Our Craziest Cooling Project Yet

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Prije 18 dana

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On today's episode of Linus Tech Tips the gang gets more wet than usual!
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S G G Prije 18 minuta
What the hell did I just watch
JustCallMeChad Prije 3 sati
That was painful to watch, and not in an entertaining way. :\ I honestly would have loved to see this done right.
Zachary Barlow
Zachary Barlow Prije 5 sati
They know nothing about cars!
Kris Holland
Kris Holland Prije 7 sati
Meh. Did this ten years ago. Mine didn't leak. :D
Blank Nothing
Blank Nothing Prije 17 sati
Voice Crack 0:08
Voracious Prije 19 sati
I wonder how many computers this setup can keep cool at once? would love to see this
Planetbustard Prije 20 sati
Chernobyl NPP control room 15 August 1972:
netbeing Prije 21 sat
I raise, try a helicopter radiator :D
8Bit Noise
8Bit Noise Prije dan
I wonder if they thought about hose clamps instead of ducktape. _keeps watching_ let's see where this goes.
Von Droid
Von Droid Prije dan
i'm surprised they've never heard of the product called " Magic Wrap ". I've used it to temporarily seal everything from automotive to plumbing joints - even works on air compressor hoses.
K M Prije dan
For an ex engineering student, alex really disappoints sometimes with the "lets do all this weird shit for the video" instead of actual engineering shit
K M Prije dan
Feel like using the car radiator shroud wouldve been all that was needed
muhammad fahad nazir
muhammad fahad nazir Prije dan
You should have used jubilee clamp on bike tubes cut outs
Sharad Prije dan
Really should have just gotten proper fittings. But, it was a pretty fun train wreck to watch!
Z MAN Prije dan
this video is such a disaster
spYro Prije dan
Man, this episode stressed me out a LOT x_x ^^°
Morgan May
Morgan May Prije dan
Ahhhhh the chaos!! I love it!
Jon Hudspith
Jon Hudspith Prije dan
this isn't a project, its a skit.....
gamedeathmatch Prije dan
Seems like most people in the comments are on the fence with this video, you either liked it for comedy or wanted to see a more polished version. I am in the latter camp I want to see a well thought out idea that has a logical implementation/testing
pirotehnika na kvadrat
pirotehnika na kvadrat Prije dan
militaryiam97 Prije dan
Could just bought a radiator for 70 on Amazon lmao
Houtzyboy Prije dan
Who else can see this leading to whole room water cooling 2.0
DjDeadPuppies Prije 2 dana
Thanks. I hate it.
xuqv Prije 2 dana
do an intercooler
Jeff Chadrick
Jeff Chadrick Prije 2 dana
These are the shenanigans that i subscribe for.
Scotty Bot
Scotty Bot Prije 2 dana
Jay needs to see this...
mr_ _micro
mr_ _micro Prije 2 dana
I actually did this in 2014. It worked. The tower reached up to the ceeling. I needed to disassemble it and rebuild it because we moved. The radiator(audi tt) is still cooling my cpu and graphics card( ryzen 7 1700x and 1080ti.) Temps under full load are under 70 celsius for both. And you only need two 230mm fans for airflow. I use 2 laing ddc pumps and copper piping
scorntooth Prije 2 dana
did u guys consider installing a single standard box fan to the side of the rad? might be better lol
Dick kallerhan
Dick kallerhan Prije 2 dana
Tripp Williamson
Tripp Williamson Prije 2 dana
Just think, if they would have used one of their many 3d printers to print a reducing bushing instead of using a innertube...
SaintApoc Prije 2 dana
if you had put a FLIR on it while putting water through you could maybe see the loop. Also, this thing needs to be mounted in a window with one giant fan
Saulo Augusto Martino
Saulo Augusto Martino Prije 2 dana
now that's a radiayor
Ken Otwell
Ken Otwell Prije 2 dana
Worst project ever. I'm skipping over most of it - this is really bad dude.
Inservio Prije 2 dana
LOL you two bickering like that reminds me of that old guy with the motorcycle customisation thing. Son's name was paulie, I do remember that. Screaming row on pretty much every motorcycle they built.
CeZaR NeBuN Prije 2 dana
FAIL...but fun to watch...you really need to take some plumbing classes...actually, nvm
Drew Pera
Drew Pera Prije 2 dana
You needed metal clamps for the hoses, zip ties don't get tight enough.
Thor Out
Thor Out Prije 2 dana
Iinus I could have soldered a correct fitting to the car rad for you!!
10cody7 Prije 2 dana
the real stress test would be trying to actually use this damn thing
〈/†〉[Nick1921945]〈♥☺♪♫〉 Prije 3 dana
Why was there no hospital beeping, and respirator noises during the entire half of this video? You guys spent like 2minutes planning this all out. Insane.
Eric Glandon
Eric Glandon Prije 3 dana
You have an engineer Linus do this correctly. While fun to watch it would have been nice to see it done seriously
Anthony Juhl
Anthony Juhl Prije 3 dana
This is so painful it isn't funny, why not make the loop correctly instead of just dumping water everywhere.... they make adaptors and proper clamps
Donvan snarr
Donvan snarr Prije 3 dana
There's no way they didn't do this for entertainment purposes this was the best video I've seen in a long time lmao
maks steen
maks steen Prije 3 dana
one word.. mora3
Jedi Dream
Jedi Dream Prije 3 dana
always good i loveit
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams Prije 3 dana
Can you re do this with like a Honda Civic rad they are so small
Foxygamer 360
Foxygamer 360 Prije 3 dana
0:00 LITERALLY that's what she said lol
Jacob L
Jacob L Prije 3 dana
Little do we know this video will spur a auto radiator shortage as crypto miners rush to cool their setups to record low temps
chicharoimpresor Prije 3 dana
pinches locos jeje
Wong Yan Ching
Wong Yan Ching Prije 3 dana
Alternative title :chaos for 20 mins
Julian Hoelz
Julian Hoelz Prije 3 dana
I know people that cook their food in this manner.
UnlimitedGames Prije 3 dana
It's like a how to Frankenstein your whole PC setup
Coaxill Prije 3 dana
You guys weren't even trying this time. I kept thinking you were about to get your shit together and fix the leaks, but a solution and a proper test never materialized. And while the frame setup was a great idea, it had no reason to be on top of a case like that, and you could've taken it down at any time. I wanna see you revisit this and do it justice. I love your videos Linus, and I think you'd appreciate the honesty.
PD1JAP Prije 3 dana
OMG inner biketube.... why not 3D print something to connect GOOD....
m4ko Prije 3 dana
Linus. Your conclusion is false. You rushed this and constantly poured fresh cold water into the system. You would need to run the stress test for a long time without changing water until water temps don't increase anymore. Cool idea. Bad execution.
TheQuark6789 Prije 4 dana
LTT continues its journey to become Top Gear.
Nick Vega
Nick Vega Prije 4 dana
Use engine ice!
MaximumDumb Prije 4 dana
PifchoBG Prije 4 dana
emergency room in action
bruhh in my room i make cofee
bruhh in my room i make cofee Prije 4 dana
imagine a performance radiator
Matt Snyder
Matt Snyder Prije 4 dana
There’s about 50% of me that totally wants Alex’s job. And the other 50% of me feels incredibly sorry for him.
Apo Prije 4 dana
Hahahaha i'm not sure if i want to do this.
Per-Olof Andersson
Per-Olof Andersson Prije 4 dana
Why, oh why did you not just put the cooler next to the computer case??
seelenschlucht Prije 4 dana
Can you please revisit this test in a propper way? I'm really interested in the results with such a radiator.
R D Prije 4 dana
That was a real noob fail....
Crazygamerkasten Prije 4 dana
This looks like something my friend would do if he snorted cocaine
Robert Wiersema
Robert Wiersema Prije 4 dana
How do all these guys have absolutely no concept of what a transmission cooler does? Running the output water through the trans cooler is the equivalent of using a ice cube to cool off a ice cube. I'm not even going to mention the lack of understanding in pipe fittings. Everything they needed could have been found at the hardware store.
Benjamin Destanovic
Benjamin Destanovic Prije 4 dana
Pretty sure this is how babies are born?
Radek Wysocki
Radek Wysocki Prije 4 dana
Cheepest radiator 243CAD?!?!?! brand new radiator on ebay.ca is 100 bucks....
Ferox Nomad
Ferox Nomad Prije 4 dana
Try it it with a small LC atv radiator instead. It uses only one larger 12v fan. Maybe tune down the american sensationalism a bit as well. Just get it done right the firs time and maybe you will get view counts that actually have value to them.
Terry Lau
Terry Lau Prije 4 dana
Well this is a complete and utterly useless video.
Wayno BamBayno
Wayno BamBayno Prije 4 dana
What a shit show.
darxniq Prije 4 dana
how come you combine main loop radiator to transmission loop radiator.. just use main loop only.. omg.. hahahahha..
Mitchell Terblanche
Mitchell Terblanche Prije 4 dana
Thumbs down for poor effort
Evander Slamet
Evander Slamet Prije 4 dana
is it iust me that ever think to watercool my house 😂
SenseDaAviator Prije 4 dana
Imagine , even a car have water cooling dang.
James Valadez
James Valadez Prije 5 dana
This is absolute peak "boys will be boys" mentality. Did this need to be created? No. Was this well thought out? No. Was this a win? No. But goddamn if they weren't going to just give up on this hackneyed project. I'm proud of you fellas
bldeagle10 Prije 5 dana
Yea, with the right fittings, right radiator hoses and placing the radiator under the pc, this would be more feasible. Still overkill though
IRMacGuyver Prije 5 dana
@11:37 you guys need to get a Flexseal sponsorship.
IRMacGuyver Prije 5 dana
@7:32 Obviously that was one of Terin's bike tires he stashed there in case he gets a flat on the way to work.
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson Prije 5 dana
Y'all should make a total loss cooling system that is piped directly to a valved tapwater supply and drains into a sink.
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson Prije 5 dana
You look absurd in your masks, especially after you took it off specifically to expel the contents of your lungs, with force, through the radiator and into the room.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Prije 5 dana
Hey Linus and everyone subscribe to his channel I hope your recovery from the coronavirus wasn't too hard last time I spoke to you you had it and you're in Australia so I hope you don't block this and tell me to shut up again but I've been trying to reach you I have a little sister that loves computers she's an artist and she keeps going into cryptocurrency and doing schools with Harvard online but recently my father passed away on April 10th we had his funeral on 24th of April last Saturday it's hard on me it's hard on everyone especially my little sister she just turned 16 4 days before my dad died hey my dad died 4 days before his 62nd birthday I want to know if you can help me build her something to help her out with cryptocurrency in schooling if you want to help if anyone wants to help my address is 21395 Inkster Road trailer 1 Farmington Hills Michigan 4833 6 thank you
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Prije 5 dana
She has a ryzen 7 2700 a GTX 1080 and a dual-channel kit of 16 GB 3600 megahertz game X Ram
NavigatedChaos Prije 5 dana
Should have put a trash bag over the computer.
Qwackin Prije 5 dana
"Our craziest water cooling project yet" Whole room water cooling: Am I a joke to you?
Tristyn Russelo
Tristyn Russelo Prije 5 dana
Alex's Ambition > Alex's Ability
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson Prije 5 dana
This video needs to be redone with some proper reducers and maybe a little planning the leaking was so stressful to watch
Brian Shoats
Brian Shoats Prije 5 dana
Should of went to rock auto for the rad
sore loser
sore loser Prije 5 dana
hypertion Prije 5 dana
why not just use a Box fan? there is a video where someone did a Boxfan with Computer Radiators, and now a Car Radiator with Computer Fans... why not go full out of computer!
Deon Denis
Deon Denis Prije 5 dana
Why was their so much effort put into replicating the fan that would have attached to it just fine with only a few wires?
Alex Prije 5 dana
this was so hard to watch
Blake Giant
Blake Giant Prije 5 dana
I feel like 10% more effort at any point in this video and there would have been no drama and things would have worked perfectly
scott timbrell
scott timbrell Prije 5 dana
When you said let's start the stress test, I thought you meant for the PC, not you guys.
360 Riley
360 Riley Prije 5 dana
lol linus sounds like a surgeon at 14:50
Accutronitis The 2nd
Accutronitis The 2nd Prije 5 dana
the small tubes are a heat exchanger for the trans so DON'T use them at all...
andydabeast Prije 5 dana
the sound of that pump running dry hurts my soul
Jonathan Kowa
Jonathan Kowa Prije 5 dana
well that’s a stress test
jack tony
jack tony Prije 5 dana
Man. Actually i hope this Black out 😆😆
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva Prije 5 dana
Wouldn't placing the radiador BELOW the computer, even on the floor, solve most of these leak problems...?
The Hard Angle Barn
The Hard Angle Barn Prije 5 dana
I want to remind you these guys have a pretty decent machine shop and could have turned an adapter on the lathe for the radiator hose to the water cooler hose out of some cheap barstock.
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