Why the Menendez Brothers Say They Killed Their Parents: Part 1

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The brothers shot and killed their parents, Jose and Kitty Menendez, at the family's Beverly Hills home in August 1989.

Control Oz
Control Oz Prije 15 minuta
They were victims. No question. They should’ve been put into custody therapy with the option of release. Never jail.
prxncess Leiahh
prxncess Leiahh Prije 9 sati
I hate the fact how they went to jail for years but rapists only get 7 months, NO ONE should have to go through that at all NO ONE. They didnt do anything wrong
Parker Essential
Parker Essential Prije 11 sati
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김형석 Prije 13 sati
They are brain washed by their lawyers. Actually they have no evidence to proof that they got sexually abused by their parents. The boy bought rolex watch after 3 days of murder! The boys were embesol and killed parents for money.
Kailynn Prestridge
Kailynn Prestridge Prije 21 sat
Idk the one on the left especially just seems like hes lying
Angela Hunter
Angela Hunter Prije 22 sati
Straight lies. ...doesnt even make sense... how can people be so gullable.. it was for money pure greed..." my parents are raping me.. they want to kill us.. the transcripts and your friends tell a different story... pure evil men trying to get free
Angela Hunter
Angela Hunter Prije 22 sati
They lie like children... just absurd
Katie Burns
Katie Burns Prije dan
Yes, it was very evil, but why kill BOTH of their parents???? I was also molested. By my brother. But I would NEVER EVER do such a thing to him- or anyone at all. This is very hard to admit. Do I forgive him? Yes, but it still haunts me. That thought doesn’t even cross my mind. I wouldn’t murder or molest (it’s very hard saying that word) anyone. Nor have I ever. Especially because it’s happened to me. God. It hurts my heart and mind even thinking about it. Bless anyone who has been molested or abused in any way. I’m so sorry you went through such a thing.
Jay B
Jay B Prije dan
I highly doubt the parents did that they wanted to get off as easy as possible so of course say anything to get off especially when the people they are talking about are dead. This is simple the parents had the money the kids wanted the money so they killed them and then they put on a show to get less sentences it’s literally right in front of us they started to cash out literally right after the deaths
Elene Mkervalishvili
Elene Mkervalishvili Prije dan
They're victims not criminals
Bibo Raheem
Bibo Raheem Prije dan
How ?
Raelle Lohier
Raelle Lohier Prije dan
Um a kid got 7 years for raping and killing a girl but the life for defense the is crappie
Rox Family
Rox Family Prije dan
No i cant handle this world-
Magicxxmoon Prije 2 dana
Just_Insane Prije 2 dana
They deserve justice, the father was a monster
King Chef
King Chef Prije 2 dana
self report
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker Prije 2 dana
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Mubarik Abdalla
Mubarik Abdalla Prije 2 dana
Damn that was long time ago I was 1 year old
Joanna Paszek
Joanna Paszek Prije 2 dana
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elina rose
elina rose Prije 3 dana
i feel bad for them
Jmiracle Prije 3 dana
they aren’t criminals. they’re victims.
Jmiracle Prije dan
@Kaylin White i mean yea true. so that would make them victims who became criminals bc of what they experienced. basically how most sexual assault and r@pe cases go
Kaylin White
Kaylin White Prije dan
They are both. You can’t disregard the fact that they murder their parents.
Scorplanet Prije 3 dana
lmao they deserve a life sentence
Carmine Dona
Carmine Dona Prije 3 dana
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Deddy Jack
Deddy Jack Prije 3 dana
Eric looks like he has permanent duping delight
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia Prije 3 dana
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PRAT!K Kafle
PRAT!K Kafle Prije 3 dana
Feel so bad for the boys. May almighty bestow enough power to these guys!
Peter Jongsma
Peter Jongsma Prije 4 dana
I don't believe the brothers. They'd been burglarizing . They were rich thugs. They killed for money. Parents memory trashed. No evidence of molestation.
Black Angel
Black Angel Prije 2 dana
@Peter Jongsma You say let them bring in witnesses that can corroborate their story. There were witnesses in the first trial and the result was a hung jury. But by the time the retrial was in process there had been many cases that the District Attorney lost ( OJ Simpson's aquittal, Rodney King, Reginald Denny hung jury, McMartin case) and as the then DA Gil Garceti said: we are a laughing stock and people think of us as bunch of incompetent fools that keep loosing big important cases. So he decided to change the approach in the retrial and forbid all abuse evidence to be presented. And the jury had no other choice but to hear only prosecution theory, so the verdict was guilty of first degree murder. Later, during penalty phase where the jury was deciding between LWOP and death, judge allowed witnesses to testify to abuse. Many of the jurors had said that if they had been aware of the mitigating circumstances they never would have voted for 1st degree. So you can see how it was a miscarriage of justice. That is why I believe they should be granted a new trial, clemency or parole. I'm glad you see things now from a different perspective. If you have more questions about the case I will be glad to help you understand. That is, if you are willing to. Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot to me.
Peter Jongsma
Peter Jongsma Prije 2 dana
@Black Angel You're a Good man to have in their corner. Hope lot's of people read your posts. I'm sure there are many like me who aren't aware of your information.
Black Angel
Black Angel Prije 2 dana
@Peter Jongsma And both Erik and Lyle are very respected in their prison community. They run support groups for victims of abuse, they created hospice care program where they take care of terminally ill prisoners, they are involved with making prison more liveable and bearable for all prisoners, they paint, write poetry, their cellmates have nothing but words of praise for them. People say, they had money, they went to private schools, they had cars, credit cards... They did not ask to be born into wealth, they did not ask to be born to opsessive controlling parent ( who controlled what they ate, who they hung out with, what schools they go to, who they should date). They are good people who did a bad thing and they regreted it since the first day. For all of this, they should at least be given the parole.
Peter Jongsma
Peter Jongsma Prije 2 dana
@Black Angel The boys should get another trial and plead self defense. Bring on the corroborating witnesses. I'm sure if you know the backstory many others do as well. I don't know the backstory. Everything you've written is new to me.
Black Angel
Black Angel Prije 2 dana
@Peter Jongsma Sadly, no one intervened. And they all feel guilty even to this day that they haven't been strong enough to save both the children and the parents. The father was a powerful Hollywood executive with ties to organized crime and we know how those people go under the radar. Who would believe the brothers even if they told? Plus, their father was one of the managers of Menudo, the teenage boy band where Ricky Martin started his career and after his death there were rumors that he was one of the top executives that molested young boys from the band. Mother was an alcoholic and prescription drugs addict who was treated for the suicide attempt, and who often and openly told not only her sons but other people that the children had ruined her life. There is soooo much more to this case than what is presented in the media. Before the murders, Lyle confronted his father with going public with molestation if the father doesn't stop with it. The threats that father expressed to his older son were serious and the boys knew that.
Parwana Ferozy
Parwana Ferozy Prije 4 dana
fairah Prije 4 dana
fairah Prije 4 dana
jacky mai
jacky mai Prije 4 dana
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Taylor Max
Taylor Max Prije 4 dana
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【WONDERLAND】 Prije 4 dana
I can feel Erik and Lyle's pain when they talk about the abuse. I know what that's like, because I've experienced it. Emotions come flowing out of you like a river (mostly a river of tears). I truly believe, with all my heart, they're telling the truth. I wanna give them a hug and a apology.
Mr. Duck
Mr. Duck Prije 2 dana
Mr. Duck
Mr. Duck Prije 2 dana
J miod
J miod Prije 3 dana
Same, also im so sorry for you, I hope youre feeling better now, be strong
Corporal Adrian Shepard
Corporal Adrian Shepard Prije 4 dana
honestly i think that they should do time, but like not that much time. they were dumb kids who didnt understand what was happening. Their answer to ending their suffering was killing their parents.
Jai Inger
Jai Inger Prije 4 dana
They were both tortured by their parents.
Shaziya Nihar
Shaziya Nihar Prije 4 dana
But why did he do tht to his brother if he knew it was wrong. It's a genuine question I really don't understand.
Cabes Games
Cabes Games Prije 4 dana
I hope they get justice, their parents were evil. That interviewer was a twit aswell
Nahimal Markaj
Nahimal Markaj Prije 4 dana
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Anna Prije 5 dana
Some people really are heartless..rip to anyone who died
J miod
J miod Prije 3 dana
Their parents do not deserve to rest in piece, you're the heartless one if u believe otherwise
Phil Prije 5 dana
This is where all justice fails. Their parents got what they deserved. If they were that good of actors their dad would have had them in movies or T.V.
Valene Houthakker
Valene Houthakker Prije 5 dana
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Shardey Anderson
Shardey Anderson Prije 5 dana
I have mixed emotions about this case a part of me wants to feel bad for them and believe them but a part of me asks myself what if they are lying?? Because some people lie about being physically or sexually abused to make themselves look like the victim I really hope they are telling the truth if they are telling the truth then the father got what he deserved i don’t condone this I wished they went to the police instead this but I really hate parents that abuse their children as for the wife I don’t know about that part if she knew about the abuse and didn’t go to the police then she’s just as guilty and evil
AgellosIsAngel Prije 5 dana
I feel they should be in a temporary prison sentence. Like 20-40 years before they get released as they were ‘victims’ but they did do multiple crimes (breaking in houses) along with killing parents.
Ams Y
Ams Y Prije 5 dana
I believe them 🥺 them rich men in Beverly Hills are sick
miriam zepeda
miriam zepeda Prije 5 dana
free them
Your little elf boy ❤️
Your little elf boy ❤️ Prije 5 dana
Justice for the Mendes brothers!
Skrawberry TheShortCake
Skrawberry TheShortCake Prije 5 dana
Wafa Lakhchine
Wafa Lakhchine Prije 5 dana
Omg ...this isn't killing y'all ...this is self defense ...I feel disgusted ..their father is disgusting
artb3 Prije 5 dana
Don't believe any of their story.
A random bean
A random bean Prije 5 dana
How couldn't u? Are u sain
MS A A FERGURON Prije 5 dana
MS A A FERGURON Prije 5 dana
MS A A FERGURON Prije 5 dana
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MS A A FERGURON Prije 5 dana
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Annabel Nova
Annabel Nova Prije 6 dana
Oh no....they ruined the boys life forever! Evil parents! I don't pity their dark souls, I pity the brothers!
Kaylin White
Kaylin White Prije 4 dana
The brothers ruined their own lives themselves. Nobody to blame but them. Remember action have consequences regardless of the circumstances.
Ritika Roy
Ritika Roy Prije 6 dana
I don’t blame the boys. They should have been given minimal punishment because they didn’t kill a human, they killed a demon. It’s self defence. If a person, whoever he/she is, touches sexual abuses me, I would do the same thing they did.
Nideesh the cuboy
Nideesh the cuboy Prije 6 dana
Toby LaFeir
Toby LaFeir Prije 6 dana
This comment section is bizarre. Why the hell do you feel bad for these cold blooded killers? Killing is not a justice for abuse. Tell people that you are sexually abused and boom your parents are gone. You just took the lives of the people who gave you life.
Harshit Prije 6 dana
Re-open the case !!!!!!! get justice to them
yeon Prije 6 dana
Reopen the case. Give these brothers the justice they both deserve.
jikgure renucquf
jikgure renucquf Prije 6 dana
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Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill Prije 6 dana
Their disgusting “parents” deserve to be dead and burn in hell. They are not killers and deserve to be free, you can’t change my mind
Tahira Dublin
Tahira Dublin Prije 6 dana
They innocent.
Taran LaRousa
Taran LaRousa Prije 6 dana
Ok but what i’m wondering is why did the mom get murdered as well? I’m just curious
Joseph L. Kelly
Joseph L. Kelly Prije 6 dana
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Ariful Islam
Ariful Islam Prije 6 dana
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ok bommer
ok bommer Prije 6 dana
its such a sad story
ㅋㅋ Prije 6 dana
That piece of carpet
That piece of carpet Prije 6 dana
The fact that he found his relationship with his father painful and brutal yet found him admirable is truly heartbreaking and shows this was his only escape
Perry Chan
Perry Chan Prije 7 dana
I cant believe my bs fren. He says tat they are stupid and should have called social services then he says that ppl are taught that at school
lin puype
lin puype Prije 7 dana
it's hard to find out wether they are speaking the truth or not so many murderers use abuse as an excuse when it didn't happen durinf court for divorce, my father his ex wife accused my mother of abuse, which was ridiculous I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm just wondering
Halie Palumbo
Halie Palumbo Prije 7 dana
Even if they killed their parents they shouldn’t have done that because then you can also still feel bad for the parents even if the parents did something wrong because first off they could’ve called the cops and then the parents could’ve got arrested you know instead they took it a different way which is the wrong way
cinaa :)
cinaa :) Prije 7 dana
Leandro Dos Santos
Leandro Dos Santos Prije 7 dana
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Bola Falana
Bola Falana Prije 7 dana
You Westerners always have one excuse or the other to justify bad behaviour. These stories about being abused came out because they were caught, why were they lying before being caught and they know their parents are no longer there to defend themselves.
Bola Falana
Bola Falana Prije 6 dana
@Black Angel I totally agree with you.
Black Angel
Black Angel Prije 6 dana
@Bola Falana See, I can tell you did not get deeper into this case and don't want to look beyond what the media narrative is. No, they did not do this for money. It was proven by a great amount of evidence. Even the grand jury refused to issue the indictment for monetary gain due to the lack of evidence. When you live with people that are sistematically brainwashing you into believing that you could never ever do anything without them and when you are found after you tried to escape and was met with a knife to your throat and with death threats, you come to believe that indeed, you will never be able to get away from them. Would the police really help two boys and take down the powerful Hollywood executive with ties to mafia and money? We have seen how these things are resolved, even to this day. Yes, they were adults, legally. But their emotional maturity was that of a 10 year old child. They had no escape, no help from anyone, no experience for the world outside this family. They lived with a father who beat them, raped them, controlled what they ate, who they hang out with. And with a suicidal, alcholic, drug addicted mother who would turn up the volume on TV when her husband was in his room with his sons. Once threatened by his son to expose him as a child molester, the father told them he would never let that happen. Given their history with these parents, the boys took that as a threat. It is easy to say Well they could have walked away if you haven't lived the life they did.
Bola Falana
Bola Falana Prije 6 dana
@Black Angel Well that's the American justice system for you, where someone could be jailed for 20 years just for possession of one gram of cocaine.
Black Angel
Black Angel Prije 6 dana
@Bola Falana No, it does not justify it. Not even when the same people that brought you into this world hurt you in most disgusting ways. They never said that what they did was just. They never said they should have walked free. They acknowledge it, they took responsability, they were guilty by all means. But the sentence they received was too harsh, given the mitigating circumstances. That is the problem.
Bola Falana
Bola Falana Prije 6 dana
@Black Angel For heaven's sake, nothing in this world justifies killing those who brought you into this world. The question is why did they lied that they came back home and found their parents dead and was shedding crocodile tears until they were found out? They were adults and could just have left the house or report the parents to the authorities, but their motives is just the inheritance. Simple.
Sandamali R
Sandamali R Prije 8 dana
What is th purpose of taking brushes?🙄 i didn't get that.
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Prije 8 dana
free them
Tony Mike
Tony Mike Prije 8 dana
Day lieing
King Austin
King Austin Prije 8 dana
I will say this if two females killed their parents and they said they were rapped and stuff then they would either get less time then the brothers did or they would not get anytime at all.
Meg Sarna
Meg Sarna Prije 8 dana
Why they Never told their Mother about the abuse? If not as kids but as adults they wud have had d Guts to expose their father.
Black Angel
Black Angel Prije 6 dana
Why tell her something she already knew?
Robert Lin
Robert Lin Prije 8 dana
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cherie Yaroh
cherie Yaroh Prije 9 dana
Idiot son hell good for you
Xue ✔
Xue ✔ Prije 8 dana
The parents got what they deserved/asked for tho
Ced Burner
Ced Burner Prije 9 dana
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King Wizard
King Wizard Prije 9 dana
Why tf are they still locked up?
rujue tatou
rujue tatou Prije 9 dana
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Naomisera Prije 9 dana
Quick question and I don’t know if they said it there or I missed it but did the mom knew anything about this?
Amazing Armboy
Amazing Armboy Prije 8 dana
The mom knew all about it and chose not to help
lifpuso qigehbaj
lifpuso qigehbaj Prije 9 dana
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Regular, Non Threatening - Berries
Regular, Non Threatening - Berries Prije 9 dana
i felt so bad the whole way through and then i remembered the mother... I get it, they were victims of their father but to kill your own mother?! What they did is unforgiving to me and im honestly glad that they were found guilty.
Sophie G
Sophie G Prije 9 dana
Just listen to the 911 call at 1:36 hear the emotion in their voice and the cries of dismay in the background as he tells the dispatcher his parents were murdered. Sounds real doesn't it? Just remember this emotion was completely fabricated to convince people they hadn't just brutally murdered their parents with 15 rounds of ammunition.
Black Angel
Black Angel Prije 6 dana
8 rounds of amunition, to be exact. The emotion was real. You know, you can kill someone and still miss them and love them. These poor men were doomed from the day they were born into this family.
Sophie G
Sophie G Prije 9 dana
Murdering your parents is a horrendous crime. Murdering their parents makes them worse people than their parents could have been. What happened to leaving/moving away from the abusive parents and living without money instead of murdering your parents in cold blood so you can inherit their wealth??!!
AgellosIsAngel Prije 5 dana
Their father has lots of wealth, and he would have just hunted them down swiftly. And they are spoiled, definitely. So they either didn’t know how to survive without wealth or they wanted to survive with a good living and get some revenge. Plus, if they ran away and said that their father abused them. The father has all rights to destroy those claims, and say simply that the children and spoiled.
Sabrina Lee
Sabrina Lee Prije 9 dana
Man Free them BOYS
KieranK Miles
KieranK Miles Prije 9 dana
Pure unadulterated evil? Not really, their mum knew about what was going on and did nothing about it even when they were crying, she literally taught them to hide their tears and pain, I find that evil
AllKpop IsLife
AllKpop IsLife Prije 9 dana
Lol the operator kept saying WHAT WHAT HUH WHAT WHAT I’m like bruh
ISJST Prije 9 dana
Oh please. Sexual abuse defense after blowing your dad's brains out??? ...Let's get the dads side of the story. OH WAIT! ...he can't he's DEAD. And why was the Mother's brains blown out?
Lisa Brooks
Lisa Brooks Prije 9 dana
The father…unbelievably evil! Both parents got what they deserved. The brothers should be released!
Rebecca Vasquez
Rebecca Vasquez Prije 9 dana
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Simon Andersen
Simon Andersen Prije 10 dana
I don't feel bad for the parents at all, however, they are still capable of killing, and they don't deserve to be free men. They need help, not just a jail sentence.
skedaddle Prije 10 dana
I haven't watched the full thing. I get why they killed their dad. What about their mom? What did she do?
mia Prije 10 dana
she wasnt any better,she knew what the father was doing and didnt do anything about it. also i believe it would be harder to hide the evidence if they only murdered the father and kept the mother alive
Layla Schezno
Layla Schezno Prije 10 dana
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Phimploy Reuanglit
Phimploy Reuanglit Prije 10 dana
Fim Infimate Hmar
Fim Infimate Hmar Prije 10 dana
Self Defence? No way. They don't even want to work but they want to lead a rich life. Greedy spoil kid
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