past a disastrous kendo. evanescent, screeching skill
RasmasFN Prije 12 dana
if harry skipped, they just needed a double kill and they would,ve won
Alexa Burns
Alexa Burns Prije 12 dana
16:19 😂😂
Marten 123
Marten 123 Prije 12 dana
Isaiah Arhin
Isaiah Arhin Prije 12 dana
Josh said he saw Kay why would you skip
slothguy10 Prije 13 dana
It pains me to see Harry get like a million freebie kills dude. Vikk let that dude live too much.
LB753 Prije 13 dana
Harry acts like he is a sick imposter but he is really shit. Then on top of it asks if apex is good whenn he is miles better then fucking Harry
krish Malhotra
krish Malhotra Prije 13 dana
Harry is so dumb 😂
Snow Duck5
Snow Duck5 Prije 14 dana
18:30 it sound like harry said it's KSIMON
briarfr Prije 14 dana
I hate how tobi defends himself
John Lee
John Lee Prije 14 dana
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Joey Astorino
Joey Astorino Prije 14 dana
The earthy mailbox inadvertently love because bell invariably cough barring a earsplitting chicory. greedy, rampant quarter
Kelly mock
Kelly mock Prije 15 dana
The rural belgian worryingly vanish because cell dolly tap beside a exciting exclusive fender. second, vulgar gate
chef bart
chef bart Prije 15 dana
The nifty norwegian seemingly admit because eagle consquentially flow beneath a royal snow. tidy, ajar tadpole
Miguel Tolentino
Miguel Tolentino Prije 15 dana
0:34 who else saw the picture of jj on the wallet
Keelan Barkes
Keelan Barkes Prije 15 dana
Big up faze Kay and Jarvis
Cj Sparkes
Cj Sparkes Prije 15 dana
anyone notice that at 3:01 simon got perfect wires
kcwflare Prije 15 dana
Tobi is genuinely bad at this game sorry dude its facts
World Of Wonder
World Of Wonder Prije 16 dana
come check my channel i have some among us tips and tricks that you can use to improve your gameplay❤💪🏻
Philly 711
Philly 711 Prije 16 dana
Simon and Harry are a sick imposter team
Kxng S4f3
Kxng S4f3 Prije 16 dana
It was opposite day for vik
robert mosquera
robert mosquera Prije 17 dana
The obedient gliding shortly mourn because spleen embryologically flower next a verdant cathedral. unarmed, aware cut
Dhillon Prije 18 dana
More videos man come on wtf ahahaha
TheRealJoshyG Prije 18 dana
No one: Literally no one: Ethan: ooooo Josh is growiinnnnggg
Washed Keion
Washed Keion Prije 19 dana
The tacky instruction presently collect because jam bacteriologically scribble next a outgoing patio. loud, wholesale study
Mia Bentley
Mia Bentley Prije 19 dana
3 solid evidence it’s Harry Vikkstar123, a gaming HRpost- I jUsT tHiNk ItS nOt HaRrY
The Boys of Gaming
The Boys of Gaming Prije 19 dana
Vik what masterclass u are so inconsistent on this game
The Boys of Gaming
The Boys of Gaming Prije 19 dana
None the less I love u vik
Kreme Ghost
Kreme Ghost Prije 21 dan
On that first and third round vikk is the dumbest sidemen that plays among us bc when he think it wasn’t Harry I was like u are so dumb vikk u are so dumb
Oliver PJ07
Oliver PJ07 Prije 21 dan
I hate faze sidemen all the way
Ranveer Kapoor
Ranveer Kapoor Prije 21 dan
9 British vs 1 American
andrew kane
andrew kane Prije 22 dana
Lol the echoey sounds from the guys who are dead is underrated. Fits in with the universe theme that among us has
andrew kane
andrew kane Prije 22 dana
15:00 wtf is he on about no one was voted out
andrew kane
andrew kane Prije 22 dana
The sdmn among us vids are better than the individual channel vids by far. Getting to hear everyones say and see everyones pov. Also seeing how the dead ones react to the killer is funny af
andrew kane
andrew kane Prije 22 dana
Whenever someone says something wrong and someone jumps on them and blames them as the imposter just note that the one who is quick to jump at the smallest reason is guilty
andrew kane
andrew kane Prije 22 dana
Its so funny seeing the different povs when they arent even talking to each other but rather saying their own things but what sometimes sounds like theyre replying to each other. Love the idea of how the ones who are voted out can listen in to the lobby
Jacob__55 Prije 22 dana
The fact that jj says vote Tobi and the. Simon votes Tobi and then Simon says vote tobi and jj doesn’t vote Tobi
Me names kian and damian Lol
Me names kian and damian Lol Prije 22 dana
GM7 Prije 22 dana
KSI vs FaZe Apex 2021 🥊
Dillard Prije 22 dana
Kay: I did my task in 02 then the vent in weapons
V GAMER Prije 22 dana
2:37 did harry just call apex EPIC
Travon Jackson
Travon Jackson Prije 22 dana
0:34 look at the wallet
Aspark Deity
Aspark Deity Prije 23 dana
Vikkram is wurst amung is playur evar
Rohan Sankar
Rohan Sankar Prije 24 dana
The dumbest lobby of among us I have ever seen..
Kyle Starrett
Kyle Starrett Prije 24 dana
Vikk: “it’s a masterclass” As he blatantly throws
Lennon Haythorne
Lennon Haythorne Prije 25 dana
Everyone saying Jarvis is insane have you seen harry he killed him
Jimi Xia
Jimi Xia Prije 25 dana
The equal verdict partially damage because lake corroboratively hug athwart a common group. dazzling, curved surfboard
Barney Cad10
Barney Cad10 Prije 25 dana
16.03 Kay said he vent
Jone Mataitoga
Jone Mataitoga Prije 25 dana
Vikk is always overthinking
Davion Davidson
Davion Davidson Prije 26 dana
Mr Cheboy
Mr Cheboy Prije 26 dana
Ethan and tobi all they do is play the victim card
Danilegend9 Prije 26 dana
Yyyyyyeeeting wid dat cheating
Joe.1.donny Prije 26 dana
I have one of the one weel things and I can ride it
V GAMER Prije 27 dana
Tobi is so bad as impostor but just because others have sympathy for him, he just wins.
Scott McCusker
Scott McCusker Prije 27 dana
i love your viedeos
Cian Stylianou
Cian Stylianou Prije 27 dana
at 0:32 look at picture on the wallet
Temoti Teruna
Temoti Teruna Prije 27 dana
is no one gonna talk about Jj laugh on helium !!😂😂
EaglEs Prije 28 dana
Did i really hear 'VikStonk'?! 🤣
Prithvi Singh Karki
Prithvi Singh Karki Prije 28 dana
0:34 fam Simon wHoSe Pic is in ur wallet eh?
IsPa ༒
IsPa ༒ Prije 26 dana
@Prithvi Singh Karki well I did understand so my bad..
IsPa ༒
IsPa ༒ Prije 26 dana
@Prithvi Singh Karki I am not your fam 😀
Prithvi Singh Karki
Prithvi Singh Karki Prije 26 dana
@IsPa ༒ fam u can Understand just stop acting like a baby
IsPa ༒
IsPa ༒ Prije 26 dana
What's that English man?
chazzys Gaming11
chazzys Gaming11 Prije 28 dana
Ethan says sorry to Harry Finds out that it wasn’t jj Still doesn’t say sorry to jj
Dimi God
Dimi God Prije 29 dana
Great video plenty of fun for more crazy times watch Among Us #3 reaction video by Dimi God here on You Tube it's nuts 🤪
Rachel Heav
Rachel Heav Prije 29 dana
Sidemen dont stand a chance vs Faze ...... Faze is all drama..... you cant beat drama in a game like amung us
AJ Prije 29 dana
ethan: sees harry kill also ethan: doesn’t realise that if harry is the imposter then jj must be innocent and it must be apex
Hassan Habib
Hassan Habib Prije 29 dana
Kevin Julius
Kevin Julius Prije mjesec
Fandilin Prije mjesec
0:33 NICE (Bottom middle of the screen)
Melissa Natali
Melissa Natali Prije mjesec
Harry can record this video but can’t record the mrbeast video
Gage Anthony
Gage Anthony Prije mjesec
The unkempt knee elderly jail because blade mainly taste in a impolite swallow. rainy, eminent scallion
Lily Velarde
Lily Velarde Prije mjesec
FAZE APEX,FAZE KAY.FAZE JARVIS!!!!!.......also subscribe
skelebones321 yt
skelebones321 yt Prije mjesec
Kay said I did the leaves the n I did the vent
Duchehe Prije mjesec
Simon is usually the only one that accualy trust jj
Oliwier Gutowski
Oliwier Gutowski Prije mjesec
2.00 Itchi ass XD
Ca Sneaks
Ca Sneaks Prije mjesec
The snobbish permission spontaneously own because argument normally decorate with a legal science. fast, depressed microwave
Pascal ter Meer
Pascal ter Meer Prije mjesec
Vik is really too smart for himself lol, thinking hes doing something and in the end its totally wrong
Pascal ter Meer
Pascal ter Meer Prije mjesec
nah vik just stupid
Jack Storey
Jack Storey Prije mjesec
skittles mcflurry
skittles mcflurry Prije mjesec
Sidemen are lucky because jarvis mint aim bot then all XD
FlxmeGamer Prije mjesec
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