Wireless Keyboard Prank HACK on Kid Playing Fortnite (Kaylen)

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FaZe Jarvis

Prije 11 mjeseci

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Gabe Patterson
Gabe Patterson Prije 5 sati
At 10:05 when you find out Santa isint real
Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean Prije 7 sati
*I can't believe what I just saw 😳 Lordhacker5 just just unbanned my fortnite account successfully ... I trusted him with all my heart thanks to him his real proof*
Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean Prije 7 sati
*I strongly recommended you to Lordhacker5 on ig I taught it was a scam but I give him a trial he got my my account unbanned successfully his genuine*
Prije 22 sati
4.7 minites
Gamer God
Gamer God Prije 23 sati
why is kaylens head shaped like a square
Levente Ésik
Levente Ésik Prije dan
Keny Gonzalez
Keny Gonzalez Prije 2 dana
hi bor
1000 Percent
1000 Percent Prije 3 dana
His hair tho
Aron Deng
Aron Deng Prije 3 dana
shadow igrata
shadow igrata Prije 4 dana
This kid needs help....
viperMarzz Prije 5 dana
Kaylens friends invited him to a party and said "be there or be square" and he didnt show up
Student Noah Perez
Student Noah Perez Prije 6 dana
Jarvis and Kaylen look like twins both of them got curly hair:)
Aldonia Thomas
Aldonia Thomas Prije 11 dana
Bot. Kylan
Issa Alraisi
Issa Alraisi Prije 11 dana
I don’t know why but I hate kaylen he is so jealous of Jarvis cuz he joined FaZe But I love when he rage or get mad
Sid Martin
Sid Martin Prije 13 dana
Look at 5:10 and see how much health that default has
chehal rohit
chehal rohit Prije 13 dana
Who is kaelyn
SR - 04SR 828519 Stanley Mills PS
SR - 04SR 828519 Stanley Mills PS Prije 13 dana
this kaylen kid is spoiled
Travis Parker
Travis Parker Prije 17 dana
Rage be like
cd cheater
cd cheater Prije 19 dana
I really don't like kaylean that kid is so rude 4 his age sry BTW
Dominic Bourdeau
Dominic Bourdeau Prije 19 dana
He cry’s so much and he’s genuinely bad
Itz Jeffy
Itz Jeffy Prije 19 dana
Kalyan what happen u saying your the best player in the world and u just got shit on
Dark Matter
Dark Matter Prije 21 dan
7:02 when ur mum takes away ur xbox
Guy Name Jordan
Guy Name Jordan Prije 24 dana
How did Rez not came
Mr. Awesomeness
Mr. Awesomeness Prije 24 dana
Someone tell me y he blinks so hard
Mr. Meme
Mr. Meme Prije 24 dana
not funny
Steelix Gaming
Steelix Gaming Prije 27 dana
I think kaylen is mad or phycho
Žan Luka Mulej
Žan Luka Mulej Prije 28 dana
Oce_Snowz 1
Oce_Snowz 1 Prije mjesec
does kaylan still play fortnite
zorba Prije mjesec
U need to do alt+f4
Rebecca Foersterling
Rebecca Foersterling Prije mjesec
Stop toasting me bruh hahahahahhahahaha
2JorDEN6 Prije mjesec
damn Kalyen kinda toxic
Psyc1c_Destr0yYT Prije mjesec
This is how many times kaylen said STOPPPPP
Laura Bedetti
Laura Bedetti Prije mjesec
5:08 how can he has so many life
tom maxcy
tom maxcy Prije mjesec
Kaylen rages so much his face looks like a tomato when he rages
sally kebede
sally kebede Prije mjesec
the guy didnt have a gold pump he only used the drum gun
Jade Jarusombat
Jade Jarusombat Prije mjesec
Wow he is mongraal junior
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez Prije mjesec
raff829 Prije mjesec
imagine if he pressed w when kaylen was infront of the trap
Jackson Eddinger
Jackson Eddinger Prije mjesec
kaylen to over confident
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez Prije mjesec
Dragos Fgv
Dragos Fgv Prije mjesec
5:05 why does it say 23707 health?
Zaping counts 392
Zaping counts 392 Prije mjesec
This is how many people want kaylen to get band not Jarvis 👇
Daxton Cary
Daxton Cary Prije mjesec
Jarvis controlling it when he’s banned
Ari Zei
Ari Zei Prije mjesec
Jarvis: OH MY GAWD HOW DID JUST DO THAT Kaylen: Cause am the best player in the world. Me: LIES!1
BEST CLIPS Prije mjesec
Idk why but sometimes Jarvis looks annoyed by kaylen.
Lisa Nordvall
Lisa Nordvall Prije mjesec
Did you see his health he had infinite
Raina Rabbit
Raina Rabbit Prije mjesec
I feel so bad for the kid
Nigel Villaruz
Nigel Villaruz Prije mjesec
You Should have trolled him with alt f4 using wireless keyboard so he will rage more (Like If You Want It To Happen)(And Can I 1V1 Him Tho Lol)(And Why Is He So Rude He Should Be Laughing Its Just A Game And Its Only A Prank He Has More Games To Go Play)
PROMIUM 5 Prije mjesec
I like how Kay is having a lot of fun😂
Sycone_ Seem
Sycone_ Seem Prije mjesec
Wow so convenient he’s recording his game please hmmmmmmmm what a coincidence🤔
PLINK Prije mjesec
Adrian Wong
Adrian Wong Prije mjesec
little boy callin other players kids lmao
Nathi Gumede
Nathi Gumede Prije mjesec
romello sheppard
romello sheppard Prije mjesec
Me. To
aluminium Prije mjesec
Bartosz Prochnau
Bartosz Prochnau Prije mjesec
2:59 *He laughed.*
Cobretti Anderson
Cobretti Anderson Prije mjesec
This is how many times kaylen blinked hard ⬇️
Kevin Acosta acosta
Kevin Acosta acosta Prije mjesec
Why kaylen always a crybaby
Austinaboii Prije mjesec
Kaylen chill
Hamzeh Almaweri
Hamzeh Almaweri Prije mjesec
Bro this has to be the most obnoxious kid I’ve ever seen in my life
Leo Edmonds
Leo Edmonds Prije mjesec
kaylen what are you wering
Billy Needs Subs Plz
Billy Needs Subs Plz Prije mjesec
Silva Majcen
Silva Majcen Prije mjesec
Jarvis kan i tryout
Jake Pena
Jake Pena Prije mjesec
He had 2000 hp
Mathman Is Awsome
Mathman Is Awsome Prije mjesec
Ashuai啊帅 Prije mjesec
Ooooohhh omgg hahahahahahahahahaha Holy jarvis 2019 the biggest RAGER Xd
Adrian Tims
Adrian Tims Prije 2 mjeseci
Who realised that the keyboard wasnt even on lolll
Eashan Mohanty
Eashan Mohanty Prije 2 mjeseci
Kaylen is such a baby
Billy Needs Subs Plz
Billy Needs Subs Plz Prije 2 mjeseci
Can kaylen even take a joke
BenjaminPlaysRoblox Vang
BenjaminPlaysRoblox Vang Prije 2 mjeseci
Relax dude just a keyboard dude relax
noob123 looviix is the best noob123
noob123 looviix is the best noob123 Prije 2 mjeseci
5:01 hacker look at his heath lol
TheLegendPlayz Prije mjesec
no it was a glitch if it was a hacker why would they give them selfs 23 health
Dark37 Flight
Dark37 Flight Prije 2 mjeseci
he looks like hes playin the gutar
Dark37 Flight
Dark37 Flight Prije 2 mjeseci
kay is like " jump jump jump kaylen" lol
manuel valdez
manuel valdez Prije 2 mjeseci
Who is here when Jarvis is banned
Bottleneck Prije 2 mjeseci
Kaylen is always being toxic when he kill someone or met the good player
mr sk only Masti
mr sk only Masti Prije 2 mjeseci
Very nice video 49
Richard Cuevas
Richard Cuevas Prije 2 mjeseci
um i saw that guy in the background and starts at 3:25
Jake Paradis
Jake Paradis Prije 2 mjeseci
Like if caylan should get banned
Panda Milk
Panda Milk Prije 2 mjeseci
Kays voice is so funny # sub to pandamilk
sebastian22villa Villa
sebastian22villa Villa Prije 2 mjeseci
El peor niño del mundo
Wayne gaming channel Morris
Wayne gaming channel Morris Prije 2 mjeseci
Wayne gaming channel Morris
Wayne gaming channel Morris Prije 2 mjeseci
OOF OOF Prije 2 mjeseci
Chapter 2 s1
OOF OOF Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait drumgun was in
Maritza Schneider
Maritza Schneider Prije 2 mjeseci
That kid has anger ishos😡🤬😠
May Ferrer
May Ferrer Prije 2 mjeseci
Kalen rages ahhahaha
light green with baby light green
light green with baby light green Prije 2 mjeseci
Fornite dance in fortnite on computer self a service stop
Damien Ferrall
Damien Ferrall Prije 2 mjeseci
Kaylen has worse anger issues than a dad who is drunk
Doge1456 on 30 fps
Doge1456 on 30 fps Prije 2 mjeseci
kaylen tra sh
terrific gamers
terrific gamers Prije 2 mjeseci
I hate Kaleyn he is a bot of his kind
Soar_ Soxin
Soar_ Soxin Prije 2 mjeseci
Kaylen is so bad I can beat him in a 1v1 bro
AtomicWave 2
AtomicWave 2 Prije 2 mjeseci
4:41 he says the N word
Todoroki Shoutoツ
Todoroki Shoutoツ Prije 2 mjeseci
Honestly I could destroy kaylen with only mobile
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Prije 2 mjeseci
How did he not realize there’s keyboard keybinds
Blaze Roblox
Blaze Roblox Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvis I’ve been grinding can I plz join faze bro plz I’m trippin
Jacob Langlois Verpaelst
Jacob Langlois Verpaelst Prije 2 mjeseci
7:02 me when my mom gets me in trouble when I did nothing
Obito Plays fn
Obito Plays fn Prije 2 mjeseci
Kaylen us a spoiled brat
Ninja TY
Ninja TY Prije 2 mjeseci
Look kid 😂😂😂
Cody Gutierrez
Cody Gutierrez Prije 2 mjeseci
This is how many times fraiser spamed the buttons ⬇️
Eric Prije 2 mjeseci
This kid has anger issues no cap ;-;
Jazmin Prije 2 mjeseci
are they related??????
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