Last To Leave Gym Wins $5,000 - FaZe Clan

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FaZe Clan

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Watch to the end of the video to see who wins the $5,000.
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FaZe Teeqo
FaZe Teeqo Prije 2 mjeseci
f those 5k
ADam Rafel
ADam Rafel Prije dan
Matthew Rhodes
Matthew Rhodes Prije 2 dana
baad call it was a dad pass
H GAMING Prije 2 dana
Ba Ko
Ba Ko Prije 4 dana
Alright 5k is alot but still hi taco
Dylanpro Ruiz Contreras
Dylanpro Ruiz Contreras Prije 4 dana
Sorry teeqo
Beast Mode
Beast Mode Prije 17 sati
Javis was about to catch it then his like nope so javis should be alimadated
Irving Campos
Irving Campos Prije dan
Alex basically cheated because on a bench press you have go down to your chest and he didn’t that is how he won or if not tommy would of one
Irving Campos
Irving Campos Prije dan
Grayson Adams
Grayson Adams Prije dan
FaZe Farhan
FaZe Farhan Prije dan
Hahahahaha f those 5k
Mary Kerin
Mary Kerin Prije 3 dana
There not proper chin ups ur hands have to go all the way down
Ba Ko
Ba Ko Prije 4 dana
Definitly temperr will win
esllen johnston
esllen johnston Prije 4 dana
them boys slow ngl
JosephsMindset Prije 4 dana
Alex need to learn how to do a proper bench press tommy won in my books
BobbyD Prije 4 dana
“Chin-ups” 😂😂
Diego Aguilar Funez
Diego Aguilar Funez Prije 5 dana
Who else hates Alex
Blackalicious 894
Blackalicious 894 Prije 5 dana
Is it me or is tommy blurred out?? Why is this?
Sara Nielsen
Sara Nielsen Prije 5 dana
alex did not go fully down with that push up
Deleted. Me
Deleted. Me Prije 6 dana
Soo bad pull ups...
Goblin Prije 6 dana
Bro temper went to his chest Alex was like 3 inches off cheat
SimenFN Prije 8 dana
wtf are those bench presses adapt?
Jia Yong
Jia Yong Prije 8 dana
Why is Alex in faze if he does nothing but only compete on things and he is the dumbest in the face 😂
Jona Dizon
Jona Dizon Prije 8 dana
Bro teeqo literally had 1 life for a bad throw wtf
Cooper Russell
Cooper Russell Prije 8 dana
Alex didn’t even put it to his stumic
Brian Wemigwans
Brian Wemigwans Prije 8 dana
Bro why did they blur out Tommy’s shirt
Sandro Gツ
Sandro Gツ Prije 8 dana
half repped the last ones
Jordan Pate
Jordan Pate Prije 8 dana
That’s not fair, dude didn’t even go all the way down with the bench press like tommy did
Brennan K
Brennan K Prije 9 dana
Nah bro Adapt didnt bench ANY of those reps correctly lol not a single one went to his chest. Im not worried about the form but for it to count as a rep it needs to hit the chest
Dubi3 Prije 9 dana
7:56 Wtf is this Chin ups??????
Demonslayer 309
Demonslayer 309 Prije 10 dana
That should have counted the 7:17
Kfkf Rjfjfj
Kfkf Rjfjfj Prije 13 dana
You help hm out
Alert Saucer
Alert Saucer Prije 14 dana
Mr beast lite
HoseZentaur Prije 14 dana
These chin ups are less than half of the range of motion. They invented awhole new exercise
Adam Olivera
Adam Olivera Prije 15 dana
Yooo Alex wasn’t even going to chest when he was benching
Lucia Martone
Lucia Martone Prije 16 dana
luciaCVU TJ
FireStoneGod Gaming
FireStoneGod Gaming Prije 18 dana
When somebody kissed my girl 2:35
Little STyX
Little STyX Prije 18 dana
my top speed be 19
Little STyX
Little STyX Prije 18 dana
my man Teeqo was chilling on the floor and aimbot forgot to activate his cheats and didnt catch it
Aiden Marsh
Aiden Marsh Prije 19 dana
And Alex wasn’t going to his chest
Aiden Marsh
Aiden Marsh Prije 19 dana
Teeqo shouldn’t have been our Alex should of
Sammy Plays 88
Sammy Plays 88 Prije 19 dana
Fav song I meant hahaha
Sammy Plays 88
Sammy Plays 88 Prije 19 dana
Yo jarvis I lovenjuice wrld what's your tax song from him
Jimi Kim
Jimi Kim Prije 19 dana
The damaging foxglove spectroscopically spare because rainbow bioinformatically sprout failing a vulgar form. poised, dazzling celery
Erblin Rakipi
Erblin Rakipi Prije 20 dana
Bro tommy was going to the chest alex half
Thunder Storm 999
Thunder Storm 999 Prije 20 dana
Adapt cheated the f
Thunder Storm 999
Thunder Storm 999 Prije 20 dana
Counting of temper Singh bang = 99999999999999999999999
Thunder Storm 999
Thunder Storm 999 Prije 20 dana
Yo corrupted head you don’t even try
R4MS3S Prije 20 dana
the guy with the big nose looks like he is wearing a big nose mask
Molly Ingalls
Molly Ingalls Prije 20 dana
And I’m a boy
Molly Ingalls
Molly Ingalls Prije 20 dana
Tommy is my favorite faze member
sandmancave Prije 20 dana
is alex American?
Roelv FN
Roelv FN Prije 21 dan
Henry Trotter
Henry Trotter Prije 21 dan
Alex cheated
Gaza Reilly
Gaza Reilly Prije 21 dan
I'd love to do that I wish
Aaron Oliver
Aaron Oliver Prije 22 dana
Look at them compare the faze security guys can lift 400 pounds
bjaydenN Prije 22 dana
Alex cheated💀
Chris George
Chris George Prije 22 dana
I loved when Teeqo turned into a Karen
ChillLofiBeats NoCopyright
ChillLofiBeats NoCopyright Prije 22 dana
Bro... Alex did the reos but he did y do it all the way down. Tommy instead did it all the way down si o think tommy desertes it more PD: Also tommy deserves it more cause hua head is not busted.
The 200
The 200 Prije 23 dana
Why was tommys shirt blurred out
Cassandra Chrast
Cassandra Chrast Prije 23 dana
What is Kay sharing
Respxct rafaell Garcia
Respxct rafaell Garcia Prije 24 dana
Zach Fisher
Zach Fisher Prije 24 dana
Alex did not touch he's chest with the bar
Edp654 Prije 24 dana
Why is this the new faze
Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell Prije 24 dana
Alex is a cheater
Ali Qorbani
Ali Qorbani Prije 24 dana
Fsusosdddddddhdhhhhrhdhddddddd sRDsDDDDDDEDHDDdDdddddd
It's_Dragon_PR Prije 24 dana
nikan helped alex there at the end
Peppsis Cheats
Peppsis Cheats Prije 24 dana
Form Alex: What's that?
VE_J4ckyboi Prije 24 dana
Why’d they blur Tommy’s shirt???
Erik.k Prije 25 dana
tommy and alex didnt do full reps😐
Vichai Chuyangheu
Vichai Chuyangheu Prije 25 dana
Alex is so mean to javis also javis head isn’t busted
Douglas Forbes
Douglas Forbes Prije 26 dana
Lifting isn’t everything. Running is probably half of a good exercise too.
Almar Fonneland Hansen
Almar Fonneland Hansen Prije 24 dana
electric recon
electric recon Prije 26 dana
BTW name is Benjamin frank
Nxghtmarex7 Prije 26 dana
Y’all are so dumb this man Alex wasn’t even benching right tf, your supposed to go to your chest
Curt Mims
Curt Mims Prije 27 dana
He lost he didn’t go all the way down
Mostafa Mohamed
Mostafa Mohamed Prije 27 dana
I think Tommy is going to win
Joe Makin
Joe Makin Prije 27 dana
stickme on a tradmilli could be there all day easy win
Minty smhd10
Minty smhd10 Prije 28 dana
Why does adapt look so drunk
Jason Rached
Jason Rached Prije 28 dana
I could not stop laughing at the was Cizzors runs 🤣🤣🤣
cage limits2
cage limits2 Prije 28 dana
I feel sorry for taco that was a shit throw
Abuツ Prije 28 dana
Frazier got back fired
Isaiah Loya
Isaiah Loya Prije 29 dana
On the pull-ups they weren’t even going all the way down
Marius Falther
Marius Falther Prije 29 dana
you need a new kamara that one suck bro
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez Prije 29 dana
change the host
james remer
james remer Prije mjesec
Why were teequos shorts blurred and Tommy’s shirt blurred
Mandy Rodgers
Mandy Rodgers Prije mjesec
The slow seashore metrically improve because hockey nomenclaturally paste amid a earthy velvet. first, axiomatic begonia
Mystic_Yeet Prije mjesec
teeqo would of won that
Santiago Romero
Santiago Romero Prije mjesec
andry Prije mjesec
I don't wont to be a hater but when you bench the baar need to touch your ches
Ousman habib Frazer
Ousman habib Frazer Prije mjesec
Shebek Shebekov
Shebek Shebekov Prije mjesec
Ain't no single reps made on Bench press....
Luis Pantoja
Luis Pantoja Prije mjesec
Who taught faze adapt how to bench press that was a total fail
Sauce on top
Sauce on top Prije mjesec
Yo y is Tommy’s shirt blind?
JoekerCinematics Prije mjesec
Those chin ups are wack
N.W.SBeamZ Prije mjesec
Here's some advice when you run. Don't ball ur fists because when u ball ur fists the air is compressing against ur fists and it slows u down, so when ur running expand ur hands because when u expand them the air flows off to the sides. Your welcome😁
Kelly Cowan
Kelly Cowan Prije mjesec
Cap this vid cap
Nuxxyyy On top
Nuxxyyy On top Prije mjesec
I thought he said bench press not lift it
Mark Jacobs
Mark Jacobs Prije mjesec
Alex bench press they didn't even go to his chest
Mark Jacobs
Mark Jacobs Prije mjesec
Alex wasn't going down that far Tommy should have won
Bassam Boualwan
Bassam Boualwan Prije mjesec
Why r stuff blurred out??
Urmo Prije mjesec
The highest anyone benched and acc touched there chest was 185 kg
Eric Parsons
Eric Parsons Prije mjesec
I know right
Cristian Benavides
Cristian Benavides Prije mjesec
Why was Tommy's shirt blered
Henry Parkin
Henry Parkin Prije mjesec
Why do faze not like ethiad
Ddddass Tggfd
Ddddass Tggfd Prije mjesec
I’m faster than Tommy my speed on a treadmill is 19.6
gladis velasquez
gladis velasquez Prije mjesec
Has anyone noticed that tommy's shirt is blurred
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