Perseverance Mars Rover Landing- Inside Story

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Mark Rober

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This will be cooler than the Super Bowl. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Read the 2021 Annual Letter, here:
Watch the live stream-
Main rover landing page-
Cool rover interactive animation of the 7 mins of terror-
Spin the rover around in 3D-
Here is the video about why we should explore space even with problems here on Earth-
Music for the montage-
Explosions in the Sky
(Post-rock, four-member band from Texas.)
First Breath After Coma
Your Hand In Mine
Song at 11:21- Bottles by A Shell in the Pit-

Mark Rober
Mark Rober Prije 2 mjeseci
TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED!! WE ARE SAFE ON MARS! Congratulations to @NASA and humanity.
Bavnoop D
Bavnoop D Prije dan
@Tomboii123 I’m last
Tomboii123 Prije dan
Ychinh Hdok
Ychinh Hdok Prije 8 dana
Bavnoop D
Bavnoop D Prije mjesec
@SKM last
Jcewazhere Prije mjesec
@Mark Now that we have probes on Mars why don't we laser guide the next generation probes in? At least for the sample recovery missions or other missions that land near existing rovers.
Darkness Abyss
Darkness Abyss Prije 5 sati
Fun fact: *His youtube username matches the word Mars Rover*
Beast gaming FUN ZONE
Beast gaming FUN ZONE Prije 8 sati
Mark Rober and Mars rover sound very similar ;-;
ohhi there
ohhi there Prije 10 sati
wow he really does shiver when nervous
BlurrFN Prije 11 sati
Golden FFC
Golden FFC Prije 11 sati
Who’s here when ingenuity flew?
Cast Crib
Cast Crib Prije 17 sati
He’s like a calmer Michael reeves that doesn’t build ai that will kill you
Elias Chukri
Elias Chukri Prije 18 sati
This feals like bad piggies
David Williams
David Williams Prije 22 sati
The rover didn’t even launch
Angel Jonguitud
Angel Jonguitud Prije 22 sati
YellowNote89 Prije 22 sati
@Nasa, I don't get one thing: If Enceladus has water underneath its surface, Titan has lakes of liquid methane, and Europa has a giant ocean underneath its surface, why are people getting so pumped about Mars? These 3 moons I mentioned have a higher chance of life, don't you think?
Walker Texas Angler
Walker Texas Angler Prije 22 sati
AlphaDream Prije dan
his stepmom hot af
dvdplay3r Prije dan
"mars rover" is two letters away from being "mark rober"
Blazify Prije dan
I watched this live same with curiosity ! Science is Amazing!
Erica Prije dan
I love all your content but a NASA / space series would be awesome
Brian Prije dan
Me: That is my father right there Mark: I owe half of my chromosomes to that guy right there 😂😂
jamcdonald120 Prije dan
why dont we collect core samples in the same mission we return them? seems like that would save time over driveing arround picking up all the samples
hajujfue Prije dan
melxqy _
melxqy _ Prije dan
Anyone else notice this and not just me? Mars Rover - Mark Rober LOL
ExquisiteLemon Prije dan
Someone pls tell me is there a reason that “Mars rover” is basically almost the same word as “mark rober”?
ender_blau Prije dan
where is he gonna be in a few Years? probably on mars
Patty Ballrealt
Patty Ballrealt Prije dan
space rover go brrr
Landon Parker
Landon Parker Prije dan
I was born in 2012 March 1st
udbhav kedilaya
udbhav kedilaya Prije dan
Bro can you talk about isro.
Did you know dinosuars are older than humans
Barry Fredrick
Barry Fredrick Prije dan
*I'm less than 1 minute into the video* AND IM SOOOOO *SIKED!*
Keegie Ring
Keegie Ring Prije dan
0:00 when you said look behind me I thought you were gonna say nasa
Carl Cameron
Carl Cameron Prije dan
Carl Cameron
Carl Cameron Prije dan
You are soooo look cool and I am really happy for you
iamthehell Prije dan
Props to the other pieces that got the rover on mars
Alexis Lavoie
Alexis Lavoie Prije 2 dana
Luxuria Moo
Luxuria Moo Prije dan
Bustius Prije 2 dana
I wish my rc cars had this much range.
Kobe Verfaillie
Kobe Verfaillie Prije 2 dana
Mark Rover Or is it Mars Rober?
RED WOLF F#%K OFF Prije 2 dana
10mill views? Half a mill likes???!! bruh drop a like on this video bro
ALM7SHSH_91 Prije 2 dana
*1:59** guys we found Florida..*
Precjn Prije 2 dana
Earth: Humans, please help me! I'm warming up too much! Humans: Abandon Earth, EMBRACE MARS!!
Dark Ninja!
Dark Ninja! Prije 2 dana
pathfinder from apex be like hello friends to the aliens
ArhamandAghar Prije 2 dana
Mark Rober? More like Mars Rover its just a joke lol
Faiz Ahmed gaming
Faiz Ahmed gaming Prije 2 dana
I will be an astronaut when I grow up
Deleted User
Deleted User Prije 2 dana
14:35 it went from silence to: YESSSSSSS WE DIDD IT BOIZZZZ LES GOOOOO
Random Race Rave
Random Race Rave Prije 2 dana
i was crying during this part 14:00 just the pictures of everything 🥺🥺
Hope Street Woodworks
Hope Street Woodworks Prije 2 dana
You make science emotional. Thanks Mark!
Ania Ania
Ania Ania Prije 2 dana
I suddenly feel powerful XC
Sandconsumer Prije 2 dana
This makes me wanna cry
Sprout Animations
Sprout Animations Prije 2 dana
Me and the bois bout to go to Mars. Anybody wanna come too?
ThatGirl Bella - Roblox And Gacha life
ThatGirl Bella - Roblox And Gacha life Prije 2 dana
aditya abhiram
aditya abhiram Prije 2 dana
Goosebumps! thanks mark
Leena Hashash
Leena Hashash Prije 2 dana
I am ten and working for nasa is my dream job
i believe in you
Splinch Splonch
Splinch Splonch Prije 2 dana
ive been to jpl so many times rel, i went to the school across from it odyssey, then for highschool i went to aveson, which is like a block down. Took me a while before I realized how cool it was that i was so close to a facility where all of this was happening.
Drama Prije 2 dana
Dude I just want to say that your so brave and I’m glad that u talked about your son
ender_blau Prije dan
wrong video XD
Twizzy Prije 2 dana
Why would we need this if the pictures are already on Mars smh
Gio Valencia
Gio Valencia Prije 2 dana
Read the title wrong "Se-
RepublicOfUs Prije 2 dana
I got about twenty seconds into the song for the landing montage before I thought "That sounds like Explosions in the Sky", having only heard one song of theirs. Feeling very vindicated right now.
Tendank star
Tendank star Prije 3 dana
6:50 what planet
Supreme Neon12
Supreme Neon12 Prije 3 dana
Tendank star
Tendank star Prije 3 dana
Why do w want to live on Mars
ender_blau Prije dan
to make human species a multyplanetary species, to explore the universe and because why not? it is funn XD
Supreme Neon12
Supreme Neon12 Prije 3 dana
There are many reasons, some vary person to person some people want to go there so incase something bad happens on earth there will still be humanity left on Mars and somepeope, just like the idea of living on another plant.
Snail Prije 3 dana
Mark Rover.
random vidz
random vidz Prije 3 dana
How is curiosity still driving how do they generate power for it
ender_blau Prije dan
it has solar cells installed
I Hate_ChristmasTM
I Hate_ChristmasTM Prije 3 dana
I can't be the only one who noticed Mars Rover - Mark Rober Mars Rover Mark Rober Mars Rober Mark Rover...... ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
A Ghost.
A Ghost. Prije 3 dana
I'll never forget Voyager's final message, "my power is low, and its getting dark" Rip to voyager, but also he is just resting, one day will be found by either humans or another civilization and will be powered back on and have his logs checked as well as co ordinates of earth.
ender_blau Prije dan
one time it is gonna be in a musem on mars XD
god Elbron
god Elbron Prije 3 dana
This guys voice is more atractiv then irohs vice
Rembrandt’s Life
Rembrandt’s Life Prije 3 dana
You are the coolest guy in the wrld
when I grow up I want to be an engineer for NASA, I just don't know how to do it or how to get there yet, any tips for future engineers? :)
naoh Prije 3 dana
Very off topic from the video but I would love to see your take on the Voyager Golden record!
M W Prije 3 dana
Mars madness- march madness for geniuses
MagnificentEltra_RB Prije 3 dana
we forgot to bring the flag
ender_blau Prije dan
XD true
patronustrip Prije 3 dana
You are an amazing human being, keep it on, we need people like you.
Heather Baikie
Heather Baikie Prije 3 dana
Wibble Wobble
Wibble Wobble Prije 3 dana
I wish you wouldn't put such loud and intense music behind you talking in every video. its sensory overload given how much info you're giving as well as the speed at which you're talking (which is great, its just too muich to take in when paired with the visual as well.) I often have to pause your videos or go sit in silence for 30 mins after every one cos its just SO MUCH HAPPENING ALL AT ONCE
A I Prije 3 dana
gates isnt a doctor... fool
Valter Vite
Valter Vite Prije 4 dana
RIP the sky crane
Mariyam Nooran Muflil
Mariyam Nooran Muflil Prije 4 dana
mark does NOT deserve 17 million he desreves more that pewdiepie
Brian Ross
Brian Ross Prije 4 dana
Hey mark do you know Mallory lefland
Nestoons Prije 4 dana
When I was young I always wanted to be an astronaut But as an asthmatic kid and someone who needs glasses I slowly lost hope in that But recently I went to Kennedy Space Center for the first time in 9 years, and going there and then seeing stuff like this is really inspiring me again
Dawson Harris
Dawson Harris Prije 22 sati
@Nestoons ohhhh bahaha, yeah man asthma kept me from the military, but maybe it wasnt meant to be ehh? :p
Nestoons Prije dan
@Dawson Harris holy crap I could’ve sworn I wrote astronaut LOL
Dawson Harris
Dawson Harris Prije dan
What does asthma or glasses have to do with animation? Really dude
H Prije 4 dana
I just realized that the live stream of the landing was on my 9th bday lmao
Omair Anwar
Omair Anwar Prije 4 dana
Markrober is the best
Roland Amurao
Roland Amurao Prije 4 dana
hay my dad sed omg wow
Spencer Hipp
Spencer Hipp Prije 5 dana
Mark or anyone more experienced on this than me why do they not try to put some real plants on Mars? Obviously the water issue but we have desert plants and other hardy trees so why not try. - a freshman from Minnesota
Wolvz Prije 3 dana
No oxygen plus it’s super cold
GlitchFox Prije 5 dana
This was the coolest thing to watch, I was over in Australia watching it live with scouts, and it was honestly so impressive! This channel is next level!
Mark W. Gardner
Mark W. Gardner Prije 5 dana
When a rocket goes up, does it go up at full capacity? 100% mass fuel tanks full? A popsicle would cause mission failure? If not, I have an idea of two.
Created Being
Created Being Prije 5 dana
Society worshipping 'science': 1:39 "[...] at the base of a river of freshwater, is where scientists believe we have the best chance of finding evidence of path biological life on mars, so thanks to Perseverance [...]" Society justifying abortions: "That's not life, that's just a clump of cells" I guess when crediting a mindless process for your existence is the norm, justifying murder in irony isn't that far off.
Created Being
Created Being Prije 3 dana
@Charles LeDerp "But the whole irony point you’re going for falls flat" Of course it does. As it did to those who ran Auschwitz. You don't have to say what your stance is. It's evident based on the fact that you'd rather take the time and the effort, to respond to a comment speaking about murder, in order to make light of it. Like I said, I guess when crediting a mindless process for your existence is the norm, justifying murder in irony isn't that far off.
Charles LeDerp
Charles LeDerp Prije 4 dana
That pro-choice argument you’re thinking of is “that’s not a *human being*, it’s a clump of cells”. Obviously a clump of cells would be considered life because cells are alive LOL. Whether it is considered a human being or not comes down to how people define human being, which is one of many reasons why discussions about abortion devolve into confused flamewars so often. Not saying that’s my stance BTW. Personally I have no clue what to think on the matter. But the whole irony point you’re going for falls flat.
levent ghalib
levent ghalib Prije 5 dana
him being happy makes me happy
Quang Nhật Trương
Quang Nhật Trương Prije 5 dana
Mark Rober is genius
Annaliza Bahia
Annaliza Bahia Prije 5 dana
12:37 It's like Curiosity Landing since 2012
SamyGaoGao Prije 5 dana
Imagine being the guy who says ‘Touchdown confirmed
Lettuce Carrots
Lettuce Carrots Prije 5 dana
I suspect that Mark may be the real life version of Howard Wolowitz. I also suspect that he will never make a video about how he got the NASA robot arm stuck on his schvantz.
lene bean
lene bean Prije 5 dana
why did the what have to be so sad???😭😭😭
Florie Mariñas
Florie Mariñas Prije 5 dana
I didn’t know that
Shariq Tutorial
Shariq Tutorial Prije 5 dana
Thanks for 76 Now please🙏 do 100 Love ❤ you all
Prkash Tamang
Prkash Tamang Prije 5 dana
there is oxygen in moon haa ??
Jardel Elias
Jardel Elias Prije 5 dana
So, a guy named Mark Rober worked on a Mars Rover.
ThatNativeGamer Prije 5 dana
You can boss him around? Buddys just shaking his head...
Jowi DaSilva
Jowi DaSilva Prije 6 dana
My condolences mark for your mom
Parhaan K
Parhaan K Prije 6 dana
We all gangster until mark flirts with the girls
toast Prije 6 dana
it makes me feel so overwhelmed
poke fan
poke fan Prije 6 dana
I love your video
Mrs. Burch
Mrs. Burch Prije 6 dana
Mark Rober is our Albert einstein
Fortnite Bro’s
Fortnite Bro’s Prije 6 dana
I feel like through the whole landing he did not even breathe
Rafaela Lara
Rafaela Lara Prije 6 dana
Well i like astronomy
Kathleen Fullerton
Kathleen Fullerton Prije 6 dana
me waching this rn. i know Nasa my pop was C.gordan Fullerton! me also waching, wait i have a Nasa shirt on rn how crasy????
nancy gorman
nancy gorman Prije 6 dana
Search Van Allen belt.
Ivana Suguitan
Ivana Suguitan Prije 7 dana
I can't wait until i experience things like this.
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