Arnold Schwarzenegger 2018 - The speech that broke the internet - Most Inspiring ever

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Arnold Schwarzenegger 2018 - The speech that broke the internet - Most Inspiring ever
[ORIGINAL] Arnold Schwarzeneggers Most Inspirational Speech - The speech that broke the internet

Help us caption & translate this video!

Help us caption & translate this video!

MulliganBrothers Prije 2 godina
Sorry guys, we had issues with the video. Hopefully the wait wasn't too long. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS Special thanks to Jürgen Höller who is a popular motivational trainer in Germany for bringing Arnold on stage. It's only possible for us to hear these amazing words because of the event 'Power Weekend' in Munich organised by the Jürgen Höller academy. Please click on this link to get the original speech.
Devine Fence
Devine Fence Prije 16 dana
Love this video, daily listen
Parker Handyside
Parker Handyside Prije 25 dana
@Amazing Life @larsman007 Hans Zimmer - Time from Inception
steroidsR4losers Prije 26 dana
Anabol "The Joke" Steroidzenloser
KεN SchWáπZ
KεN SchWáπZ Prije 29 dana
Fraulein Victoria
Fraulein Victoria Prije 10 minuta
"Fuck your freedoms" -Arnold in 2021
Finest Photography
Finest Photography Prije 19 sati
This is really one of the best speech ever!!!
position876 Prije dan
Typical survivor bias bullshit
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk Prije dan
The unwieldy bronze contrastingly cycle because betty cumulatively turn regarding a festive postbox. conscious, wiry cattle
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Prije dan
A nazi supporting rapist and son of a nazi officer, who wants to rule the world. isn't where I draw inspiration
Anthony Savage
Anthony Savage Prije dan
Arnold "screw your freedom" Schwarzenegger. Lost all credibility.
Luca Holzer
Luca Holzer Prije dan
So inspirering
Yateley Hypnotherapy
Yateley Hypnotherapy Prije dan
Ah, but isn’t it miraculous how the Fates works. He had a Goal. To be Mr. Universe. And now he is one of the most sincere and TRUEST motivational speakers I think has ever been. The things he has experienced and accomplished and the wisdom he now is able to share with people, through his fame, is absolutely priceless. His Karma shines
Klee Jarzembowski
Klee Jarzembowski Prije 2 dana
The elderly closet only bore because steel microregionally crack about a diligent jacket. dizzy, witty loss
Game Master
Game Master Prije 2 dana
"SCREW YOUR FREEDOM" - this dumbass
Caldito De Res
Caldito De Res Prije 3 dana
No entiendo todo lo que dice, pero que hermosas palabras de esta leyenda. Sobre todo: I hate plain b
Daman Saini
Daman Saini Prije 3 dana
Thank you sir
safa qureshi
safa qureshi Prije 3 dana
This king of bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger only
Petra Grill
Petra Grill Prije 4 dana
Great speach but there is a lot of normal - boring stuff regular people need to do in one day...
Vadim Ustinov
Vadim Ustinov Prije 4 dana
Nope, man. Family and love - that's what really matters. Not working your ass off. Too bad you still didn't come to realize that. Otherwise, nice speech.
Sasxhaツ Prije 4 dana
Listening to this Speech while jogging is the best shit you can do
He originally said every rep “feels like I’m cumming”
Lord Prije 4 dana
One of the best humans that I know about! His history is just unbeliveble. WOW
sirtrollsallot the 2nd
sirtrollsallot the 2nd Prije 4 dana
fuck your speech...and you'r freedoms asshole
Last chance
Last chance Prije 4 dana
I'm 14 years old and I started to work out 3 hour's a day thank you for your inspiration
MulliganBrothers Prije 3 dana
That is awesome!
005 AGIMA Prije 5 dana
I don't start hurting until I count.
Vilayad Abdulla
Vilayad Abdulla Prije 5 dana
Dear sir, Great inspiration talk in public common people to be walk up and creat your ambition to be reached success in our life great sir 👏👏👏
bratwurstmaxxe haxxe
bratwurstmaxxe haxxe Prije 6 dana
Another Level Moments
Another Level Moments Prije 6 dana
Amazing video
MulliganBrothers Prije 3 dana
Glad you think so!
Michele Stone
Michele Stone Prije 6 dana
And Arnold was the one that was going to stop drug smullgling and human traffinking
David Murrell
David Murrell Prije 6 dana
Denil Vitery
Denil Vitery Prije 7 dana
The roomy grandson unquestionably sneeze because sidewalk psychophysically coach outside a neighborly rake. lacking, dashing cirrus
Spinworld Worldspin
Spinworld Worldspin Prije 7 dana
Sure he had the spirit, as we all should have. But without the connections he would be a fucking cleaner in the gym.
Fernando Salas
Fernando Salas Prije 7 dana
Love you Arnold but I tried working harder and burned out. It took me a long time to regroup so now I work smarter.
Arlond Schwarzenegger
Arlond Schwarzenegger Prije 7 dana
Thank you guys!
Jeff Sawtelle
Jeff Sawtelle Prije 7 dana
Imagine how fulfilled he would’ve been sharing a meaningful life with his wife Maria Shriver if he would have given his heart ♥️, & life to Jesus Christ all those many years ago! God would’ve protected him from scandal, infidelity, & ultimately destruction! Jesus is the source to a meaningful life. ☺️
Katrina Rivett
Katrina Rivett Prije 6 dana
@Jeff Sawtelle it’s nice how people like you try to shove religion down everyone’s throat. It’s disgusting
Jeff Sawtelle
Jeff Sawtelle Prije 6 dana
@Katrina Rivett Don’t hate katrina. Celebrate!! Do you want to receive Jesus as your personal Lord & Savior? He’s coming back soon.
Katrina Rivett
Katrina Rivett Prije 6 dana
Oh please.
Nonameanymore Prije 9 dana
I watched pumping iron and making pumping iron, did u? I loved arnold before, i didn’t like him after. Very unpleasant personality he has. U dont believe me? Watch making pumping iron. How rude and snotty he was to lou ferigno. How can people even be like that. Not cool
goxyzvrk011 Prije 9 dana
Sometimes im sad because humans are ageing, Dieing at the end. Future generations can't experience people with real value at that time... me and whole world lived with them. Living with live legends it was an honour and still is. Not only Arnold and not only from i speak like old people :)))
Szymon Warunek
Szymon Warunek Prije 9 dana
That is why: i never give up - going to the gym :-)
Dogchow Prije 9 dana
Work your ass off and juice hard
Никита Петров
Никита Петров Prije 9 dana
The better Motivation video!!! Thank you Schwarzenegger,for so he having! 💪☀️
Aidan Convery
Aidan Convery Prije 9 dana
Tell me something I don't know and don't be so repetitive.
Sophia Grove
Sophia Grove Prije 9 dana
I cried the whole speech while I worked out, I have given up on myself the past 3 years and not taking care of myself at all, and this is coming from someone who took pride in my healthy habits and hitting the gym everyday I had accomplished so much and let it all down the drain because of some stupid guy that controlled and abused me for years, I’m taking my life back starting today!!!!!!!
Another Shellcialist Turtle
Another Shellcialist Turtle Prije 9 dana
Absolute respect for this man he's the greatest of all time for a reason
Asiate Prije 9 dana
Hermann Wunder
Hermann Wunder Prije 10 dana
Yeah, that's what it needs. A goal. And steroids.
Sajjad Ahmad
Sajjad Ahmad Prije 10 dana
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chris sibersky
chris sibersky Prije 10 dana
"Americans! SCREW YOUR FREEDOM!" Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2021
Hassan AL-Jerjawi
Hassan AL-Jerjawi Prije 10 dana
Guys we are going through hard times please if you can at least donate 1 dollar to isha foundation which if it fell out of your pocket you wouldn’t be able to kneel down to pick it up as they are helping in creating an environmental change
calin marincus
calin marincus Prije 11 dana
No shit. An old neomarxist.
dogorr Prije 11 dana
wang danny
wang danny Prije 11 dana
key word of the day:werok
Dani_lup_16 Prije 11 dana
Terminator i LOVE YOU from motivation
Jan Frances Kyle
Jan Frances Kyle Prije 11 dana
Noice thank you.
Sobaka man
Sobaka man Prije 12 dana
From myself, I just want to add - do not affraid and do not ever be in hurry.
TheCynicalJay Prije 12 dana
If you've ever gone through something that brought you to such a low point, that you thought you might always be a failure, and no matter how hard you've tried, you still feel like you haven't made it where you should be, this video is for you. Every time I watch it, I'm bordering on tears. I don't want sympathy, but I hope someone realizes that there are others who feel that way. I always push my past down and ignore it in hopes of pushing forward and not giving up, which is good, but failing to realize the original problem will always drag you back down. I know this may seem a bit dramatic, but my realization moment just hit me all at once. I'm 30 years old, and I've struggled my entire life to motivate myself. I'm still doing okay, but I always ignored the root issue. It's not always easy to find, but when you meet it head on, the feeling is unbelievable. It's just makes you want to share the feeling with anyone and everyone, no matter how impossible that may be. If you're reading this, and it resonates with you, I wish you the best. Good luck, whoever you are.
Dani_lup_16 Prije 12 dana
Superrrrr MAN. Respect
Patrick Cruz
Patrick Cruz Prije 12 dana
Didn’t he take anabolic steroids?…only a myth…fact or fiction curiosity?
1985thaplaya Prije 12 dana
wöd 👌🏻💪🏻
Will Schuler
Will Schuler Prije 13 dana
No one will compare to Arnold. The only man close enough to him was Franco. He is the only one who can rival Arnold.
Souljourney Prije 13 dana
Respect. I hear a completely different Arnold here. I'm impressed. He's right. Stefan from germany Hessen
tgh0369 Prije 13 dana
I used to love this guy, I even overlooked his banging the maid and having a bastard son, we’re all human, but when he said “F@#k your freedom” regarding the vaccine for the Covid, he totally lost me. F@#k my freedom? F@#k you Arnie!
german tayibov
german tayibov Prije 14 dana
german tayibov
german tayibov Prije 14 dana
Mat Ma
Mat Ma Prije 14 dana this Life Speech will really leave you speechless ...
Thanos Canada
Thanos Canada Prije 14 dana
Luna Lou
Luna Lou Prije 14 dana
Sometimes Lapse
Sometimes Lapse Prije 14 dana
I'm doing my PhD in Graz, Arnold's hometown. This speech sounds even more special to me, since I'm facing several difficulties and I don't want to give up my dream. Danke, Arnie!
Eliel Prije dan
nikola tesla went there
DAMfoxygrampa Prije dan
I'm in academia too and it gets rough sometimes, you got this. Just stay calm and power through!
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan Prije 15 dana
My ideal Arnold b bless love u bro 🤟🤙
Co2Neutral Prije 15 dana
Tell me the background Musik from this great video!
animie hd
animie hd Prije 15 dana
Ernestine Lee Richardson
Ernestine Lee Richardson Prije 16 dana
sam Prije 16 dana
you smile bcs of
Jaakko Määttä
Jaakko Määttä Prije 16 dana
I just think if he was use steroids young age how is possible he is live today. Almost steroid users death 50 ages.
Daily Energy
Daily Energy Prije 17 dana
perfect motivational video...!
Daily Energy
Daily Energy Prije 17 dana
Nice job
Sex Pizza Sleepwalking
Sex Pizza Sleepwalking Prije 17 dana
Mo Ri
Mo Ri Prije 18 dana
Ok im gonna stay in army now
Delphi Motivation
Delphi Motivation Prije 18 dana
Delphi Motivation
Chris Fowler
Chris Fowler Prije 18 dana
"Screw your freedom" - Arnold 2021
MaDMaN88 Wilson
MaDMaN88 Wilson Prije 18 dana
100% true and a legend 💪🏽
George Tropicana
George Tropicana Prije 18 dana
I can't wait until people stop saying "broke the internet" as some bullshit clickbait. So fucking cringey
K.P RAJBHAR Prije 18 dana
Work like hell until you get it
Stephane Ficat
Stephane Ficat Prije 18 dana
"Don't be afraid to fail. Never have a plan B". I guess we should be relieved he is not an airplane pilot.
Thunder Gun
Thunder Gun Prije 18 dana
Listening to this in the background while doing homework and can confirm never been this pumped with Spanish, Thanks Arnold.
григорий мосьпан
григорий мосьпан Prije 19 dana
он мне в детстве был кумиром и сейчас учит смиряться с лузерством ! он - the best!
Mister Nick
Mister Nick Prije 19 dana
No speech. No picture. No video. No gossip. Nothing breaks the internet...
Lqrz Prije 19 dana
Working out on this speech🙌
Patrick Sobb
Patrick Sobb Prije 19 dana
Unfortunately Arnie's speech won't resonate with this generation that are growing up worshipping the Kardashians, the Paul's and influencers. Don't work hard, have no talent, use your looks, not your brains to still fall face-first into a giant pile of money and success.
Richard Kämmer
Richard Kämmer Prije 20 dana
Watching this every morning 👍
rioraton Prije 20 dana
This Arnold is who I admired. Not the current Arnold....What happened to you?
Zoologist Prije 20 dana
if you need 8 hours of sleep but you only sleep 6 hours .... sleep faster you eeddiot!!! i love arnold
Bogidani Prije 20 dana
Can barely pay my rent while doing my masters degree. Cant afford to get into a gym, cant afford training equipment and especially, cant afford all those supplements and drugs this mister have been taken to get where he is. And dont forget about my genes and what my endocrinologe doc told me. People live from disillusions like this one. To one motivational succes case there are 999.999 cases who ended up in dust either becouse of their choices or the choices that have been made for them. You have to have a really low IQ to fall for crap like this.
洪挹中 Prije 20 dana
nice talk ,Arnold.I will take it to mu mind
North Prije 20 dana
Josh Brown
Josh Brown Prije 20 dana
Love all the air headed fools on here tossing him aside cause of his stance on masks and the vaccine. Enjoy killing yourselves and your families you absolute morons
Addimedia - The Best Relaxation Sound's
Addimedia - The Best Relaxation Sound's Prije 21 dan
A beautiful connection brought you here ,Your so much closer than you think much love 🙏😌❤ You need this ASMR: I wish you great wealth and great health please Lord 😇
Kacper Jankowski
Kacper Jankowski Prije 21 dan
screw your freedom arnold
Josh W
Josh W Prije 21 dan
Screw his freedom
Peter Mathes
Peter Mathes Prije 21 dan
Imagine this: Arnold as President. #DreamBig
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor Prije 21 dan
Thanks to the music I can't tell if I actually listened to this speech or if I just dreamed I did...
TheCynicalJay Prije 12 dana
Weed's great, but damn, gotta listen to this sober my dude lol
Mc Fly
Mc Fly Prije 21 dan
TarumLüg Programmierer der Master K.I. !
RyanB180 Prije 22 dana
“Never give up” - Some Guy 1999
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Prije 23 dana
“Screw your freedoms”
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