Teacher ACCUSES STUDENT of Doing DRUGS, Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

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Dhar Mann

Prije 26 dana

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00:00 Teacher ACCUSES STUDENT of Doing DRUGS
08:01 Dhars Outro
08:22 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Writer: Troy Whitaker and Dhar Mann
Idea: Dhar Mann
Director: Mario Rodriguez
Editor: Grant Swanson
Casting Associate: Daniel E. Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellano, Elisandro Gonzalez
Sound: Brian Sly
Teacher - Katherine Norland
Principal - Sean Harris
Adam - Ayden Mekus
Marcus - Devon Weetly
Mom - Shaunte Massard
Dad - Eric J. Black
Woman - Dehab Hagi
Secretary - Dorothy Mannine
Janitor - Richard Larimore
Student 1 - Nathaniel Sanchez
Student 2 - Xavier Owens
Student 3 - Orion Hunter
Student 4 - Maci Brust
Student 5 - Nyasia Surgick
Student 6 - Angelina Koerner
Student 7 - Ty'Quasha Palmer

#LiveYourBestLife #Inspirational

Dhar Mann
Dhar Mann Prije 26 dana
Hi #DharMannFam, SHOP NOW! My latest merch is available now! New colors, slogans & styles, you're going love: bit.ly/2KCEl1Y Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here: bit.ly/2Kcbgs2 ★ RECOMMENDED PLAYLIST FOR YOU ★ - Judging Others: bit.ly/3nn3Kej
XxiceyKittyxX ∆∆∆
XxiceyKittyxX ∆∆∆ Prije 7 dana
Ruben Herrera
Ruben Herrera Prije 12 dana
Felipe Quadrado
Felipe Quadrado Prije 18 dana
Dhar Mann, just to help the fact that Marcus walked to the end of the a class door with a glass wall kinda takes away the importance of glass... while Marcus went to the door to see his father, his father looked at him through the glass... you know what I'm trying to say? just trying to help here...
Osvaldo Gaytan Cruz
Osvaldo Gaytan Cruz Prije 22 dana
I love you you are the best actress
Mason Cartier
Mason Cartier Prije 23 dana
Dhar Mann
mAiAThEwEirDo mAiAThEwEirDo
mAiAThEwEirDo mAiAThEwEirDo Prije 9 minuta
That’s so cool that she has different coloured eyes!!!
Jonas Nielsen
Jonas Nielsen Prije 12 minuta
Worst actor ever go to the teacher
Dia The Bum
Dia The Bum Prije 12 minuta
I watched this for the 2828383th time :D
•XxKiraxX• Prije 27 minuta
Kinda racist
dimowsky Prije 33 minuta
Can we all appreciate tha- wait there is an ad,sorry
Brandon Tovar
Brandon Tovar Prije 36 minuta
Never have a racist teacher
Hend Massoud
Hend Massoud Prije 36 minuta
It is "A F" not "An F"
Pou Thomas
Pou Thomas Prije 48 minuta
Not gonna lie I took a good look at the kid with the green shirt and thought “SUS” and than he didn’t turn in his homework, He immediately looked sus
makhtoom anifowose
makhtoom anifowose Prije 51 minute
tf who dislikes
Hudson Ruetz
Hudson Ruetz Prije 57 minuta
I think Adam did it
bad borderlands
bad borderlands Prije sat
The teacher is such a Karen
Truce_Gaming Prije sat
Favoritism sucks when applied to the school system
pineapple potato
pineapple potato Prije 2 sati
i bet you didn’t notice that the teacher has different colored eyes
Truce_Gaming Prije sat
Thats a condition called heterochromia, where your eyes are colored differently. It looks cool.
TheBunnyWithWings Prije 2 sati
it's kind of ironic her name is karen
Casey Amara
Casey Amara Prije 2 sati
This is why the teachers name Karen
Anahi Zuniga
Anahi Zuniga Prije 2 sati
Yep I knew it Was Adam
· Flvffy Clxxdx ·
· Flvffy Clxxdx · Prije 2 sati
Are those- dinosaur expansion- i- Dinosaur expansion capsules-
Anahi Zuniga
Anahi Zuniga Prije 2 sati
But not him I think it was The kid who gave the Apple to Karen his name is Aiden
Anahi Zuniga
Anahi Zuniga Prije 2 sati
I’m at the middle of that video and I already know who does drugs
Anahi Zuniga
Anahi Zuniga Prije 2 sati
I hate how her name is Karen
Darktitis Prije 2 sati
I (insert traduction of the french word ''rire'' here) when i heard that the teacher name was karen)
Adrian Delgadillo
Adrian Delgadillo Prije 3 sati
haha karen edit: why does she have my dog's eyes
Bud Clan
Bud Clan Prije 3 sati
I love how their like hmmmmmmm who looks suspicious and then they just pan to a dude with sunglasses and a dark hoodie
marleni toledano
marleni toledano Prije 3 sati
the teacher should not be so quick to blame this video really teaches a life lesson
Lyddia Thomas
Lyddia Thomas Prije 3 sati
Waitt Adam didn't bring his homework BUT MARCUS GETS YELLED AT!? WHAT A RUDE TEACHER
Mahima Ali
Mahima Ali Prije 3 sati
Anna Hartness
Anna Hartness Prije 3 sati
On thing I hate the most is judge-mental ppl
Aisha Alharby
Aisha Alharby Prije 4 sati
Kate Lee
Kate Lee Prije 4 sati
You just had to use the name Karen didn't you.. okay.. did you know that a woman was sent to the hospital because of her name.. the collage kids broke her arm some ribs and her leg and her arm.. just because her name was Karen.. this joke is no longer a joke.. this woman needs to be fired.. I'm glad it's just a story.. the violence against people with the name of Karen please stop
Truce_Gaming Prije sat
It's a meme, stop being so soft because someone uses a name. Edit: Source?
Jenny Chen
Jenny Chen Prije 4 sati
ok Ok OK OK! First of all I don’t know why there were drugs on the classroom so what does the drugs do with everything?
Jenny Chen
Jenny Chen Prije 4 sati
Cut that I didn’t watch the entire video so yeah sorry the drugs did do something the person who gave her a apple is the person who’s on drugs
genarojrs Prije 4 sati
Something I have NEVER seen *No cameras in the classroom? Thats weird*
Qiana Murphy
Qiana Murphy Prije 4 sati
I don’t mean to be rude but Karen but your boy drugs
Team Eagle Fang
Team Eagle Fang Prije 4 sati
I know this is a bad thing to do but I kind of agree with the teacher because he did have those blood shot eyes
Kelsey Bista
Kelsey Bista Prije 4 sati
Why did the janitor found drugs?
Emery Nieblas
Emery Nieblas Prije 5 sati
I was crying so much so sad:(
Zayan Gaming
Zayan Gaming Prije 5 sati
Did anyone notice that the teacher had one eye blue and the other brown
Sasuke uchiha
Sasuke uchiha Prije 5 sati
This maid me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Nariah Kingsnorth-Clements
Nariah Kingsnorth-Clements Prije 5 sati
Dhar mann no disrespect here but theres something called LYING
BroWn Bear Playz
BroWn Bear Playz Prije 6 sati
Why did Adam do drugs
BroWn Bear Playz
BroWn Bear Playz Prije 6 sati
Jakahi Varnado
Jakahi Varnado Prije 6 sati
Did anyone else notice the teacher has two eye colors
sip Prije 6 sati
the teacher said yo no
husnarahman11 Prije 6 sati
And her name is Karen XD
It’s Kharsyn
It’s Kharsyn Prije 6 sati
His eyes really said 🔴-🔴
Truce_Gaming Prije sat
Not to be a douche but honestly, your most recent video needs some work.
BLUE TIGER Prije 7 sati
miss karen has two coloured eye balls oooooooooooh
Destiny Mayivanga
Destiny Mayivanga Prije 7 sati
Miss Karen does suits her bad attitude
Crazy Dogs
Crazy Dogs Prije 7 sati
Miss Karen really be living up to her name
Young Max
Young Max Prije 7 sati
The teacher has red eyes
_ FropTV
_ FropTV Prije 7 sati
No wonder he does werid dances on TikTok because HES DOING DRUGS
marceesio playz
marceesio playz Prije 7 sati
project zorgo is waching...
Leah Hernandez
Leah Hernandez Prije 7 sati
What is the feature has a blue eye and a nasal I
Henry Simpson
Henry Simpson Prije 7 sati
That hair cut 💀
Tinybrainjr Prije 7 sati
Adam just got caught in 4k 📸
VIPs warehouse
VIPs warehouse Prije 7 sati
Did anyone notice the teachers eyes are different colors?
Saroj Pandey
Saroj Pandey Prije 7 sati
Boy name adam of freefire
Valerie Kimani
Valerie Kimani Prije 7 sati
Miss Karen ........is a KarEn
Koko Githinji
Koko Githinji Prije 7 sati
teacher : boy wearing hoodie and sunglasses... suspicious me : boy gives apple to teacher... suspicious
Liam_BRUHh -tips tricks and hilarious content
Liam_BRUHh -tips tricks and hilarious content Prije 8 sati
Oh no
conor carroll
conor carroll Prije 8 sati
She is called Karen for a reason
Neitho Kire
Neitho Kire Prije 8 sati
Jude MacNiven
Jude MacNiven Prije 8 sati
These r funny af
Zee K
Zee K Prije 8 sati
miss karen why is your name karen oh because u get to assume stuff about marcus blm
conor carroll
conor carroll Prije 8 sati
Lol I was gonna say that lol
Aysha Nazir
Aysha Nazir Prije 8 sati
Why is this teacher named Mrs Karen
Leonardo Cesana
Leonardo Cesana Prije 8 sati
if I saw a student with bloodshot eyes and saw him crying, I would make sure everything's alright by comforting him, not accusing him
Crusty Rat girl
Crusty Rat girl Prije 8 sati
I am very thankful that if a teacher at my school behaves in this manner the entire class will immediately say something to them in a nice way ofc
Luzviminda Heman
Luzviminda Heman Prije 9 sati
Thats why they are acting like it
Luzviminda Heman
Luzviminda Heman Prije 9 sati
To be honest karens thinks they own the world
moto exploration
moto exploration Prije 9 sati
Can we take a sec on how this is unrealistic not one of his classmates were a snitch my class woulde have laughed snitched etc
super ninja
super ninja Prije 9 sati
Yea pretty unrealistic
joselito agustines
joselito agustines Prije 9 sati
black and white are the same difference its color i remember anecdote of Abraham Lincoln said man created equal
joselito agustines
joselito agustines Prije 9 sati
dont judge the book its cover
Justbrook Prije 10 sati
I love dhar man skits
Hao Prije 12 sati
2:29 when a crewmate get sus of me
Hao Prije 12 sati
and reveals my identidy;-;
boltz the electro electric
boltz the electro electric Prije 12 sati
Shyla Pilapil
Shyla Pilapil Prije 12 sati
0:42 and that is how the boys got there adams apple
alex tang
alex tang Prije 12 sati
She do really looks like Karen cause her name is miss Karen xDDD
Tahlia Liki
Tahlia Liki Prije 13 sati
I love how they name the bad teachers mrs Karen
•Syd's Aesthetix •
•Syd's Aesthetix • Prije 13 sati
The fact that adam brought her the apple (adam's apple )
Cobra Kai1209
Cobra Kai1209 Prije 14 sati
I love how he made Ayden's name Adam and he had an apple so "Adam's Apple".
Memory Prije 14 sati
Everyone should be treat equal. No matter what their skin color is
Noor Azahar Waras
Noor Azahar Waras Prije 15 sati
my dad means the world to me but if this happens to me i will cry all night
kumurat86 Prije 16 sati
All Karen’s are idiots I never trusting a karen
丂卄卂丨丨爪 Prije 16 sati
Me: teacher I didn't do my homework Teacher: ok bring it tomorrow *Dhar Mann* Ayden: teacher I didn't do my home work but.. I bRoUgHt YoU tHiS aPpLe Oop-
Gareth Ong
Gareth Ong Prije 16 sati
What is doing drugs?
229 Intat Sookananchai
229 Intat Sookananchai Prije 17 sati
I hate it when I try to say “No/I didn’t do it/It’s not me” and LITERALLY EVERYONE just ask me back “Then who did it” bruh I didn’t do it I have nothing to do with it how am I suppose to know???WITH MY ALL SEEING EYES???
missee oppertunity for the janitor to i caught him in 4k
Beefy Stew
Beefy Stew Prije 17 sati
Adam gives a teacher an apple. It’s Adam’s apple
syahlika fajar
syahlika fajar Prije 17 sati
Theres dorothy manniee ❤❤
Marcey Nadine
Marcey Nadine Prije 18 sati
Is only with the karen
Mckenzie Bates
Mckenzie Bates Prije 18 sati
Miss karen
Drip shorts
Drip shorts Prije 18 sati
Omg Ayden mekus
Mxsticc_YT Prije 18 sati
Once h click on a video u cant click off
Mira Mirabelle
Mira Mirabelle Prije 18 sati
So no one’s gonna talk about how the woman was Dorothy when Markus caught his dad cheating ?
Luminous Prije 18 sati
Luminous Prije 18 sati
0:56 wait they do homework on the weekend?
rangerickz Prije 18 sati
This is why I hate white people. Thank You Dhar Mann for making me realize this again. I have awakened to my true self. ❤❤❤❤
Mala Sinha
Mala Sinha Prije 18 sati
this is what happen in schools... teachers play favouritetism among students... they always blame on the outcasts who don't involve that much in class or butter the teacher...
Breille Anne Loria
Breille Anne Loria Prije 19 sati
Isnt it funny that i have an actual teacher named karen? but she is rly kind and FAR FROM THIS KAREN
super ninja
super ninja Prije 9 sati
Thank goodness
Susie Currie
Susie Currie Prije 19 sati
Noah how could you!!
Praseolite Prije 19 sati
How did they get ahold of drugs
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