Sonny Liston | Boxing's Most Intimidating and Unwanted Champion

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Join Rainy Day Boxing for an in depth career tribute to arguably the most intimidating man of all time, the ‘Night Train’, Sonny Liston.

Narrated by Eli Harris

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Rainy Day Boxing
Rainy Day Boxing Prije 3 mjeseci
Didn't plan on the video being this long, but Sonny's life was so complex, there was just too much that had to be included. I know some of my long time subscribers are big Liston fans, so this one is for you. Thank you all for your patience, Enjoy! Rainy Day Boxing Patreon
Diggory Jones
Diggory Jones Prije 4 sati
Class video
Jack Lord
Jack Lord Prije 4 dana
Maybe Spike Lee could do a movie about Sonny.
Jack Lord
Jack Lord Prije 4 dana
There needs to be a movie about this man.
John Bandy
John Bandy Prije 6 dana
Many boxing fans, including me until now, kind of have in our minds that when the name Sonny Liston comes up its connected only to his defeats to Ali. While thats an amazing feat that Ali accomplished (even more so if one realized what a monster boxer Liston was), it shouldnt be all we recall about Sonny Liston. Im kind of torn about his life. What a difficult life he had. Beat and worked like a mule. I cant clain to stand in his shoes but I also have to think that many many young men black white whatever have had horrible beginnings and overcame them honestly. Some roads you shouldnt take. Sonny decided to get involved with criminals to get out of prison. Thats a road one cant undo many times. And it seems he kept taking that road to be somebody. The problem is when you travel a road with horseshit on it your going to come out stinking. Contrast that with Ali and his decisions. He refused to fight in a war that he knew was messed up and risked his career for honor. Now I know its not exactly that cut and dry but there are choices to be made. It saddens me because you can tell Sonny deep down wanted to be loved and had alot of love in him. When that little boy on his shoulders kisses him on the cheek that choked me up. Because you could tell that made Sonny's day and there was a glimpse of a really sweet dude there. Its a tough thing to see. Someones life having so much and yet missing out on what is really important in this world.
Kalen Mariemuthoo
Kalen Mariemuthoo Prije 11 dana
Thank you for bringing this legend to so many out there 🙌
Ilf & Petrol
Ilf & Petrol Prije 2 sati
I wish Liston had a Cus D'Amato..
Southernburrito Prije 3 sati
I saw demonizing misinformation from weak bottom feeders, unchance giving & unchristian like. I believe what George said. I also believe the downward spirals that come with age, cognitive declines of various sorts, & substance abuse whether alcohol &or other, take their toll on the flesh. Some of which are quite unfair. Who knows what happened in his passing.? Seemed like a mellow dude to me that knows how duplicitous the world can be, aware of how everything seems to be & is not perceived to be. The hidden natures so many hide. Sonny Liston, Raw Power, sometimes hated unfairly, but GREAT 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
MrGanzalez Prije 8 sati
Ok there lets be real now...the greatest intimidator of all times was Iron mike. Facing Mike face to face when he is standing there swaying from left to right warming up is like facing a tiger face to face, I would assume. He is simply terrifying.
Visionary _88
Visionary _88 Prije 12 sati
Its sad to see how america treated this legend right from his childhood, its a shame for a country that brags about democracy n freedom, actually its a living hell if ur not a native white. This country ultimately forced him to be a criminal
Spartan Prije 13 sati
Great video. I learnt a lot about Liston and the time he grew up in. He was definitely a bad bad man. Makes Tyson look like a choir boy. He wanted to be a good champion but was never given the chance. Sad end to his career and life.
Blalack77 Prije 16 sati
Damn.. He was from Arkansas? I didn't know it. Same here. I like this guy. I like boxing but I don't watch it much and don't know a lot about its history and the good fighters through history. I like big, quiet fighters - whether they're the "good guys" or "the bad guys" - I guess because that's how I am. The fact that he was all quiet and stoic _and_ seen as "the bad guy" makes me like him even more. Calm, quiet people prove themselves with their actions. And that blank stare - pretty cool and definitely haunting. And with everything everyone said about Sonny Liston, it sounds like Floyd Patterson had guts to fight him twice. That sucks how Sonny Liston was treated by the press and the public.
albertful19 Prije 17 sati
I liked Sonny Liston . The world is a cruel place when you at the top .
m b
m b Prije 18 sati
What is the song at minute 1...?
Mixed Bag
Mixed Bag Prije 18 sati
And here we are today oppressing aggression. JFK fought corruption and paid with his life. Haha Liston was suspicious of reporters imagine that!!!!!!
Notsoepicbear Prije 19 sati
Beautiful ending.
JLhicham Prije dan
dude you cant even hit that ali hes too fookin fast
Maybe if the people gave him a bit of love this story would be different. Sad as fuck
Aamaliyah Khan
Aamaliyah Khan Prije dan
The trash never left him alone.. .
Chris Tims
Chris Tims Prije dan
The world never accepted him, you can see as Champion he wanted to turn a new leaf but people would not let him… very sad
Rhino 1234
Rhino 1234 Prije dan
Savage Beast
Bushman007 Prije dan
I've seen the heavy bag get worked before but God almighty Sonny made that bag look like it weighed nothing.
Bushman007 Prije dan
The man literally beat up a cop and put him in the trash upside down. Fuckin balls of something harder than steel.
I love balls
I love balls Prije dan
poor dude
mason82300 Prije dan
Why is this not a movie
mason82300 Prije dan
Great video
Rocky Dubois
Rocky Dubois Prije dan
Imagine losing 10k on the Ali vs Liston fight and your booky sends Liston to collect.
kronos1794 Prije dan
It's really sad how society labels people quickly and how it is almost impossible to remove the label once it is placed. It's hard to change when literally nothing you do changes how your society views you...
The Algerian
The Algerian Prije dan
Man, I never knew how tragic Sony Liston's life was. All he was to me before I watched this was the man Ali beat to become Heavyweight champion of the World.
Deon Prije dan
Power doesn't last forever, it dwindles in the gentle breeze of time until you fall.
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson Prije dan
RIP Sonny, you deserve it my friend.
Samet Ö.
Samet Ö. Prije dan
What is the name of the music in the backround 22:33 - 23:50
Inquisitor Krieger
Inquisitor Krieger Prije dan
18:03 holy crap! I never knew that happened
upside down world exposed
upside down world exposed Prije dan
Imagine Sonny Lyston v Mike Tyson 😳
Priyanka Aninditya
Priyanka Aninditya Prije dan
Sonny liston is a great boxer but Muhammad Ali is the next level at boxing
Jimi K
Jimi K Prije dan
A product of his environment. Sad and inspiring all at once.
Siosifa Prije dan
I doubt he did it himself. Man's been through hell and still fought through it, but then again, that's the outcome of working with criminals.
Jeff Bailey
Jeff Bailey Prije 2 dana
Some of these guys have something on the inside that make them intimidating 87
Corey Golphenee
Corey Golphenee Prije 2 dana
Contrast what kind of father sonny was with floyd patterson
Corey Golphenee
Corey Golphenee Prije 2 dana
Look at his hands as a teenager my god
Ikari, G.
Ikari, G. Prije 2 dana
Guy: has bad dad Dumb ppl in comments: it's ok you broke law because i think saying this makes me reddit enlightened
Darth Yinzer
Darth Yinzer Prije 2 dana
good for him on beating up those bullshit police in St Louis - HERO
Erik Sixx
Erik Sixx Prije 2 dana
A tragic figure. But you left a lot out.
Grant S
Grant S Prije 2 dana
This was beautiful, RIP Champ
mangekyusharingan88 Prije 2 dana
is that ali who runs as fast as he could?
Dave Banner
Dave Banner Prije 2 dana
I feel like tyson went through the same, similarities are weird
Greg Hodde
Greg Hodde Prije 2 dana
God bless this guy. Very Tragic life. Some never get a little wind in there sails. Some may say it's self inflicted, but again some never get a break.
El Barto
El Barto Prije 2 dana
The way he was being treated was not fair..
grady marty
grady marty Prije 2 dana
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Austin Craig
Austin Craig Prije 2 dana
I hope he had people around him that loved him & he loved them. Also, then gun/Ali story was hilarious.
darren mc.adams
darren mc.adams Prije 2 dana
The press got the version of him they deserved
darren mc.adams
darren mc.adams Prije 2 dana
His life would make a great film
Veilofmayaa Prije 3 dana
I'm a grown ass man and this just brought tears to my eyes. The most horrific childhood, came out from the shadows to be the best. If anything he should be a role model. People need to look up to him and believe that no matter your past, you can always change it and change it for the better.
KartarNighthawk Prije 3 dana
For all that people refused to believe Liston when he said he injured his shoulder in the first fight with Ali, I wonder if he did. If he didn't recover from it right, that might explain not only the second fight with Ali, but the later defeats, and even the heroin addiction if he was self medicating. But, we'll never know. As "Facing Ali" put it, "the most potentially interesting story can never be told. A penny for the thoughts of the late Sonny Liston..."
Ram The Legend
Ram The Legend Prije 3 dana
Really Felt sorry for Sonny, I hear I knew was the guy was beaten by Ali. Very touching & inspiring story. #Respect Sunny liston . RIP Champ
Nacho Business
Nacho Business Prije 3 dana
For sure he was murdered. The cops didnt like him and they didnt tell the truth on the reports. There's a mission on L.A Noire that does a "similar" (exactly) case
Scott Norwood
Scott Norwood Prije 3 dana
"All he wanted was a peaceful life." - narrator said after smoking a 100 $ bud
CroakMaster Prije 3 dana
The entire video, Im rooting for him.
Mubasherr Faheem
Mubasherr Faheem Prije 3 dana
1 word - misunderstood
True Colours
True Colours Prije 3 dana
The media are the biggest assasinators of character. Never judge a person till you truly know them. Also listen to those that truly know them and you can decipher for yourself. Sonny was very much misunderstood and was never truly given a fair chance of being treated accordingly
israel morales
israel morales Prije 3 dana
Just a man , no, the Man
Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing
Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing Prije 3 dana
tragic ending it all was pretty bleak and depressing
MikeDF2020 Prije 3 dana
if they gave him a chance he would have changed into a shining person in the public eye instead they cast a cloud over him, was he a bad man at one point ? yes but he was forced to be after he became champion
Papwithanhatchet Prije 3 dana
If Sonny Liston made Mike Tyson llook like a boy scout”, what does that say about Muhammad Ali?
Nasir Osman
Nasir Osman Prije 3 dana
His downfall is the public..Just imagine if he was white guy.The acceptance will definitely be overwhelming... period
Oddquad Prije 3 dana
What a life story !!! I am truly saddened by Listings struggle to be happy and legitimate . His fighting ability was unquestioned, man, what a boxer!!!!! His life-long battle with his public image was another press "beat down" of the proverbial " high scary -black - man " which continues to this day, sadly !!!!! Kudos to Sonny Liston, A fight lovers dream and a sports writers " BOOGIE MAN !!!
Screaming Eagle
Screaming Eagle Prije 3 dana
geez.. arrested for driving too slow? standing on a corner? cops could get away with anything back then. didnt have to obey the law.
Freedom Freedom
Freedom Freedom Prije 3 dana
Liston should have been banned from boxing. 🤷‍♂️
david Jackson
david Jackson Prije 3 dana
PragmaticParadox Prije 3 dana
Holy shyte! Listen to the punches from 8:20-8:24😴
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez Prije 3 dana
Young tyson was scarier
B A Prije 3 dana
Enjoyed this. Ken Burn's Ali on PBS brought me here. Learning..
S D Prije 3 dana
DAMM....and we newbies get excited at Wilder's punches. Watching this is causing me pain
uhTehz Prije 3 dana
1:22-1:24 That shit was legendary
Ahmer Mallick
Ahmer Mallick Prije 3 dana
Wow !!
Joao Portesantava
Joao Portesantava Prije 4 dana
I love history like this. We could not imagine if we saw him when he was younger in his prime
Isaac Sawyer
Isaac Sawyer Prije 4 dana
Song...? In the beginning of the video..??
AnimalPlaysRSA Prije 4 dana
this is so heartbreaking😞
A tremendous left hand
Daniel Duedu
Daniel Duedu Prije 4 dana
daniel alfieri
daniel alfieri Prije 4 dana
Sad start, bad choices, rejection, damn messy life
WilliamWild Prije 4 dana
The real goat
happysideoffear777 Prije 4 dana
I wonder if history was different and if people gave him a chance, how good of a chance, how good of a champ Liston would have been.
Afrika Smith
Afrika Smith Prije 4 dana
Me watching this midway: Moral of the story: You wanna make a tough fighter? Put him to work on the field and beat him like he owes you money. Me after the end of the video: Moral of the story: It is best to judge a man by getting to know him in person instead of reading about him on paper.
boatman222345 Prije 4 dana
I attended a Liston training camp at White Cliffs Country club in Plymouth, Mass before the Cassius Clay fight and I will never forget it. I watched Liston working out on a peanut bag and at the end of each session he would give the bag one hard punch that sounded like a 12 gauge shotgun going off! I then watched his trainer throw a heavy medicine ball into Liston's stomach with Liston catching it and throwing it back effortless as if it were a volleyball. Lastly I watched him spar for several minutes with a fighter named Big Train Lincoln and the sound of his gloves hitting the other fighter was fearsome. After the training session was over my friend and I got in our car to drive home and as we drove down the driveway we spotted Liston on a training run. He saw us approaching and paused on the side of the road as we passed by. I will never forget the hostile look on his face as we drove by and can well appreciate what that look could do to an opponent as he faced Liston in the ring!
Dynamite Prije 4 dana
OG Readmore
OG Readmore Prije 4 dana
made a statue of a fake boxer - but legend Sonny Liston doesn't have a statue in the states
OG Readmore
OG Readmore Prije 4 dana
Rest in Power Champ
Flights and Fitness
Flights and Fitness Prije 4 dana
Dope story... thank you for a different perspective. I feel like I was raised to hate this guy and because of you, I'm better informed.
Noemi De Luca
Noemi De Luca Prije 4 dana
This story illustrates how merciless and unforgiving people generally are.
Robin Sullivan
Robin Sullivan Prije 5 dana
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Jonathan Jacob
Jonathan Jacob Prije 5 dana
Arrested more than 100 times and lived to tell the tale. How is that possible?
Scope Prije 5 dana
Him boxing in prison & beating the shit out of everyone is what they mean when they say *a monster among monsters* lol
jedikye Prije 5 dana
A really interesting and sad life story wish they would make a movie out of it much more interesting then Ali
Surendran Nambiath
Surendran Nambiath Prije 5 dana
Wonderful video of the Big Bear Charles Sonny Liston as he actually was...
Joe Hurly
Joe Hurly Prije 5 dana
Very good video. Thank you.
Art ou
Art ou Prije 5 dana
Thanks for this insight!
Grainstn To Da Dome
Grainstn To Da Dome Prije 5 dana
Everyone should know the mob ran the bets in boxing and that Sonny Liston took a dive when he fought Muhammad Ali Kassius Klay at that time. He was scared of the mob and his affealeation with the Italians that would be looking in boxing gyms to find out what they can make with a boxer was so great made men or people in that life would not think twice to approach a man with such power in a New York gym. The mob told Liston to take a dive in the fight with Kassius Klay he was listed to win 7 to one by the people betting but an ear into sonny Liston by the mob made Sonny to throw the fight. Capos and their higher ups had huge money that night and everyone whent home happy. He had to choose to be him self or do as the mob said and he was always hated by everyone even the black people who ran the propaganda of how a black man should be didn't think of him as a model citizen a negro. So he lost and he did care but shouldn't knowing that people wanted a better liked negro as a role model. For me Sonny Liston was the better fighter than Muhammad Ali.
Helios Olympus
Helios Olympus Prije 5 dana
The song when cassius marcellus came on is litterly so fitting he is a whole main characterz
Vaughn Kelly
Vaughn Kelly Prije 5 dana
Well put together, new subscriber 🤙🏼
Vaughn Kelly
Vaughn Kelly Prije 4 dana
@Rainy Day Boxing keep em coming!
Rainy Day Boxing
Rainy Day Boxing Prije 4 dana
Thank you for the sub Vaughn! Glad you enjoyed the video 🙏
nasdoc1 Prije 5 dana
He just wanted to be loved. It's the people who are the villains not him. He had a tough life but people are just cruel.
GENX Prepper
GENX Prepper Prije 5 dana
Any Boy scoot alive can out live you int he woods boy.
Terry Fitness Official
Terry Fitness Official Prije 5 dana
Hard working dad of twins ... on A journey to get 6 pack . She'd belly fat ... join my journey let do it together! Been training many years but stopped briefly... here to help others achieve there goals to ! Mr T
Gotnum Pompalarim
Gotnum Pompalarim Prije 5 dana
The man needed some love that’s all. Growing up in such conditions makes you dead inside
Knohmask Getsfu
Knohmask Getsfu Prije 5 dana
A Wiseman once told me, to make the time serve you, don't serve the time. Myself as a black man in today's system of white supremacy which has and is in a constant state of growing more increasingly depraved toward black people especially. The most insidious terrorist of all time, white supremacy is what lead Sonny Liston to become Night Train. And so have I.
Minh Tú
Minh Tú Prije 5 dana
thanks for your documentary man, im depressed now.
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