Ex Couples Reveal if They’d Get Back Together | Cut

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Would These Exes Get Back Together? | Cut
#exes #relationship #Cut

Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Prije 10 sati
Not y’all simping over a ginger cheater. Why do ✨women✨
Dino Dan
Dino Dan Prije dan
Where's everyone that was hating on kyle 🤣 turns out he got cheated on everyone that was shitting on kyle say sorry because if she didn't like the relationship she could have ✨left✨
Matthew Prije 2 dana
yall rockin wit kyle??? lmk ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Matthew Prije 2 dana
we all agree we hate spencer!?
Ana Ana
Ana Ana Prije 4 dana
The nerve of that ginger girl “You should work on your attentiveness towards your girlfriend and make her feel special” Girl, You cheated on him
TheOlivesAreGreen Prije 4 dana
wow spencer is so trash. ewwww
Smokess Prije 4 dana
Bald guy was hurting
Golden Girl Jay
Golden Girl Jay Prije 5 dana
spencer is literally ugly so i’m confused as to how he even got his ex
Martin Tran
Martin Tran Prije 2 sati
Maybe his bed game is on fire
Jose Azua
Jose Azua Prije 5 dana
Fucking Kylie 🤣🤣🤣
Steven V
Steven V Prije 5 dana
What is that redhead wearing ? Like is she homeless ?
Erica :/
Erica :/ Prije 5 dana
would you ever consider getting back together: “yes...so many people are gonna be mad that i said that” BITCH YOU CHEATED ON HIM WHAT
Wyatt Mitchke
Wyatt Mitchke Prije 5 dana
Bruh that blonde guy that looks like a 14 year old sucks, took like 2 min for me to hate him
Sadie Zagwoski
Sadie Zagwoski Prije 5 dana
the girl in the redish orange sweater is literally two colors she needs help with her foundation😭
shauyan A
shauyan A Prije 5 dana
I love Kyle
chillyisasleep Prije 5 dana
I was like “yea Natalia is so good looking and Kyle doesn’t seem like a great person” but I was wrong 😑
mishxal hey
mishxal hey Prije 6 dana
why were yall going off on kyle last vid he seemed so sweet to me and i was right dude got cheated on 😭
TheNamesMango Prije 6 dana
People like spencer need to be avoided at all costs, wtf is that “it’s really hard to say no to her” weak shit?!?
TypicallyUnique Prije 7 dana
I like Coach, he seems like a good dude.
Blossoming Hope
Blossoming Hope Prije 7 dana
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that's so true in Spencer's case. He has two women willing to let him cheat on them when he's such an ugly person.
Landry Martin
Landry Martin Prije 8 dana
the red head is the prettiest girl ive ever seen
aliceplays Prije 8 dana
spencer is the reason im scared to get into a committed realationship also good thing dom got suspicious or else that breakup could be a lot worse then it probably already was.
kaylee belle
kaylee belle Prije 8 dana
and spencer is awful >:(
kaylee belle
kaylee belle Prije 8 dana
kyle is too funny😭
Simran Dulal
Simran Dulal Prije 8 dana
I feel so bad for Kyle.
ddaengden Prije 8 dana
1:12 what is she doing
Bella Francis
Bella Francis Prije 9 dana
ginger girl is so high lol
Commander Cody
Commander Cody Prije 9 dana
I could see Kyle and that girl getting back together, they seem very healthy mentally.
Nauts Prije 4 dana
The cheater????
Carolina Bucio
Carolina Bucio Prije 9 dana
What is the Instagram of the red head girl?
IamNadiah Prije 9 dana
The girl with the orange shirts ex is bashing her so much....
KRUSTYskates Prije 9 dana
Redhead: “Give me more attention or ill cheat on you”
Nonoa Sailo
Nonoa Sailo Prije 10 dana
That Spencer is not a good dude.
Walrus Prije 11 dana
Kyle is an absolute madlad
ACE PRANKS Prije 11 dana
Kyle and spencer do not give a f*ck
shreyasvp Prije 11 dana
Who's here from Tiktok
janelle saucedo
janelle saucedo Prije 11 dana
of course she goes to the u of a lmao
ReFuze_Crusty 20
ReFuze_Crusty 20 Prije 11 dana
Can they see each other
Ülgen Nehir Tosun
Ülgen Nehir Tosun Prije 11 dana
how a fucking person who cheated can say they cehated him or her that easily...I mean its obvious they are fucking mean cause they CHEATED but i didnt waited they could be that relaxed...
Kevin Byrne
Kevin Byrne Prije 12 dana
Kyle is the homie
1 2
1 2 Prije 12 dana
Damn Kyle feel bad for you ( Blonde curly haired guy). On the other vids everyone was against you & talking about how he doesn't deserve her. To then find out that she cheated on you. Sorry man
Jerry Chan
Jerry Chan Prije 12 dana
We all owe Kyle an apology
Jordan Tomsett
Jordan Tomsett Prije 12 dana
“So many people r gonna be mad I said that” it’s not ur friends with the right to be mad lmao
CHWDP jan Prije 12 dana
Shaggy Dawg
Shaggy Dawg Prije 13 dana
Lil dude with the tan jacket a wolf in sheep’s clothes, I see u boy 💯💯💯‼️
Elijah Effort
Elijah Effort Prije 13 dana
Spencer was a straight SAVAGE
jackson atchley
jackson atchley Prije 13 dana
So many people were shitting on Kyle, and come to find out Ms. Ginger hoed him😭
AJ Prije 10 dana
Fr she has 26k likes on the last video saying some bullshit like "I'm glad to know our relationship only went far as my grandparents" or something lmao I knew from the jump kyle was the goat
Rudy Benavidez
Rudy Benavidez Prije 13 dana
Damn right. All you females that were Hating on Kyle (specifically) were in the wrong. Goes to show there are lots of you who like to judge by covers, and ignore literally every moral you were taught. Queen isnt a Queen cause she's pretty. All you got comments acting like your mind opened up to philosophy and understanding all of a sudden. Nah, you're just petty and look stupid now. Don't worry though, now you got a chance to learn from this.
Poop_Blower Prije 13 dana
The ginger girl had bad vibes from the beginning and girls still rooted for her smh can't trust females judgement
Ima Go Apesht
Ima Go Apesht Prije 13 dana
The red haired girl is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Bichen Up Ur -
Bichen Up Ur - Prije 14 dana
Spencer looks short, in every category. Both physically & mentally.
Reuel Naresh
Reuel Naresh Prije 13 dana
And short is an insult why?
James Backwards
James Backwards Prije 14 dana
Dominique was doing charity work 💅🏾✨
narsola Prije 15 dana
iTrkMoor mnm
iTrkMoor mnm Prije 15 dana
Kyle deserves better, the red head trying to make it his fault even tho she cheated
James Brown
James Brown Prije 15 dana
wait so Spencer can't say no to his ex that he claims is a complete pain in the ass, ummm there most have been some other endearing quality if you are willing to cheat on your current girlfriend with her and Dominic is an actual idiot for even doing that but she didn't know they were together so I won't be too hard on her
David Bromfield
David Bromfield Prije 16 dana
1:13 we just finna ignore this lady ?? Lmao
Jabari kush
Jabari kush Prije 16 dana
5:23 this dude dont give are fuck🤣
Yahney-Marie Prije 16 dana
bro i hate the girl w the orange shirt’s ex
Rabbit _D
Rabbit _D Prije 17 dana
somehow u guys' video arent appearing on our home page
Ana Banana
Ana Banana Prije 17 dana
I love how most of the comment section is full of people saying that they liked the ginger girl until the cheating thingie was exposed and the hate towards spencer honestly, same.
Jordynn Prije 18 dana
Do a video showing their reactions. (Mostly the couple with spencer).
Mini Diva
Mini Diva Prije 18 dana
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ToastyStrawb Prije 18 dana
that ginger girl seems really nice
Howling Wolf
Howling Wolf Prije 18 dana
Man y'all was jumping over each other to compliment the Ginger & destroy Kyle in the comment section (simply because of appearance) & now you see, she's a cheater who blames the other person! Y'all make judgements was too quickly on this site!
Elizabeth Prije 19 dana
This episode is juicy
ladybrownen Prije 19 dana
notice how everyone thought kyle was in the wrong purely off how he looks . those same people would then say looks don't matter
Amy Dee
Amy Dee Prije 20 dana
Spencer is the worsssssttttt
ICY wifey
ICY wifey Prije 20 dana
Dom is waaay to pretty to be getting cheated on by someone looking like that
Drew w
Drew w Prije 20 dana
Damn, y’all milking the most videos out these interviews
prettygirl playlists
prettygirl playlists Prije 21 dan
“he’s going to say no but he will be lying.” him: “no, under no circumstances stance” 5 seconds later....”y’all got me yes I would get back with him 😩” LMFAO i liked that he knows him so well
Wayne Kennedy
Wayne Kennedy Prije 21 dan
The ex gay couple are the funniest. Sh!t they made me laugh 😅
Leanne Prije 22 dana
Spencer 🤮
Raisa Burdak
Raisa Burdak Prije 22 dana
“Still broke my heart and never mended” ... wow sad🙁
Edmundo Blanco
Edmundo Blanco Prije 22 dana
The last girl threw hella shade
Lutendo Mukwevho
Lutendo Mukwevho Prije 22 dana
"I was a liar "😂
Lutendo Mukwevho
Lutendo Mukwevho Prije 22 dana
Ginger girl is colddddd. Maybe a little too honest
Danny J Good
Danny J Good Prije 22 dana
The red head is hhhhhott.
Hyacinth Niemann
Hyacinth Niemann Prije 23 dana
Spencer is that guy that literally only has friends because he has weed
artbox Prije 23 dana
Once a cheater always a cheater.
Riley Wilson
Riley Wilson Prije 24 dana
That dude who ended up with the coworker. Fuck that guy. Like he cheats on his ex with his current girlfriend and then cheats on the current girl with the ex and then tries to say “well it’s just really hard to say no to her.” I hope both those girls are able to find someone better for them.
April Yang
April Yang Prije 24 dana
Spencer 🤮
tiannamakesyoulaugh Prije 24 dana
why does cut always repost the same videos with a. different title
Claire Zukowski
Claire Zukowski Prije 24 dana
people are gonna be mad that you said you'd get back together... with the guy YOU cheated on???? ma'am????
Gabby H.
Gabby H. Prije 25 dana
b1njjj95 Prije 25 dana
Spencer is disgusting.
Osman Bilal Lee
Osman Bilal Lee Prije 25 dana
They should really be putting the Instagram accounts of these people in the description page.
Layla Sprinkle
Layla Sprinkle Prije 25 dana
What’s the red haired girls Instagram? She’s so pretty!
Rebekah Beall
Rebekah Beall Prije 25 dana
Bro Spencer is bad vibes all around I feel bad for his ex and his current girlfriend 😬
Xavier Hawkins
Xavier Hawkins Prije 25 dana
Don’t cheat on your boyfriend...ouch
Aries Prije 25 dana
Am I just imagining it or is this a re-upload?
j p
j p Prije 25 dana
How many videos are they going to make from a same single video?!?!?!? Lol
NiLaCreated Prije 25 dana
Spencer looks like the virgin “nice guy” that gets played. Who would’ve thought that he’s the one playing those around him that at least one clearly still loves and cares for him
TEAM KUTTNUP Prije 26 dana
😂😂😂 this is too funny
Amir L
Amir L Prije 26 dana
Can they hear each other? Lol cause idk if if it’s the timing but the reactions are too in sync
Veronika Podczaszy
Veronika Podczaszy Prije 26 dana
The blond guy is so disgusting... how can he talk and think like that. Poor girls
Miriam H
Miriam H Prije 26 dana
That redhead cheater is so pretty
Percules Prije 12 dana
“Redhead cheater” 💀💀
Karaaa Gibson
Karaaa Gibson Prije 26 dana
So that’s not Quando Rondo in that red hoodie😂
Megan Diorr .
Megan Diorr . Prije 26 dana
2:19 she’s so cute omgg
tiannadeshon Prije 26 dana
“And she said ‘what do you think I about me moving out’” LMFAO
Laryn Scott
Laryn Scott Prije 26 dana
The girl with red hair is absolutely gorgeous
tyler weston
tyler weston Prije 27 dana
I love how honest spencer is. I do not think he lied once during those questions . If I were to cheat I wouldn’t but if I were my answers would be the same. Reason as why I wouldn’t cheat is because it’s so easy to say I don’t want to be with you anymore or all I want is to have sexual relationship nothing more. To me it’s simple.
Ninfreak95 Prije 27 dana
Spencer needs a sex therapist to break down his inbuilt monogamous normative lifestyle that he's been taught by society. He needs to realize that he's poly or open and stop hurting people.
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