Pranking FaZe Rug for 24 Hours Straight

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FaZe Kay

Prije 7 mjeseci

I Pranked FaZe Rug's House for 24 Hours Straight until he Kicked Me Out! My Little Brother Jarvis is coming back with me to get revenge... @FaZe Rug @Brawadis @RiceGum @Mama Rug and Papa Rug@MOLLY ESKAM
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Thando Seonyane
Thando Seonyane Prije 6 dana
Were is the freaking ricegum he is not posting vids anymore I don't like it
Emmanuel Ntiamoah
Emmanuel Ntiamoah Prije 7 dana
ahmed bader
ahmed bader Prije 8 dana
FaZe Travis Scott
FaZe Travis Scott Prije 15 dana
Rug da bitch
NL_Frozen YT
NL_Frozen YT Prije 20 dana
Anyone 2020
FN_EON Prije 21 dan
brahhhh hes holding a camera how does he not kmow somtjings up
Thando Seonyane
Thando Seonyane Prije 27 dana
Dude not cool faze rug is our man kay not cool and not the lambo
David Rebuelta
David Rebuelta Prije 28 dana
7:38 thank me later
Spooky Baysix
Spooky Baysix Prije 29 dana
Hi Prije mjesec
i saw this vidoe like 5 times
Krish Patel
Krish Patel Prije mjesec
bro how is the pizza one a prank i mean u gotta try harder
Kevin roach
Kevin roach Prije mjesec
They were watching 2hype
George Davis
George Davis Prije mjesec
Kay your the best
RAGE GAMER Prije mjesec
Your camera is trash
Sako Keoshgerian
Sako Keoshgerian Prije mjesec
Kay: does 2 pranks Also Kay: “ive done all these pranks bruv”
Jorge Magana
Jorge Magana Prije mjesec
Jorge Magana
Jorge Magana Prije mjesec
Jorge Magana
Jorge Magana Prije mjesec
Drew Stice
Drew Stice Prije 2 mjeseci
Why is Brandon not being asked to be in faze he is a beast
Typical Reg
Typical Reg Prije 2 mjeseci
it wasnt even sucsesfull
Nabie Sesay
Nabie Sesay Prije 2 mjeseci
Woah 😦
Goated Punisher
Goated Punisher Prije 2 mjeseci
The moment when an old video he put when rug said “it’s a joke mom” I just came from that video🤣
S L P Prije 2 mjeseci
Mxssynz Prije 2 mjeseci
Why Kay is prancing rug for
Dark_ depression
Dark_ depression Prije 2 mjeseci
zaKツ Prije 3 mjeseci
I swear the cameraman sucks the screen is shaking soo muchh
John Lynch
John Lynch Prije 3 mjeseci
Is it just me or is the cam laggy???
Max Rai
Max Rai Prije 3 mjeseci
I love faze clan videos
Joshua Stanley
Joshua Stanley Prije 3 mjeseci
If he did it i'll do it too...Lol what a mom
I yoused your fortnite code my yousername for fortnite is scoopie337
Joseph Mangalindan
Joseph Mangalindan Prije 3 mjeseci
Watching 2hype gaze rug faze kay
bryan Cervantes
bryan Cervantes Prije 3 mjeseci
Henry Hotra
Henry Hotra Prije 3 mjeseci
Molly license plate is not coverd
Amar Sahota
Amar Sahota Prije 3 mjeseci
is it me or does the quality suk
Mr. SawyBer
Mr. SawyBer Prije 3 mjeseci
Bosley has the same toy as my dog as you see when Frasier was Trollin ricegum
anish kosireddy
anish kosireddy Prije 3 mjeseci
faze rug the un prankable'
Li Paongo
Li Paongo Prije 3 mjeseci
From faze rug
Lexi Santo
Lexi Santo Prije 4 mjeseci
Gamer Grow
Gamer Grow Prije 4 mjeseci
Dayna Daily
Dayna Daily Prije 4 mjeseci
It's not 24hrs if you are leaving after a few hours.
dmonty _
dmonty _ Prije 4 mjeseci
Rich people be so chill with stuff like this
xylogens Prije 4 mjeseci
Anthony looks so small compared to Frazier
David Sanchez
David Sanchez Prije 5 mjeseci
Anthony looks like a dwarf 1:30
tk Bautista
tk Bautista Prije 5 mjeseci
You are cool HRpostrs
Luis Perez
Luis Perez Prije 5 mjeseci
6 mil lmao 10 mil bro
AARV PATEL Prije 5 mjeseci
When he does an outro
Jessi Brown
Jessi Brown Prije 5 mjeseci
Molly was at Rugs house 2 months ago? Where was Kaelynn?
Ridhi Teekwani
Ridhi Teekwani Prije 5 mjeseci
2:14 gooba
Deniz Ali Kilinc
Deniz Ali Kilinc Prije 5 mjeseci
I love your vidoes
Ned Walsh
Ned Walsh Prije 5 mjeseci
Are you brothers with faze rug
Halana Crumley
Halana Crumley Prije 5 mjeseci
Its normal ya know. just carrin a rectangle of legos around. 6:03 oh Anthony. XD
yxng sharkzz
yxng sharkzz Prije 5 mjeseci
I love you guys and Lexi allot
Joshua Guerra
Joshua Guerra Prije 5 mjeseci
Waleed Ansar
Waleed Ansar Prije 5 mjeseci
Why does May and jarvis always script his videos
65rtyu YT
65rtyu YT Prije 5 mjeseci
Molly is so nice saying it's ok
Donald Plummer
Donald Plummer Prije 5 mjeseci
Those pranks had no effect
SHALA UDDIN Prije 5 mjeseci
Omg bring Jarvey the the new rugs house on the 9th
Deletion Clan
Deletion Clan Prije 5 mjeseci
rug is so nice
Alex_MB Prije 5 mjeseci
Who TF editthis llol
Echo Yt
Echo Yt Prije 5 mjeseci
Congratulations on 5 million subscribers
Alexander Lee
Alexander Lee Prije 5 mjeseci
I subed
Shamel Rozaro
Shamel Rozaro Prije 6 mjeseci
Good kay
Shamel Rozaro
Shamel Rozaro Prije 6 mjeseci
good kay
noah Prije 6 mjeseci
Rug be like : 500 dollars bro. Even tho he has a 150k lambo, 170k mclaren, 90k Range Rover and like a 5 million dollar house
Cobra Smoke
Cobra Smoke Prije 6 mjeseci
N04H C 300k lambo thats his bros car which is 210 k not a range a g wagon which is 160k and a 2.5 million dollar house
Klips Prije 6 mjeseci
dey didn't even make hem mad dey maked hem happy
Tempestz Prije 6 mjeseci
Stop saying rugs brother its Brandon or brawadis and ur at his house 😂
SpeedyHorizon81 Prije 6 mjeseci
It’s the same Mclaran Kay used in his Justin biebers lost car $200,000+
Maria Salcedo
Maria Salcedo Prije 6 mjeseci
I don’t like riceguma
Paxton Tran
Paxton Tran Prije 6 mjeseci
Ddoghow1 2
Ddoghow1 2 Prije 6 mjeseci
Then the video you made were you said that was Justin Bieber’s lost mclaren lier
Liam Smith
Liam Smith Prije 6 mjeseci
I am ksi fan I hate ricegum
Doll Time
Doll Time Prije 6 mjeseci
how him not getiting mad mate
Aka Inaaya
Aka Inaaya Prije 6 mjeseci
tHaTs cRaZy BrO
Arsenal Rex
Arsenal Rex Prije 6 mjeseci
Rug wouldn't get mad just by a few pranks. He is one of this nice guys but if he really gets mad he is PISSSSED
Trix_Max_Btw Prije 6 mjeseci
Sneaky Oscar
Sneaky Oscar Prije 6 mjeseci
Zbiboe Leh gra
Zbiboe Leh gra Prije 6 mjeseci
She kust yeet het loui bag
aaron singh
aaron singh Prije 6 mjeseci
7:40 beginning of porno
Luis Perez
Luis Perez Prije 6 mjeseci
The camera is so bac
Matthew Woodward
Matthew Woodward Prije 6 mjeseci
Stop saying bro and man
Ryan Bowman
Ryan Bowman Prije 6 mjeseci
When Anthony told rug to go inside the box of blocks was still built up lol
Shred X
Shred X Prije 6 mjeseci
7:44 thank me later
KEP x1
KEP x1 Prije 6 mjeseci
why is justin bieber's car here in rug's house and you said it is rug's brother's car so kay ur fakin vids bro...?
omar Prije 6 mjeseci
Why was molly even at rugs house? Lmao 🧐
Miguelito Prije 7 mjeseci
This man was really recoding her ass and brings it back up smh
Miro Bodurov
Miro Bodurov Prije 7 mjeseci
Brandon is such a chill guy man.
Johan Morona
Johan Morona Prije 7 mjeseci
Lol Is That the McLaren From Justin Beibers Lost Car???
Coco Babs
Coco Babs Prije 7 mjeseci
Lorenzo Ricciardi
Lorenzo Ricciardi Prije 7 mjeseci
Yo he got rice good bro that was funny
Lorenzo Ricciardi
Lorenzo Ricciardi Prije 7 mjeseci
Molly’s soo chill
Agustin Garcia
Agustin Garcia Prije 7 mjeseci
U should no that
Agustin Garcia
Agustin Garcia Prije 7 mjeseci
Not a Lamborghini It’s a meclarren
Psycho Spamz
Psycho Spamz Prije 7 mjeseci
Ur holding it up high what do u mean ladder 2 meters high
Funny Boy
Funny Boy Prije 7 mjeseci
Tell FaZe rug my best friend is his cousin he never knew about
Jim Bobby
Jim Bobby Prije 7 mjeseci
Laggy ass video
Alexa Meno Mendiola
Alexa Meno Mendiola Prije 7 mjeseci
Molly is honestly so sweet
Poh Soe
Poh Soe Prije 7 mjeseci
Rug is just the happiest youtuber
Nicholas Spencer
Nicholas Spencer Prije 7 mjeseci
I would have 10 kids with molly.
Sneak bros
Sneak bros Prije 7 mjeseci
that was epic
Justas Smuilys
Justas Smuilys Prije 7 mjeseci
8:47 2hype
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