What could reparations look like today? | Keep It 100: Black in America | Cut

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We centered Black voices in America for this round of Keep It 100's first-ever nationwide production.
This episode was created in partnership with:
Sydney Foster.
Chris Ivey.
CC Stinson.
Natasha Marin.
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What could reparations look like today? | Keep It 100: Black in America | Cut
#cut #keepit100 #blacklivesmatter

David Garraza Michaus
David Garraza Michaus Prije 4 sati
Pay me for my skin. I’m sure That’ll take me to the 1% LOL. No surprise things are the way they are.
David Garraza Michaus
David Garraza Michaus Prije 4 sati
Lolol The victimhood...
Jake Reymer
Jake Reymer Prije 7 sati
she said reverse gentrification smh
Just a low quality memes salesman
Just a low quality memes salesman Prije 11 sati
You know the one reparation that involved chicken and all that sounded way too painful to hear because i don't think they're aware of the one harmful stereotype involving POC's and chicken it doesn't help with the progression of equality and infact it probably does more harm than good why would you make this why would you have them say something that basically parrots an old stereotype that exists solely to harm them and why would you upload it while having the time to ponder on this what is wrong with this channel
Dmc194 Prije 14 sati
Maybe black people should have to pay Jewish people reparations for slavery
Dmc194 Prije 14 sati
I’m Irish. Am i asking for reparations from the British empire? Fuck no
Madre Gonzalez
Madre Gonzalez Prije 19 sati
Ah yes, giving out money to minorities. It’s not like that hasn’t caused a welfare state to form already
In God's Image
In God's Image Prije 21 sat
It Looks Like Ownership Of Ourselves, Traveling, Proper Education And Land.
Vegan Between Meals
Vegan Between Meals Prije dan
decades of ppl on welfare is your reparations. paid.
Cody Plant
Cody Plant Prije dan
Im with the guy who wants to end the prison industrial complex. I 100% agree.
Gwazi Prije dan
I’m so glad that this channel keeps using the same idiots in every video
Eoghan Stynes
Eoghan Stynes Prije 2 dana
Reparations only work if the person/people wronged are payed for their suffering. Everyone involved in the slave trade in America is dead so the concept is mute and pointless
jack jhonson
jack jhonson Prije 2 dana
Is this trying to make people rascist lolol
Cory Klein
Cory Klein Prije 2 dana
some of these answers are ridiculous. Im not going to comment further because I am not sure if the person was being serious or not.
Nick Prije 2 dana
You already get reparations. It’s called my taxes. Get a job & quit whining.
sisi no
sisi no Prije 2 dana
This generation talks more about oppression than their elders.
ezio robet the second
ezio robet the second Prije 3 dana
Money 💰💸💲💶💵
Alec Ibarra
Alec Ibarra Prije 3 dana
Did these people really just say “1-2 million dollars”??? PER PERSON? Tf
Cory Lee
Cory Lee Prije 4 dana
Who would get reperations, would you have to prove you are the direct descendant of african slaves if so that would be hard for some people, i bet a lot of records of slaves have been lost or destroyed, they couldnt just give it to everyone whos African American because its possible your ancestors arrives in the U.S after the civil war, Im not meaning this towards black folks it can be said for all young people a large number of then cant tell you much about there own granparents if they didnt know them so i think it would be tough to prove your entitled for some, Im not completely against it id rather see the hundreds of millions given to countrys that hate us go to our own citizens, alot of white people are gonna say that its there tax money and theres truth in that but the government is gonna take it and piss it away either way ,that why i never understood people complaining about tax money going to welfare and food stamps, if they done away with those programs there still gonna tax you
Prentiss Brown
Prentiss Brown Prije 5 dana
Education don't mean shit in America your still black! We need land, money, and more opportunities like how white ppl have it. The government don't care about us we are the last to get anything. They will help a Asian and Mexican before any black person
Cris P Bacon
Cris P Bacon Prije 5 dana
Keep in mind with reparations the American debt to the black community is paid. There must be no more affirmative action. Favoritism in the educational institutions. Welfare or any other benefits specifically favoring skin color ever again. THE DEBT IS PAID FOREVER!!!!!!!!! Of course the funds will be given to Jesse Jackson Al sharpton and the black community leaders. Of course everybody will get their share after the leaders get their cuts in the billions of dollars first.
Joe Saloman
Joe Saloman Prije 5 dana
What could reparations look like today? -has a Jamaican man answer
JaVion Riley
JaVion Riley Prije 6 dana
They should of gotten actual experts!! Not random people !! Because some people sound stupid asf!! 1.) Reparations is only for black American USA slave descendants. 2.) 100,000-50,000 in cash payments!! Home ownership down payment program of 80% of a home $100,000 or less , any home over 100,000 will have a 80,000$ Down payment!! that 80,000$ can be opted out & used for people who don’t want to move/buy a new home but want to simply upgrade/repair there home. 3.) cure BLACK EQUITY is now being implemented in every aspects of the USA government just like what Joe Biden is doing now with Susan Rice being over domestic policy rooted in “BLACK EQUITY”
StoneCold Sweden
StoneCold Sweden Prije 6 dana
Basically what these people are saying iw " I'ma use the black card to get shit I'm too lazy to work for"
Young Toeter
Young Toeter Prije 6 dana
sad right ?
Taylor Step
Taylor Step Prije 7 dana
People going out of their to not understand how much this country benefited off of slavery Even to this day. The White House was built by slaves, let the sink in.
michael brandimarte
michael brandimarte Prije 7 dana
Don’t Native American’s get healthcare for free ?? For their reparations?? And no money per month??
matt land
matt land Prije 7 dana
This has to be the absolute worst channel in all of HRpost history
D M Prije 7 dana
Hah 🤣 lol 3:14 this lady is so right no free hand outs
jacorac Prije 8 dana
Gosh these people are all over the place🤯 I’m black and I certainly don’t want any of these people to be granted their idea of reparations 3:47 is literally the only one that made any logical sense! The lady talking about white people giving up their homes is the reason why we should be against BLM
tajti 93
tajti 93 Prije 8 dana
Mich050 Prije 8 dana
All the reparation in the world will not matter if they do not have Jesus Christ. No amount of money will save any man from hell. The devil keep people's minds on the temporal, such as money and fame while their souls rot away.
Mich050 Prije 8 dana
If blacks get reparations for slavery, then the same blacks need to hand over those reparation to the descendants of the 300,000+ Union soldiers who died fighting for their freedom. It's the right thing to do.
Riccardo S
Riccardo S Prije 7 dana
Noooo cant do that to them :)
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon Prije 9 dana
Every single woman in this video is obese. I guess racism causes diabetes
Sergio Lopezor
Sergio Lopezor Prije 9 dana
This just proves most of these want privilege not equality
Carter Treacy
Carter Treacy Prije 9 dana
More of this shit
David K.
David K. Prije 9 dana
This channel is the epitome of everything that’s wrong with today’s society
David K.
David K. Prije 9 dana
People from all over the world have come to the US with absolutely nothing and many of them manage to flourish by working their ass off, so maybe you should just try to get your shit together instead of bitching about white people and asking for free stuff
Alex A.
Alex A. Prije 9 dana
3:46 she knows whats up!
Walter Brown
Walter Brown Prije 9 dana
All these half white people and Caribbean and African immigrants shouldn’t qualify!!!!!
jhhwild Prije 9 dana
How about no reparations? Have any of them been slaves? Why should I pay money to someone I never victimized? Why should I be punished when I'm not responsible? They aren't entitled to my money or anyone else's. And reparations won't solve anything, it won't heal the racial divide, it won't make up for past wrongs, it will just make things worse.
Sentient Slug
Sentient Slug Prije 9 dana
This channel is the most toxic thing on the planet. The overwhelming dislike to like ratio should tell the producers how incompetent they are.
Jordan Prije 10 dana
I’ve never owned a slave, neither has any ancestor of mine at least 10 generations back minimum, so I won’t pay since there are government programs to actively put people of color above white people, that we have to pay for.
Yesenia Rios
Yesenia Rios Prije 10 dana
“Reparations is the extraction of money from people who were never slave owners to be given to people who were never slaves.”
Chase Moats
Chase Moats Prije 10 dana
This has to be a joke.
Grim Fire
Grim Fire Prije 10 dana
2:30 what checks 😂 I'm enrolled wa native and the government doesn't give us checks, show me your evidence
Based Department
Based Department Prije 10 dana
Jacob Jackson XII
Jacob Jackson XII Prije 11 dana
Bro istg this is just lies smh
nunya nunya
nunya nunya Prije 11 dana
If people actually think they deserve reparations there mentally ill
Ray Val
Ray Val Prije 11 dana
Folx isn't a word. This channel is helping promote a harmful and radical ideology.
Daniel Tomczak
Daniel Tomczak Prije 12 dana
Ignorance pretending to be wisdom will destroy the world.
Matthew Murphy
Matthew Murphy Prije 12 dana
You think mj is gonna give you them shoes for free? Fuck no
geardestroy Prije 13 dana
Do any of those people realize that the last part sounds very much as a declarativo of war?
A Nicole
A Nicole Prije 13 dana
“If you’re any type of black you should get paid” that’s great except like 90% of Americans have some sort of African in their blood and can prove it on a DNA test. I’m half Irish and puertorican but my ancestry DNA test says I’m 14% African so that would mean I could get money too, with that logic almost every American would get paid for having some kind of African in their blood.
Rach941 1
Rach941 1 Prije 13 dana
These sound more like excuses to get free stuff in my opinion
frs 12
frs 12 Prije 10 dana
Like slave master getting their free labour?
x_eddy _o
x_eddy _o Prije 13 dana
no way this video is real.
Aglahad Prije 13 dana
CHIK FIL A and Jordans...lmao stereotypes. also please leave if you want ...dear god leave
Aglahad Prije 13 dana
Based Department
Based Department Prije 12 dana
monke haha
monke haha Prije 13 dana
I think a great reperation would be developing black neighbourhoods, black communities and supporting black people in getting jobs. So nothing of this bullshit.
Josip3 Prije 13 dana
>when you see collapse of an empire in your lifetime It kinda sucks tbh, didn't expect it to be so gay. Well it's time to learn mandarin.
Gregorius Aristo
Gregorius Aristo Prije 13 dana
I feel like reparations should be something that benefit the community in long term, and ensure that every black and other races as well doesn't experience racism in any kind. The reparation should not be in immideate form of pleasure, like big sum of money or privilege. Does this argument valid?
Raised Republican
Raised Republican Prije 14 dana
I can’t get over homeboy w/ the mask... you should’ve stayed home 🤣 let me guess you voted for Biden?
madamimadam912 Prije 14 dana
Wait. You asked a dude with an African accent about reparations from American citizens? What about reparations from the descendants of those Africans that sold their fellow human beings into slavery?
Kevin Fox
Kevin Fox Prije 14 dana
No one in that video looked like they were starving
Lee Davies
Lee Davies Prije 15 dana
'Folx' is too dumb to see how they're being manipulated.
David Marcus
David Marcus Prije 15 dana
Every race has been enslaved at One point, so does everyone get reparations, & how much are blacks going to ask from the African slavers who sold the Africans to the Europeans
Shibuya River
Shibuya River Prije 15 dana
Produced by Sam Hyde
BlackTiger Talks
BlackTiger Talks Prije 15 dana
WTF did I just watch
Srivi Prije 16 dana
Reparations could be given in the form of reservations in education institutions and jobs. Works in India 👍
Kick Rocks
Kick Rocks Prije 16 dana
I'm all for reparations it will stimulate the economy like mad. BUT, it will not solve a single "social justice" issue in this county. And once the money is lost the same people bitching today that want reparations will be bitching about how whites sold there Reparations nest egg. Then what?
Tsch Prije 16 dana
Mixed race people are going to pay half
frs 12
frs 12 Prije 10 dana
No, US government is the one who should pay it
Mel Gillham
Mel Gillham Prije 16 dana
No one is owed any “reparations” for something declared illegal in 1865.
Justin Laws
Justin Laws Prije 16 dana
I knew I shouldn't have come to this comment section...
Pawel Selewestruk
Pawel Selewestruk Prije 16 dana
ask black people wich law are againstem them that they can not do something like other people in USA.
Jenny Mattocks
Jenny Mattocks Prije 16 dana
The truth is that there is not enough money to make up for the damage done, but it still needs to be attempted. Statistics prove that systemic racism exists which affects black Americans every day. Most people really just want to live somewhat comfortably and see their children do even better... that will never happen in a skewed and unfair society. Slavery has been gone for a long time, yes... but it's pervasive energy still exists everywhere and if you don't feel it, it's only because you refuse to see.
Based Department
Based Department Prije 12 dana
are you by any chance Jewish?
Cheese Prije 16 dana
Guys there’s this new life hack where if you work at a job they have to give you money every two weeks
Sir Tinnley
Sir Tinnley Prije 17 dana
@5:12 )e\/\/s are not white
Sir Tinnley
Sir Tinnley Prije 17 dana
The working class that’s paid for federal reserve taxes, taxes that went to the poor, taxes that went to the projects for minorities are the slaves. When does the taxpayer see their reparations?
Matthew W.
Matthew W. Prije 18 dana
3:47 This woman has the right idea. The most wealthy people in America worked their asses off to get their not complained about stuff their ancestors went through generations ago if you want to pass down wealth to your family go get a job, learn how to manage your money, and do it.
Precia Teen
Precia Teen Prije 18 dana
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Martin O'Donnell
Martin O'Donnell Prije 18 dana
3:05 no one thinks your dangerous little boy 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Martin O'Donnell
Martin O'Donnell Prije 18 dana
Man said 🤣🤣🤣give me $1mill but it won’t do anything anyway . Still give it tho 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Jaap Steensma
Jaap Steensma Prije 18 dana
I feel like it's a typical american/ capitalist solution to a generational trauma to just slap a price tag on it and call it a day.
Chain Cold
Chain Cold Prije 18 dana
I guess B people are the only ones in the history of mankind that has had atrocities committed upon their race.
Made This right now
Made This right now Prije 18 dana
If black people get rich then we as Americans should work tirelessly to take it back from them
Joey Harper
Joey Harper Prije 18 dana
Not every black person had ancestry to slavery, just like not every white person had ancestry to owning slaves. Giving Reperations to a group because of their color makes absolutely no sense unless you know your background.
TheRozza333 Prije 18 dana
I'm mainly Irish but have some Welsh in me also... guess that means that the people of England owe me reparations given our (just as recent) history
TheRozza333 Prije 10 dana
@frs 12 If thats what you think I respect it but in my opinion, regardless of the moral, financial and logistical reasons why I dont agree with reparations for descendants of African slaves, I just dont think it will work. LBJ started his war on poverty in the 1960's and since then, $28 TRILLION has been spent on government programs for low income families. A disproportionate amount went to Black Americans and the situation has gotten worse for them on alot of metrics. I see no reason why throwing more money either directly in their bank accounts or in programs specifically for them will have a different outcome.
frs 12
frs 12 Prije 10 dana
@TheRozza333 addressing the current wrong of today is one of the reasons for reparation. Due to it's relatively recent occurrence, american slavery still affecting it's today society. Most african american today are direct descendants of the slaves, and the effect of it still there for everyone to see. You could even see the metric stark difference in income, education, justice system etc.
TheRozza333 Prije 10 dana
@frs 12 Its a good point that the example isnt exactly the same. We could easily change it to say that the Scandinavians who are descendants from Irish slaves dont deserve money from Scandinavian countries to make it similar. Slavery has been around since the start of the agricultural revolution really and in every society worldwide at some point. We are almost certainly all descendants from slaves and so that is certainly not the only example. I think that people should focus on current wrongs of today and not wrongs of the past. Also if we throw money at the wrongs of the past, why stop at slavery? We all have ancestors who died in wars that were caused by foreign aggressors, why not demand those foreign governments (and therefore citizens) pay us? Everybody would end up owing everybody and that seems like a total mess to me that will cause more problems then it solves.
frs 12
frs 12 Prije 10 dana
@TheRozza333 I don't see any similarity between Viking enslaving Irish people with slavery of african american. Your example would be true if it's some african country, Nigeria for example, asking reparation to USA for enslavement of African American. You're not descendants of viking slaves the same way Nigerian today isn't descendants of americans slave
TheRozza333 Prije 10 dana
@frs 12 Point is that basically every country and every group of people has done terrible things to other groups in the past at some point. I think its unreasonable to ask the people of England to pay for the sins that their ancestors governments did to Irish people this far after the fact. It doesn't reconcile the past and doesn't bring anyone closer together... Nobody wants to be slapped with a bill for something that had nothing to do with them. It just breeds resentment towards the people who will be getting the money. Especially considering how in the case of American slavery reparations, the people who would be getting the money weren't even enslaved. The Vikings took so many Irish slaves 1000 years ago that 30% of Scandinavians have Irish blood. If any Irish person I knew seriously wanted Scandinavian governments to pay them reparations, I would tell them to fuck off and that nobody owes them anything.
Don Lowther
Don Lowther Prije 19 dana
Slave owners were demacrats so all their policies that have kept you following them are reparations. Damn fools
I'llEatThat Prije 19 dana
I don’t owe you shit.
Boxers Austin
Boxers Austin Prije 19 dana
This is ridiculous
Armondo Ramos
Armondo Ramos Prije 19 dana
Cut do better smh
r1ft Prije 20 dana
Reparations should be giving equal oportunity in education and every other privilege a White American has. No one that suffered from slavery in America is alive. There is no indeminization that should be given to anyone in regards of money or materilistic things. You are actually pretty dumb if you think that you should get money, positions of power or free food because your ancestors suffered from slavery. This type of reparations mentioned in the video would make sense as a chance of making the life of someone who was slaved, a little better. For those who have not been in that terrible situation, all you should be asking and more so demanding for is ,as i mentioned, equal opportunities since some of the imbalances that exist perpetuate white privilege. Now gtfoh with the "give me free money and food" bullshit smh....
Tanaka Sasha
Tanaka Sasha Prije 20 dana
Nobody understands economics and that when somebody getting something for free someone pays for it. If reparations came out in money or food, it’ll affect black farmers and your global money privileges
Drew w
Drew w Prije 20 dana
Why do they (for the most part) just want a bunch of free stuff?
Cng215 Prije 19 dana
Like the 90 billion jews recieved in reparations for the u.s? Or that Japanese got? Italians, Irish 30 acres and free slaves, Native Americans and casinos,hospitals, even the reparations former slave owners got reparations.
Tacos and Beer
Tacos and Beer Prije 20 dana
1:31.. Red pilled
Tony C.
Tony C. Prije 21 dan
The state of Missouri committed genocide against my people in 1838. You don’t see us looking for government handouts.
Joseph Fogarty
Joseph Fogarty Prije 21 dan
1:18 best response 👏🏿👏🏻👏🏿
Bruce Kizer
Bruce Kizer Prije 21 dan
1:40 y'all can't be serious. If you not a black descendant of slavery this conversation isn't for you. This is a joke and not serious
Owen Prije 21 dan
It’s usually hard for me to tell if they are joking about most of these answers
Random Random
Random Random Prije 21 dan
The channel is a joke
Gh Ah
Gh Ah Prije 21 dan
Fuck this. I want reparations from blacks.
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