Måneskin (Italy Eurovision 2021) “I Wanna Be Your Slave” & “Zitti E Buoni” | Wiwi Jam at Home

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Måneskin - Italy's Eurovision 2021 act - perform their original song “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and the Sanremo version of “Zitti E Buoni” during the Wiwi Jam at Home concert.

You can watch the entire three-hour wiwibloggs concert here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TLgp...

In case you missed it, here’s our interview with Måneskin following their first rehearsal at Eurovision 2021: hrpost.info/history/mN2go5mjq5CjY3Y/video

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wiwibloggs Prije 21 dan
You can watch our entire 2.5-hour Wiwi Jam concert here: hrpost.info/history/Yrd9mdTalK9trZw/video
mesi patrik
mesi patrik Prije 55 minuta
@Maria Huanita jghjjgghjhggh
mesi patrik
mesi patrik Prije 55 minuta
Marika Seychell
Marika Seychell Prije 5 sati
Ùùiùjiiihujb0 98
Leif Hanses
Leif Hanses Prije 5 sati
Марія Бойчук
Марія Бойчук Prije 18 sati
@Zeroxx32 йй
mauro girelli
mauro girelli Prije 16 minuta
I sono una fan dei maneskin
Подвысоцкая Виктория
Подвысоцкая Виктория Prije 16 minuta
who is also from tik tok
Ирина S
Ирина S Prije 25 minuta
Maneskin, guys, great job again! I'm tearing to pieces. Greetings from Kyiv! ;)
Isaac Caitano Maeques
Isaac Caitano Maeques Prije 29 minuta
ele manda muito
꧁its_halo꧂ Prije 37 minuta
hes hot, a good singer AND HOT
Feyza Yavuz
Feyza Yavuz Prije 51 minute
I fallen in love with voice🥵🙌 hı from turkey
Pınar KOYUER Prije sat
Bruno Ligore
Bruno Ligore Prije sat
thank you guys, you made me listen to rock again after 15 years (when I was at High school...). I really like this sound and your voice Damiano. good job
Kayla Prije sat
They remind me of Palaye Royale a little
Donato Gaudenzi
Donato Gaudenzi Prije sat
This guy IS THE BAND. He potentially can be the new AXL: incredible voice, incredibile charisma, incredible physicity. Successfull but still under rated, this guy needs to be picked up by a serious manager, for a great new band, and write history... He can be the new singer for the new "Guns n'Roses" and he doesn't know this yet... This band is nice but it's a joke... he is a Ferrari in a box of a poor village.
No Name
No Name Prije 42 minuta
I agree. I like the band, but his talent is unreachable. On the other hand they are his friends. If he is happy, he can create better music.
someone new
someone new Prije sat
getting gerard way vibes tho
Sara D
Sara D Prije sat
All switches stand up for our official anthem "i wanna be your slave" ‼️
Nenad Dimitrijevikj
Nenad Dimitrijevikj Prije sat
I need MA meeting My name is Nenad and i am a Maneskin addict, 24/7
Ninachka 888
Ninachka 888 Prije sat
There are no words 😶 embarrassing
Serena Magika
Serena Magika Prije sat
Maneskin you are spectacular you deserve a lot of success EXTRAORDINARY 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Ninachka 888
Ninachka 888 Prije sat
They are already legends🤯 respect ✊
Solotchin Ioana
Solotchin Ioana Prije sat
Βασιλικη Βαγενα
Βασιλικη Βαγενα Prije sat
i love you
bobangligorov Prije 2 sati
Lau Prije 2 sati
He has jack sparrow vibes
Ratih Kurniawan
Ratih Kurniawan Prije 2 sati
Mariam Aldarmaki
Mariam Aldarmaki Prije 2 sati
انا خقيت انا نتهيت🤡🤡
Виктория Ковалева
Виктория Ковалева Prije 2 sati
Мммм м..ага
Luke Stroud
Luke Stroud Prije 2 sati
No idea what the words are but Zitti e Buoni makes me aggressively happy
Zara Lazić
Zara Lazić Prije 2 sati
I love this type of drugs
Anja Lourens
Anja Lourens Prije 3 sati
So mooi en uniek!!!
ELIJAS SEJDIC Prije 3 sati
ELIJAS SEJDIC Prije 3 sati
Estas mehor de todos muchaco
ELIJAS SEJDIC Prije 3 sati
You are the Best
lommm sen
lommm sen Prije 3 sati
İconic Maneskinn
eleonora smokova
eleonora smokova Prije 3 sati
Questa versione è pazzesca
Vera N
Vera N Prije 3 sati
wanna hear their joint song w/ Christina Aguilera
Ambrina Suni
Ambrina Suni Prije 3 sati
Büşra Prije 4 sati
Yorumlarda Türkiye'yi arıyorum ses verin buradasınız biliyorum xignkdxvnfs 🇹🇷
Josip Eterović
Josip Eterović Prije 4 sati
Good song
berrin karaca
berrin karaca Prije 4 sati
Spotifyda dinlemek kesmiyor, herdefasında kendimi burada buluyorum , damiano etkisi sanırım
Grunge Cookie
Grunge Cookie Prije 4 sati
i learnt about them through my italian teacher
Ксюша Багрова
Ксюша Багрова Prije 4 sati
на 1:01 это КАЙФ и смех)
Katarina Bakula
Katarina Bakula Prije 4 sati
This song makes me relax
snoopyna snoopyna
snoopyna snoopyna Prije 4 sati
Tiersen .Lukas
Tiersen .Lukas Prije 5 sati
He looks like Matthew mcconaughey
Luigi D
Luigi D Prije 5 sati
Why doesn't this video have 1 billion views ?????😡😡😡😡
No Name
No Name Prije 38 minuta
it will.. ;)
Дарья Каленова
Дарья Каленова Prije 5 sati
Why did he look like Leps in a couple of moments?
Esenia_ niaaa
Esenia_ niaaa Prije 5 sati
0:59 .I love this moment
Our Esc
Our Esc Prije 6 sati
Duncan Laurance and Maneskin should do a collab (featuring miley cyrus)
jada cormier
jada cormier Prije 6 sati
mondialdriver1 Prije 6 sati
pelin yılmaz
pelin yılmaz Prije 6 sati
Ghandi once said: You are horny because ur afraid of sucking
pelin yılmaz
pelin yılmaz Prije 6 sati
Lol this song feels like someone is sucking on my toes
Adam XCX
Adam XCX Prije 6 sati
they and the new miley cyrus would make a great combo
Bea Tips _ Make Up
Bea Tips _ Make Up Prije 7 sati
De las calles a lo más alto, y más que merecido!! Grazie Eurovision per la scoperta di Måneskin!! 🤘😝
eylül Prije 7 sati
damiano attitude's : alex turner backup account
Iro H
Iro H Prije 7 sati
Even my mother likes him..😂
Emilija Ljubisavljević
Emilija Ljubisavljević Prije 7 sati
Srbija bree 🇷🇸
danijela majic
danijela majic Prije 7 sati
Sexy voice, nice moves, very good man/woman energy...... Sexy
Emily Van Gilsen
Emily Van Gilsen Prije 7 sati
See 1:2
Sim Penzo
Sim Penzo Prije 7 sati
21 Million views.... bonkers!
Ren Kou
Ren Kou Prije 7 sati
Finally someone gotta fix our times music. My parents had that bomb rock and disco music back on their days and we'll have M to the B SMHHHH
Beatrice Pignattelli
Beatrice Pignattelli Prije 7 sati
Intendo quella cosa che ho scritto in inglese
Mr7nanetti Prije 7 sati
Stì ragazzi hanno 20 anni! E non ne sbagliano una! Presenza scenica, testi, energia...e sono italiani! Erano anni che non mi entusiasmavo per una novità musicale, cresciuto a Doors, Hendrix, Guns, e altri rockers avevo perso le speranze... E invece eccomi a 49 anni a vedere e rivedere le loro performance. Bravissimi. Continuate così e non fatevi condizionare dallo showbiz.
HASS7 RACOONE Prije 7 sati
Tiene el mismo bajo q seven nation army de white stripes
I'm gay
I'm gay Prije 8 sati
robiyatul adawiyah
robiyatul adawiyah Prije 8 sati
Bad idea official
Bad idea official Prije 8 sati
Yes, he is hot and he has beautiful voce but why nobody talking about Victoria , she's so cute
No Name
No Name Prije 35 minuta
because he is hot and has a beautiful voice ... ;) (But I like her, too :))
CryptoMat Prije sat
김김태태형형 Prije 8 sati
진짜 말도 안되게 좋다. 오랜만에 소름 돋는 노래넹
shrishti pandey
shrishti pandey Prije 8 sati
This has become my morning routine. Lol. My day starts after hearing this song. Fml
Teija Johansson
Teija Johansson Prije 29 minuta
Adilhan Duyshenaliev
Adilhan Duyshenaliev Prije 8 sati
Ksenia Bobrova
Ksenia Bobrova Prije 8 sati
Кто перевод знает очень интересно😋
Rakesh Johnson
Rakesh Johnson Prije 9 sati
No words ... it mind blowing 🍁
succ crab
succ crab Prije 9 sati
you dont understand, i am literally in love with this man
Евгения Котенко
Евгения Котенко Prije 9 sati
0:57 тот самый момент ммм ага (русские поймут о чём я)))
deb zylka
deb zylka Prije 9 sati
Old school vibes. Love it
jellly fish
jellly fish Prije 9 sati
modern day Queen
jellly fish
jellly fish Prije 9 sati
feels like modern day queen
Cecilia Mendoza
Cecilia Mendoza Prije 10 sati
Después de años algo original
[]Čąфиė XãȚýн[]
[]Čąфиė XãȚýн[] Prije 10 sati
Mmm aгaaa
Antonia Ramirez
Antonia Ramirez Prije 11 sati
no, you don't understand, I am OBSESSED. this is the 17th time I'm watching this video over the last two weeks.
Nellie Chan
Nellie Chan Prije 11 sati
Ммм, ага.
Noah Bernard Vermette
Noah Bernard Vermette Prije 11 sati
‘’Autotune ? What’s that ?’’
prae Prije 12 sati
They r fine af
Melody :0
Melody :0 Prije 12 sati
1:01 SIR I-
Tabark Ahmed
Tabark Ahmed Prije 12 sati
I can't stop watching this 🤯
Blushy Nose
Blushy Nose Prije 12 sati
This song is ass
Nika Potato
Nika Potato Prije 13 sati
Кто-нибудь сделайте 10 часовую версию, а то надоело постоянно на начало щёлкать.
Nurbanu 🔥
Nurbanu 🔥 Prije 24 minuta
Если это сделают, то я просто ни за что не буду ничем заниматься, кроме того, как слушать это
Giorgio scano
Giorgio scano Prije 12 sati
сегодня они написали в социальных сетях, что «“I Wanna Be Your Slave"», а также «Coralline» достигли золотого уровня.
Jelena Vukoja
Jelena Vukoja Prije 13 sati
Why he skino potkosulj
mochisanii Prije 13 sati
i'm addicted, absolutely addicted to this
Ah ! Je dormais bien
Ah ! Je dormais bien Prije 14 sati
Tellement, tellement excellent !
Galileo Figaro
Galileo Figaro Prije 14 sati
Так мало Итана :(
Vukasin Djordjevic
Vukasin Djordjevic Prije 14 sati
siamo fuori di testa a ma diverso da loro
Leo Minerva
Leo Minerva Prije 14 sati
Now come the haters ... all normal 😄
HeyitsyourbaeRain Prije 14 sati
Simon B.
Simon B. Prije 14 sati
Questo sarebbe etero? C'è qualcosa che non torna. È etero come Renato Zero
Li Lise
Li Lise Prije 41 minute
@Simon B. Beh, a parte che non sono affari miei, ma Renato Zero si vedeva benissimo cosa fosse. Damiano è diverso, ha più vibes da etero.
Simon B.
Simon B. Prije 2 sati
@Roberto Trudu pure Renato Zero rispose donneh
Roberto Trudu
Roberto Trudu Prije 5 sati
E' etero: in una intervista alle Iene di qualche mese fa, alla domanda "Donne, uomini o entrambi?", ha risposto con un convinto "Donnehhh"
Giorgio scano
Giorgio scano Prije 12 sati
@Simon B. "questo sarebbe etero?" dove lo hai letto? è fidanzato con una modella italiana da 4 anni, ma chi gli ha messo l'etichetta di etero?
Simon B.
Simon B. Prije 12 sati
@Giorgio scano dovrebbe cosa?
Just a Larrie
Just a Larrie Prije 14 sati
Idk but there's so bi vibe from Damiano
Ni Ki
Ni Ki Prije 14 sati
Not enough drummer action 😔
Francesca Cantatore
Francesca Cantatore Prije 15 sati
Miei cari Maneskin siete fantastici e bravi... 💗❤️💖😍
Alícia_011 Prije 15 sati
Essa musica é simplesmente perfeita eles merecem mais reconhecimento
crio ilvero
crio ilvero Prije 15 sati
Italiani dove siete?
Darya Baysak
Darya Baysak Prije 15 sati
Grande Lento
Grande Lento Prije 15 sati
ca1ab3ra Prije 15 sati
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