Finish The Lyrics, Win $1,000 (Rap Edition)

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FaZe Jarvis

Prije 2 mjeseci

First To Finish The Lyrics, Win $1,000 Challenge Rap Edition on Tap It!
with @FaZe H1ghSky1 @FaZe Kay @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Adapt
Rappers in the list: Juice WRLD, Pop Smoke, Eminem, Drake, XXXTentacion, Don Toliver, NAV, Lil Baby, DaBaby, CJ - Whoopty, Young Thug, YNW Melly, Sommerray, Roddy Richh, 42 Dugg, Drake, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Durk and Travis Scott
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🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

FaZe Jarvis
FaZe Jarvis Prije 2 mjeseci
This video got copyright claimed so make sure to use code 'Jarvis' in the Fortnite item sh-...oh wait
XD ISSAM Prije 4 dana
He still got his code for some reason
Basketball Kitty
Basketball Kitty Prije 12 dana
You forgotten your banned... I’m so mad at epic. Why must they ban the good players? Why? 😔
Ronan King
Ronan King Prije 12 dana
Merad Saleh
Merad Saleh Prije 12 dana
RIP jarvis
XF3RN4ND0 Prije 13 dana
Nice one
Villads Madsen
Villads Madsen Prije 9 sati
Why are all those on my playlist?
Vlogtemer Vlog
Vlogtemer Vlog Prije 10 sati
When Jarvis put the ice on his pants he did the billy bounce
Ματίνα Νικολοπούλου
Ματίνα Νικολοπούλου Prije dan
10:02 I'm from Greece
Muhammad Furqan
Muhammad Furqan Prije dan
Teeqo m8 looks like John cena here
Uncasually Prije dan
This was soooo CRINGE
Key Andra
Key Andra Prije dan
16:00 wth highsky
Noice Ernoice
Noice Ernoice Prije dan
Nikan vipes
Jeronimo Meza
Jeronimo Meza Prije dan
Aye no cus words only family friendly ok no fck no sht no other mean shit
CloudKingz Prije dan
I danced when the song was megan three stallion
Honor-Mai Dwyer
Honor-Mai Dwyer Prije dan
I'm so sad ur banned I have a letter for the faze members and I'd like to challenge a faze member in a 1v1 I'm going to play on PS5 so please read this
Deliah Foutch
Deliah Foutch Prije 2 dana
Make it where u play a song they got to guess who sings the song
Andru Ontiveros
Andru Ontiveros Prije 2 dana
Thanks for adding x he is my favorite RIP to the goat and I hope his son is doing good
Lighting God Desteoier
Lighting God Desteoier Prije 2 dana
Straight up bars from Frazier
Phillip Turner
Phillip Turner Prije 2 dana
if i was in faze kays or high skys spot i would call it a dub any way because i love hot wings i love carolina reaper once the best
Shmekera 07
Shmekera 07 Prije 2 dana
i think nikan win
Aaron-Earl Sharp
Aaron-Earl Sharp Prije 2 dana
the was fire
Oliwier Michalowski
Oliwier Michalowski Prije 2 dana
Every juice world fan I know that
لواء كلاشرز
لواء كلاشرز Prije 2 dana
كفو استمرو مبدعين
Gavin Hinahon
Gavin Hinahon Prije 2 dana
It looked like Jarvis pooped out ice
Mr_MEW Prije 2 dana
I am from Greece
John Reid
John Reid Prije 2 dana
9:18 This is the funniest thing I have heard all year😂😆
Vehicle Repair Center
Vehicle Repair Center Prije 2 dana
I eat mayo like that 3 times a day
Jordan Chadwell
Jordan Chadwell Prije 2 dana
Legends juic wrld
Ryquex Fx
Ryquex Fx Prije 3 dana
I fell bad for Faze highsky for hearing nastythings who else did to
Splixit Prije dan
He probably knows that
Az the Gamer! G
Az the Gamer! G Prije 3 dana
16:6 high sky like ... damm all these FAZE memebers know the song!
Smoovzy Prije 3 dana
That ending was absolutely FIRE
TheAdelesmith Prije 3 dana
We miss you jucie world rip
Leo Feldmann
Leo Feldmann Prije 3 dana
maybe next time put one fucking good song
GamerKidPlayz Prije 3 dana
ring ring folk up from depression i toss my pain in a memory as a weapon
Matthew Banderas
Matthew Banderas Prije 3 dana
Or something like that
Matthew Banderas
Matthew Banderas Prije 3 dana
The lyrics for X was suicide if I ever have to let go
Kenny boy
Kenny boy Prije 3 dana
Dayvis Ballesteros
Dayvis Ballesteros Prije 3 dana
In 12:48 it was so funny😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Samson Philemon
Samson Philemon Prije 3 dana
Who else thinks adapt sounds just like Mac Miller 😢R.I.P
Rangel Rangelov
Rangel Rangelov Prije 3 dana
That ending tho
Vidhit Nihal
Vidhit Nihal Prije 3 dana
Me clicking this video because of wishing well and then they don't even know the lyrics...why do I even bother.
ellis d
ellis d Prije 3 dana
15:48 fwoya
That Guy
That Guy Prije 3 dana
Alex: i kinda got that (r u dumb) 1 minute later Hop in to the floor gdjgkdjcvjehc (da fuck)
craZycormack Prije 4 dana
My guy went ; why U do dat dont do da
VERZE BL Prije 4 dana
9:13 Nikan be vibin
Pls help me reach 1k without a video
Pls help me reach 1k without a video Prije 4 dana
XDAsad Zulfi
XDAsad Zulfi Prije 4 dana
Guys lets be real he secretly plays Fortnite without telling us
Jmacca Prije 4 dana
16:05 me and the boys vibin
Phil Simon
Phil Simon Prije 4 dana
I’m only 13 and I know all the songs
Rex F Dawson
Rex F Dawson Prije 4 dana
nikan vibing in the back tho
Nathan Garcia
Nathan Garcia Prije 4 dana
This cringe when high stared singing to juice song
Elias Sway2.0
Elias Sway2.0 Prije 4 dana
teeqo ojojojojojojojojo jag kan svenska
hello hello
hello hello Prije 4 dana
The sad by x is you decide if you ever let me go s***** if you ever let me go im sad to know you im sad to know you
Brian Gonzales
Brian Gonzales Prije 4 dana
The flagrant friction briefly brush because america visually beam except a small second. puny, female fertile asterisk
DAVID MILOI Prije 4 dana
tho knew all the songs ne Luke😂
MKyoller Politis
MKyoller Politis Prije 4 dana
Πήγαινε στο greece και μετά μιλά
Irvinbest11 Cruz
Irvinbest11 Cruz Prije 5 dana
Yo adapt didn’t press the button
Romeo Gamer
Romeo Gamer Prije 5 dana
To be honest i thought he said tiko
Faheem Khan
Faheem Khan Prije 5 dana
Wtf mate did u say wallah when ur not even muslim lol
Khanish Gamer
Khanish Gamer Prije 5 dana
12:50 I’m dying 💀
Tripled Prije 5 dana
I would get every one right
SH_ LaZyXc
SH_ LaZyXc Prije 5 dana
7:39 when teeqo started talking 😂
The Marshall Boys
The Marshall Boys Prije 5 dana
Dogs bark cats meow Nikan that us well nasty
NiKxLaZツ Prije 5 dana
Greece is my country omg
Faad Jamil
Faad Jamil Prije 5 dana
Ramin Mokhtari
Ramin Mokhtari Prije 5 dana
FaZe Higsky1 is trippin
Nitro type Legend
Nitro type Legend Prije 5 dana
I like tap it
Mohammad Khan
Mohammad Khan Prije 6 dana
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo .
Thomas McCrickard
Thomas McCrickard Prije 6 dana
its ok we can get highskys reboot card
Bryan Earley
Bryan Earley Prije 6 dana
im not a girl
Bryan Earley
Bryan Earley Prije 6 dana
you my fav
Bryan Earley
Bryan Earley Prije 6 dana
i will jarviss
emmanuel joseph
emmanuel joseph Prije 6 dana
1:56 whoopty cj
Faze Firmino
Faze Firmino Prije 6 dana
Bounce that ass omg that’s so funny
Moon Prije 6 dana
They really don’t know sad from x bruhhhhhh
ann ryan
ann ryan Prije 6 dana
Them 3 st the end just did performance i got a free ticket to travis scott 🤑
ann ryan
ann ryan Prije 6 dana
And i didn't need a mask 😷
Sweaty Kai plays fortnite
Sweaty Kai plays fortnite Prije 6 dana
If this was Australian it would be tomato
Unknown_Gamer70 Prije 6 dana
Yo can I go against highsky I’m 14 1v1 song guessing
zink Claps
zink Claps Prije 6 dana
How does nikan know Arabic he said wallah 🤨
luke Oflynn
luke Oflynn Prije 6 dana
Nikan won he tappid it not them
Infinite Vlogs
Infinite Vlogs Prije 6 dana
Faze h1sky1 is so cool
Obito Prije 6 dana
11:46 the butten tho😂😂
Faad Jamil
Faad Jamil Prije 5 dana
Faad Jamil
Faad Jamil Prije 5 dana
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 fraizer
Reeyen Patel
Reeyen Patel Prije 7 dana
Suffiyaan Hussain
Suffiyaan Hussain Prije 7 dana
This vid was sick
This is so white
Douglas Portillo
Douglas Portillo Prije 7 dana
Turn the 02 to the 03
Ttv Fro5ty
Ttv Fro5ty Prije 7 dana
Why you do that don’t do that-Teeqo
luis carlos
luis carlos Prije 7 dana
Nice dance jarvis
Anthony Moore
Anthony Moore Prije 7 dana
Teeqo always gets swept by Nikan
p9 play
p9 play Prije 7 dana
bro it right foot up left foot slide
Thirst_chopped Prije 7 dana
Laugh now cry later: Frazier hit the height note
Thirst_chopped Prije 7 dana
Jarvis needs auto tune lol like if u agree
Axel Kervefors
Axel Kervefors Prije 7 dana
I laughed in the ending 😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪
Tanya Cramer
Tanya Cramer Prije 7 dana
Hi love you videos
Paul Romano
Paul Romano Prije 7 dana
the end tho
Nomsa Thipe
Nomsa Thipe Prije 7 dana
Next time Chris and xxx
Blvck Deity
Blvck Deity Prije 7 dana
15:40 was Lit
ISAACCYT Prije 7 dana
Why is there so much bad words
ISAACCYT Prije 7 dana
@Andres Guerrero ok sorry
Andres Guerrero
Andres Guerrero Prije 7 dana
Then dont watch?
ISAACCYT Prije 7 dana
I'm a kid
wazy on 240fps ps5
wazy on 240fps ps5 Prije 8 dana
We caught faze Kay saying the n@gga
Andres Guerrero
Andres Guerrero Prije 7 dana
Cayden Lawrence
Cayden Lawrence Prije 8 dana
Me wondering why Jarvis has a bandage and his two fingers
Emmanuel Perez
Emmanuel Perez Prije 8 dana
They should have don The Weekend songs
Brendalin Hernandez
Brendalin Hernandez Prije 8 dana
How can I join fase
wazy on 240fps ps5
wazy on 240fps ps5 Prije 8 dana
When cj whoopy came on I was diying
Chase Ramsey
Chase Ramsey Prije 8 dana
I'm 11 and I all right no cap
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