Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi

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Kylie Jenner

Prije 15 dana

Stormi and I are making cookies for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

La diva Romina
La diva Romina Prije 25 sekundi
Hi Kylie, I don't speak English, I speak Spanish, I'm from Peru and I'm telling you that you're great mom Many regards Kylie
Agata Agata
Agata Agata Prije 34 sekundi
Stormi is sooo cute 💖❤😝😚🤗💖
Ilana Rossouw
Ilana Rossouw Prije 4 minuta
Stormi is the star of this video 🖤
Justafan oxoxox
Justafan oxoxox Prije 10 minuta
Storm is soo nice🥺🧡🧡 love you both!
Clau G
Clau G Prije 23 minuta
She's so polite and smart... good job Kylie
Shaliyah Sharp
Shaliyah Sharp Prije 25 minuta
Her patience song is everything. 🥰💕
hannah alex
hannah alex Prije 29 minuta
she's really travis daughter with all her noises lol
Larry World
Larry World Prije 37 minuta
2:43 "oh that's cute mommy" me: i can die in peace now.
Maria Luiza
Maria Luiza Prije 48 minuta
Stormy is beautiful and perfect
Gris F
Gris F Prije 49 minuta
Alguien que hable español?
lady Fay
lady Fay Prije 57 minuta
What a sweet girl!
Stxawberry Bomb
Stxawberry Bomb Prije sat
Why is stormi so precious she is smart for her age i can see kylie still have time for her daughter lucky baby❤
Alisson Olivera
Alisson Olivera Prije sat
is it just me or did anyone else come here from their Christmas cookie video and then thought Kris would come again to help them-
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson Prije sat
When she hides the like and dislikes
Syeda Zehra
Syeda Zehra Prije sat
*No matter what it is at least we all can agree Kylie did an amazing job raising Stormi!*
awita uwu
awita uwu Prije sat
Soy el único comentario en español 7u7
Brittany W
Brittany W Prije sat
Idk if this is weird but i watched the to our daughter video again before this and I literally started crying. Say what you want but kylie is truly such a great mom. Stormi is absolutely beautiful and shes so sweet, smart and kind. Kylie is so patient and encouraging to Stormi and they have such a beautiful mother/daughter relationship ❤
Alisson Olivera
Alisson Olivera Prije sat
i think the word ✨Chef✨ is in Stormi's future
nieve harding xx
nieve harding xx Prije sat
this just shows how well she is being up her child. she is an amazing mother :)
Elena Polczynski
Elena Polczynski Prije sat
Idk why I thought her daughter just called her kylie
rachel l
rachel l Prije sat
Where are the nannies!!
cassandra soares
cassandra soares Prije sat
The “let’s mix ittttt” 🤣 she is such a cutie
Jessica Mitchell
Jessica Mitchell Prije sat
Its.Natalie D
Its.Natalie D Prije sat
Stormi is so precious! 🥰
reavleeful Prije sat
Already got that rich girl in her “hand me a towel please!” 🤣🤣🤣
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth Prije sat
At Christmas stormi spilled the vanilla extract and now Kylie did
Efan Vlogs135
Efan Vlogs135 Prije sat
Towel please HAYA
Danna Paola
Danna Paola Prije sat
She so cute 🥺
Queen Marish
Queen Marish Prije sat
So please report and block that bitch
Queen Marish
Queen Marish Prije sat
Theres a dude his name is 1UP Spades he said they stupid he is stupid
Queen Marish
Queen Marish Prije sat
And guys dont be rude to Kylie
Queen Marish
Queen Marish Prije sat
I love u Kylie
Baby Gorl
Baby Gorl Prije sat
That people are making bad videos of THIS VIDEO, is insane this video is such a cute video🥺✨❤️
Isabella Fuentes
Isabella Fuentes Prije sat
Rich or poor no memories will ever compare to these pure moments. this is beautiful. Happy Halloween little mommi and baby stormi! From my family to yours!
ღ C h e r r y ღ ꧁UwU꧂
ღ C h e r r y ღ ꧁UwU꧂ Prije 2 sati
The Stormi is very very cute ✨🐼😍
saadia soleil Ayoub
saadia soleil Ayoub Prije 2 sati
Bonsoir ça va ❤️🙏💕👍🏻🤲🌹💐👈👍🌷💃
uvaa xd
uvaa xd Prije 2 sati
I love so much Stormi !!!💕
Laney Jones
Laney Jones Prije 2 sati
Kylie is such a good mom y’all can’t say I’m wrong
NIBBA Prije 2 sati
Sassa Paradox
Sassa Paradox Prije 2 sati
Why Kylie keeps looking to someone on the sides?
Angelica Gamez
Angelica Gamez Prije 2 sati
Storm is so smart and cute.
Ynia_zia Prije 2 sati
“This one is so pretty...” Stormi:and this is so pretty. 😍😍she is soooooo cuteeeeeeeee
pininp 10
pininp 10 Prije 2 sati
Cancer at its finest.
Danielle Johnson
Danielle Johnson Prije 2 sati
Kylie's a good mommy! That child is so happy, healthy and smart!
Retro70summer80s Prije 2 sati
She said “we’re being so messy”, ummm if I was the parent, I would’ve said, no baby you’re being so messy, not me
V̶i̶x̶e̶n̶ Prije 2 sati
“Peace out camera” OMG IM DEAD KAKSKNDKDKD
Emalee _JesusSaves!
Emalee _JesusSaves! Prije 2 sati
Jesus loves you and He is COMING SOONER THAN WE THINK! Please ask Him to help you obey Him and help you live in His Will in Jesus Name and be baptized in Jesus Name with water and the Holy Ghost ✝️❤️ MUCH LOVE THROUGH CHRIST JESUS✝️❤️
SPIDER MAN Prije 2 sati
“That's cute mommy!” ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍
Leo Dipace
Leo Dipace Prije 2 sati
The video that I needed for following the weeks
Addison Hampton
Addison Hampton Prije 2 sati
I love how Kylie is so famous and like all has all her stuff it is like the famous but she's not stuck up like she's so humble with everything like she's so like her daughter always has time for her daughter and is so sweet Kylie is awesome she's the best mom
sofi mr
sofi mr Prije 2 sati
sharron munyi
sharron munyi Prije 2 sati
Kylie-we made a mess Stormie-we are being so messy
Issart Prije 2 sati
Nikki Prije 3 sati
who cares about how rich kylie and stormi are, CARE ABOUT HOW EDUCATED STORMI IS AND HOW WELL KYLIE DOES AS A PARENT.
Giovanna xoxo
Giovanna xoxo Prije 3 sati
Soo adorable
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Prije 3 sati
Is it just me or is Kylie Jenner the best mother ever I mean look at how sweet and polite she raised stormy to be! I luv you Kylie and Stormi!
Evelin Andrade
Evelin Andrade Prije 3 sati
Algum brasileiro??
XDrapp Coolest cuphead
XDrapp Coolest cuphead Prije 3 sati
She has very good manners and she so sweet god bless your family Kylie
angeline fuentes
angeline fuentes Prije 3 sati
Stomi is so cute,she said “towel,please
admiree mariah
admiree mariah Prije 3 sati
Stormi is literally so cute and polite 😭❤️
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Prije 3 sati
Beautifuls 😭
Satabdi Bagchi
Satabdi Bagchi Prije 3 sati
You are awesome...I like all your videos. Want to share one of my favourite channel with you too . Have a look
Tatie Zelman
Tatie Zelman Prije 3 sati
call her a spoiled brat all you want, but she is so well educated, 2 years old and saying please and cleaning. come on.
Lia Gotjuice
Lia Gotjuice Prije 4 sati
AWW Stormi😘😘 she's such a cutie🤗
Person Person
Person Person Prije 4 sati
My biggest fear when I have a child is not being patient bc I don’t wanna be like my mom was
Bess Reaction Base
Bess Reaction Base Prije 4 sati
Valentina Prije 4 sati
The table is bigger than my house.
Nadja Papović
Nadja Papović Prije 4 sati
Haha Stormy is so cute
oswixco Jake
oswixco Jake Prije 4 sati
stormi's outro is better than some youtuber's content
Yee Yee
Yee Yee Prije 4 sati
1:21 AWW😭
Candice Edwards
Candice Edwards Prije 4 sati
Patience,Patience, Patience OMG‼️🥺 she’s soooo cute I can’t ❤️❤️
Mr. Spock
Mr. Spock Prije 4 sati
Hairy cookies...perfect for halloween!
Lime Prije 4 sati
they didnt even use the same cookies 😭
CWEENSI Prije 4 sati
Mia Iniguez
Mia Iniguez Prije 4 sati
Beautifuls 😭
McKenna Taylor
McKenna Taylor Prije 5 sati
She is using her manners and really nice manners you taught her the best
Nate was here
Nate was here Prije 5 sati
Yo stormi and kylies bakery coming ASAP no rocky
Ratz editz
Ratz editz Prije 5 sati
raising stormi right love x
Макарёк Сок
Макарёк Сок Prije 5 sati
Хэлуинская семья типо?
Jeanue Hermanus
Jeanue Hermanus Prije 5 sati
Stormi is so kind☺️☺️
What kind of name is “STORMI” like I swear celebrities name they kids weird
White Chipmunks
White Chipmunks Prije 5 sati
😃😃Super Cute!!! Please show your lovely one my PET CHIPMUNKS!! They are WHiTE and lovely!! Here ya a link hunny💋.
Manuela Peretti
Manuela Peretti Prije 5 sati
the cute ☺☺☺
Prachi Gupta
Prachi Gupta Prije 5 sati
You ca say what ever you want about Kylie but you can't deny the fact that she is raising stormi right!
Karessa Ochoa
Karessa Ochoa Prije 5 sati
Isla Bullen
Isla Bullen Prije 5 sati
Aww she is so more talkative than last time you made cookies god love her🥰😘😍
Beauty Baby Kay
Beauty Baby Kay Prije 5 sati
If you’ve wanted the Christmas one from last year you’d know they always spill their vanilla extract they’re such a cute mommy daughter dou
Braden McMurray
Braden McMurray Prije 5 sati
trav cot buger
Braden McMurray
Braden McMurray Prije 5 sati
Braden McMurray
Braden McMurray Prije 5 sati
trav cot bgfer
Avie Cachez
Avie Cachez Prije 5 sati
Such a good mommy, it made me so happy
Amateur Junction
Amateur Junction Prije 5 sati
Nice video, please check out and subscribe to my channel for delicious recipes 😊
꧁༺Clash Royale PKXD༻꧂
꧁༺Clash Royale PKXD༻꧂ Prije 5 sati
Stormi is 4 year
Jose Osuna medina
Jose Osuna medina Prije 5 sati
haha Kylie you shut up the vanilla as in the other video F for you and estormi and they are the best 🤩
Julie Macabiau
Julie Macabiau Prije 6 sati
Honestly, Stormi is very well behaved! Congratulations to you Kylie for educating him so well! "Can I get a towel please" 1- She said please 2- She does the housework. I need this little one at home
Isabella Lopez
Isabella Lopez Prije 6 sati
lmao Kylie pretending to like the cookies
Isabella Lopez
Isabella Lopez Prije 6 sati
lmao this was hard to watch
sweet love
sweet love Prije 6 sati
stormi has so much manners
Jessica Marsh
Jessica Marsh Prije 6 sati
Omg! Stormi talks SO good! You can understand her better then some 4 year olds!She’s so stinking ADORABLE!!! I can’t even handle it!
Fajr Beyah
Fajr Beyah Prije 6 sati
So cute lol her manners🥰😻
Sofi Reyes
Sofi Reyes Prije 6 sati
Cute ✨
Valeria Rodriguez
Valeria Rodriguez Prije 6 sati
This is so very cuteeee
i z z
i z z Prije 6 sati
kylie plays a good role as a mom and she really raised her child right and yet y'all still bashing on her?
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