Sorority sister guesses who's in a fraternity | Lineup | Cut

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Tell us your fav frat stories.
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Sorority sister guesses who's in a fraternity | Lineup | Cut
#lineup #cut #fraternity

Cassandra G
Cassandra G Prije sat
is she coked out lol
M trvlsFNDMs
M trvlsFNDMs Prije 4 sati
As a European i heard "greek life" and just ??? Like yall just farm and get funked by zeus in disguise as an animal, maybe smash some plates?
M trvlsFNDMs
M trvlsFNDMs Prije 4 sati
America is the only place ppl will get into 200k debt for the right to put a random assortment of a third of the greek alphabet's content on a shirt
LL Guerra
LL Guerra Prije 8 sati
I'm glad I wasn't in a fraternity... I worked full time and succeeded in all my college classes... I didn't have time for the BS
Eli Prije 11 sati
my only knowledge as a british person of fraternities and sororities is from Monsters University
Guzgod Prije 13 sati
this is is the person they chose to represent sororities??
D J Prije dan
she gives me trisha pastas vibes
Joshua Galicia
Joshua Galicia Prije 2 dana
do we know who guy at 3:36 is yet
A N O N Y M O U S Prije 3 dana
She’s sooo Gen Z I love it 😍
Dear Alene
Dear Alene Prije 3 dana
her whole personality speaks LEO to me. (am not a leo)
Z3LBY Prije 3 dana
Disgusting channel. I hope you get taken down. Anti-white propoganda designed to divide us all.
cutiexoxoxo1 Prije 4 dana
....will there ever be a day when these type of videos include D9 frats/sororities
NinjaSkill98 Prije 5 dana
The questions all involve frat shit... like might as well ask if they were in a frat wtf
Kasper the Shepherd
Kasper the Shepherd Prije 5 dana
Frats and sororities are just white gangs.
madalyn Prije 6 dana
both my parents were involved in greek life. they went to an hbcu so black greek life is different than public school or pwi greek life
Elie Prije 6 dana
Have a good day god love you
Mu's Prije 6 dana
She needs to smoke DMT
Solstice Prije 7 dana
She’s such a fun person oml
Nati Valdes
Nati Valdes Prije 8 dana
amalia is high by the other vid i just watched ik
senpai noticed you
senpai noticed you Prije 8 dana
Can yall leave your judgement to your self, She's a human being. She's isnt a subject for your Smartasses to dissect, y'all don't know her.
Hxnter zxx
Hxnter zxx Prije 8 dana
Yup and this is why people don’t like frats
Vin1681 Prije 9 dana
Wow she’s full on! Sweet and fun but full on
Dani Mother of Dragons
Dani Mother of Dragons Prije 10 dana
What's hot guys Instagram ?
Giselle Zendejas
Giselle Zendejas Prije 10 dana
Amalia is so annoying in every episode yall include her in
Princess Palace
Princess Palace Prije 10 dana
Amaliaa i love her , you should make a playlist it’s videos that she’s in 😂
ONIONJPG Prije 11 dana
People are talking abt how Amalia is too much, but this is the tamest I’ve ever seen her (aside from the Guess Who’s High vid) lol. She’s so cute here.
maria joão
maria joão Prije 11 dana
I love Amalia, she just looks so fun to be around! also she did really good, weird talent but cool I guess
maria joão
maria joão Prije 2 dana
@Dani Mother of Dragons yeah she's my dad
Dani Mother of Dragons
Dani Mother of Dragons Prije 10 dana
Are you related to her
Natalie Yeager
Natalie Yeager Prije 11 dana
if you guys have watched cut for a while and know Amalia, then you wouldn't be saying she's annoying or fake. maybe don't make judgments the first time you even see someone.ESPECIALLY in a video like this, its literally college life and college students don't know what goes on lol
shigeo supremacy
shigeo supremacy Prije 11 dana
God I love amahlia
sour angel
sour angel Prije 11 dana
whats emalias instagram
Triston Williams
Triston Williams Prije 12 dana
Quarantine did not treat her well
hiro Yamamoto
hiro Yamamoto Prije 12 dana
She's so energetic and entertaining, I love it lol
Hope Barker
Hope Barker Prije 12 dana
AEPI!!!! It's a Jewish Fraternity, my husband was in it.
sheba baynes
sheba baynes Prije 12 dana
I like her
Scmula DK
Scmula DK Prije 12 dana
I don't know if it's because I'm European, but I am so annoyed by this girl, holy shit.
JD Waka
JD Waka Prije 13 dana
Y'all are trippin! I'd party with her without question! Her energy is very magnetic. Also, as a fraternity man myself(Phi Beta Sigma), I don't understand why everyone kept saying "I WAS in a frat/sorority" as opposed to I AM in a fraternity/sorority...where I come from, that's a life-binding affiliation, but everyone's experience is different. Great episode.
Nouri Prije 13 dana
Her energy...she seems like the ultimate wing woman. That's it I love her lol
Dresden Day
Dresden Day Prije 13 dana
I'm a Pi Phi!
Gursh Prije 13 dana
This girl annoying as hell frats and sorority’s are not that deep
Gursh Prije 13 dana
Can someone explain a frat/sorority to me plz I’m begging u!!!
Rayna HoO
Rayna HoO Prije 13 dana
reading all the comments then watching the video i think y’all are exaggerating a little bit. yeah she might be a little bit annoying but this is nowhere near insufferable
Deeznutz :
Deeznutz : Prije 13 dana
She looks different from before 👀
Amara Prije 13 dana
Do this with MGC and NPHC !!!!!!
Josef Röhrl
Josef Röhrl Prije 13 dana
That guy Max looks like so nice! I would love to have a beer with this guy
bklynkat23 Prije 13 dana
I love her energy!!! We need to see her again
Alejandra Ramos
Alejandra Ramos Prije 13 dana
This entire comment section is so fucking mean. Honestly keep you’re rude ass opinions to yourself holy shit
jordan bodkin
jordan bodkin Prije 12 dana
You could say the same about her, sweetie this is HRpost it’s a public forum for opinions. If you present yourself as annoying then people will point it out. It is what it is.
Bella Marie
Bella Marie Prije 14 dana
Jackks 12
Jackks 12 Prije 14 dana
Please don’t ever do this to us again😐like ever again
Brian M
Brian M Prije 14 dana
Let me guess, she has a frat boyfriend rofl
Brian M
Brian M Prije 14 dana
She is the type of person who makes you feel bad and worse the next second for her unfortunate self
!? Prije 14 dana
Everyone is girls supporting girls until they came to this comment section apparently. Do better you comments on her personality and weight are so embarrassing. She's having fun . Leave her alone.
tina Prije 14 dana
i can never be around someone with so much energy but she seems fun
Muskan Samani
Muskan Samani Prije 14 dana
No hate, just curious is Amalia Pregnant
Sophia Canton
Sophia Canton Prije 15 dana
I’ve been watching these videos for a while and she’s been in a lot of them
Sophia Canton
Sophia Canton Prije 15 dana
Omggg Amalia has gotten fat
Olivia Van Slyck
Olivia Van Slyck Prije 15 dana
all those guys are like... tf
Lovely Prije 15 dana
I loveee Amalia she is so high energy!
STOP Prije 15 dana
Someone tell me mr cuteAF's IG
Z. HV Prije 16 dana
sexual intercourse Games? yo thats nasty. Respect yourself more than Popularity.
dots_futures Prije 16 dana
Is she still with that one girl for the truth and drink lol
vade Prije 16 dana
she’s def gained sum weight since before covid
!? Prije 14 dana
@vade alr, human decency?? no??
vade Prije 14 dana
@!? i’m not a girl lmao
!? Prije 14 dana
@vade That doesnt matter if you are or not. That comment doesn't bring anything helpful or positive to anyone? Girls supporting girls? no?
vade Prije 14 dana
@!? i mean like am i wrong tho??
!? Prije 14 dana
Lets not comment about peoples weight
Ofumere Omokhodion
Ofumere Omokhodion Prije 16 dana
Oh she's sweet. I think she had a lot of fun at her sorority
Mya Jones
Mya Jones Prije 16 dana
So no black fraternities
Chance Houck
Chance Houck Prije 17 dana
wow she hasent been on here in a while, she looks way different
Jacob R
Jacob R Prije 12 dana
Fr back then she was mad young now she’s looking way older 😭
Mini Diva
Mini Diva Prije 18 dana
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Holly Poon
Holly Poon Prije 18 dana
“That’s too direct and not manipulative enough” omfg😭
R S Prije 18 dana
love her shirt
BlameItOnKayla Prije 18 dana
Do I love her? Do I hate her? We may never know 🤷🏾‍♀️
Loba Étoile
Loba Étoile Prije 18 dana
Fraternities sound privileged and scary as hell.
Poopy Butt 111667
Poopy Butt 111667 Prije 18 dana
She let her self go hard
1-800-sparklii Prije 19 dana
I'm Asian and can someone explain how Sororities and Frats work???
L͜͡a͜͡d͜͡y͜͡ ᐻSᑤ
L͜͡a͜͡d͜͡y͜͡ ᐻSᑤ Prije 19 dana
I love that they film in my state, I keep seeing ppl I know in these videos 🥰
Microwaved music
Microwaved music Prije 19 dana
Ya know.....I'm not sure I even know what a fraternitie is... EDIT: I googled it and it didn't really help to be honest. 😅
Rose Quinzel
Rose Quinzel Prije 20 dana
She’s fun lol like no filter
Renee Barry
Renee Barry Prije 20 dana
Did she have to be that annoying .....
Basak Kiniklioglu
Basak Kiniklioglu Prije 20 dana
She is a nightmare.. every sentence coming out of her mouth and even her “moves” made me cringe to my bones... also it must ve been 15 years since.. she represents exactly why I wouldnt join a sorority.
Dan ial
Dan ial Prije 20 dana
Guys I'm not English . . . What's fraternity i don't understand
Febiola Sheryn
Febiola Sheryn Prije 20 dana
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Kelly Prije 20 dana
What’s the mullet dudes @ tho
Alan H
Alan H Prije 20 dana
Amalia is a wild child. She'd be great at truth or drink and/or fear pong.
Charlotte Emerson
Charlotte Emerson Prije 21 dan
this is the first cut video i couldn’t finish. didn’t really vibe with this one i guess...
Crystal M
Crystal M Prije 21 dan
Ooof. She’s rough. Really, really rough to endure.
Ivan P
Ivan P Prije 21 dan
"I don't think you were in a fraternity, you seem too...wholesome"
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell Prije 21 dan
Yo this is so crazy the difference in cultures of frats she would have never guessed I was in a frat cuz I don’t know any of the shit she’s talking about 🤣🤣
Amanda Wallace
Amanda Wallace Prije 21 dan
“That’s too direct and not manipulative enough.” Is someone gonna tell this girl that’s not comical nor normal behavior? 🙄
Bitch Lasagna
Bitch Lasagna Prije 21 dan
Goddamnit everytime you bring this girl on everyone hates her. Pls stop. She’s annoying us all
Ejaaz Prije 21 dan
Wtf is a fraternity ???
Ejaaz Prije 19 dana
@oracle MPH that's so vague yet such a specific answer
oracle MPH
oracle MPH Prije 20 dana
A bunch of dudes being bros
Jarjuan Hill
Jarjuan Hill Prije 21 dan
Poor girl...hella annoying and loud 🙁
!? Prije 14 dana
Girls supporting girls but only when it suits you, right.
Lily Prije 22 dana
The dude at the end as beautiful blue eyes. 😳
CubKits Prije 22 dana
Dude what is with America and their obsession with university and frats and stuff
Benjamin Velazquez
Benjamin Velazquez Prije 22 dana
Does anyone else hear a weird buzzing sound while watching this video?
Dina AG
Dina AG Prije 22 dana
Is amalia pregnant?
SnEAkErHEaD Prije 22 dana
what’s the point in wearing a mask, if your hand are all over him? that’s like wearing a mask during sex and thinking that will stop you getting covid 😒
Nicole A
Nicole A Prije 22 dana
she’s like a liiiiiiittle too old to still be THIS hype about greek life & hittin on one of em 😭
cortlynne gaines
cortlynne gaines Prije 22 dana
amalia has gained so much weight!! i love it on her 😍
Sophie Pearl
Sophie Pearl Prije 22 dana
do “match the person to their snap score”
Ashley Hayward
Ashley Hayward Prije 6 dana
Hxnter zxx
Hxnter zxx Prije 8 dana
Wtf how would a snap score tell anything about a person? I recently open a new snap cuz my other one got hacked and my snap score is low so like that would be whack
idk who I am
idk who I am Prije 12 dana
omg YES i wanna see that so bad
Johnna Armstrong
Johnna Armstrong Prije 22 dana
Max is the highlight of this video for me
belle p
belle p Prije 22 dana
I love Amalia 🖤
Kayla Uhlick
Kayla Uhlick Prije 22 dana
Honestly I think she’s super honest and cool. Way more entertaining than most people
Y’all are so bitter abt her getting excited abt talking to people who have she has a shared experience with and just trashing on her for being involved in Greek life who gives af
oracle MPH
oracle MPH Prije 20 dana
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